Reality or the consequences

This is a new story called “Reality or the consequences” let’s begin…..Trust me. Growing up in a house full of women wasn’t easy. Especially when you’re the only male, and the youngest to boot. Dad had died when I was very young, leaving mom to raise three girls and a boy pretty much by herself, though she did have help from her own twin sister, my Aunt for several years following my father’s death. Twins tended to run in the family.

Two of my sisters were also twins, two years older than I was, Jincy and Bincy. And then we had an older sister, who was four years older than I was, Christine, though we had always called her Mia as kids, and then later simply Chris. My mother’s name was Emilia, and my Aunt’s name was Emilia. Yeah, go figure. But like I said, it wasn’t so much the rhyming name thingy that drove me nuts, as it was in having to share two bathrooms with a house full of women. Needless to say, I always got the short end of the stick when it came to alone bathroom time.

Having any time to myself was virtually impossible, even in my own bedroom, which got progressively worse of course as we all grew older. A closed bedroom door didn’t mean anything, for me at least.

The twins very often barged in on me under the pretense of doing something. (I didn’t learn until a year or so later that they had done this in the hopes of catching me Jining off, though they never did.) But as we all grew older, suddenly ALL the girls seemed to need an inordinate amount of time just getting ready for school in the morning. And though mom shared her private bathroom with Chris, even then the twins took more than their fair share of time in the bathroom the three of us shared.

Like I said. Trust me. It wasn’t easy. But it had been at times…interesting.


I guess with so many women dressing and undressing haphazardly and in a frenzy half the time, one would think you’d get used to seeing so many different bras, panties and what have you laying around. Well, at least in my case you certainly didn’t. And especially when it couldn’t be helped that I would on some few occasions, catch my sisters, and mom included at times in various states of dressing or undressing.

Nudity had never really been an issue at home, at least early on anyway. But about the time I hit puberty, mom had had a pow-wow with the girls and admonished them all to be a bit more discreet around me after that. Even then I still got an occasional glimpse of a boob here, or an ass there. But it was still the sight of my sister’s lingerie, draped everywhere, or tossed upon beds or chairs as I roamed about the house that fueled my fantasies. It was a virtual smorgasbord of delectable and delicious unmentionable attire that constantly bombarded me.

Seriously, taking a shower (when I could) with several pairs of this and that hanging all over the bathroom, or a hamper full of the stuff, kept me in an almost near constant state of arousal. Even if it was my very own sisters…and on occasion, though I’d never admit that, thoughts of mom too whenever I’d inadvertently seen her.

Let’s face it and be honest here, my sisters, and mom included…were all damn good looking!

Even at forty-four years of age, mom looked ten years younger than that. With dark shoulder length hair, an attractive figure, which included a set of full breasts, she looked more sister to Leothan in many respects to her own twin sister. Leohad dark hair as well which she wore long and full, nearly reaching the upper slopes of her ass. Needless to say, she spent a great deal of time in the bathroom brushing and taking care of it just for that reason alone.

She too had nice breasts, which I had been fortunate enough to have seen more so than any of the others early on as she very often sat in front of her vanity mirror brushing it, usually topless when I had been younger.

My periodic meanderings into her room to talk to her about this or that while she did so, afforded me the excuse to look at her. Something I did without her thinking too much about it, before mom held her meeting with the girls of course. As for the twins, they too had tight supple bodies, both gymnasts in school, and though they didn’t have nearly as big of breasts as Leoor mom did, it was obvious that what they did have was “firm and perky” as I eventually would learn.

They certainly gave me plenty of masturbation material to work with, with that many women running around, who needed magazines to look at? Constantly being hugged, coddled, or kissed was just an affectionate way they all had to look out for me. Just as long as they kept it to a minimum when any of my friends came over. Though I think they did it more often, and on purpose, when any of my friends were there.

And I have to say, though early on when I was younger I didn’t really think about this in any real depth, especially as my sisters tended to tease the hell out of me, or aggravate me to no end for their own mutual pleasures. But the truth of it was, we were all very close, usually supportive, and in a sense very protective of one another as well. Though like I said, when I was a kid, I didn’t exactly see it that way. Not until much later,

and not until I had finally graduated from high school myself did I finally reach a point where I felt more of an equal to the rest of them, and was finally treated that way in some respects. Save for the bathroom maybe.

And in addition to all this…mom had a firm rule that she had always insisted on. She wouldn’t tolerate anyone lying to anyone, under any circumstances. She had always prefaced that with the words, “If you don’t want to hear the answer, don’t ask the question.” Meaning that she expected everyone to be completely and totally honest about anything and everything that came up amongst ourselves. At times, that could be awkward,

even embarrassing, especially when you were a young curious kid growing up. But it also had ramifications too, serious ones whenever I had been caught in a lie. Another one of mom’s stern warnings. “Either truth…or consequences.”

A term that my sisters, all of them…at times turned into almost a game, especially when they were in one of those moods to tease me almost unmercifully.

