The Hotel California – 4

“The Hotel California” Part-4 Continues….

Even now, I’m not sure things would have happened the way they did had it not been for one simple act that seemed to intrigue me when it did. Perhaps it was also the fact that Charlie, for all intents and purposes, was both. Male and Female, in every sense of the word that made that final hurdle so much easier for me. Jumping into something that up until now, I had only thought about, considered, but never really saw myself as actually doing.

Whatever hang ups, prejudices, or self doubts about my own masculinity, for whatever reason, seemed no longer important. Like Maya and I had long ago discussed, this weekend for us was about experimentation, self discovery, exploration. We had come here with an open-mind and attitude towards that. Maybe it would only be a one-time thing, whatever happened. But we’d already made that agreement to see, to do…and then take things one day at a time after that.

When Lucas climbed between Charlie’s legs, spreading them, and began sliding that long slim cock up and down her wet pink slit, as I said before, I was both excited and intrigued, watching as I crawled over next to the two of them. I gently wrapped my hand around Charlie’s dick and began stroking it. And as I mentioned, though it wasn’t a very big cock, it was damn fucking hard, swollen purple as the pre-cum oozed from her prick-tip, which I then smeared about the small little helmet of what she jokingly referred to as her “clit-cock”.

Doing this, still watching as Lucas’s Shemale prick continued to spear slowly in and out of that succulent cunt, hearing it…listening, seeing the almost frothy white juice Charlie was secreting as it clung to it was an erotic, amazing sight. Still holding onto her cock with one hand, I reached down with the other, quickly locating her female clit, just below the shaft I was holding onto. I pinched it gingerly between my fingers, pulling on it sweetly, rolling it, still stroking as Lucas fucked. Up until now, both Maya and Jacob are content to sit by watching all this as well. Though within moments, my wife soon joined me,

now easing down on the opposite side of where Charlie lay. Placing her hand on Charlie’s prick, which we now shared, she simply looked at me, smiling…and then offered it towards me. Without thought, without any further hesitation on my part whatsoever, I let her feed it to me, drawing it fully and deeply inside my mouth, sucking it.

“Oh fuck! Oh my god that’s so good! So fucking good!” Charlie cried out. “Holy fucking shit!” She exclaimed once again.

Carol and I now began sharing her cock together, kissing one another deeply, passionately, with Charlie’s stiff hard prick sandwiched between us. Our lips met, wrapping themselves around her shaft as we traveled up and down along its length, teasing her. I was so involved, so consumed by this, that initially, I didn’t even feel or realize it when I now felt the additional sensation of someone now sucking on my cock. I briefly glanced down and over, realizing as I did, that it was now Jacob who had positioned himself down between my legs, my prick fully engulfed inside his working mouth as he pleasured me deliriously. I simply gave myself over to the experience,

in both what I was feeling, and doing. It was a unique situation perhaps, and one that I am still not sure I would have ever done or attempted, but given the circumstance, and the incredibly sensual, sexy people we were with, it felt perfectly natural, and beyond any previous erotic encounter or experience that either Maya or I both, had ever known.


When the time came, literally…I didn’t even think about what was obviously about to happen. It had always been illogical to me, by my way of thinking anyway, that if Maya enjoyed sucking my cock, drinking my cum, why would I then have any sort of aversion to that myself? After all, it was me…it was my own essence, and why should I be squeamish about something like that, especially as she wasn’t,

nor more than I was for her licking her juice whenever she came like that. It was a short time after we had actually been together that I had filled her pussy full of cream, and then surprised her…quite delightedly I might add, having her then sit on my face,

where I devoured her again, licking out all of my cream from her cunt. She climaxed again, even more forcefully this time, informing me later that that had been one of the most powerful, intense orgasms she had ever known. Just something about my doing that for her, seemed to enhance the experience for her, knowing that I had done so, without fear and without reservation. Like I said, that wasn’t a problem for me, it would have been too illogical for me otherwise.

But here yes, this was a little different perhaps, no real idea of what to expect, though I was again not really thinking in those immediate terms at the moment. I was sharing a very intimate, erotic moment with my wife, the two of us still kissing, licking and simultaneously sucking Charlie’s cock together, Jacob likewise wonderfully sucking on mine. When Charlie suddenly cried out, her ecstasy and pleasure imminent, I was fully prepared for it.

