To my lovely jin – 2

This Story is part of Dear Sweet Jin Series

“To my lovely jin” Part-2 Continues….

I suppose it could have been the most traumatic experience of my entire life. God knows (sorry again there God, but geese….couldn’t you have foreseen that part?) it could have. But all Jin Jin did was sit there, feeling me release, feeling me squirt, feeling me empty my balls into her and she’d just technically seconds…hell, milliseconds ago took my virginity. She could have said something like, “Well shit!” Or…”Damn Oliver!” Or…anything along those lines and maybe ruined me for life.

What she said was.

“Yes Oliver yes…love me, give me your love, keep giving it to me Oliver…all of it. And then give it to me again.”


I don’t know how she did it…or how I did it. But I stayed hard, stayed inside her. And we just sat there. Me…feeling my own stuff dribbling back down out of her pussy, and she sitting there, suddenly…the contractions, the muscles grabbing me. Hearing her sigh pleasurably, telling me how long it had been since she’d had anyone inside her. (I couldn’t think of a single solitary person since Thomas who might have) regardless…I was.

Jinp inside, and she was somehow magically milking me with her cunt, or rather working me hard again…harder still. And then she was moving on me, up and down now…slowly, softly. And I was moving up, and down…in and out, meeting her. And we were floating, like three feet above the bed, or so it seemed anyway.

And then we played, and laughed…and fucked, and made love. And I got to reach up and wrap my hands around those breasts of hers again as we did that. And she laughed, and she cried, and we both did…almost deliriously so. And for the first time ever, I called her “My Sweet Jin,” later adding to that, “My Sweet (naughty) Jin,” which she truly loved, though only letting me ever call her that when we were alone. And was she ever.

I soon learned one thing about Jin I had never imagined, and that was just how truly naughty she could honestly be. Maybe it was making up for lost time or something, I don’t know…I never really asked. But in addition to being my Mrs. Robinson, she was also my Mrs. Jekyll & Hyde too. Only in a good way…a sexy way, a really wild…naughty way.

I didn’t know that profanity, vulgarity, obscenity…could sound so cool, so good…so totally alright. Especially when coming out of the mouth of a woman that you might otherwise consider or think of as a mother. (I never again did by the way). It was simply put…fucking hot.

“Fuck me Jim…please honey…fuck me.”

Oh yeah…almost forgot. Jin never called me Oliver again after that day. It was like she needed to make that transition as well, and suddenly had.


We fucked, and then fucked some more until I was spent, but not until she had…twice, before I did again. And then we fell asleep in one another’s arms for a couple of hours. It was shortly after that, I was roused…waking, the feel of her mouth on me, waking that again…which was easy to do, even after she’d already made me come twice. Two hours rest was a new record for me…hard again, aroused again, having my dick sucked.

And then I said…”Teach me Jin. Teach me how to do it…how to please you like that.”

I remember her smiling. “You really want to?”

“Yeah…BIG time! Show me, teach me…tell me what to do.”

I think she started to cry again a little. But she was smiling too. “Let me get a towel, and then let me get comfortable.”

I wasn’t sure what the towel was for at first. I learned why later. But she spread it out on the bed, puffed up both pillows behind her head, and then lay back in the middle of the bed.

I sort of saw, or rather envisioned myself as a diver standing on the bank of the swimming pool preparing to dive in. Maybe she saw that too. Because what she did then was stop me dead in my tracks.

“Ok honey…now, don’t take this the wrong way here. But if you’re ever going to please and pleasure a woman the way she wants it…likes it…you’re going to listen to me. And you’re going to do what I tell you, when I tell you…and how I tell you in order to do that. Agreed? Understand?”

I sat nodding my head excitedly. I was all ears.

She laughed, “Good. First things first then Jim. What I want you to do now…is look at me.”

