Reality or the consequences – 2

This Story is part of Truth or Consequences Series

“Reality or the consequences” Part-2 Continues….

“Most dangerous, or unusual place huh?” I thought, now smiling at myself. “That’s easy…and did it a lot more than just once too,” I tossed in freely. “And similar to your story’s too,” I told my sisters. Their looks of interest told me they were anxious to hear, especially as Jincy continued to sit there rubbing her own nipple back and forth with one hand, her other still holding onto my cock, though I noticed the girls had actually begun working it up and down just a little, not that I minded. At this point…I was too far-gone, and enjoying it too much to mention anything.

“Remember when I was little and I would go into Chris’s room and talk to her while she was brushing her hair?”

“You just wanted to see her tits,” Bincy laughed, revealing that my so-called secret wasn’t as secret as I thought it- had been. “Don’t tell me…you masturbated even back then? Looking at her?” Jincy then asked right on top of Bincy’s question.

“Well no…not really, not then. But remembering that, sort of gave me the idea yes. So about a month ago, after graduation when Samantha and I broke up? I was feeling down in the dumps, remember?”

“Do we ever!” The twins again said in unison. “You were impossible to even be around there for a while.”

“I know…that’s why I decided to talk to Chris, since she’d been through a few bad breakups herself. Thought she might have some answers for me on how to deal with it. Anyway…one evening I passed by her room, and there she was, sitting at her vanity again, just before bedtime, brushing her hair. And it was just like in the old days.

I asked to come in, sat on the edge of her bed, talking to her. Of course she was wearing a bathrobe this time, but I could see partially into the mirror as she sat there. I could see from my vantage point that it was partially open in front, and that every once in a while, as she moved, I’d catch a glimpse here or there of her breasts. And before I knew it, I was aroused, erect. And as I too only had my robe on, and nothing else, it became obvious to me that I could actually sit there and fondle myself…”

“Rocky off you mean,” Jincy interjected wickedly.

“OK…Rocky off,” I laughed, “Sitting there talking to Leoabout my girlfriend’s problems, though Rockying off,” I said again, winking at her, “Without her ever being aware that I was.”

“Are you sure about that?” Bincy asked, which gave me pause.

“Now why did you say that?” I asked her.

“Because if what you’re telling me happened about a month ago, I remember walking into the kitchen when Leoand mom were in the middle of a conversation, which suddenly got all hush-hush for some reason. Obviously they’d been discussing something, something they didn’t want me to have overheard anything about. But the one thing I did hear, and didn’t put two and two together until now, was hearing Leosay, “Almost like he used to do when he was little…coming in to talk to me,” or something to that effect anyway. So maybe…she did know!”

I thought about it, but discarded that they might have been talking about me sitting there actually Rockying off, which I had done. “I doubt it…I am sure they were just talking about my conversation with her, and the fact I used to come in and do that as I felt more comfortable with her back then, more than any of the rest of you, including mom.”

“Maybe…but why then did they decide not to say anything about it in front of me?” She asked.

“Maybe because they knew you’d come and tease me about it or something,” I offered, “Like you usually do,” I then added. Though even now I was wondering, though I am sure that Chris, or even mom would have said something to me about it, had they suspected, so I shrugged it off.

“So…where were we?” Bincy asked, “Next question?”

As horny as I honestly was now, I was curious…and had been so for quite some time, especially knowing the two of them. “OK, here it is…and remember the pact,” I reminded them, though by the looks on their faces, they suddenly realized the Pandora’s box they might have very well opened here.

“Ok…go on. Shoot!” One said, the other adding.

“So tell me…have the two of you ever done anything with one another?” I asked sitting back seeing their eyes suddenly open wide upon hearing me asking them that.

They sat looking back and forth at one another for a moment, hesitant obviously, still not saying anything.

“Come on you guys, I already know you’ve obviously laid in bed next to one another and masturbated, surely you did a little more than that, yes?”

“Yeah, but not all the time though,” Jincy finally ventured. “So don’t go getting any ideas that Bincy and I are into lesbian incest or shit like that!” She added though I could see the renewed flush of arousal and excitement filling her cheeks.

“Never in a million years,” I answered. “But…what did you do then?” I pressed.

“If…we tell you, you’re going to owe us for saying,” Bincy spoke, likewise aroused, especially by the suddenly lusty tone in her voice.

