One penny for your ideas – 5

“One penny for your ideas” Part-5 Continues….

It was like directing a play, or in a strange sense perhaps…like manipulating puppets, or marionettes. I held the string. It was a tiny flicker of flame, just barely there, but more than enough however. A mere twinkle of thought, and they both seemed to act upon it as though it were their own ideas in doing so.

There was no “statues” as I’d termed my made up phrase. They responded to one another easily, without qualm, without shyness…and certainly no inhibitions when doing so. So alike in many ways, yet so totally different in others. Me…laying back on the bed just watching, an audience of one, or two if you counted the other freestanding member between my legs as we lay there watching the two of them.

I didn’t mind being momentarily forgotten. I had after all basically suggested it. For now, it was watching them, seeing them as they took notice of one another, exploring tenderly…at times playfully. Almost like two naughty kids playing the “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours,” game for the first time. Only vaguely aware I was even there as they took their time, hands, fingers, at times lips and mouths touching and exploring one another as they stood there facing one another.

Again…sort of what I’d had in mind when we’d reached the bedroom.

Grace and Sophia had almost identically shaped and sized looking breasts. I’d have been hard pressed to see much of a difference between them. I vaguely fantasized about having a set like that, my collection of erotic novels sandwiched between them sitting in my bookcase at home. And though their breasts again were near mirror images of one another in that respect, their nipples couldn’t have been any more different in appearance. Grace’s larger areolas most certainly, slightly darker, on the tannish side. Her nipples were much thicker as well, though perhaps not longer. Like small little gumdrops protruding off her breasts, little peaks stiffened in arousal and expectation.

Sophia’s…far smaller, dollar-sized at best, and almost too pink, blending in with the color of her surrounding flesh that it was at first glance, very difficult in even distinguishing where her nipple left off and where the fleshiness of her breast began. Her nipples stood as well, alluringly so….taut, inviting, not quite as thick perhaps. Little spears, little erasers that needed chewing on.

Just thinking that perhaps, not even realizing I had been, and then suddenly Grace leaned over, still standing, still facing Sophia, and began doing just that. Sophia placed her hands on the back of Grace’s head. Using her for support perhaps, or in help to hold her there, quite unnecessarily, as Grace devoured first one, and then the other back and forth. It was fun seeing her mouth and lips, kiss, suck and tenderly chew on those hard little nubbins. The mewled sounds of pleasure escaping Sophia’s lips as she continued doing that, her eyes closed, mouth open, tongue frequently wetting her lips in a pavlotic response to that.

“Finger her,” I thought simply. “Finger that hot, slick nasty cunt.”

Once again directing the play, changing up the scene a little. Laughing at myself…both, suddenly reaching, almost frantically as though fighting over who was to go first in this new act of carnal knowledge. After all, I hadn’t really been specific had I? I hadn’t addressed “who” first, or when. Each…now wanting to do so, like wrestlers trying to gain advantage, seeking the first hold, the first pin. Both scoring almost simultaneously, fingers now working between one another’s legs. Breasts mashed together in a mutual tit-caress of epic proportions, hands strumming, fists pressed almost directly against one another as each of them worked one another in a harmonic symphony of sensual and erotic delight.

“Fuck! I’m dripping!” Sophia spoke, sensing and feeling that she was perhaps, though again it was maybe my thought, split seconds ahead of Grace’s own, which led her to pull Sophia over to the bed now, pushing her down on it. I barely had time enough to roll out of the way.

“Lap it up,” I had smiled inwardly, already seeing it in my mind’s eye. Grace brazenly lay between Sophia’s legs. Sophia on her back, legs obscenely spread, uninhibitedly inviting Grace to tongue fuck her, something I certainly knew she hadn’t done since early on in her college days.

“Oh fuck! Eat me Grace! Lick my cunt, suck it…finger it, suck my clit!” She groaned audibly and loudly now, only briefly acknowledging me with a small smile, her “fuck face” already making an appearance as the pleasure she was feeling, the sensation of Grace’s mouth and fingers working their magic on her made her succumb to it.

I was more than pleased when her hand snaked out, taking hold of my hard stiff cock. I hadn’t directed that. It was impromptu, a thought of her own choosing, which in an interesting way again surprised and pleased me.

They still had desires, wants of their own choosing, not at my own demand or direction, though I could of course throw in a few of those here and there along the way. But for now, knowing Sophia needed the feel of my cock in her hand, and then eventually her mouth (again her own choice) as Grace, now vampire…feeding between the woman’s legs almost hungrily brought her to the brink over and over again…without allowing her to do so.

