One penny for your ideas -3

“One penny for your ideas” Part-3 Continues….

It seemed weirdly familiar. Waking up, finding myself once again laying in a hospital bed. The only difference being, I hadn’t been in a coma. Out for a while yes, obviously, though it couldn’t have been that long. For one, Gayleen was the one standing outside my room talking to the doctor, mom and dad hadn’t even shown up yet, which meant I couldn’t have been here all that long. I sat up, feeling fine…better than fine actually, though my head hurt, had a bit of a headache, and was still a little woozy. But beyond that, I felt pretty good.

And then my head cleared a little, I remembered the bright white flash of lightning, remembered the sensation of electricity running rampant inside my body. But that was all. Until waking up now however. The doctor looked in, saw me sitting up, immediately called for a nurse and then came walking into my room, followed by Gayleen. She must have told him she was my girlfriend, or fiancé for them to have let her in to see me, even before my parents had.

“Well, well…you’re a very, very lucky man,” he said, going over my charts, looking at me and reading some more. “Say you were struck by lightning ten years ago, is that true?”

“Yes, yes…it is,” I said, realizing I had in fact been hit again, though I didn’t feel injured in any way this time, not like the first time I’d been struck. “What happened anyway?” Though Gayleen answered before the doctor could respond. She’d been standing behind him off to one side, looking wild-eyed and panicked.

“You got hit by lightning! That’s what happened! I thought you were frigging dead!” she excitedly exclaimed as tears now began running down her cheeks. “No shit Brian…I came out looking for you, you were late coming into work, which wasn’t like you. And there you were, face down on the ground out in the parking lot, rain coming down…out like a light. I seriously thought you were dead!

Couldn’t see you breathing, couldn’t find a pulse, though when the paramedics got there, they said they could feel one, a faint one. But…but,” she was crying now, almost hysterically.

“It’s ok Gayleen, I’m fine…really, nothing broken, nothing melted,” I tried assuring her.

“Which brings us to the strange part,” the doctor now said, jumping in again.

“The…the strange part?” I asked, now extremely curious. “What happened?” I thought.

“Yeah, after the paramedics got you stabilized on the way in, though they said all your vitals were perfectly normal for the most part, it was when you finally came around, opened your eyes that they said they saw them glowing.”


“Yeah, they said they saw this very faint blue light in your eyes.”

“Maybe it was some sort of reflection or something, after all doc, I do have blue eyes.”

“Not like that, they said it was the whites of your eyes that were actually blue in color, the first time anyone had ever seen that before. Then later, after we got you in here, I looked at them again in a darker light, and they still seemed to have a faint trace of a blue glow. Do you mind if I have another look again now that it’s been a couple of hours?”

I wasn’t too thrilled about that. The last thing I wanted anyone to do was run a whole bunch of tests on me.

“Ok,” I said hesitantly as he signaled for the nurse to turn the lights off in the room as he grabbed a small little light in order to look at my eyes with. He spent quite a bit of time doing that, and then just shook his head.

“Well, whatever it was, if it was…you seem perfectly fine now. Pupils respond and dilate, as they should, color is good, no apparent optical damage. And certainly no glowing,”

he finished once again signaling for the nurse to turn the lights back on. “I still want to keep you for at least twenty-four hours for observation, just to make sure we don’t miss anything, or that something else doesn’t pop up on us here. But…I think it’s safe to say you don’t appear to have any serious injuries. And again…consider yourself damn lucky.

I don’t think you were hit by a lightning strike directly, or we’d see some sort of burns or damage. But it must have hit very close by, to have knocked you out like that.” He then wrote something else inside my chart, told the nurse to come in every few hours and see how I was doing, and then left. The nurse then informed me my parents were in fact on the way, and would be here any time now.

She asked if Gayleen was staying for a bit, and she assured the nurse she would be, at least until such time as my parents arrived. With that, the nurse left, and Gayleen immediately came over to the bed, taking my hand in hers and looking at me.

“I don’t care what anyone says Brian. I saw what I saw. You lay there in the parking lot, thunder and lightning all around, pouring rain coming down like crazy. But every time there was a flash of lightning, even halfway close…I swear,” she paused as though wondering if she should even continue.

“Swear what?” I asked, now a bit nervous myself. “What’d you see Gayleen?”

“I’m not crazy, I saw what I saw Brian. Every time I saw flashes of lightning illuminating you in any way, you…you Brian, your entire body was glowing this bluish white color. Not just your eyes like the paramedics said, but your whole body!”

Admittedly, even I had to admit I was a little worried about what had happened to me, especially based on what she had seen, let alone what the paramedics initially thought they had. I wondered if I still had my ability, or if it had been altered in some way. I needed to get a hold of a penny soon in order to try it, test it out myself.

We locked eyes for a moment, then she leaned over my bed hugging me. “Oh Brian! I’m just so thankful you’re ok,” she sobbed, hugging me tightly.

“I’m fine,” I reassured her, then thinking to myself, “But I sure as hell was looking forward to maybe licking your pussy after work…damn storm!” I thought. Gayleen laughed, standing up again, her face blushing.

“Yeah…me too,” she said. “And maybe even more than that. You must be feeling better if you’re actually Mike!”

I knew my mouth was open, so I closed it. “Had she heard me?”

“Of course I heard you,” she said, and then looked at me funny for a moment. My mouth hadn’t moved. “I must be losing it,” she suddenly said.

“What do you mean?”

She laughed again, nervously this time. “I thought you said something, but you didn’t? I mean…I thought you did, but you didn’t actually say what I thought I heard you say.” She was rambling now, and we both knew it. “I…I think I’m just distraught, still a bit shaken, but incredibly thankful that nothing’s wrong with you.”

