The corruption

This is a new story called” The corruption” let’s begin… Obviously this had been going on for a while, though I stood there in shock, briefly chastising myself for not realizing it. Not having a clue, a single hint. A myriad of emotions washed over and through me as I stood there, staring. And neither one of them was aware that their older brother had come home early…unexpectedly. How many other times before had my own sister and brother, fraternal twins, been so engaged like this before now?

Our parents had died a few years ago in a horrible traffic accident, leaving me as the only living relative capable of raising them, hardly an adult myself at the time when I did. Only five years senior to my siblings, Mike and Mila had just last year graduated high school, both now working part-time jobs, attending university, and trying to make a better life for themselves, just as I’d been doing. We’d all been busy, working…going to school, so much so that there hadn’t been time for any real social life, not for any of us. Something I was now even more painfully aware of.

They were on the couch, each with their heads buried between the others legs, oblivious to my presence, which for the life of me, I had not yet made known to them. My initial thoughts were one of anger, disgust, and revulsion at what I was seeing. Impulse to run over, yank them apart, scream, yell…

possibly even hit my younger brother in the face for what he was doing to my sister. And then she…likewise just as culpable, her mouth even then bobbing up and down my brother’s amazingly hard stiff cock. I stood frozen where I was, unable to move, thoughts of turning away, confronting them later. And yet…I could do neither. I couldn’t confront, couldn’t turn, couldn’t just walk away. I found myself growing aroused instead, watching them, watching my own siblings so pleasurably enjoying one another. What I found out was…I was jealous!

I had in the past caught brief glimpses of my sister naked, or partially so. Early on of course, there was much embarrassment on both parts because of it. But as time passed, as we all became more comfortable with the unusual situation we’d been thrown into, Mila at least became less self conscious about it, as did I. In time, when those moments came, when an inadvertent bumping into one another in the single shared bathroom became unavoidable, we all simply laughed it off, teased, and even flirted just a bit. Though back then,

it was indeed a much more innocent flirtation, teasing that most close brothers and sisters would do. Even Mike had seemed to act less shy around his sister. Numerous times I know he had gone into the bathroom while Mila was showering. His need and excuse very often of not being able to wait on her, taking a pee. That had eventually led to a few very important rules around the house.

I knew the shower enclosure was opaque enough that no real intrusion of privacy was ever taken. I had in fact once gone in and done so myself, so I easily accepted and understood the occasional circumstance of this happening. And in fact, had once been in the shower myself when Mila came into the bathroom in order to do the same thing. The difference being at that time, I’d been masturbating, though I seriously doubted she ever knew that.

After a time, it became almost commonplace. Three siblings sharing a small apartment together, with only one bathroom, two bedrooms. It was inevitable then, that the occasional bumping into one another like this became unavoidable. And the fact they’d been thrown together the way they had, sharing a room.

Well…even that hadn’t been, or seemed all that strange. They had shared a room for years together at home, until such time at least as Mila started growing breasts, and then mom kicked me out of my room, and made me double up with Mike so sis could have some “female” privacy, as mom put it.

But this…seeing what I was standing there watching now, went far beyond any of that. “How long had she been sucking my brother’s cock?” I silently asked myself. “And how long…has he been licking my sister’s pussy? Not to mention…the rest of it.

In a weird, totally twisted way, it certainly made some sense. Being fraternal twins, though certainly not really identical, save for a few similar features perhaps, they had always had this extra special closeness growing up. Something I had again felt almost jealous of early on. Though I also knew, five years in the beginning was far more of a difference then, than it was now. At eighteen, my thirteen year old siblings were more of a nuisance around me more than anything, though I’d have given my own life up for them had it ever been necessary.

Who’d have thought that only two years later, I’d be raising them myself? Let alone, standing here in the open doorway of the living room, watching the two of them thoroughly enjoying a mutual “69” with one another only a year later than that?

