Heavenly love – 3

“Heavenly love” Part-3 Continues…

By the looks of it, mom and dad had done a pretty good job of setting things up. Short of an actual Luau, it was going to be one hell of a feast. We were actually scheduled to attend a Luau in fact, sometime next week over on the main island. But for now, this was the next best thing.

Dad was already starting steaks, thought there’d be fresh fish as well. The girls had already set up tables with all sorts of delicately prepared side-dishes that the resort had done up for us. And though wearing a tropical print wrap similar to mine, dad’s was considerably longer, making me wonder why mom had chosen much shorter ones for Rocky and me. I didn’t mind it too much, however once getting it on, it was comfortable, and made me wonder briefly if this was sort of what it might have felt like wearing a Kilt. I might just as well have been naked for all the support or coverage it provided me.

And yet, oddly enough, it would have felt really weird sitting down to eat with everyone being naked too. So I suppose wearing something at least seemed far more appropriate.

At dad’s request, I moved some of the tables around just a little so that we’d all be able to sit down and eat together. As I finished doing that, mom came out with yet another tray of food along with some tablecloths to spread out. Almost immediately I saw what she had in mind when she said “make use of them in a sexy way.” The floral print wrap she was wearing was a bright emerald green with various plants and flowers decorating it.

But that wasn’t what caught my eye. It was how she had chosen to wear it that did. She had secured it, tied it off so that it was worn mostly as a long dress reaching the ground. But one side was folded and tied up and over the shoulder, completely covering one breast, while fully exposing the other one. She looked sexy as hell in wearing it this way, and smiled briefly upon seeing me admiring the bold look.

“You like?”

I actually had to swallow before answering. “You look sexy as hell mom, admittedly, the one boob thing is kind of provocative.” She laughed at that.

“Yeah, wearing it this way, I can show off my best tit, and tease with the other one.”

“Best…tit?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she giggled again, now helping me as we spread out the tablecloths together. “They’re not exactly the same size. This one’s just a little bigger than the other one is. So this way, you really don’t notice it so much.”

To be honest, I’d never really noticed or found much, if any, of a difference between them. But then again, it was only recently that she’d been parading around fully naked too.

“I’ve never noticed a difference,” I told her, hearing dad chuckle just behind me as I said that.

“That’s because you probably weren’t looking at them symmetrically,” mom grinned, winking at me as she said that. “Though I hold you and your sister accountable for the difference. For whatever reason, you both seemed to prefer sucking on my left breast as opposed to my right one…try as I did.”

“Me too!” Dad stated once again obviously listening in. “Just something about that left breast of yours,” he said teasingly.

“Just be glad you men don’t have to deal with something like that,” mom chastised him back. “How’d you like it if you had one ball considerably larger than the other one, then you’d know how I feel.”

I found myself actually standing there looking at my mother’s bare breast. Seeing that I was, she easily released the still covered breast, now standing there directly in front of me. “See?”

I looked again, closely now. And yes, there was a small slight difference, but unless you actually tried looking for it, it was hardly even noticeable. “They both look good enough to me,” I told her. “I think they’re incredibly pretty in fact,” I added to that, marveling at how firm and full they still were, hardly any real sag to them whatsoever, especially as firm and heavy as they really were. Perhaps not quite as high on her chest as Bincy,

or Emilia’s were. But given time, I knew that their breasts would perhaps droop even more so than mom’s were.

“Thank you honey,” mom said, walking up to kiss me, and not on the cheek either. Kissing me on the lips. I honestly think her kiss, though still brief, lingered just a moment longer than what might have been usual. Enough at least that when we parted, her lips still seemed to pucker a bit as though still savoring the moment. But not only that, I had also felt the softness of her bare breasts pressed against my chest for that same moment.

Her nipples, both now as it appeared, a bit harder, more pronounced than they had been a moment ago.

“Whew,” I actually said, not realizing I’d voiced my feelings perhaps, though mom smiled almost seductively at me as she once more tucked away her breast back inside her sarong, recreating her original look.

“Go see what’s keeping your brother,” she told me. “See if he needs any help with his outfit.”

“I think I’ll see if Jin is up for doing that,” I told her then. To which dad once more chuckled as he stood there turning the steaks.