“Ok,” I answered without really thinking, too curious and interested now in hearing what else it was the two of them had done together.

Once again they looked at one another, nodding their heads, smiling and then in unison turned towards me. “We took one another’s virginity shortly after we turned eighteen,” they announced, speaking the words together as though they had rehearsed them. And even though it was clear what they’d just said, the mechanics and meaning of it escaped me momentarily.

“Run that one by me again? You did what? And how?”

Jincy laughed, though they both were. “We decided a long time ago that neither one of us wanted to lose our virginity to some boy in the back seat of his car. So we made a pact…that we’d give our virginities to one another on the same night. So…we borrowed one of mom’s vibrators…”

“Mom has a vibrator?” I said suddenly, shaking my head as the thought of that suddenly invaded my reasoning. “No wait…never mind, go on…”

“Anyway…we used mom’s toy to pop our cherries, and gave them to one another one night.”

“Yeah, it was far better letting Jincy do that, than some inexperienced young kid who’d never even seen a woman’s pussy before, let alone know what to do with one when he did see it. And was damn sure a lot nicer, and easier…wasn’t it Jincy?”

Jincy’s look seemed almost far away as she sat there recalling it. Her hand in fact once more toying with the hard little nubbin of her breast until she realized she was doing that, forcing it away from herself. “Yeah…it was. So now you know Max, and now…you owe us for telling you that!”

I remembered my agreement, vaguely, but now wondered what it was I had gotten myself into, though still trying to buy myself some time here if I could. “So that’s it? You haven’t done anything more than that? Ever?”

“Of course we have!” Bincy responded. “But we’re not about to tell you everything! That wasn’t the deal! You wanted to know something, we gave you something. You want anything more than that…then you have to pay up for what you do know first!”

Obviously I had painted myself into a corner here, there was no getting out of it. “Like what?” I asked worriedly.

The girls looked at one another again, grinning from ear to ear, and back to me. “Jin off for us,” they again said simultaneously, and I honestly did wonder then if they hadn’t at some point in the past, actually rehearsed having this conversation.

“Seriously, you want me to actually Jin myself off in front of you? Right here? Right now?”

“Why not? You sort of already have been anyway, and we certainly sort of have been too,” they both giggled. “Now…we want to see how you do it, how you like it…”

“I just want to see him squirt!” Jincy said far more boldly. “I’ve never seen a guy’s cock cum before. Well…not in real life anyway,” she added once again blushing a little.

As horny as I was now, however, and already knowing I was in dire need of relieving some pressure here soon, especially after everything they had shared with me, not to mention sitting here naked in front of me, the thought of doing this suddenly seemed like a wonderful idea.

“Ok, I will…if that’s what you want. But…I want to hear more too at some point, if you want to see me actually come. Otherwise, I’ll just finish myself off later inside my room.” I had no intention of doing that of course, but I figured I’d try and milk this for all it was worth…both figuratively, and literally speaking. Perhaps too aroused themselves now to think about it, they readily agreed, scooting over to sit side-by-side one another as I stood,

turning now facing them. Without another word, I simply began stroking my cock, sliding my hand up and down the shaft, squeezing it a bit, as yet again another bubble of lubrication oozed from the tip. I took that, sliding it around the head of my cock, making it glisten, making the purple tip of my prick look even angrier, and harder for some reason.

“Oh god! That’s hot!” Jincy moaned as she sat there watching me, one hand down between her legs, the other up on her breast again.”

“So’s that,” I responded back, watching her…and then Bincy as she began doing the same thing to herself. “Though…it would be even hotter, watching you two fingering one another,” I suggested hopefully.

Amazingly, they just began doing that. Reaching over into one another’s laps, fingers suddenly finding, and then playing with one another’s cunts, clit tickling, exploring as I stood there fisting myself. Watching my sister’s masturbate one another was beyond anything I could have ever imagined, or hoped for. And now…here I was, actually seeing them do it, and masturbating in front of them while I did. Normally, I’d draw this out some. Enjoy it, pleasure and tease myself. But my balls already felt like they were going to implode as it was. I backed off some, not wanting to come so soon, but the twins weren’t having any of it.

“No…keep going, keep Jining it…we want to see you come Max!”

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