When Ben felt love for the trippie Bailey – 03

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By the time I realized where they were going they were halfway up the stairs. I asked. “Where are you going?”

“Fashion show.” Said Rosalie as they ran the rest of the way up.

Ah, now she was going to show Bailey the corsets. I fetched myself a beer, poked the fire, threw a log on, settled on the settee and started to watch an old Pink Panther movie.

I could hear lots of laughing from upstairs, they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

I was chuckling to myself over the antics of Bert Kwok and Peter Sellers that I had watched loads of times. But every time I see Peter Sellers I can’t stop thinking of Major Dennis Bloodnok in the Goons.

It had gone quiet upstairs, then I heard Rosalie say. “Take it easy, one step at a time. It’s not easy in these shoes even when you can see where you’re going.”

I turned to look. Bloody Hell. Rosalie was walking backwards down the stairs holding Bailey’s hands and guiding her down. Bailey was wearing the white corset, white stockings, long white gloves and 4-inch white heels. And that wasn’t the strangest thing, she was blindfolded with a black scarf. And Rosalie was wearing her Black corset, black leather over the elbow gloves and her 5 inch black heels.

Rosalie looked at me and said. “Close your mouth darling, you’re not catching flies.”

It snapped shut.

Rosalie looked at me. “Darling, will you get the big mirror from the hall and hold it up please.”

We had a large mirror in the hall so we could check ourselves over before we went out, but you could only see above the knees with the space we had there.

I got it and held it balanced on the arm of an armchair. Rosalie maneuvered Bailey so she would see all of herself and what a sight it was.

Bailey was a little heavier than Rosalie, but that just accentuated the curves in the corset. The mirror was heavy, so I had to hold it with two hands. My cock was painful because it was at the wrong angle. I nodded downwards to my groin, Rosalie could see the problem.

Turning to Bailey she said. “Stand still just there, I’ll be back in a few seconds, Ben has a problem.” Bailey giggled, I’m sure she could imagine what it was.

Rosalie came across to me, undid my belt, lowered my flies and in her gloved hand lifted my cock so it was resting against my belly, then she leaned down and took it fully into her mouth and sucked. Fucking hell, she was giving me a blow job with Bailey standing 6 foot away, blindfolded not knowing what was happening.

She stopped, put my cock back next to my belly, made sure my underpants were holding it in place and then did my flies and belt back up.

“I will get you for that.” I mouthed at her.

“Tomorrow, I look forward to it.” She mouthed back with a smile.

She took hold of Bailey’s shoulders and said to her quietly. “I’ve sorted Ben out for now, are you ready for the big reveal?”

“Yes, I’m so excited. I hope I’m not disappointed.”

“You won’t be. If it’s anything to go by, Ben isn’t.”

Rosalie reached up and untied the blindfold and took it away. Bailey looked at herself in the mirror. Her hands flew to her mouth. “Oh God. It’s fantastic. I look gorgeous.” She turned round so she could see all sides. She did look fantastic.

That was when she noticed Rosalie was wearing a corset too. “Wow, look at us, we’re both gorgeous. Gosh I could eat you.” With that she leaned in and kissed Rosalie on the cheek. “Are those gloves leather, can I try them on, please.” Rosalie took them off and handed them to Bailey, as she pulled them on she said. “These are brilliant, so soft and they fit, well, like a glove. I’m going to have to get a pair.”

I saw a flash pass across her face, I didn’t know what it was. I put it to the back of my mind and just enjoyed the view.

Bailey looked at me. “How can you resist?”

It was bloody hard work.

I was allowed to put the mirror back in the hall and then with the both of them sat there in their corsets sipping wine they told me what happened upstairs. Rosalie got the corsets out and laid them on the bed. Bailey stroked them and asked if she could try the black one on. It fitted her well so she wondered if I would mind if she tried the white wedding one on. Rosalie thought I would be okay with it.

Then she had a thought, you couldn’t see it all properly in the dressing table mirror. That was when she came up with the hall mirror idea. Rosalie convinced Bailey to go for a big reveal, hence the blindfold. Rosalie blindfolded Bailey and dressed her, whilst she was doing that she dressed herself, alternating between them so Bailey didn’t notice how long it took.

We chatted some more, Rosalie pointed out that if you were going to do ‘activities’ whilst wearing suspenders the knickers had to go on last so they could come off without undoing the suspenders. She pointed to Bailey’s outfit which had knickers on the inside.

Then Rosalie stood up and said. “Not like mine.” with that she quickly pulled her knickers down to her knees and back up. “See ready for action.”

“Is this my surprise?” I asked.

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