“Send her in there to help…and they could end up missing dinner entirely!”

“Bradley!” Mom chortled, but then laughed as well. “Perhaps you’re right…maybe I should go and see if he needs any help myself.” With that, mom headed off towards Rocky’s hut, leaving me to stand there wondering about the comment dad had just made.

“How much has been going on anyway?” I wondered, “And more importantly, if it had…how much did they really know?” Somehow, I felt like we would learn a great many details this evening as the night wore on. But I was left to return to that thought later as my three gorgeous sisters finally came out at that moment, joining us.

Though the floral print patterns were basically identical in design, the colors were of course all different, as was the way the girls had chosen to wear them too. Emilia had adopted mom’s idea basically, though BOTH of her breasts were bare, choosing to wear a bright red dress though it had been specifically picked out for her, with a white pattern, same as the others were.

Though Bincy’s was blue, and Jin’s was actually a reverse of that, a white dress and black similar floral print. Emilia had worn hers as a full skirt, long to the ground, though she was completely naked from the waist up. Bincy was completely covered, but had used most of hers to wear her skirt very short, showing off a great deal of her perfectly shaped legs, though her breasts were teasingly encased in the rest of it, much like mom’s one covered boob was. Jin was actually the more modest of them all, though she too had shortened her dress even more so than Bincy’s was.

Though I felt that my sister’s perfectly formed ass really was her best feature, which she seemed to be showing off. I knew just looking at her, that her pussy was only inches away from being exposed, and no doubt would be if she were to bend over, or even sit down. Most of her dress was likewise covering her chest with a double fold over both shoulders, and was then tied off and secured on one side. Each in their own way did indeed look sexy as hell.

“About damn time!” Dad announced, though he too had been admiring his daughters just as I had been. We turned as one, as mom and Rocky began making their way over towards us. Rocky’s short wrap, blue in color, where mine was black had been neatly formed and tied off along the side. It was clearly evident that his rather impressive looking tool was making an almost improper bulge just off to one side, making me feel for a brief moment, almost jealous at the obvious difference between us. Jin however, as usual, and almost as though reading my mind, leaned over whispering to me.

“Keep in mind honey…you’re what I call a ‘grower’. You start off small…er,” she chuckled. “But…you grow considerably bigger. Rocky pretty much stays the same size, just softer to harder is all. You’ve got nothing to complain about. Trust me.”

Her words were both assuring, and yet once more alluded to the fact that she was a hell of a lot more aware of things that I obviously had been. And it again made me wonder, just who in this family had been doing what…to whom?

“Well, now that we’re finally all here together, and while we’re waiting for the steaks and fish to finish cooking, perhaps it’s time we have that quick little family chat. But not before we enjoy a toast together, towards our time together here, and this fabulous vacation we’ve all been enjoying.” Dad and mom then began pouring each one of us what proved to be a very potent tropical drink of some sort. Dad even called it a “Tropical Island, iced tea,”

which to me, tasted like there was a bit of just about every kind of alcohol they had available inside the bar.

It was damn fucking good too. But I knew I’d have to go slowly with one, or two of these, or I’d find myself sucking the pillow, instead of anything else later, which was my hopeful intent.

Mom’s “good tit” comes to mind as I actually thought that.


After our family toast, dad began his brief speech to us all. “As you all know…yesterday, after arriving here, your mom and I made a point of letting you all know what our personal intentions were. We had already decided early on, that shortly after our arrival, we planned on showing you how truly uninhibited and carefree we really are. Especially away from those of whom might frown on it the society in which we live. At least here, we can be free to express ourselves as we see fit without judgment or recrimination.

We both wanted you to see that, and experience that with us, to whatever extent or level you were all equally comfortable with. And…we were right. It didn’t seem to take very long, that each one of you felt as comfortable and free as we did, in our respective nudities.”

I noticed upon looking around that everyone was smiling, nodding their heads in full and complete agreement with him. So far…so good.

“And then of course…your mother and I,” dad said winking at mom as he spoke, “took things to another level as well. Being intimate, openly, and affectionately with one another. We didn’t hopefully embarrass or do anything that seemed too flagrant, or too obvious. But the fact that I am sure most of you knew, we were being intimate, and enjoying one another, wasn’t lost on any of you as to how we now approached doing that either. We are here after all…to have fun, relax, find enjoyment in whatever ways we feel comfortable doing.”

