The balanced stay was life changing – 03

The balanced stay was life changing – 03 CONTINUES..

As exciting as the afternoon had been, and likewise a little confusing for me as I was still having trouble wrapping my mind around everything that had happened, I decided to lay down for a little nap. Not only would it give me a chance to recover and rest up, but it would also allow me the time I needed to consider everything that had happened.

Riley knew me better than anyone else. Whenever I had a problem or concern to work through, I needed that alone time to consider all the options. Usually after that, I would then discuss them with her and get her take on things. I had always valued my wife’s thoughts and opinions, and very often sided with her way of thinking when I’d sat down to discuss things with her.

I was torn. On the one hand, it had indeed been arousing to see mom and dad enjoying themselves, and more importantly even, seeing mom enjoy it when my own wife went down on her. That admittedly was hot! And yet, I felt a little guilty too.

Was it normal for a guy to get off watching his own mother get off? Let alone his own father? I had…and because I had, I was having to work through all the reasons why. What were the consequences of that, if any? Would it change me? Would it change the way I thought of my parents? In some ways, it already had. But was that so bad? Did I see them as anything less than the people I still loved and cared for? No. But I still struggled with it anyway.

I must have eventually fallen asleep. Because it was the sound of mom’s voice waking me a while later.

“Caleb honey? You might want to think about getting up, taking a shower. We’ll have some additional guests arriving before too long.”

The sun hadn’t quite set, but it would be doing so in less than an hour now. I knew that mom and dad had already made plans earlier to have a beach barbeque that evening, and that both Aiden and Hannah had been expecting them. I also learned that their kids had driven up, and would be joining us as well. Opening my eyes just in time to see mom leaving the room allowed me a brief respite to all my worried and nervous thinking. She was wearing her bikini again, so at least I wouldn’t be faced with the dilemma of seeing her naked, and then getting an erection because of it.

I passed by the living room, sitting area on my way to the bath/shower room. Once again, glad to see that both dad and Aiden were again dressed watching something on the TV.

I caught a glimpse of mom and Riley busy in the kitchen preparing some side dishes for the evening, and that Riley too was wearing her bikini again as well. I showered and then slipped into a clean pair of swim trunks, along with a sleeveless tee shirt. I soon headed out to see what I could do to help as Aiden and my father stood preparing the barbeque down on the beach.

They had even set up one of those canopy pavilions with a long dining table beneath. Admittedly, it looked warm and cozy as well as exotic with the ocean waves lapping at the beach just a short distance away.

I was in the process of lighting the charcoal along with several torches we’d stuck down into the sand around the pavilion we’d been eating in, when I heard Aiden speak up.

“Ahh, the kids are here!” He said. I turned looking back up towards the house, mom, Hannah and my wife all carrying down various trays of food they’d prepared. And along with them a young man probably close to my age, and an older looking woman, somewhere in between Riley and mom’s age perhaps. The term “kids” didn’t fit them either, as they approached.

As mom and Riley placed the trays of food they’d brought down, Hannah made introductions. Obviously, she had already done so for my wife as Riley continued spreading things out, Aiden walking over to hug each of them separately, as Hannah spoke.

“Caleb? This is our son Roger, and our daughter Christine.” It was obvious that Aiden and Hannah must have had Christine very early on…with Roger coming along several years later. There was an obvious difference in their ages. And I was surprised that it was just the two of them that had come along by themselves. Perhaps Roger wasn’t attached to anyone yet, but I found myself asking, “What was Christine’s story?”

Roger was wearing a pair of swim trunks similar to my own, though without a shirt on. By the tone of his body, he obviously worked out, and I found myself just a tiny bit jealous of the hint of a six-pack he carried, and which I did not. Though I certainly didn’t have any kind of a gut by any means. Christine however was again the real mystery here as I saw her.

Attractive yes, in a strange way. Very little makeup, shoulder length dishwater blonde hair that wasn’t exactly styled, just hanging loose, but even more oddly. She wore what almost appeared to be one of those short bathrobes, which was currently tied tightly around her. She obviously had well defined legs beneath the somewhat short hem of that cotton robe, but it was difficult to tell much of anything else, save for the fact…like her mother, she had fairly large breasts as well. Though there was no other hint of them from where I stood.

With introductions made, we soon sat down to have a drink together as dad finished turning the meat and fish on the barbeque. There’d be strip steaks, salmon, and lemon chicken, along with several side dishes, so plenty to eat. And after everything that had happened earlier in the day, I was famished. Though as it later turned out, so was everyone else. I couldn’t help wondering if they were all thinking the same thing I was, the frenzied activity we’d all engaged in earlier that had made us this way, with the exception of Roger and Christine of course.

With a great deal of really friendly chit-chat, along with several pitchers of Mai’ Tai’s, we were all feeling pretty good and relaxed as we sat back digesting the feast we’d just eaten.

After a short period of time, Christine suddenly stood, holding out her hand towards her brother. “Come on Rog…time for a swim,” she announced. Roger stood as well, accepting her hand, and then walked so towards the beach, the rest of us looking on.

I expected to see the two of them simply wade in. But then watched as Christine suddenly removed her robe, allowing it to fall. She’d been totally naked beneath it! As she did that, Roger too removed his trunks, stepping out of them and tossing them over on top of his sister’s discarded robe before rejoining her at the ocean’s edge, likewise, buck naked now. I looked over towards Riley, but saw by the expression on her face, she was just as surprised as I was in seeing this.

“I guess now’s as good a time as any to tell you about our kids,” Hannah began.


It took a lot to actually surprise me. And that included finding out about mom and dad. Something I had come to accept knowing, and obviously seeing now. But hearing the specific details as Hannah spoke, indeed had taken both Riley and I by surprise.

“Not very many know of course,” she’d continued. “Where they live and work, everyone sees them simply as man and wife, even with Christine being several years older than he is. Something of which, many of their friends have simply come to accept without much problem. Obviously however, their actual relationship remains a secret.”

“Unfortunate too,” mom actually said, jumping in. “You can tell how much they truly do care for one another,” she’d added to that, receiving a lifted eyebrow from me in response to that from across the way. Mom smiled, but then averted her eyes, speaking more directly towards Riley than to me.

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