The Hotel California – 3

“The Hotel California” Part-3 Continues….

It was still early. Maya and I decided to walk around for a bit checking things out before really committing ourselves to anything. It promised to be a long night, and we wanted to pace ourselves as opposed to wearing ourselves out, even as aroused as we both were.

“Where might you be later?” I asked Lucas just before we left.

“Look for me at the Black Hole,” she smiled. I laughed.

“Ok, and how will we find you in there?” Though we hadn’t seen it yet, the talk was all about how wild and crazy that place was, everyone painted up in fluorescent paint beneath the black-light, hard to even distinguish anything except for that.

“No worries,” she giggled hotly. “I’ll write my name on my dick, you can look for me that way.” Again I had to laugh.

“That could certainly prove interesting,” I chuckled, though so did Maya as she leaned over kissing Lucas good-bye for the time being.

“Looking forward to that,” Maya added as we soon left heading out towards the pool area for a look around. Approaching the courtyard near the pool, we saw what appeared to be a long panel off to one side, and interestingly enough, six well placed spots appearing in it with a decorative sign overhead reading:

F “Glory Hole Corner”. Sure enough, five of the six spots actually showed that men were standing behind each of them with their hard cocks sticking through. Maya and I stopped nearby, watching, looking on for a moment as many people passed by. Most of which, men and women…walking over where they indeed copped a feel from each, some sucking, and even one or two women backing into a cock or two for a quick nasty fuck before heading off again.

“Interesting,” I mused.

“Yes, isn’t it?” Maya agreed. “You should go over and try it while there’s an open spot. I wouldn’t mind indulging myself either for a moment.”


“Yeah. Could be fun.”

“Sure, why not?” I agreed, and then sauntered over, walking around back behind the panel where five other guys stood, each enjoying the obvious pleasure of anonymous groping, or oral from total and complete strangers. I stood, now likewise sticking my own hard cock through the opening, wondering if anyone ‘besides’ my wife, would find interest in it. Though I knew now given the opportunity here, Maya would indeed no doubt be amusing herself with the five other pricks that so decadently appeared there.

To my surprise, it wasn’t long before I felt someone’s mouth wrapping itself around my dick, and it didn’t feel the same way Maya usually did it either, so I was pretty sure it was someone else besides her who was doing it. I enjoyed the all too brief, pleasurable sensation however, surprised that I did…as much as I did. It was uniquely different, having your cock played with, fondled and sucked, and unable to see who was doing it,

only the intense sensation of feeling it as they did. I felt one or two others likewise give it a stroke or two, along with another minute’s nice sucking before deciding to rejoin my wife on the other side and continue our exploration of this place. She was still mouthing a rather large thick black cock when I joined her on the other side.

“You’ve ah…got some cum clinging to one of your tits there,” I pointed out to her. She looked down laughing at herself.

“Yeah, I shared one with another gal just before you came around,” she informed me. “Shared a cum-swap with her.”

“Nice, bet that was fun.”

“It was. Enjoy yourself back there?” She asked.

“I did, yes. And I bet you weren’t one of them either?”

“Nope, I wasn’t. More fun watching, knowing which cock was yours though as people came by to sample it. Enjoy the blowjob?” She asked.

“In fact I did. You saw who it was then yes?”

“I did. But I’m not telling. Was it good?”

“Very nice. Whoever was sucking my cock, sure as hell knew how to suck one, I will say that.”

Maya laughed, winking at me. “No surprise there,” she quipped, and then took my hand in hers leading me off back towards the pool area where we thought we’d at least look in and see if that was any interest for later. She wore her cum-drool splatter still clinging to her nipple like a badge of honor. Something so simple as that, looking obscenely decadent had indeed set the mood and the stage for the evening ahead.


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