Heavenly love – 5

“Heavenly love” Part-5 Continues…..

Once again dad took off at a run, following the path leading around the side of the hill up towards the plateau. I ran directly behind him, with Rocky behind me. As we turned the corner beginning the slight ascent, another torch greeted us just above. This one being held however, by Jin who stood there looking down at us as we approached. She was wearing a bright white bikini, highlighting her dark tan. Any other time I’d have looked on admiring the look. At the moment however, with my sister dangling naked on a well designed platform, seeing Jin was the furthest thing on my mind.

“What the hell’s going on anyway?” Dad asked as he got within distance from my sister. Reaching her, she put out her hand, pressing it against dad’s chest, effectively stopping him. At least she was smiling.

“You’ll see soon enough,” she explained, though stepping in front of him once more as he made a small attempt to pass by her. “Wait here. I promise…you won’t be disappointed.” Confused, dad remained where he was, even as Jin reached behind herself, suddenly producing what appeared to be an ornamental knife of some sort, handing it to me by the blade.

“Jesus,” Rocky spoke just behind me, but said nothing else, no doubt as confused as dad and I were by this rather strange behavior we were all seeing.

“Go rescue your sister,” Jin told me as I took the knife from her, only then stepping to the side, allowing me…and only me to pass by her. I looked back, but she had again blocked the way, dad and Rocky both standing there looking on with questions on their faces. A short walk further, and I was soon standing on the summit of the plateau, only now…just ahead, flanked by two more burning torches that had been planted on either side of the path, I saw my mother and Emilia, similarly dressed as Jin had been. Each wearing white, very revealing bikinis,

only they both held something else in their hands as well. As I drew near, I realized then that they appeared to be spears as they stopped me, crossing them. I glanced ahead, off a short distance, the platform that Bincy was still hanging from.

“Are those for real?” I asked, glancing back at the two of them. They certainly looked real anyway.

“Want to find out?” Emilia joked, though I was finding this crazy scene a bit much at the moment. Mom tossed Emilia a withering look however, and then formally addressed me.

“Remove your clothing first, and then you may pass,” she said, looking fairly serious now. Whatever was going on here, though I was confident it was all some sort of silly game, I did as she’d asked. Removing the shorts and shirt I had on, I was soon naked. Only then did they uncross the spears blocking my way, turning as though invitation to continue on, which I did.

Though the path led directly towards where Bincy was, I noticed something else now just off and behind the platform itself. It looked totally out of place, unsure of what it even was until I drew closer, only then seeing it for what it actually was.

“Holy shit!” I actually chuckled, now realizing. The lengths that mom had actually gone with all this suddenly dawning on me…not to mention the cost that poor dad would soon be hearing about no doubt. What I now saw was a very crude, yet elaborately made bed. White sheets adorning it, standing a good three feet off the ground. Thick rounded beams and poles all woven together with grass-roped cords.

A sacrificial altar in a way perhaps, now giving me a much truer sense of what this was all about. I shook my head in disbelief, and yet excitement too, only now realizing what it was that was actually being offered here. I turned once more,

looking back, now seeing that Jin, dad and Rocky had reached mom and Emilia, though the two of them continued to stand guard, holding everyone at bay there behind me. I continued on, the knife held in my hand, following the path towards the edge of the cliff, which overlooked the pool and fell beyond. The platform jutted out just a little, not so much as to truly look all that dangerous as well made as it was.

But the illusion of what had been created, and seen from below, had been brilliant in its design. Hearing my approach at this point, Bincy finally rolled her head, looking over towards me. I could see the nervous smile on her face.

I stood in front of her, just admiring her for a moment, now knowing my part in this carefully designed play. “I’m here to rescue, seduce you…I think,” I told her holding the knife, knowing what it was I was supposed to do now. “This is really what you want? Me to be the one?” I asked, needing to be sure.

“It is yes…” she responded back. “But not to be seduced…to be taken savagely,” she added. “I want you…to fuck me!”

I knew then that Bincy wanted…needed this, to be an experience she’d always remember. Something very special, which it would be…for both of us. But perhaps not in quite the same way that mom had initially intended. It was time to improvise just a little.

I looked back, once more seeing our entire family slowly approaching us now. Each one carrying a torch, though mom and Emilia still wielded their wicked looking spears too. I briefly hoped that Emilia wouldn’t get too far involved in her own role in this, and actually use hers on me when they realized what I was actually about to do here.