As though they’d actually rehearsed all this, it was mom who now stood, as dad…as though on queue here, turned back to the barbeque, turning the steaks and checking on the fish to ensure it was cooking properly.

“We also wanted you all to know, we’re not blind to things that have been going on in this family, as much as some of you might think we have been. Early on…when your dad and I first met, and long before we even got married. We talked about it. Talked about the difficulties of trying to merge different personalities and heritages into this family, not to mention then later…including two more of our own with Brad Junior, and Bincy.

Obviously as you all know and remember, these were trying times, especially with times between Rocky and Brad that for a long time, I didn’t think would ever work out. Now at least…you two are civil to one another, so that’s something at least,” mom said looking at the two of us, as we in turn looked at one another, nodding heads.

“Your dad and I also discussed other things. Things that I know you were never fully aware of. Things we talked about, even planned for in a way, knowing the difficulties of trying to raise a ready-made family in one home. We knew going in…there would be curiosities, obstacles. Which we tried to manage as best we could, mostly by allowing each one of you to find your own way, work through those without either one of us having to step in until it was absolutely necessary. For the most part, I think that strategy worked.

You all found your way, sometimes with one another, sometimes in confidences with each other that you didn’t always share with anyone else…including your dad and I. The thing is, you did. But you also discovered some intimacy too. That was again something that was expected. We knew it would happen, it was virtually inevitable that it would. We didn’t know in what combinations it might, or what the outcomes of such alliances would result in. Again…for the most part, I think things took their natural normal course. And obviously…since we’ve been here, that seems to have held true and continued on from there as well.”

Once more, mom and dad seemed to exchange roles as he now began stacking the meat on a plate, which mom then carried over towards the table.

“Much as some of you might think otherwise, your mother and I weren’t blind to some of the things that have been going on between some of you throughout the years. And…which I think I can easily say, have continued on here as well, yes?” He asked, looking at each one of us, though grinning now as he did that.

I almost chuckled at that, seeing several looks back and forth amongst everyone…me and Jin included in that, and to some extent…Bincy and I as well, though it was Rocky and Emilia who seemed to be exchanging most of those looks between themselves.

“Hurry up Bradley,” mom said, interrupting him for the first time. “Before dinner gets cold.”

Dad nodded his head, continuing. “So bottom line then is this…as far as we’re concerned, though you are all our children, you’re also all adults. And as adults, you are free to make your own decisions, seek your own desires and goals in life, whatever they might be…and with whomever they might be with. While we’re here…especially here, your mom and I wanted you all to know…”

“That we’re ok with whatever you want to do with one another,” mom said jumping in again, obviously trying to speed things up a little here, though she quickly took it to another extreme, perhaps in getting more directly to the point. “If you want to fuck one another, feel free to do so. Even feel free to watch us doing it if you’d like…if something like that turns you on. I know…speaking for your father and I, we’ve enjoyed watching some of you, given the opportunity to do so.”

I was a little surprised at mom’s vulgar use of the word fuck, as she rarely used it. Just hearing the word, though I’d certainly said it enough times myself, seemed to escalate the overall mood and tone of this little family meeting we were having. Something I think we all felt and realized, especially when Emilia immediately spoke up taking advantage of that open door perhaps.

“You mean…you and daddy have seen me…seen us?” Emilia asked jumping in as well now, looking first at Rocky, and then at Bincy, though that one I think, had somehow been missed by dad, up until now anyway, as he now looked over at her inquisitively. Though I also noticed, mom didn’t.

“Once or twice,” mom grinned. “Needless to say, we never questioned you about it now did we? Nor will we now either. All we are saying is this…if you choose to do so, especially while we’re here, then feel free to do so. And that holds true for the rest of you as well,” she then added. “Now…come, sit down, eat. We can talk about this further during dinner if you wish to. But let’s not waste any more time and ruin dinner here by letting it get cold.”

As we all stood and began heading over towards the carefully prepared table full of food, Jin was the first to make yet another comment, almost stopping everyone in their tracks.