That’s when I saw it. A small flicker of light in her eyes as she leaned closer to the bed looking at me. Like a tiny little flame, a small bluish light inside her pupils. Half panicked myself now, I imagined snuffing it out, and just like that…it went away. “Can you hear me now Gayleen?” I asked, thinking the question to myself, though she just smiled at me, stroking my forehead. “Would you like to fuck? Right here in the bed?

Right now?” I thought again, but she just continued to stand there smiling her fingers soothingly caressing me. Obviously she couldn’t. But now I knew something had changed, drastically, dramatically. And I was a bit worried. Now I had all sorts of new things I needed to learn about what had happened, if and how to control it. And more importantly…how long would this last if I now flicked my “Mind Bic!”

I needed to experiment, and quickly! Something simple perhaps. But I needed to learn how to control this better than I just had. There was too much danger, confusion in simply allowing my thoughts to be heard so easily, so clearly like that. Simply thinking something, and having Gayleen picking it up as easily as she had was far too risky. I again concentrated, this time imagining that little blue light, sure enough, I saw it inside my own head, a brief little spark, and then a flicker, it held.


She now looked down at me again, eyes locking. “Though you’re hearing this, you won’t remember what I was saying…thinking, unless I say you can, understood?” I thought this… looking at her. Her expression once again looked a bit bewildered, confused. I had to think fast here or this could get out of control in a hurry. “Relax Gayleen…just listen, listen as though asleep, all is well, nothing is untoward here,”

I once again assured her. She did relax then, though her face took on an almost blank look, a faraway look as though she had in fact gone to sleep…almost as though she were now hypnotized in a way. I decided to work with that, see where this went, what I could do with it, with Gayleen while she was like this.

“Undo your blouse for me,” I basically suggested. Surprisingly, she didn’t move, didn’t even begin to attempt doing that. I could see the struggle in her face, even felt it now as her emotions seemed to be playing tug of war with herself. I was missing something, something critical. She was more statue now than anything, even her fingers had stopped moving, now almost lifeless resting in position quite unnaturally against my face. There was a block of some sort, and I had to find a way around it, and quickly too.

Someone could come walking in at any moment, not to mention my own parents. “We’re alone Gayleen…no one even knows that we’re here at the moment, we’re all alone…we’re safe. All I want to do is see those lovely breasts of yours Gayleen, that’s all. You know that, you want to show me, to please me. Go ahead Gayleen, it’s ok, show me your tits.”

This time I saw her face totally relax, still a bit vacant looking in the eyes though. I’d need to work on that. But now her hands moved, Gayleen stood up, her fingers deftly and quickly beginning to undo the buttons on her blouse. In moments, she had opened it, her bra clad breasts totally and completely exposed.

“Thank you Gayleen, I enjoyed that.” I thought once again, seeing her smiling now. “It’s ok, you can do your blouse up again. All you’ll remember is thinking how you’d have liked to have flashed me, perhaps tease me a little after you’ve done it up again. You won’t remember actually doing it, or that we’ve had this conversation beyond the simple fantasy that you momentarily entertained about doing that.” In my mind, I snuffed out the little flame. And as I did, I saw the tiny pinpoint of light inside her pupils likewise flicker out. She giggled.


“I must be feeling better now too, especially knowing you are.”

“And why’s that?”

“Because now I’m feeling Mike…even contemplating doing something I would never, ever do. Especially in a place like this, with so many people around.”

“And that is?” I grinned mischievously at her.

Gayleen turned looking behind her quickly, and then hurriedly undid the buttons on her blouse again, only this time, after she had done that, she grabbed the cups of her bra, lifting them up and over, baring her breasts, flashing me. As quickly as she had however, she pulled her bra down again, likewise re-buttoning her blouse.

“I can’t believe I just did that! What a rush!” She laughed openly.

“I can’t believe you did that either,” I thought to myself. “But you did…didn’t you?” I asked myself again, making a mental note of that. Something to ponder on in greater detail later.

Just then my parents arrived, however, Gayleen excused herself after briefly talking to them. Mom of course dashing immediately into the room, dad not far behind her as he first finished thanking Gayleen for calling the paramedics and getting me in here.

“I’ll come…visit you tomorrow!” Gayleen promised and then turned heading down the hall towards the elevators.

Although glad to see mom and dad, and assuring them that everything was fine, and that I was certainly alright, I now wanted to experiment some more, learn where my limitations were, if any. And more importantly, what could I do with this now? How long would it last? And just how much stronger was it? It seemed to be, I could sense and feel that much. But what did it all mean?


I was tired, after everything that had happened, the emotional strain of whatever changes had taken place must have shown on my face. Almost gratefully so when the nurse as instructed dropped in to check on me. “I think I really could use some sleep now,”

I told my parents. After once again being reassured by me, and the nurse, they finally left, though like Gayleen, promising to be there first thing in the morning. I watched them leave, grateful they had come, but just as happy they were now leaving. I was anxious to experiment a little.

“Are you hungry?” The nurse now asked me. She was a petite looking Latin American, long dark hair, dark brown eyes and olive complexion. I liked her smile. She seemed curiously interested in me too, bustling about, tucking in my sheets, taking my blood pressure and temperature as we talked.

“A little,” I responded. “Mostly thirsty though, if I could perhaps get something to drink?”

I had noticed the name on her badge just over her left breast. “Carla,” it said. “Carla Rodriguez, RN”.

“Sure. What would you like?” She said looking at me directly now. I flicked my Bic, thinking quickly as I did. In the dim light of the room, I could see the tiny flicker of light in her own eyes.

“Hear me and listen,” I said quickly thinking about it. “All you’ll remember is having gone about your duties, just as you always do, nothing more unless I suggest it, understood?” Carla nodded her head.

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