The balanced stay was life changing – 02

The balanced stay was life changing – 02 continues…

After they had gone, mom had me come and join her outside.

“So what else did you two have to talk about?” I asked. I figured that if it was none of my business, she’d tell me. She’d never been afraid of doing that before anyway.

“You really want to know?”

For a moment, I actually wondered. “Yes?”

“Obviously, Riley and I had a pretty long, deep conversation.”

“Deep? As in?”

“What we like doing. What you two enjoy doing…things like that. You know, somewhat naughty girl talk.”

“Somewhat naughty?” I had to laugh. “Such as?” Though maybe I shouldn’t have asked that question.

“Such as…” mom actually blushed. “Riley asked me if I had really come to enjoy being with other women. So I told her…I do. I’ve come to enjoy it very much. And I think since you obviously saw most, if not all of our photos, you could pretty much guess that for yourself. Especially with Hannah. In fact, just so you know, she and I very often get together to have fun with one another even in the middle of the day. The only reason she hasn’t been around lately, of course, is because of your visit with us.”

Now knowing what I knew, I responded in kind to her. “Well I hope you certainly won’t deny yourself now just because we’re here!” I stated. Mom smiled at that.

“No worries. I got plenty of her pussy last night!” Hearing mom talk like that was a little weird to me, but at the same time, somewhat refreshing too. “Oh I’m sorry, perhaps I shouldn’t have said something like that, I didn’t mean to embarrass you!”

Was I blushing? I didn’t know, though I did feel like my face was a little hot perhaps. But in all my years…never not once had I ever heard my mother say “pussy”, nor a couple of other words for that matter. And hearing her say it, the way she did…well, it was sort of just naughty nice, in a strange sort of way.

“It didn’t,” I told her. “And since we’re being honest here mom, I’m actually glad you enjoy it, and that you and dad are having such a good, uninhibited life with one another. Just as Riley and I are having. I enjoy seeing Riley with another woman, just as much as I now believe dad enjoys seeing you.”

“Does he ever!” Mom quipped, and for a moment I could have sworn she had dropped her hand down between her legs for a moment, though she must have caught herself, placing it soon on top of the table again. “Though admittedly, I enjoy doing it with Hannah perhaps more than anyone else.”

“Yeah, Riley’s sort of that way with our friend Janice. Once the two of them get going at it, you almost have to dump water on the two of them to break the two of them up.”

Mom really giggled at that, though I only then realized that maybe I was sharing a bit too much with her. This really was starting to get more than a little personal and intimate. Not to mention the fact, I was starting to get a little aroused once again myself just thinking about it.

“Yeah, she told me that,” mom grinned. “So she knew where I was coming from. And don’t think ill of me for saying this honey, but I’d be the first one to admit, I am sure watching her with Janice would be as exciting as seeing her with Hannah. And I’d be willing to bet even your dad would love seeing that!”

“Ok, now we were crossing one of those lines in the sand,” I thought to myself, though the image mom had just painted wasn’t necessarily one that I could disagree with. Only that it was mom who had said it. “I’m sure he would,” I said instead, and then made some attempt at changing the subject, sort of. “How do you think he’s going to hear about us now?” I was honestly curious.

“Well, at first I am sure he will be a little surprised.”

“Oh? Just a little?”

“At first…perhaps,” mom grinned, though I could sense there was a lot more going on here than she was letting on to.

“Ok, spill it,” I told her, starting to worry just a little. Maybe she could sense that, or see it in my face.

“Oh don’t get all rolled up in a ball,” she told me. One of her favorite sayings. “I kind of told Riley one way she would definitely catch him off guard, and ease him into hearing all this, would be perhaps to do so…well, topless.”

“Topless? You mean with her boobs hanging out and all?”

“Well yes, isn’t that generally what that means? I did say that it was just a suggestion, though only if you were ok with it. But you and your dad are a lot alike. You’ve both always been fond of that particular area of a female’s anatomy. So I was also pretty sure that if Riley started to explain to him the whole story…while sitting there like that, he’d be more inclined to listen without getting all upset. Unless the idea of your father seeing your wife’s boobs is a big no…no, or something. Though for the life of me, I couldn’t imagine why you would. After all Caleb, it’s not like you haven’t seen mine now, you know?”

She had me there. And she was right too. Riley and I had never had a problem with nudity, not ever. And to be perfectly honest about it, now that the so-called cat was actually out of the bag, I really didn’t see a problem with it now either, and told her so.

“Oh…so you’d be ok if I were to sit here with my boobs hanging out in front of you huh?”

“It’s your home mom,” I reminded her. “If you and dad want to walk around naked in front of us? That’s your business. “If you think that either Riley or I would get all freaked out about it, you’d be wrong.”

“We’ll see,” mom laughed, just then reaching up to remove the pullover top she was wearing. The fact she hadn’t been wearing a bra, something that hadn’t been missed by me either as she took it off. “For starters,” she grinned. “As long as you’re ok with it.”

I was. But I wasn’t sure what my prick was thinking at the moment. Having seen mom’s tits in the pictures, hell…and a lot more than just that, still wasn’t quite the same as actually seeing them for real. Though I did my damndest not to stare at them, trying to be as casual, and as normal as I possibly could. Though even that was becoming increasingly difficult.

I was almost relieved when we both heard the sound of Riley and dad entering the house. I half expected for mom to put her shirt on again, though she didn’t. Content to sit there with her boobs hanging out. Riley was the first to appear, and then smiled upon seeing mom.

“Well now, that looks like a good idea,” she stated, and immediately reached up and around herself, removing the already skimpy bikini top she had on. Dad emerged moments later, taking note of both girls now topless, though merely nodding his head, first at them, and then at me. He was obviously a bit nervous still, especially now that we all sat, confronting one another in a weird sort of way, though there was no doubt in my mind that two sets of bare breasts was easing the awkwardness a little.

“You know what I really should do?” Mom suggested, “Is to call and invite Aiden and Hannah over for a drink.”

“Are you sure about that?” Dad asked nervously. “You know how Hannah can get when she’s had a few.”

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