I was. But that wasn’t what she meant. But I’m sure she guessed that by the confused expression on my face, until she reached down, spreading her legs apart even more fully, and then spread herself open with her fingers. And then said, “Now look. Don’t touch…just get down here and really take a look at me.

And smell me,” she added spicing that up. Get familiar with my scent, let it do what it’s supposed to do.” If she meant making me hard…horny, she had no fears there. I was that in spades, and more. My prick felt like it would poke a hole through the bed, leaking like a sieve now. Already I could feel the seepage of it coating my shaft, enjoying the sensation as I did so.

I now did as she asked. I positioned myself between her legs and just lay there staring at her. It was the most amazing experience ever. (Well…almost, not counting the short time ago when she’d slipped that same wet pussy down over my cock…that goes without saying). But here I was…looking at her, looking at things I didn’t honestly know even existed. And then she told me, explained everything to me, their names (yeah, clinical…and naughty ones. I liked the naughty sounding ones the best).

“And this Jim,” she finally said after taking me on a tour of her “cunt” as she called it, which I loved hearing her calling it. “Is my clit…my clitoris, my little cock,” she giggled a bit. “At the moment…it’s sort of sensitive, aroused…so when you touch it at first, be gentle with it…tender. After a few minutes of that, when it’s really aroused, when I’m really aroused, you can do more to it…a lot more, trust me,” she laughed once more. “Anyway…go ahead, touch it with your finger now, but lightly, just get familiar with it…with me.”

It was like taking that first ride on Magic Mountain, reaching out, touching her clit with the tip of my finger. Suddenly glad for the towel, which I then began to think she’d purposely spread out for me. I could feel my dick leaking, and knew for sure, without the towel, I’d have been junking up her fresh clean sheets.

It was erotic and sensual as hell, to be laying there, diddling her clit (softly..gently) and feeling my own dick leaking, and that it was ok for it to be doing that, and especially telling Jin that I was…that it was, and the fact that she thought it was cool as hell (hot as hell actually) and told me to keep leaking, and to keep tickling her clit, and to keep fingering her a little. Sticking it in some. And then asking me…

“Do you want to see what it tastes like?”

I think I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat, leaning forward but she held out her hand stopping me. “Not like that…not yet,” she smiled demurely. “Use your finger, taste that first,” she implied as she slipped her own finger through her wet juicy split, sucking it as I watched. “Like that,” she grinned wickedly.

I slid two fingers inside her, like tasting poi, though she was certainly much sweeter tasting than that, reminding me of the times she had let me scoop extra frosting out of her mixing bowl with my fingers. I now did the same to her, savoring her taste, her flavor, and then sticking them inside her again, doing it again. She giggled upon seeing that, perhaps the mannerism, the way I did it had reminded her of the same thing. She laughed even more so then.


“Nothing really, just a silly thought.”

“Tell me!” She giggled again, laughing again, though her own hands dropped down between her legs, two fingers this time delving Jump into that wet juicy furrow.

“I was just thinking…what you’d look like doing this with a wooden spoon.”

Now I laughed, though to be perfectly honest, the thought of that, as bizarre as it was, painted a rather erotic, quite decadent picture inside my head, using the spoon on her. “If we had one…I’d use it.”

The look in her eyes told me she wouldn’t mind doing that either at some point. “Could be interesting,” she added. “For another time…but not right now,” she exclaimed hotly. “Right now…I want to feel your mouth, and your tongue in me.”

And right now, I wanted to do just that more than anything in the world, once again leaning forward, though she again held me up briefly.

“Not the clit…not yet, taste me, feel me…pleasure me everywhere else first,” she instructed. “I’ll tell you when…and how, to tickle my clit for me.”

I began doing just that. My head was buzzing with excitement as I took the time to gingerly explore her with my mouth and tongue, nipping, sucking, kissing her here and there as she sighed audibly. I continued to probe her depths with my fingers as well, exploring the heat, the texture as well as the hidden secrets inside, which she told me about in explicit detail.

