The California Hotel

This is a new story called “The California Hotel” Let’s begin….. My wife  Maya and I had been pondering for weeks where we were going to go on vacation this year.

Normally a fun task to sit down and plan, but we had really grown bored with the a-typical sightseeing trips, and wanted to do something a bit more adventurous and fun. Although we really didn’t consider ourselves swingers necessarily, we had partied, and gone to parties with friends that we had found enjoyable and fun. We’d even gone to a Nudist camp one year, which turned out far less than we’d hoped for. Although relaxing, sitting around in the nude all day, there was very little nightlife or excitement.

We had also attended an annual gathering where a group of like-minded people met together, camped, and partied. Although a bit closer to what we’d been looking for,  Maya hadn’t been really thrilled with the almost primitive environment, sleeping in tents and doing our own cooking. By the end of the second day, she wasn’t really thrilled with hooking up with anyone that, like us, hadn’t had a shower since we’d arrived there.

As such, I had gotten on line and done some browsing on the Internet, looking for something a bit different and more along the lines of what we were actually hoping for. There were a few possibilities that seemed intriguing, and then one in particular really caught my eye.

“Hey  Maya, come look at this. See what you think,” I beckoned to her as she walked over to stand behind me looking over my shoulder.

With both of us in our early forties, fairly well off from the decent paying jobs we both had, money wasn’t really an issue for us when it came to planning a fun-filled vacation. And though the price listed was a bit steep, reading through the list of activities, entertainment and accommodations, I was growing more and more excited by the minute, as was evidenced by the massive hard on I was currently sporting as my wife pressed her bare breasts against my back while reading.

That part wasn’t at all unnatural for us either, we were virtually nudists at home most of the time as it was. Doing so, seemed to not only enhance our very active sex-life, but it certainly made things easier for us whenever we got in the mood. Which was thankfully, often. It was also a subtle reminder for both of us to at least stay somewhat in shape, which we both did, working out at home.

And though neither one of us sprouted muscles, let alone any kind of a real six-pack, being reasonably toned made us feel better about ourselves, especially if we ran around nude most of the time the way we did. And I’ll be the first to admit, I was proud of the way my wife looked and carried herself. Although she was only five foot three, she had a magnificent pair of legs on her, along with a nice firm ass, and a great pair of tits. Although she had what she said were “only” B cups, I found them to be more than adequate, well rounded, each one capped by a magnificent pair of dollar-sized light brown nipples.

When aroused, her nipples were hard as pebbles and stood a good inch away from her breasts, ensuring that whatever top she had on, would highlight their incredible firmness much to my delight. But it wasn’t even those attributes so much as her almost coal black shoulder length hair and light blue eyes to offset her alabaster complexion that so set her apart from most women.

As for myself, I was almost the exact opposite from that. Just under six feet, I had short blonde, almost white hair, a natural almost permanent tan due to my olive complexion, along with brown, almost golden colored eyes.

“I don’t know  Jack,” she said, having read through the initial introduction. “I’ll admit, it sounds interesting, but I think it’s still out of our league. Are you prepared for a ‘no-holds barred’ weekend?” She asked. Admittedly, I wasn’t sure myself. There were still a lot of unanswered questions we both had, but I did like the fact that once we expressed interest in spending the three-day weekend adventure at the resort hotel, we’d actually be contacted by a representative first.

There was a pre-screening interview for one, a list of requirements we’d have to have available upon their arrival at our home. None of which presented any kind of a problem for us, and if anything…gave us some assurances as well.

We had to have recent health certificates going back no longer than three months. We had to agree to a full background investigation, and credit check, all of which we knew we’d pass with flying colors.

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt to contact them, have someone come out and interview us, and take it from there,” I told her. “If either of us isn’t comfortable after that, then we’ll keep looking and find something else.”

 Maya at least agreed to do that, so I called and set up an appointment with someone to come out to our home and go over the more explicit details of what would be involved, according to the listing and short synopsis of events that had briefly been highlighted.

A very attractive looking woman in her mid-thirties came out to the house a few days later. It proved to be the most interesting interview we’d ever been through. Once we had given her the basic information that had been asked for, she again briefly described some of the activities and events that we could participate in at the resort, along with a very simple list of rules that we’d have to agree to follow to the letter.

Failure to do so would result in our being asked to leave, without any sort of refund. The fact that our three night, four day stay was pretty steep, ensured that we’d abide by those rules and requirements to be sure. But that also told us, most likely everyone else would too.