I found myself admiring them both, though my thoughts remain jumbled, confused, conflicted. Mila’s long shoulder length, reddish brown hair dangled down in front of her, partially obscuring the view as she continued to lick, tickle and suck Mike’s cock. Another reason why she obviously hadn’t seen me yet. Too absorbed in what she was doing to him, to his cock…his rigid, rock-hard cock. Her breasts, fuller than I realized perhaps.

Only staring at them now, taking them in. Sure, I’d seen them before, glimpses, snippets here and there. Always fleeting, always tearing my eyes away, refusing to take notice even though I did. As though I had somehow erased some of the images, memories…specific details, not allowing the incestuous thoughts to permeate my mind.

But now I did.

I know for sure I had never seen Mila’s nipples so hard, so puckered. Her dark areolas wrinkled in arousal, twin little caps, a bit pointed, yet so inviting. Mike’s hand occasionally reaches down between them, seeking and then finding one…playing with it. Hearing my sister’s moan of delight and approval, which merely triggered her own hands to likewise stroke, fondle or caress her brother’s cock even more than she currently was.

I could feel the seepage of my own prick wetting the front of my trousers, not even needing to look down in order to confirm it. My shaft hard-felt now, pressing almost painfully against my slacks, the temptation to reach down, unzip…release, and pleasure myself as I stood here, too bizarre a thought to actually do, yet so very tempted into doing just that.

“Oh Mila! Mila! You’re going to make me cum!” Mike suddenly announced, the excitement of his impending release quite obvious. She lifted up some, expectant perhaps, removing her hair away from her face, her mouth still open, inviting the onslaught, which just then began. But as he did…as his spunk suddenly leapt from the tiny slit in the tip of his cock, her eyes locked on mine as I continued to stand there, glued momentarily, feet to the floor. It felt like it was happening in slow motion. Watching my brother’s cock spurting,

streamers of his spunk hitting her chin as opposed to going inside her mouth where she’d no doubt intended it. Some of it now splashing against those magnificent breasts, which I again more fully looked at, seeing the white sticky cream of Mike’s spunk now clinging to them as she rose up further, mouth still agape, though no sounds had as yet been uttered by either one of us. Mike…still fully and totally unaware of my presence, his cry of pleasure continuing, cock still spurting…clueless. And all either one of us could do, was look into one another’s eyes while he continued doing so, groaning out his deep felt pleasure.

And as we did, I felt the pleasured release of my cock spurting off inside my pants, jolt after jolt of my own semen, no doubt flooding my underwear. The realization of that, somehow acting as the solvent, ungluing my feet, my thoughts, my emotions. I simply turned and walked back down the hallway to my own bedroom without saying a single word.


Though I had closed my door, I hadn’t locked it. Knowing that as soon as they’d had the chance to speak and discuss this, one…or perhaps both maybe, would no doubt come down to my room. How long that might take, I had no guess. But I knew, eventually, one of them would. I was after all, the head of this household, the authority figure, the one in charge, though I tried very hard not to make it seem that way. We had in the past, always discussed, always given one another the right to voice an opinion, listening to it before any major decisions were reached that would equally affect any one of us.

This would prove to be an interesting one. Interesting, because I wasn’t sure who it would be that would first come to the door, knock on it, and request entry. At least I’d had time enough to remove my soiled clothing, tossing my sticky underwear off to one side, disgusted with myself at my own body’s betrayal. Even the bed seemed out of place here for some reason. So I took a nearby chair, sitting inside that, facing towards the door, waiting,

wondering. What could be said? What would I say or do upon hearing whatever was said? What punishment if any could I effectively meter out? And would I even do that? Had I not just admitted to myself only moments ago of my own jealousy at seeing them together? Wishing it was me…climaxing in fact, though involuntarily.

Even though I expected it, had been…when the knock came, I jumped, startled, surprised.

“Yeah?” I said only half thinking.

“Thomas, it’s me. Can I come in?”

I’d have taken bets on it being Mike rather than Mila, so I was a bit surprised upon hearing her voice. “The doors are not locked,” I said flatly, trying to disguise the edge to my emotions. Feeling angry yes…but not so much at her, or at Mike for that matter. But I am angry at myself. For not seeing it, not knowing, not being aware. But even more so, because I’d been harboring the same thoughts for quite some time now.