The first spurt caught Maya and I both by surprise, watching the thin little streamer of white spunk suddenly shooting out the end of her dick .Maya quickly mouthed it, catching the second one, and then almost as quickly passing it back to me as I caught the third and forth very creamy shots in my own mouth. It wasn’t so unlike my own either, a bit salty, and yet sweet in a way as I swallowed, now passing it back, though Maya’s climax no longer as forceful perhaps, her cream just barely oozing out of her cock as Maya and I now danced around her cock-tip with our tongues,

cleaning her up. It was here though however, that Lucas now to joined us, likewise screaming out her own impending ecstasy, her somewhat longer slimmer prick now lurching, spurting, adding her own creamy sauce to the mix, which Maya and I again shared, taking it, rubbing her still spilling cock against Charlie’s as we held the two of them together, licking and once again cleaning the two of them off.

My own orgasmic pleasure was already well on the way, Charlie and Jacob now slathering my cock together, the way we’d been doing, as I poured what felt like a gallon of cum down their two sucking mouths. It had indeed been one of the most intensely satisfying orgasms I had ever known.


It was well past three in the morning by the time we had stumbled back to our room. And though the sounds of the night had quieted down around us somewhat, you could still hear occasional laughter, the sounds of people still fucking, partying inside their rooms as we collapsed tiredly into our bed, and soon after fell asleep.

When I woke, the sun was obviously well up by now, though it wasn’t quite nine o’clock yet.Maya and I had also had the foresight to have scheduled and ordered room-service for breakfast that morning, rather than trying to get up early and attend the buffet, though I wouldn’t have been surprised to discover hardly anyone else there either. And though it had been a long, almost exhausting evening, I still found myself curiously refreshed, and magnificently Leo, laying there once again with a stiff hard penis in hand, wondering if I should wake her, and do something about it when we both heard the knock on the door.

“Room service!” Someone had announced, though appearing to be a female voice by the sound of it.

I rolled out of bed, for a moment looking for something to wear, and then laughed at myself, reaching and opening the door, my hard stiff cock pointing directly out in front of me as I did. There was indeed a young petite woman standing there, with smallish, though very perky breasts, a small tuft of golden blonde hair just above her cunt lips, almost winking at me. A young man with her, holding onto another tray of pastries and coffee, whichMaya had indeed ordered the day before. They both smiled, passing by me,

entering the room and then heading straight out onto the deck, placing several plates of food down for us to enjoy at our leisure. By now, Maya is sitting up in bed wiping the sleep from her eyes, and yet still looking sultry, if not just as Leo as I was.

“Would you care for a morning blow-job with your coffee?” She asked.

And suddenly, that sounded like a sensational idea, whichMaya quickly agreed to as well, as the two of us sat down, chairs facing out and away. Kimberly, the cute little brunette with the perky tits, placing a large comfy pillow down on the ground before me, now sucking my prick as I sat pouringMaya and I coffee. Pete, the younger man who’d come in with her, now doing the same thing in front ofMaya, now licking and teasing her split, the two of us sitting side-by-side, table, coffee and croissants between us, and each one of us being licked and sucked all the while.

“God, does it get any better than this?” I asked, looking out at the glorious morning, the beautiful manicured grounds beyond, already people wandering about looking for new adventures no doubt.

“I don’t know…kind of hard to beat last night, that’s for damn sure!”Maya quipped, reaching out to place her hand on the back of Pete’s head, pressing him a bit more firmly against herself as he drew my wife’s clit between his lips, gently chewing and sucking it. “But this ain’t half bad either,” she giggled hotly, enjoying it as she took a bite of her strawberry filled pastry, and then making an obscene display with it as she lapped at some of the whipped cream frosting letting it dangle on the tip of her tongue for me.

“And it was fucking hot…doing that with you too,” she added. “It was WAY fucking hot, and I am so hoping that we’ll be able to do that with those guys again.”

“Yeah, me too,” I honestly admitted. And really hoped that we would.

“So, what’s on the agenda this morning after all this?”

Carol looked at her watch. It was now nearing ten o’clock. “Oh that’s right! I almost forgot! I looked in the brochure we were given, and actually scheduled a cum-massage for this morning, it looked interesting.”

“A cum massage? You’re kidding!? What’s that?”

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