“Yes Jim yes…feel that? Tickle it with your fingers, rub it firmly, gently…oh yes, just like that. Later…I’ll show you what I can do when you do that when I come,” she informed me. I was anxious to see of course, but content to wait for the time being, too enthralled in learning, hearing her teaching me about herself. I pulled on her labia, stretching them outwards. Doing so with fingers, and then with lips. I gently chewed, pulled…stretched and playfully tickled her in combinations of lips, tongue and fingers. I was simply having the time of my life, more aware now than I had ever been, just how truly erotic, sensual something like this could honestly be.

“Oh fuck Jim, I can’t take much more of this,” she groaned Jinply. “Now it’s ready…my clit is ready to be sucked, licked…consumed,” she moaned even more pleasurably as I now allowed myself to run my tongue up her split ever so slowly towards that waiting, special little prize.

Maybe it was instinct, but Jin didn’t even tell me how to do it, or what to do as I simply flicked at her hard little nubbin ever so softly and gently. I continued walking my fingers inside as well, the soft spongy little spot inside that made her squirm even more excitedly as I drew her clit in between my lips, now likewise sucking it softly too.

“Oh fuck baby! That’s it honey! That’s it! Keep doing that! Just like that!” She half shouted, her hands coming up now to cup her breasts, fingers already pinching, rolling her own nipples as I looked up, watching. She spread her tits, stretching her nipples as she pulled on them letting go, only to capture them again repeating the torturous pleasure. “Harder now Jim…harder! Suck it! Suck my clit baby…suck it hard!”

Even then I was still careful, perhaps too fearful as yet in doing so the way she’d asked, but she coaxed me along, constantly letting me know she was ok, how good it felt, how she wanted to feel me doing it even harder than that as I slowly began doing so.

She let go of her breasts, half sitting up, her hands reaching my head forcing me to lift it for a moment as she looked at me, her eyes locked on mine. “Are you ready to see? Ready to taste? Ready…to make me come?”

“Fuck yessssss!” I hissed hotly, diving back into her pussy again, my fingers driving now, my lips surrounding, clamping down on her clit like a vise as she arched her back suddenly and allowed a slow gurgling unintelligible string of sounds to emerge from somewhere Jinp in the depths of her soul.

In the next instant, I felt the dam burst. Felt it…tasted it, and even watched it in a way as she suddenly gushed, her female nectar bathing my face, assaulting my senses, my tongue, my mouth. I swallowed…felt her surge, capturing the release, swallowed again. I became intoxicated with her glorious spending, fingers milking her from inside, tongue and mouth once again attacking her clit as she began screaming out, rolling from side to side. It was hard holding on, staying with her, but it was also the most incredible moment of my life as I did that, as she came…over, and over, and over again.


We both lay panting, slowly coming down, though I continued to lie between her legs, my tongue once again barely even touching her, yet still licking, still savoring, drinking in what had become for me the numero uno hot fucking fantasy memory of all time! She slowly came back to herself, finally though gently pushing me away.

“Now it’s my turn,” she said as she rolled me over onto my back. The look in her eyes hungry, wanton, mysterious as though she knew a secret I didn’t. “You said Sophia sucked you before? Gave you a blow-job?”

She had…and as good as it had initially felt there in the front seat of my car, she had left off far sooner than I would have liked. Not so much in wanting to come in her mouth or anything like that, (not to mention the fact…that was basically unheard of, and I hadn’t expected that in the first place.)

But it was in her too soon withdrawal of mouth and lips on me, I’d just started to truly enjoy it, succumbed to it when she quit and proceeded to simply jack me off after that. Which was pleasurable too of course…especially as it was someone else doing it besides myself. But…I had been enjoying the other a whole lot more.

“Yeah…for a little while,” I said letting her know in the simple tone of my voice and the way I spoke the words, it hadn’t been long enough, not by my way of thinking anyway. She smiled at that, her eyes seemingly well aware of what I meant.