Enjoying the decadence of my own wicked imagination, late at night in the privacy of my own bedroom. And worse. And though I afforded myself the luxury of never having acted on those thoughts or impulses, I was angry enough with myself for thinking them anyway. And angry for being jealous that the two of them had.

When the door opened, I was expecting to at least see she had dressed. That was the first surprise, because she hadn’t. She was still naked, now standing there just inside the door looking at me. She hadn’t even bothered cleaning herself up any either. Mike’s sperm is still clinging to her tits, though drying now marries her almost perfect body, reminding me of coffee stains on a beautiful white blouse.

“So, now you know. But…you don’t know all of it either Thomas,” she told me, her voice calm, sure of herself.

“So tell me Mila,” I said emphasizing her name, trying to put some weight against that when I said it, implying…implying what? I then asked myself. “What is it I don’t know?” All the while sitting there, looking, but not looking. Seeing, but refusing to notice, wanting…but ignoring the want, the desire I still felt for her. My own sister.

She walked over, now sitting on the edge of my bed, forcing me to turn partially in my chair, still looking at her…through her, refusing to notice the obvious. “When did she shave her pussy?” I asked myself, still trying to act calm, collect…still obviously stern and…angry?

“We were going to tell you, but the time just never seemed right at the moment. And…we were obviously worried about what you’d say when we did tell you…or, when you found out, like you did today.”

“Yeah, no shit!” I said hearing my voice level escalate just a bit, though still trying to keep the edge of my emotions in check even then. “So how long has this been going on anyway?”

“About six months,” Mike said walking into the room. Obviously he’d been standing outside listening, waiting perhaps to see how I’d first react to our sister. He too was still naked, though thankfully, his cock had at least returned to some semblance of normalcy. I’m not sure what I’d have done, or reacted to had he come in with it sticking straight up in the air. “Though you must have realized, there’s always been something special between us growing up as kids. Kids stuff we’ve done, that eventually sort of led to all this,” he explained.

I shook my head. Even so, I still hadn’t seen it coming, hadn’t seen a hint of anything. Or…if I had, I had somehow blocked it out of my mind, refusing to accept, to believe it. Knowing why perhaps. For years now, ever since Mila had grown into the woman she’d become, especially after the death of our parents.

She had grown up quickly, taking on some of the responsibilities herself, maturing rapidly, perhaps even more so than I had, and certainly more so than I felt Mike had. In a weird way, in a really weird way, she’d become a mom. But she’d also become a woman, and it had been very hard not to notice that. It was harder trying not to notice that now.

“I’d feel a lot more comfortable if the two of you would go and put something on,” I said once again averting my eyes, staring at the floor, only then seeing my discarded underwear, knowing full well they were filled with the remnants of my own semen.

“No, not until we’ve had a chance to speak, like I said Thomas…to tell you what you don’t know.”

I sighed, looking up at her again, determined not to look at my sister naked, somehow dressing her, or fuzzing out the details of her body, mentally fogging over the parts I shouldn’t be looking at.

“The truth is Thomas, we’ve both been trying to find a way to tell you…that we wanted you…to join us.”


I know I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open for a moment, trying to find the words, finally doing so. “You…you what?” I just managed, wishing I had something to drink now, the words sounding like sandpaper as they came out of my mouth.

“We want you…to be with us. All three of us…together!” Mila said laying down on my bed now, forcing me to sit up more so I could see her face, though I stood instead. On the one hand, wondering if I should flee the room. On the other hand…

“You can’t be…”

“Serious?” Mike said walking around me from behind, now taking the bed as well, though he sat on the edge rather than laying on it, looking at me. “But we are Thomas. Mila and I have already discussed this a long time ago. We’ve been trying to figure out a way to approach you. Needless to say, the issue more or less got forced here today. But we’re actually both glad that it did. So now you know. Now you know what we both want, and that’s to share this…share it together.”

