Heavenly love – 4

“Heavenly love” Part-4 Continues….

As promised, I ate her up twice. Waking to the warmth of the morning sun as it tossed a warm blanket of light over the two of us. Bincy still snuggled up close to me, her steady breathing and gentle snoring confirming the fact she was still sound asleep. I carefully pulled away, but in doing so…managed to nudge her more fully onto her back. With the two of us already being nude, it was an easy matter to likewise tenderly spread her legs, crawling up between them. I took the time to truly appreciate the beauty of my sister at this point, unhurried, gentle…relaxing in a very unique, sensual way.

Bincy moaned softly in her sleep. I waited for a moment, ensuring she had drifted off into a deeper sleep once more before continuing. I wanted this to be dream-like in a way, if I could manage it. Plus…I was truly enjoying myself too. As lightly as I could, I ran my fingertips up through the folds of her pussy, watching them suddenly spread like a flower opening in the morning sunlight. She was already moist, reminding me again of the morning dew still clinging to the petals of her delicate flower, as I felt the pearly-like slickness against my fingertip.

I placed my finger against my lips, savoring her taste. Once more she sighed contentedly as I did that, yet still asleep. I waited a moment more, and then gently eased forward, running the flat of my tongue up the entire length of her precious slit.

 I did so as lightly, and as slowly as was possible, stopping short at the apex of her still somewhat hidden clit. I retreated back the other way, once more plowing the furrow of her sex with my tongue, this time allowing it to probe a bit deeper, yet soft, slow as I did so. She again moaned in her sleep, stirring just a bit as I again stopped, waiting.

Already her lips were beginning to swell. Walking my fingers back up to the top of my sister’s cunt, I gently nudged the protective hood from her clitoris, watching it as it emerged. It too changes color, stiffening, and hardening like a miniature cock. The precious glistening head of her pink clit seemed to pulsate as I allowed my finger to dance on the surface of its glistening little clit-head. Bincy moaned again, once more stirring, and

I knew that much more of this, she would slowly begin to wake. For now at least, she appeared to be dreaming, that early morning realm of reality and dream state, where one seems as real, as substantial as the other. I ran my tongue upwards again, this time however, flicking softly at her clit, fingers once more spreading, revealing. I kissed it, kissed it again, a gentle soft lingering suck before turning once more down her now even wetter split. The taste and aroma of her juices now assailing my senses. I probed, tongue-fucked, lingered with quick butterfly flicks of the tongue against her clit again.

Like a fighter at the bag, the tempo and speed ever increasing, but only until she stirred again, her breath suddenly changing…did I then slow again. I felt her relax, ever so close to opening her eyes, allowing her to drift off once more. My breath hot against her quim, soft whispers of desire caressing the throbbing, pulsating stem of her sweetness until she once more seemed to sink back into the bed. I smiled outwardly, and inwardly,

once more beginning the silent torture of her sex. This time running a single finger in through the wet, succulent opening of her sex, feeling the warmth of her essence now coating it, securing it, and likewise now throbbing and clasping about it.

“Ohhh,” she moaned once more. This time forming words as wakefulness began to approach. With one finger inside, gently caressing, petting her, I now took her hard little nubbin firmly between my lips and began sucking it, though still as gently as I could. All the while looking upwards now, seeing the flutter of her eyes as they fought for consciousness.

“Almost there…almost there,” I thought. I could tell by the response of her body, and by the way that her juices were almost free-flowing now, that she was a lot closer to orgasm than her conscious mind realized. Once more I felt her pussy clamp down tightly on my finger. I felt the increase and intensity of her inner muscles as they throbbed in spasmodic release, accompanied by a sudden surge of liquid sweetness. Her eyes fluttered open, for a moment looking bewildered and confused. My lips only then drew in her clit fully, sucking it firmly, holding…sucking…seeing recognition, and just as suddenly rapture as her eyes closed once more.

“Oh my god!” She cried out, and then simply succumbed.

Even before she had fully come down from her climax, I allowed her the grace of working through her super-sensitivity. Feeling her relax, her breath still coming in gradual gasps however as she gathered herself. I renewed the earlier assault on her now very awake pussy and soul.

“Oh god…oh fuck, yes…yes Brad. Eat me! Eat me! Eat me!”


“Come on you two…get a move on,” mom said standing in the open doorway of my bungalow. Any other time, she would have given us a start, but not this time. That simple morning greeting told us both in an instant, just how much things had changed. She stood smiling, not at all alarmed or worried about seeing the two of us together, though all we were doing was laying there at the moment, Bincy…still basking in the afterglow of her second very intense orgasm.

“That’s right,” I said remembering.

“Yeah, they’ll be here within the hour,” mom said once again. “So you two really should get something to eat before we go.” She turned, preparing to leave, but then suddenly stepped back into the room again, crossing over towards the bed where she leaned over, kissing the two of us affectionately. “There’ll be time for more of that later,” she grinned, winking at the two of us, and then departed.

