One penny for your ideas – 4

“One penny for your ideas” Part-4 Continues…..

I sat down on the couch next to Mila, the two of us naked now. We kissed, hands everywhere at once it seemed, touching, exploring, teasing one another wildly. And as we did that, I sought the little light inside her mind, wanting to explore her in other ways. For one, I wanted to ensure this was indeed something she wanted, that I hadn’t inadvertently implanted a thought or desire of my own that wasn’t in line with her own desires.

As I did that, I discovered something else too. Not only was there one little dancing spark of light, but two.

I knew one was hers, one was mine, though how I knew that, sensed that…I didn’t know. They danced together, circling one another just as we were doing physically. I sensed the joy, peace and excitement within the two lights as they sometimes joined, becoming one, and then separating again almost with a sense of loss briefly. But I now knew without any doubt whatsoever, this was something Mila had been dreaming of, wanting…for a very, very long time.

I felt better about this, elated in fact, running my hands over and around her gorgeous breasts, familiarizing myself with them, teasing and tapping her hard little nipples with my finger tips. But I was still troubled and worried too. Having now made peace, having now made this intimate connection with Mila,

I didn’t want this causing problems later on between her and her mother. I felt almost guilty sitting here now, realizing this.

I had every intention of exploring more of the same with Grace as well. But how could I accomplish that without causing either one of them pain or grief should either one of them learn of my involvement with the other? That was something I had to find an answer to, and soon.

But I was getting better at this “being in two places at once thing,” as I now saw it. Physically speaking, acting, moving and communicating on the waking level, and yet…thoughts which I knew were my own, asking…seeking, searching and exploring inside that subconscious place within a person’s mind, where they themselves were not thinking. The library, the books of their memories carefully arranged,

sitting on the shelves waiting to be opened, accessed and read again. Or others, much like the one I was looking at now.

NOpen, laying on a small desk (did I just create that? Or did she?) Blank pages, suddenly being written in, words almost magically appearing, filling each as the pages turned. In some ways it was a bit disconcerting, and yet I managed it. Talking verbally, communicating with words and actions…like now, kissing her deeply, tongues fencing and toying with one another, hands caressing one another’s genitals.

And yet…my thoughts, lingering here inside her mind, our twin lights still sparing, intermingling with one another, this new book now being written in even as I stood here.

And then something new happened. Totally, and completely unexpectedly, almost causing me to release the little spark I was holding onto. It was so startling, that at first I didn’t know how to react to it. So much so, I myself became a statue, though only for a moment, only long enough for Mila to ask me in the physical, if I was ok…if anything was wrong. I shook it off, assuring her everything was just fine, that I was just still blown away we were now doing what we were. She laughed at that, pulled my head down to her breast, and told me to suck it, which I began doing.

And while doing that…I saw one of her other books suddenly come off the shelf. It was a large, thick, almost heavy looking book. It had one word, one title on the spine. It read simply, “Mom”.

Of course I realized it wasn’t necessary to actually “read the book,” after all, these were just thoughts she was having, thinking…even as we kissed, even as we mutually masturbated one another, pleasuring one another, sitting there on the couch together side-by-side. The book was literally, and figuratively speaking, just a sign…an indication she was thinking something else. Accessing memories, or making new ones.

The fact that it was with regards to her mother in some way though, intrigued me, worried me a bit. I relaxed, intercepted her thoughts as she had them.

“I wonder what mom will think when I tell her about this. After all this time, we’re finally going to do it…be together, he’s going to fuck me…no, make love to me. Brian’s soon going to have this gorgeous hard cock of his buried deep inside my pussy!”

“Shit!” I actually thought, and said it aloud.

“What?” She asked, her secret private thoughts suddenly evaporating, the “mom” book disappearing, back on the shelf again, for the moment anyway. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh…ah, nothing, not really. I was just thinking…well hell Mila, it’s not like I was expecting this. I ah…don’t have anything. You know?”

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