One of the more interesting rules was the fact that clothing was not allowed to be worn at the resort whatsoever. The only area where anything would be worn was in the main dining room, and then only the resort robes that we’d be given just for that. Beyond that, there wouldn’t be any other part of the resort where clothing would or could be worn, except in checking in, and checking out. At least that made packing easy.

No need for any major luggage. What I liked was that it was less than a two hour drive outside of San Diego, up in the foothills to a very exclusive, secluded area that had spectacular views. Every room was identical, and lavish in appearance, and the one simple rule there was, an open door was an invitation to anyone to come in who happened to be walking by.

Outside of the room, anything and everything was fair game, even walking down the hallway. The biggest rule there was, and the only one that  Maya had so far questioned, or had any concerns with, was that anyone…and everyone could freely touch you, or expect to be touched. Sexually speaking, touching was completely open,

you just couldn’t say no to that, not to anyone. You had the right to say “no thanks” to anyone suggesting oral sex, or intercourse…which we both appreciated. But if someone wanted to cop a feel while you walked down the hallway, or even stood in the elevator, they were free to do so, as were you.

“Any other questions so far?”  Lucas Jones asked as she completed the first of our pre-screening reviews. She had already warned us there would be one final hurdle to the interview we’d have to pass before she’d take back our application for consideration.  Maya and I were both very curious as to what that might be. “Well, I am happy to tell the two of you that so far, I’m pleased with everything I’ve seen and that we’ve discussed here,” she said smiling. “So now comes the hardest part for some people,” she added to that, still smiling. “You now need to pass the inhibitions test.”

“Inhibitions test?” We both questioned curiously.

“Yes, this actually will be the final determination as to whether I think the two of you are good candidates to come and stay with us. If you are reluctant to do any of the things I am about to ask you to do, chances are…you won’t qualify. Now, just to be fair with you in this…asking you to do something, without question, doesn’t necessarily mean it will even be something that will come up, or that you will do during your stay, but it might.

Reluctance on your part to participate, even if it isn’t something you might normally do, will have some bearing on you being accepted. As I mentioned, you’re only allowed one single “pass” on an invite, should you be given one, or invited into one of the recreation rooms, or party rooms at the resort. So if you harbor certain inhibitions about doing things while you’re there, or participating in some way, chances are this resort simply isn’t for you. So…if you’re ready, shall we begin?”

 Lucas had informed us at the very beginning that in addition to being one of the resort’s primary screeners, she was also a certified practicing Physician. So there would in fact be a physical examination, done while she was there. It would also be a very unusual one as well, as she’d initially explained it.

 Maya and I had already agreed to that of course, and so began removing our clothing. In moments we both stood entirely naked in front of her.

“Ok, for starters  Jack, I need you to stroke your cock for me to ensure that you can indeed get a nice firm erection. So if you’d begin doing that,” she asked as she then turned to my wife, though once again first checking the questionnaire we’d been asked to fill out ahead of time. I stood stroking my cock, which was thankfully hard as hell in no time. “It says here that you occasionally do squirt when you climax, yes?” She asked my wife as I was doing that.  Maya confirmed that she very often did.

“Good, what I need for you to do then, is to masturbate for me, I need to see if I can indeed confirm you can and do have an orgasm, so if you wouldn’t mind doing so, please do. And feel free to use whatever toys, or means, or methods that you might prefer in bringing that about.”

Although slightly embarrassed to actually sit down and simply start masturbating herself in front of a complete and total stranger,  Maya knew as well as I did, that this was part of that inhibitions test she had just told us about. Already prepared for it, she sat…taking up one of her favorite toys, a glass dildo that actually had a name, called the “juicer” that rarely ever failed to cause my wife to have a nice little female squirt whenever she used it.

In moments, she was sitting there, sliding the glass toy in and out of her very wet pussy while  Lucas looked on with obvious approval. As my wife did that,  Lucas again turned to me, fondling my cock briefly, though quite obviously inspecting it as she did.

“I’ll need a sperm sample from you  Jack, and a urine…and blood sample from each of you before I leave tonight, and preferably a cum sample from  Maya too after she orgasms,” she told the two of us.  Lucas simply sat down then, watching the two of us as we sat there masturbating, occasionally taking notes as we did. “There’s no time limit or restrictions here either,” she added. “So take your time, enjoy yourself, part of my evaluation takes that into account too,” she smiled.

“Do you mind if I ask you a question?” I just had to ask, curiously.

“Not at all, feel free,” she responded.

“Doing these interviews, watching people…like us, sitting here masturbating ourselves in front of you, do you ever get aroused yourself while watching people do that?”

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