Ok…so that one WAS my idea. But it served its purpose, driving the two of them almost frantically nuts with wanting. And giving me another curious thought, though I had no intent upon researching it, or experimenting now. But I couldn’t help wondering. “How long could I cause two people to so pleasurably torture one another, and then force them to both back off, denying climax…orgasmic ecstasy, until the soul itself took charge. Even if it would…or could?

But now was not the time to find that out. I was having too much fun seeing this, seeing the two women, not all that accustomed to the explorations and pleasures of another woman, suddenly pursuing that.

And then it was Sophia going down on Grace, again of their own designs and pleasures though I certainly approved and went along with it. Like I said, I was enjoying the lusty delight I saw in their eyes, even though a tiny spark seemed to enhance that, twinkling right behind that look, that pleasure…that sultry, almost primitive drunkenness as they strove to take one another to places neither of them had ever been before.

It was a pure delight to watch. Getting inside their heads, sensing those thoughts, experiencing their pleasures and feelings. That…in and of itself even more exciting and pleasurable to me than the actual physical stimulation I was periodically given in the flesh as they took turns fondling and toying with me.

Like I said. I was briefly this cunt, and then that. I felt and enjoyed the subtle nuances of each. The slightly different quiver or tingle here as opposed to there. That slickness, heat…that trickle of fluid from one, not yet the other, or vice versa. It was an entanglement of thought that at times even confused me briefly, though I was learning how to control it, sustain it, unweave or unravel it, thus keeping myself distant just enough to know it wasn’t truly me, but them still separate and apart… as a side of me.

It was simple convoluted carnality that was going to take some getting used to.

But now I could sense the buildup. The explosive climatic final curtain call on the last act, the last scene. I knew that their respective orgasms would be tied into one another’s at this point. One single, massive, collective bliss that would be mutually shared, simultaneously experienced and created. I had but to unravel the string holding it, keeping it in abeyance, my own firmly attached to it as well as the moment to the inevitable drew nearer.

I knew then I had reached what felt like a limit…some sort of actual limit to all of this. A brilliance of white light, a bursting if you will, where suddenly all thought, all sense, all meaning became this almost blinding white light inside the mind, the soul…the spirit.

It was well over an hour before any of us could even move.


I honestly don’t really remember the climax. Well, spurting…squirting if you will. But I most certainly did. Perhaps far more than I ever had, even after days of purposely abstaining. Though dried now for the most part, all three of us seemed to be covered in drying spunk, both theirs, and my own. Even my own thoughts and visions of this were vague, fuzzy. Kneeling beside the two of them, remembering mostly, or thinking I did anyway. Not even touching my cock, nor they either as we came together.

That link, that trickle of thought, the spark that danced as one spark, not three. Seeing the fountain of cum as it began leaping from the tip of my prick all by itself without help from anyone. And then in an almost abstract way, turning from that first jettison of spunk, into a blinding white light that was every orgasm I’d ever had all rolled up into one. Every ejaculation of nectar I’d ever given myself, or been given, recollected…redistributed in milliseconds of time, just as theirs had been.

Pure ecstasy…in the purest of forms perhaps. But by the bewildered, almost frightened looks on their faces as sanity came back, as reality and self awareness came back to them, I knew then it had almost been too much. Too much for any of us. Even the spark had gone out. I could feel that tiny void, seeing its lack of presence between their dilated eyes. And worse…I almost frantically reached for it, flicking that Bic, though no flame came, no tiny spark. I felt empty, panicked even.

I tried again, felt something…and then a second or two later, the spark lit, came to life again. I almost breathed a sigh of relief feeling it. Though by now the girls were themselves looking shaken, even fearful as they tried desperately to comprehend something that the body and mind wasn’t simply made to accept.

I joined them again, quickly yet carefully.

“It was the most intense orgasm ever, yes…but you will see it as something far less than it actually was, yet just slightly better than anything you’ve ever previously experienced before. Nothing to be alarmed by, or afraid of. Just the best climax, the best bliss, the most intensely pleasurable experience you’ve ever had. That…and nothing more.”

I too was mentally and physically exhausted now. Letting the flame go once again, this time of my own accord. But seeing the more confident smiles and looks on their faces, reassured me.

“God Brian!” Grace spoke, grinning from ear to ear as she did so. “That was…the most amazing experience of my entire life!”

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