Mom had a good job, though because of it, she periodically had to go out of town on business for two or three days at a time. Needless to say, whenever she did the twins and I tried to make the best of it, usually planning dinner around delivered pizza and movies, though I usually had to suffer through a chick-flick first before finally getting to watch whatever movie I’d selected. Leowas usually around to chaperone and play the role

of mom whenever she was away. But even Leoallowed a great deal of latitude, very often joining us for a seat on the couch as we sat there in the evenings together watching the movies, or enjoying our time together.

The thing was, the girls usually turned this into some sort of a pajama party, wearing their late night “comfy” clothes as it were. Which for Jincy usually consisted of nothing more than a tight fitting tee-shirt, no bra, and a pair of panties. Something mom would have usually frowned upon the girls wearing around me had she been there. Bincy was nearly as bad, though her preferred choice of late night sleep wear was a floor-length shift that was likewise form fitting. I had very often and clearly seen her hard extended nipples pressing against the material of her light pink sleeping attire, not to mention the way it likewise hugged the curvature of her ass.

Leowas prone to wearing men’s boxers for some reason. Hell, even I didn’t wear those. Along with various tank tops or tee shirts, though as large breasted as she was, I rarely ever saw her not wearing a bra. Even so…she was just as fun to look at, if not more so than the twins were.

The girls had all started out the evening drinking some wine along with the pizza, allowing me my “one glass’ ‘ as we settled in to watch the first movie together. The unexpected surprise being, this particular “chick-flick”, had a bit of a sensual storyline, including a great deal of nudity in it. Needless to say, I found myself sitting there in my chair becoming aroused. Though for the moment at least, I was keeping that fairly well hidden as I sat there in my chair hugging my favorite pillow just as I usually did.

Unfortunately, that’s when the teasing had begun when Jincy leaned over whispering to her sister when a particular erotic scene came on, the two of them then glancing over towards me as I sat there watching it, eyes glued to the action taking place.

“I wonder if Max is getting woody,” Jincy asked, whispering, but yet loud enough that I heard her even then. Obviously I ignored her, though realizing I was in fact sitting there with an erection, now trying desperately to ignore that. Even Leochimed in with a subtle warning to the twins.

“Girls…” she said cautiously, though she had a smirk on her face even when she said it.

“Well I bet he does!” Bincy then quipped looking at me. “Especially with the way he’s holding that pillow!”

Once again, “Don’t ask the question if you don’t want to know the answer,” came to mind. So I sat there once more trying to ignore their obvious teasing, though even with Chris’s admonishment, it continued.

“Well, do you?” Jincy pressed. I glared at her, and then with as much resolve as I could muster, I answered her back.

“No…I don’t!”

Even Leolooked at me when I said that, eyebrows raised. Admittedly, I probably should have answered her honestly, though even then I’m not sure the teasing would have ended there. The problem was, this was now a matter of “Is he…or isn’t he, telling the truth!”

“Prove it!” Bincy then quipped jumping in with her sister. “You know the rule! Truth…or consequences!” She then added. I looked at my eldest sister for support, but she once again lifted her eyebrows at me.

“Don’t look at me sport, you’re the one who got yourself into this,” she actually chuckled a bit. “If you don’t, then the twins will have to suffer the consequences of calling you out. If you do…well, then unfortunately you’ll have to suffer the consequences of lying about it.”

As I sat there pondering my immediate dilemma, I wondered if I might in fact bluff my way out of this, perhaps turn the tables on them. I wasn’t one hundred percent erect, that I knew…though I wasn’t exactly flaccid either. I was hoping that my “package” might not reveal to them that I was, or wasn’t…one way or the other. And if I made it quick…maybe. I pulled the pillow away from my lap, not bothering to look down…merely hoping.

“See! Told you!” Jincy quipped, almost yelling, now forcing me to look down at myself. True, there was a noticeable bulge sitting there inside my briefs, but even from my vantage point, sitting at the angle it was, there was no concrete evidence one way or the other.

“It’s not…hard, hard.” I said stammering a bit, still trying to build some sort of a defense for myself here.

“Hard, hard?” Bincy now squeaked, giggling excitedly. “You mean to tell me that’s not fully erect? Sure as hell looks like it!” She added, though I noticed as she said that, her nipples seemed to suddenly balloon considerably beneath her tight shirt. Maybe this wasn’t the first time I’d been teased like this to some extent, but it certainly was the first time I’d sat for this long with my own sister ogling my cock, even if I was still wearing my briefs. And now sitting here looking at the three of them, all of which…including Chris, had noticeably stiff looking nipples, I found myself now getting harder.

“Well fuck…now I am!” I finally burst, feeling slightly embarrassed, annoyed, and yet excitedly aroused too. This conversation had gone in a very strange direction all of a sudden.

“You were before,” Jincy continued…”just more so now.” She said a bit more softly, though her eyes were still glued to the front of my briefs. “Consequences,” she then added, looking up towards Chris. “Wouldn’t you say?”

I swear, even Chris’s eyes seemed glazed over at this point as she absentmindedly wetted her lips which had suddenly gone dry as she spoke. “Probably,” she almost whispered, then speaking up, “Like what?” She asked, turning towards the twins. I knew then I was in trouble…big time!”

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