“Daddy, you didn’t say we were also having Polish sausage,” she said looking serious. Though he looked at the barbeque for a moment as though half expecting to see some there, and then back towards her again, looking confused. “Either that…or a snake crawled up inside your wrap,” she grinned, now pointing out the obvious. Dad’s dick had risen just a bit, tenting out the front of it as he actually blushed, the rest of us looking,

and then laughing a little at Jin’s not too subtle awareness of dad’s obvious arousal. She then looked at mom however, raising the question that I myself had been wondering about, and almost too afraid to actually ask.

“So does this mean if I wanted to, it would be ok for me to reach out and fondle dad’s sausage if I wanted to?” She dared to ask mom.

Mom and dad glanced at one another, smiles on their faces. “This too is something we discussed, though we decided long before now, and agreed to again last night…it would be perfectly ok with us as well, as long as none of you felt pressured, or obligated to do anything like that. We felt…as long as it was your desire, and not just our own, we’d leave something like that up to each one of you. But…since you raised the question, and asked it…let me say this.

“It’s up to you to let us know if that’s something you want to do or experience. Neither your father nor I will approach any of you. So…that being said, let’s eat, and let the rest of the evening more or less take care of itself. Everyone ok with that?”

I sat down next to mom, reached out, fondling her “covered” breast. “I think I need to make amends to this one,” I said, smiling at her. “If you’d let me,” I then added to that.

“I’d like that. In fact…I’d enjoy that very, very much,” she said similarly, reaching over, her hand on my upper thigh briefly, and then quickly, far too quickly in fact, giving my now rock hard cock a gentle, affectionate squeeze through my wrap. I knew then, most likely before the night was over, I wouldn’t be wearing it. Nor did I also have any doubt, most everyone else wouldn’t be wearing their outfits any more either.


Not only was the dinner we were having together spectacular, but so was the mood and atmosphere now that everything had been literally and figuratively speaking…laid out on the table. Most everyone was laughing, even flirting with one another. The jokes got more and more decadent, even some of the stories people began sharing, and then asking one another about.

“So mother…how many times did you and daddy catch Rocky and I together anyway?” Emilia curiously asked.

“A few times…twice for me at least, and I know for sure once with daddy,” she answered. Though she also turned towards Bincy too. And once with you too honey,” she smiled. “Though that time was with that girl-friend of yours, Dianna I believe? The girl you were sort of seeing for a while?”

Bincy seemed obviously surprised at that one. “You did? I mean, when…how, where were you?”

“One night when she’d come over for a sleepover as I remember. The two of you were down in the living room, sleeping together in sleeping bags? Remember that?” Obviously by the look on her face, she now did, though still somewhat bewildered by it. “Your daddy and I even fucked…watching you two, at the top of the stairs, though you never saw us of course. Somehow, we managed to keep quiet.

I don’t mind saying though…seeing you honey, was pretty erotic. I’m not sure how many girls you had actually been with by then, but it was certainly obvious, to me at least, that you knew what the hell you were doing, and that you obviously enjoyed doing it.”

Bincy was blushing profusely now, especially glancing about at everyone else who sat looking…and yet smiling affectionately at her. Though she quickly turned the tables on mom at that point too. “So…have you ever been with another woman before mom?” She asked pointedly. And though mom hesitated for a moment, she quickly answered.

“Not really…no. I sort of experimented curiously when I was a lot younger, yes. But I’ve yet to actually do much of anything with another woman. Not that I wouldn’t, given the chance perhaps. But it just never really presented itself. No one I know at least would be into that. Not amongst the friends or people your dad and I know…”

“With the exception of Colleen,” dad interjected. “More than once, she’s hinted at that very possibility,” he stated again.

“Well…with her maybe yes. But I’m not too fond of George, her husband, and you know damn well Bradley, one wouldn’t come without the other.”

“Literally speaking,” he said, causing everyone to laugh.

“Yes well, aside from Colleen…” mom said furrowing her eyebrows at dad, “aside from the little I did when I was younger, I’ve never actually experienced being with another woman…no.”

“So…you’re saying you would then? Given the opportunity?” Emilia now asked furthering the interest in the question Bincy had posed.

Mom looked at her then. “Why? Are you offering?” Mom asked her back, just as pointedly now waiting on her response, almost longingly by the look in her eyes.

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