The companion act – 5

“The companion act” Part-5 Continues…

As Sophia continued to practice on me, Henry returned to Pat’s prick much to his delight.

“Hey!” Tom suddenly exclaimed, obviously feeling left out at this point, pouting cutely as she did.

“Come here sweetie,” I told her. “I think I can keep you entertained while the two of them are ‘practicing’, I grinned. Tom beamed brightly as I lay back down, content and pleasurably amused as Sophia practiced her newfound technique on my cock. Settling down over my face, though turning to face the action so she could watch, I immediately speared her delightful wet split with my tongue.

“Oh yeah…yeah,” she giggled excitedly. “Eat my pussy baby…eat my pussy!”


Even for a deep-throat novice, I felt it best to warn Sophia when I soon after felt the first pleasurable surge inside my balls. They were already telling me that I’d be filling her mouth with copious amounts of cream soon if she kept doing what she so delightfully was.

“I’m getting close kiddo…don’t want to drown you,” I warned. Though I was also still uncertain and especially not knowing me all that well yet, that she’d be too keen on drinking down my cum. Not unexpectedly then, she sat up, slipping me out of her mouth, though continuing to hold my cock with her hand, still working it.

“I would like to see you squirt,” she admitted hotly. “I do rather enjoy seeing that.”

“Me too!” Tom agreed with her, “though I like tasting it too…especially Samuel’s sweet cream. You keep Samueling him…I’ll give you a target to aim at,” she grinned, and then leaned over further, opening her mouth in a wide capturing net, though closing it again, speaking. “Whenever you’re ready that is,” she giggled while waiting.

I glanced over next to where I was laying, just a foot or so away, Pat likewise on his back, though still resting, balanced on his elbows watching my wife once again drive fully down onto his cock, the entire length disappearing like a magic act…though more like sword swallower, as Henry knelt over him, sucking and likewise tonguing his shaft. He reached out, his fingertips likewise capturing one of my wife’s hard little tit points…tugging it. She smiled around his dick, liking it. The moment she did, it triggered my own pleasurable release.

“Fuck…here, it…comes!”

Tom opened her mouth once again, even wider this time…though hovering several inches above my dick as Sophia pumped it, more rapidly now.

“Oh yeah…squirt for us baby…squirt!” She asked, as I began doing just that.

“Oh yeah! Take it! Take my fucking cum!” I cried out, feeling the first spurt explode from my prick tip, watching as it splashed against the side of Tom’s mouth, the aim slightly off, though Sophia and she both hurriedly corrected for the almost immediate second shot. Even this one…though fully and cleanly entering Tom’s mouth, forced her head upwards a little with the surprising volume of it, almost forcing her to gag with the unexpected velocity of the spurt.

“Damn! He is good!” Sophia barked excitedly.

“Yes he does!” Henry replied looking over, almost proudly so as she and Pat both looked over towards the three of us. Sophia was still working my stiff shaft up and down, pumping out what felt like gallons and gallons of cum cream, most of which now began landing against Tom’s breasts as she herself had placed her own hand over Sophia’s, helping to guide it, aiming it where she obviously enjoyed feeling it.

“I do so love feeling all this hot warm cream on my tits!” She explained unnecessarily. Though so did I.


Basking in the afterglow of my climax, I almost lazily went back to licking and tonguing Tom’s now even wetter juicy split. Sophia crawled over to join my wife, the two of them now wrapping lips around Pat’s enormous prick, teasing him delightfully, even kissing one another with his prick sandwiched in between the kisses.

“Never done that before,” Sophia smiled, lips smacking, sucking kissing, doing it again as Pat groaned audibly. “Gonna cum for us too baby?” She then asked, the words no sooner out of her mouth than he began doing just that. It was admittedly erotic as hell, watching his prick squirt, both Sophia and my wife still licking, and sucking it together. Streamers of his own precious semen shooting skywards, landing almost everywhere at once as they continued mouthing his prick until the last remnants of his orgasm merely bubbled, and then flowed from his prick-tip like molten lava from the seething volcano of a prick they both held.

It was a delight for me in another way too though, the erotic scenario triggering Tom’s release as she suddenly cried out, wailing at the top of her lungs, hunching back now almost suffocating me as she came. I drank in the delicious wet surge of her bliss, felt the liquid flow of her climax, swallowing, drinking…near drowning in it myself. And content to do so had I done. When she finally sat up, looking back and behind her, I lay there grinning like a Cheshire cat, my face drenched, glistening in her erotic rapture.

“Fuck you do that so well!” She thanked me.

“Any time,” I said, meaning it.


With three of us temporarily knocked out of action, it was no surprise then when Henry stood up walking over towards the coffee table where she’d first placed her brand new strap on dildo down on to.

“So…heads or tails?” She asked, looking at Sophia.

“I’ll fuck you…and then you can fuck me,” she told my wife.

“And then I’ll fuck you both!” Tom added to that with a mischievous smile.

It was another long…but very enjoyable evening. Though it had been wild enough as it was, I was content with spending the rest of the time with my two girls, though it was fun to watch Sophia take that mammoth prick of her husbands, something she was obviously well used to doing. Watching them fuck beside the three of us as we did, until everyone was once again spent, almost too much to move. We bid them goodnight, just after midnight, and agreed to get together again come Friday evening, this time at their place.

“I’ve gotta get some sleep!” I told the girls dragging myself upstairs to bed. “And I can’t afford to be late in the morning either,” I added.

“I’ll have the coffee ready and waiting for you,” Tom said.

I looked at her and groaned, as she winked at me.

“Best set the alarm for a bit earlier,” I told my wife. “Or I have the feeling I will be late again,” I then added.


At least I wasn’t in as big a rush this morning as I stood there leaning back against the kitchen counter. Henry and Tom both having scooted their chairs over in front of me, sitting side by side…naked, leaning slightly off to one side. Tom’s right breast, pressed against my wife’s left breast, as they in turn ran my dick back and forth between the two, teasing their own nipples with it, once again Samueling me off.

“Think he’ll have much…especially after last night?” Tom wondered now, slapping my dick against the two of them as she asked that.

“No worries there,” my wife assured her. “Sometimes I have to wonder if he doesn’t have an extra set of balls hiding somewhere he cums so much,” she grinned back. “Just you watch, there’ll be plenty for the two of us!”

Minutes later, I treated both pairs of titties to a fairly impressive display of tit-squirting, several massive loads landing equally against each of them, and then enjoyed watching afterwards as they stood, mashing their wet sticky breasts against one another, virtually massaging and rubbing it into one another.

“Have a nice day dear!” Henry said kissing me good-bye, as did Tom. “Because we certainly will!” She added her hand already making its way down between her sister’s legs as I forced myself to step out through the door.


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