One penny for your ideas – 6

“One penny for your ideas” Part-6 Continues….

We had just a little over an hour before everyone arrived at the meeting that Jack and I had arranged. Mostly friends, people we knew who were at least minimally in a position to invest a little bit in my idea anyway. A few others, contacts that the friends knew, and who thought might also be interested in at least hearing me out. No more than twenty or so…but it was a start at least.

I had of course planted a few subtle hints, suggestions going in. Grace as well as Susan would of course be attending, and then people they also knew. Their enthusiasm brings in others, each one of course I would personally meet and greet at the door. There would be a lot of Bic flicks as I did that, though I’d already promised myself that I wouldn’t coerce anyone into investing outside of their own free will.

What I would do however, is suggest they listen with an open mind, digest what I had to say, to offer, and then let things go from there. Hopefully, we’d get at least half of them to invest in the prospect I was offering.

In the meantime however, with everything set out and prepared for their arrival, refreshments, cocktails, and a neatly prepared proposal for each one to read through at their leisure afterwards, Jack and I were enjoying a little pre-meeting stress relief.

One of the nice side effects from all this, was the fact that Jack had a real penchant for sucking my cock all of a sudden. It was almost to the point that every free moment we had, she was taking it into her mouth, even if it was for two seconds, as silly as that may sound. Though those two seconds at times, even then were heavenly, if not at times a bit dangerous in retrospect.

We’d once gone into the Bank where I again was hoping to secure a loan. The loan officer had left us sitting there briefly while he went out to grab some forms we’d need to fill out. The moment he left his office, Jack turned to me, that now all too familiar look in her eyes. Ever since we’d gotten down to real business, the excitement of doing this perhaps had affected her in other ways. Not that I minded of course.

“Let me see your cock!” She’d demanded.

“What? Here?” Although I was already unzipping even before I had answered her. Like I said, this wasn’t the first two-second blowjob I’d ever been given. There’d been several elevators, climbing in and out of the car, rounding the corner in the aisle at the grocery store, once getting a two-second hand job in line at a checkout counter if you can believe it. I’d only once had to

“glimmer” anyone…as Jack and I now referred to it when an older woman had seen Jack’s hand on my exposed cock. I’d simply told her in a fraction of an instant, that she was simply daydreaming, and would take that thought home and use it on some unsuspecting spouse or partner’s eventual delight. I quite liked the thought of “spreading the joy” to some extent whenever that happened.

Even if the Loan officer returned, I wasn’t too worried about him making a scene, as long as I could hurriedly lock eyes with him at least. Jack had leaned over, sucking my cock into her mouth quite contentedly for a bit longer than two seconds perhaps and then sat up once again with a smile on her face. Just like I had.

“No, don’t zip up just yet,” she had also told me. “Leave it so I can play with it a bit after he comes back and sits down.”

Needless to say, it was a very lucrative, and entertaining meeting we’d had with the loan officer. And yes…I did get a nice start up loan, which I was sure I’d easily be able to repay within a short period of time once we’d gotten a few investors onboard with us. Unfortunately, I did have to tell him that white stuff that was covering his desk afterwards wasn’t really there. I often wondered after that if anyone else had come in and noticed it. I could only imagine what they would have thought had anyone done so.

“Hmm baby, you do suck a mean cock!” I told Jack as we sat there on her couch waiting for the first of our guests to arrive. The fact she honestly enjoyed doing it was an added bonus. Jack just didn’t go through the motions in order to please me. She truly was one of those women who took additional delight in doing that. And as such, I rewarded her for it in more subtle ways. Rather than a vicious circle, this was a delicious circle.

I let her feel a bit of my orgasm whenever I had one, which in turn aroused her even more, hence the additional desire perhaps to suck my cock every chance that she got. It had in fact been a nice exercise for me.

I’d learned to “dish it out” so to speak. Previously, my orgasms had been everyone else’s orgasms too, and visa versa. The problem with that was, it had been almost too intense…too draining. I couldn’t very well be having that, or causing that with everyone we came into contact with. We’d all be out of it for far too long if we kept doing that. So it was by trial (not so much error…as pleasure) I’d learned to dole out just a little bit of mutually shared ecstasy. The effects of which were almost addictive (pardon the semi-pun) in nature.

The fact that Jack could experience or have a mini-orgasm herself just from doing that, kept her wanting to come back of course. And usually, when we had the time, as we had now, I would of course reciprocate, giving her an even more intense one after that.

It was good practice for the days ahead.

“I do so love sucking your cock,” she said, slurping away at it madly.

“I know. And I appreciate it too!” I told her, enjoying this momentary respite, the pleasure she was bringing me certainly relaxing me, and oddly enough preparing me for when our guests arrived.

“I don’t want to swallow it though,” she said looking up at me as she continued licking my dick even when saying that. “I want to wear it!” I laughed. Jack had her own ideas, which to a point made sense and added to what we hoped to eventually start doing. That subtle added fragrance, pheromones, and a bunch of other things, such as her provocative attire, still subtle without being overboard, would hopefully add to the enticement and mood of those who’d be attending this first of many investor meetings.

“Then you’d best prepare to wear it,” I informed her. “Because I’m about ready to dress you with it,” I grinned.

With one hand still working my cock quite nicely, Jack swiftly undid the buttons on the tight fitting, almost see-through white blouse she was wearing. Not too surprisingly, she wasn’t wearing a bra. With her nicely shaped bare breasts now available for me, she placed my cock between them, and began jacking me off.

“Whenever you’re ready,” she winked.

“I’m ready,” I said just as the first full thunderous spurt of cock-juice leapt from the head of my dick, followed by several others as I quickly drenched her beautiful bare tits. The two of us then spent the next several minutes rubbing in all that fresh cum-cream into her breasts until like lotion, it had been almost completely absorbed. She had…gathered up a small amount, placing a bit of it behind her ears like perfume.

“Who knows? Maybe it will help?”

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