Land Of The Necromancers

Land Of The Necromancers

Chapter 1   =The Harvest=

After years of listening and looking to the stars for signs of intelligent life, most believed that we were alone in the universe. You can imagine the astonishment and dismay when thousands of massive alien ships who had tracked our radio signals suddenly appeared in the sky.

The visitors were called Necromancers and had been surveying the galaxy for an abundant food supply. Humans became their obsession and were defenseless against the alien mind control. Countless victims were intoxicated by sensations of orgasmic pleasure as they were eaten alive.

After generations of gluttony, earth’s adult population had reached extinction. The youth were all that remained. Necromancer leadership established large breeding mills to replenish the numbers. Each facility selected the most well-endowed contender to keep the herd impregnated. The remaining adolescent males were auctioned off at local markets to continue feeding the Necros.

My name is Kendra and this has become the natural way of things. Most girls like me work as servants until we mature enough to breed at the mills. I have faithfully served at a Necromancer compound for many seasons. Lord Clarr and his mate Giselle have always treated me with kindness. My duties include cleaning and meal preparation.  Lord Clarr makes a daily trip to the market to select a healthy candidate for the evening feast.

Today I was organizing things in the kitchen when he returned with a very attractive teenager for me to prepare. As usual, the boy was under his mental influence and had no idea what was happening. His slim muscular body was breathtaking and I couldn’t wait to touch. A few of the younger food purchases were not sexually mature, but this one was thrilling to gaze upon. Although I shouldn’t fantasize, because it only ends in disappointment. He was here to be eaten, just like all the others.

My job is to craft a taste temping masterpiece. His mental state gives me the freedom to do anything I want. I always start by shaving the entire body from the neck down. After the skin is silky smooth, he receives a proper washing. Finally it’s time to lay down on the serving tray which he does at my request. I like to add sliced fruit as a garnishment. Those little extras make an attractive presentation, and for an irresistible glow he receives a spiced oil rub-down. Giselle’s customary appetizer is a plump juicy erection, so my oil soaked hand moves briskly until he grows long and hard.

   “Yes you like that, don’t you.” I whispered.

I kissed his lips pretending to be romantic while continuing to massage that tasty delicacy.

Dinner time had arrived so I quickly covered my clueless friend with a large red linen. The cart was pushed through the kitchen doors and moved into position. After receiving a nod from Lord Clarr, I dramatically unveiled the main course. Giselle’s eyes lit up when she saw the her favorite treat glistening with oil and fully engorged. After respectfully bowing, I stepped back to watch.

Insted of starting the meal, she began to fondle him and make sensual noises. Lord Clarr shook his head in frustration. He couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into that tender flesh but he let his mate have her fun.

She was vigorously stimulating his erection as he began to breathe rapidly and grip the edges of the serving tray.  I was standing on my tip toes trying to see everything.  I knew he was almost there when he started to point his toes and arch his back. My twinkie was dripping with excitement! Suddenly there were stressful shouts of panic as pulsing streams of white liquid gushed all over his tummy.

Giselle smiled like she was proud of her acomplishment. After licking up the pool of warm gravy her mouth descended over the entire length. This part is disturbing to watch even though he feels no pain. I winced as her head jerked to the side tearing it off.  She glared at Lord Clarr while she chewed and swallowed like she was telling him something. He chuckled at her theatrics.

They both began to attack and devour the rest of him, viciously pealing away his flesh. The boy’s euphoria continued until his body fell limp. After they had gorged themselves, the only remaining sound was the occasional burp while they relaxed in their chairs. I didn’t even know his name.

I refilled the drink containers and was complemented on the meal. This time their gratitude made me sad. Both retired for the evening and it was time to clean up the remains.

I sleep with Giselle to help satisfy her personal needs. We also enjoy talking and she has become like a mother to me. Recently I confessed that I had started to bleed. She said we needed to keep this development our little secret or I could be taken away to a breeding mill.  I was looking forward to the promise of sex and leisure for the rest of my life but also felt flatteted that she didn’t want to loose me.  Unfortunately my rapidly developing chest was becoming more and more dificult to hide.

One evening Lord Clarr requested my presence in his chamber. I was met at his door and instructed to disrobe. This had never happened before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was also the first time I had seen him without clothing. He lifted me onto the bed and was told to relax as he began to run his hands all over my body. His mental influence made me desire this more than anything and I quickly became soaked with excitement.

The sight of his growing erection was thrilling because I knew that he really wanted me. He spread my legs wide and supported his weight over top of me so I wouldn’t be crushed. It was like a feeling of glory and fulfillment as he slowly eased the tip of his shaft inside of me. My breasts were being squeezed firmly as he pushed in deeper. I had to grip the sheets to brace myself when he started thrusting. I could not contain my crys of joy and was hoping Giselle would not hear.

There was an intense sensation building inside me. Suddenly something wonderful immersed my body in thrilling waves of pleasure!  I pressed my face into his chest trying to muffle my scream. Moments later I heard a series of stressful groans and was flooded with his warm juice. He withdrew and rolled onto his back with a sigh of relief.

I just laid there smiling, realizing how much fun it was to breed.

The next day was my own. I strolled through the flower gardens enjoying the aromas that filled the air. I felt privileged to dwell in such a beautiful place. That afternoon as I was on my way to the kitchen for a snack, I overheard Lord Clarr speaking to a colleague.

I kept out of sight and listened. He was going on about some underground remnant of humans that had become resistant to the mind control. He was concerned that this could threaten the Necromancer way. There was an urgent tone to his voice. I became very upset that these evil humans would seek to destroy my wonderful life.

Land Of The Necromancers will continue in the next page.

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