I raised the knife, though not in the stance of slicing through the bindings that held my sister’s wrists or legs together, securing her to the beam jutting out over her head. Instead, I brought it up, almost in a stabbing motion, coming down with it, impaling the blade in a cross-support beam nearby. Even Bincy looked at me questioningly upon seeing that.

“I think you’ll enjoy this even better than the bed,” I informed her. “Especially for your first time…far more memorable,” I finished, though adding as I spoke silently to myself…”I hope.”

I could sense the rest of the family suddenly stopping a short distance away, no doubt wondering…curious as they stood looking on. I knew Bincy certainly was as she glanced towards me, as I stepped closer towards her. Spread-eagle as she was, her legs though comfortably bound, giving me the perfect opportunity here as I closed the last bit of distance between us. I cupped her breasts in my hands, molding them together even more than they were. I leaned forward, pressing the stiffness of my hard cock against her flesh,

now here’s near her pussy yet, but letting her feel, and perhaps wonder at my intent. Gathering her breasts, I kissed and sucked them as one. Her hard aroused extended nipples pressed together as I drew them simultaneously into my mouth, sucking them, molding and caressing her breasts as I did. My cock speared her upper abdomen as I stood there paying homage to her breasts.

“Oh god!” She moaned loudly. “Yes…yes! Fuck yes!” She cried out, loud enough I am sure everyone heard her, and in doing so….stopping them once more a short distance away from us as they now encircled, looking on. No doubt surprised by this slight change of plans, they appeared pleased however as I took my time here, savoring the delights of my still bound sister before finally rescuing her and releasing her bonds.

“You wanted savage…I’m about to give you savage,” I said leaning closer, now whispering in her ear so that only she could hear me when I said that.

I heard her sigh, moaning deeply, excitedly. “Oh Brad,” she said simply.

I placed the head of my blood engorged cock between her legs. Felt the liquid essence of her very aroused cunt already bathing the tip of my prick as I teased her with it a little.

“Fuck me…oh god yes, fuck me…right here, right now,” she suddenly cried out, her words reverberating out over the water below, and through the small canyon like area that was formed there. I knew how easily everyone else had heard her too, and half wondered just how far her cry of desire and arousal might have actually carried on our own little island.

If there had indeed been a furry King Kong anywhere close to us, he’d no doubt have heard, and even then been reaching us…his massive fists already reaching out to tear her away from me. But it would have been too late for that even then. I shoved, my prick impaling my sister’s cunt…spearing her deeply in one sudden thrust. She cried out again, ungodly sounds slicing through the peaceful silence of the night. I thrust once more, even harder this time, deeper as she cried out again, thrashing wildly there in front of me, straining against the binds that still held her.

I pinched and pulled on her nipples almost cruelly, still thrusting hard, deep and fast into my swinging, swaying sister. But all that did was seemingly intensify her delight, her ear-piercing scream, once more echoing off the rocks and falls, reverberating all around us like a thunder clap as she continued to cry out over, and over, and over again.

Still thrusting, still fucking, I glanced up briefly, only now spotting the others, all pretense of game, theatre, or act suddenly evaporating in an instant. Mother was already down on her knees before Rocky. His hands on the back of her head, fucking my mother’s face, almost idiotically holding onto the spear for support which he had impaled into the ground next to her. Emilia and Jin too, dragging dad down to the hard ground beneath them. Jin already grinding herself on dad’s cock, Emilia doing the same to his face, though heads turned towards Bincy and I still looked on.

Though they couldn’t possibly hear it, I could…not to mention feeling it as I pummeled my sister’s cunt almost unmercifully. Hearing the almost frothy like juices, even feeling them as they ran out of her cunt, bathing my shaft and balls, literally dripping and then running down her legs. We stood, churning fuck-butter together, the hard-felt slap of flesh stinging flesh, her cries of ecstasy, followed by my own now. Though ours weren’t the only sounds of the night, the wild unleashed frenzy taking place only a short distance away, animalistic in nature.

Mom now on all fours, Rocky behind, rutting with her there. Dad too, having switched positions with my sisters, fucking Jin from behind, as she in turn now ate Emilia in a mutual “69”. Dad no doubt reaping the benefits of that, as Emilia licked, sucked and pleased the two of them together.

But there were other sounds as well. As though the entire forest had seemingly come alive, waking up to the erotic frenzy now taking place. I tried to gather my wits about me, making sense out of it, but too far gone for that at the moment to really care. The slickness of my sister’s cunt, the first pulsating contractions as she hovered on the edge of climatic bliss, soon stole all thought, care and concern. I felt my own orgasm rapidly approaching now, my breath coming in pants of unearthly lust and desire.

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