“I’ll show you how it should feel,” she then told me, and settled herself sideways at an angle towards me so that I could watch her as she did. Take delight in actually seeing her, as well as feeling her. And likewise offering herself, or rather those gorgeous tits of hers to me so that I could finger-fumble with her still hard extended nipples.

I don’t know why they call it a blowjob in the first place. Why not call it what it is, a suck job, or even a lick job. Regardless…what Jin began doing went far beyond what Sophia did. In essence, Sophia’s “blow-job” was more like a hand-job, only with her mouth, and even then…all too short. No…what Job did, was make love to my cock. I watched, mesmerized, not only by the way it immediately felt, but seeing the way she did it while she did.

I saw her tongue snake out and lap gingerly, tenderly at the supersensitive crown of my shaft. I watched her lips surround the side, nibbling, nipping, teasing up one side and down the other. She used her teeth, though I would never have known it had I not seen her doing so as she nip-sucked and took in just the tip of my shaft, eating it…(Eat job? Nah…) but I loved that. Loved seeing her as she moved around it like a popsicle, up and down, back and forth, side to side. Now this…was a blowjob, suck job, lick-job, whatever the hell you want to call it. This was pure unadulterated…heaven!

And I felt it…all the way down to my toes. I don’t think I’d ever felt or understood the term “making your toes curl” but I sure as hell did now, because they were. I felt shivers of pure ecstasy racing up and down my spine, from the top of my head, all the way down through my body, pausing wonderfully somewhere inside my balls, and then racing down to my toes again.

I didn’t just see stars. I saw the universe. It was like having an out of body experience, which gave me further understanding into the term, “Little Death,” because now I knew what was meant by that. It was like floating above, looking down, watching Jin as she made love to my dick, treating it like it was some sort of idol to be worshiped, adored, treasured and cared for. And boy did she. It was never the same sensation for very long.

Always varied, always different, something new. She stroked it, and didn’t, licked it and didn’t. And then she mouthed it, often making mewling, even “popping” sounds as she sucked the head, sometimes firmly, sometimes softly, and then nipped at it again with her teeth. (Did I say how much I liked that?) She was driving me insane with pleasure.

And then the tingling in my balls warned me of the inevitable. And being the gentleman that I hopefully was, I informed her that as good as this felt…and did, she’d best quit doing it before I couldn’t stop. But she continued…even more urgently.

“Fuck Jin, I mean it…I’m…oh fuck, I’m getting so close…so fucking close, I can’t…I can’t…”

She stuck her finger in my ass.

That was a first for me too. But it wouldn’t be the last. I think I died. For a moment anyway. I swear my heart stopped. I know I quit breathing. I know I was elsewhere looking down, watching Jin sucking this guy’s dick, watching her swallow the torrent of semen that I somehow knew, sensed and felt racing up his shaft, spilling into her mouth. Except then I realized it was me…it was my shaft, it was my cock that she had devoured, swallowed, half expecting to see her take her mouth away, no longer even having a dick.

Which to be perfectly honest, as good as this felt at the moment, would have been perfectly fine with me. If I never had another orgasm for as long as I lived, this one would have topped them all, equaled and surpassed every single one of them all wrapped up into one gigantic, humongous fucking squirt of pleasure.

That’s how good it felt.

Woody Allen had done a movie once where all these little sperm dudes wearing white clothes with white helmets all stood in a line waiting for their number to be called or something. And then dutifully marching up and out this gigantic (well it seemed like anyway) phallus. So it sort of felt like, and reminded me of that. But unlike the movie, had there been a remake of Jin Jin giving the blow-job, she’d not only have sucked out all the little dudes, but the factory workers as well, blue-collar guys (Smurf sperm?)…the bosses, the equipment…all of it. There would have been nothing left, just a vacant empty room that would have required a complete overhaul or remodeling.

But I digress here.

I collapsed. I entered the twilight zone. I had found Nirvana.


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