It was odd seeing mom standing there wearing a somewhat modest, white two piece swimming suit. But it was a subtle reminder of what had been planned for the day. Weeks before the trip, we had all gone out and gotten certified to scuba dive, including mom, though she’d been initially reluctant in the beginning to do so. Ironically, perhaps more than anyone else, she had taken to it quite naturally, and thoroughly enjoyed herself while getting used to breathing underwater. She was the first amongst all of us to qualify, and was now looking forward to this private little excursion out in the reefs, more so than anyone else.

Bincy and I quickly dressed, soon joining the rest of the family for a quick bite to eat. Everyone is anxious and excited now to actually practice our diving skills in the clear, crystal blue water near someplace called “The fish bowl”. We had already been made aware that this was a “clothing optional” dive, as had anyone else who’d be joining us on the trip. And though we initially started out dressed in swimwear,

once underway…everyone was then free to remove their clothing if they then chose to do so. A short time later, a very large catamaran approached our small little island. We then waded out, boarding the boat, where our rented gear was already waiting for us. Besides the seven of us, there were only two other couples, likewise friends, as it appeared who had booked the same excursion.

Introductions were soon made all around. Bill and Barbra Matthews were a young attractive looking couple, mid thirties perhaps, along with John and Jill Stevens. We laughed as they told us to refer to them as BB and JJ, something both couples actually answered to, as they explained the unplanned unions of their respected first names all starting with the same letters. Rocky looked at me, and by the expression on his face, I could see he was dying to tell them about my name. Thankfully, refraining from doing so. Indeed, much really had changed between us, only weeks ago…he’d have taken delight in trying to embarrass me with such a comment.

As we headed out to sea, and towards the “fish bowl”, it became obvious that realizing we were indeed a family traveling on vacation together, that there might be some hesitancy on our part to accept nudity around one another.

“Will any of you have a problem if we remove our clothing for the dive?” Barbra asked. “It’s one of the reasons we booked this trip,” she said inquisitively.

“Same reason we did,” mom spoke, surprising her a bit as Barbra and Jill both, once more took in the seven of us, wondering perhaps. “No worries…we’re nudists,” mom added to that, as though that perfectly explained everything to them. I saw dad hiding a sly smile upon hearing that. But the other two women smiled then, nodding their heads in acceptance and understanding, more importantly, reaching around and almost immediately undoing the bikini tops they’d been wearing. The moment they began doing so, everyone else did as well. Dad eyeballing the new scenery briefly, and his whispered comment once more reflective of what he’s said the day before when we’d truly started getting familiar with one another.

“Here we go…again!” He grinned.

I noticed as soon as the bikini tops came off the other two women, that neither one of them was any bigger than Jin was. Jin in fact seemed rather delighted in that herself, suddenly no longer having the smallest breasts there. In seconds however, everyone was once again naked as we slipped into our diving gear in preparation for the dive. Listening to last minute instructions from the diving instructor and guide, everyone was instructed to buddy up in twos or threes, and ensure that they remained in constant contact with one another.

The water was once again crystal clear, and the visibility near perfect. We’d also be diving in less than fifty feet of water, with the spectacular view of the coral reef below us, and a wide variety of colorful fish all swimming about. I was paired up with mom.

Bincy…Jin both joining dad, leaving Rocky and Emilia together, which everyone had pretty much expected them to do. We soon entered the water, and then began heading off in different directions taking in the sites along the reef. There were various outcroppings of rocks and ledges, which concealed a wide variety of fish, though caution about going too deeply into any of those crevices, because of electric eels possibly being hidden within those areas.

Though we could see others a short distance away from us, like us…everyone seemed to be preoccupied with their own explorations, basically just keeping an eye on one another and not too concerned about where everyone else was. The sensation of weightlessness was in and of itself intoxicating in a way.

But so was seeing mom swimming nearby, the total freedom of movement that she had, not to mention the way her breasts seemed to move so alluringly as she did that. Before I even realized it, I was hard, swimming beside her with a full out erection, something that didn’t go unnoticed for very long. We had just then gone around one corner of an outcropping of rock, barely out of sight from any of the others. As though planned, mom came towards me, her hand immediately coming out to surround my cock. We sat there, our feet kicking just enough to keep us both virtually motionless,

my own hands now cupping and caressing her breasts. It was eerily erotic, looking into one another’s eyes through our masks, unable to speak, and yet saying so much merely by looking at one another. It took no effort at all. Reaching around behind her, my hands now on my mother’s ass, I easily lifted her upwards.

She came to me, her legs spreading obscenely as she did, fitting herself perfectly around and about me. We continued to float there together, the head of my prick nudging the opening of her sex, which she soon gathered into herself. For the first time ever, I felt the head of my prick suddenly engulfed in the surprisingly slick, slippery passage of her womanhood, the very place that I had myself once come from.

I entered her inch by inch, savoring the excitement of this so taboo coupling until I was buried to the hilt inside my mother’s cunt. In a sensual dance of pure weightlessness and control, we rolled, turned, twisted, all the while fucking one another so uninhibitedly, so effortlessly.

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