I couldn’t believe I was actually listening to this, hearing what I was hearing. Though as I did, as it began sinking in, I felt my prick lengthen just a little, just enough that it reminded me how much I’d been wishing for this to happen. Perhaps not in quite the same way it obviously was. I opened my mouth to speak, and then closed it. The words I’d intended, not the words I wanted to say. I knew then it would be stupid of me to do so, to deny what I felt, what I wanted. Especially if this was truly what they both wanted too.

“So…you’d be cool with…with…”

Mike laughed. “Don’t worry bro…it’s not a you and me thing, it’s a “we” thing. “You and me…pleasuring sis. Mila…pleasuring us, what do you say bro?”

Mila was now grinning from ear to ear. Though that’s not all she was doing either. Still lying on her back, looking back and forth between us, she had both breasts cupped within her hands, toying with them, caressing herself, invitingly.

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to feel the two of you sucking on these at the same time?” She asked.

I could already see it in my mind. Me taking one of my sister’s tits into my hands, wrapping my lips around her hard extended little nipple. Mike doing the same thing to the other one, next to me.

“You’re not just pulling my leg…saying this to, to…to get out of anything here,” I said once again trying to sound stern, though it seemed ludicrous hearing myself when I said it. Even Mila laughed.

“The only leg I want to be pulling is the one BETWEEN your legs,” she continued to giggle. “Come on Thomas…please? Come suck my other titty,” she now asked, and as if on cue, Mike suddenly leaned over taking the one closest to him into his mouth, as he did indeed begin sucking it. I started to move towards her as though hypnotized. “Uh ah…” she said, shaking her head no. “First…remove the clothes, then you can suck my titty.”

I reached down, yanking the tee shirt I had on up and over my head. Seconds later, undoing my slacks, allowing them to fall down around my ankles, stepping out of them. I now stood with nothing more than another pair of white briefs on.

“You ah…might want to remove those too,” she giggled again. “This time, I want to see you come, on me…or in me, wherever you’d like. Just not inside your shorts again,” she laughed out loud this time, causing me to blush a little.

“You…you knew I, that I…”

“Came?” She giggled again. “God Thomas! I saw the bulge! How could I not? And I saw the dark stain suddenly appear too, you really ought not wear beige slacks if you’re planning on doing that,” she laughed. “Now…take ’em off, and get over here…I need to see that cock of yours, hard this time,” she added.

It already was. As was Mike’s as I noticed, climbing onto the bed on the other side of her, taking her neglected breast into my mouth. I felt her hand come up to my head, fingers tangling in my hair just as she was doing to Mike’s head, Mike’s hair, holding the two of us against her…together.

“Oh man…oh fuck! I’ve been wanting this, wanting to feel this…for years!” She said, “And finally! Finally! It’s fucking happening!”

“Me too,” I whispered, though she heard it still, hugging me even closer against her, taking delight in the sensation as Mike and I nursed her breasts, teasing her in our own uniquely different ways. I could have done that forever, but after a while, she was no longer content to allow it. Pushing us both away, she rolled me over onto my back, now pointedly staring at my prick, and then at Mikes. I found myself doing the same, as Mike did.

We were pretty close to being identical in that department too. Maybe he was an inch, if that, longer than I was, but I was also slightly larger around than he was too. Not much by the looks of it. Though Mila certainly looked pleased.

“Eenie, meenie, miney…mo. Ah to hell with it,” she laughed once again. “Doesn’t really matter what we do first now does it?”

Suddenly she had my cock in her hands, her tongue already snaking out to lick and tickle the tip. I couldn’t believe this was happening for one. It has been so long now. So many months, so involved with worry, finances, trying to do the best I could in the way of providing for my siblings. I like them…until recently anyway, I had been neglecting my own needs. Refusing to date, to get involved with anyone, and take any time away from the two of them. Obviously, I had needed to. Like my own mother and father perhaps, I’d been too smothering, certainly not observant enough to their needs and desires. Let alone my own.

“Like that?” She cooed, still lapping away at my cock like it was a melting ice cream cone.

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