The balanced stay was life changing – 05

The balanced stay was life changing – 05 continues…

Twin little thimbles of pure pleasure as Riley cleaned them off, once more pressing mom’s breasts together, nipple to nipple now as she drew them both in, sucking, even chewing a little.

“Oh fuck, yes! Yes! Keep doing that Riley! Keep doing that!” She cried out, and then looked over towards me almost simultaneously. “Down here,” pointing at her pussy, her legs spreading now, indicating what she wanted between clipped moans and groans of sweet ecstasy.

If I’d thought mom’s nipples were big at the moment, I was in for an even better surprise. Dropping to my knees, I placed my hands on her legs, spreading her even more obscenely than she already was. Her hard, gorgeous clit all but jumped out at me.

Like a small tiny cock, it’s head glistening with a pearly moisture, all shiny and glistening. The folds of her cunt, likewise covered in her own honey-dew. Like a man possessed, I ran the flat of my tongue up that heavenly furrow, savoring the sweet succulent essence of her nectar. When my tongue reached that hard little knob, I flicked it rapidly for a moment, and then drew it in, capturing it between my lips, sucking.

“Fucking hell!” Mom screamed, her ass literally coming up off the bed. I quickly slid my hands beneath, now capturing her ass, holding her there as I continued to pull on that hard little nubbin of sensitive flesh, gently chewing, sucking, or once again flicking at it furiously with my tongue. Riley as well, continued the onslaught of mom’s breasts, now holding each one of mom’s nipples between her fingers, pulling on them, almost cruelly. “Yes, yes! Oh fuck yes Riley! Twist those fuckers, twist them…pull on them for me!” Mom now screamed nearly at the top of her lungs.

I knew without any doubt that had anyone been anywhere near here, they’d have heard mom’s cry of pleasure filling the air. So wanton, so consumed with her need and desire, she cared not that she might indeed be heard as she called out even louder now, over and over again.

“Suck it Caleb! That’s it, suck it! Suck my fucking clit, lick my fucking cunt. Make me cum baby. Please…please make me cum!”

By now dad had walked over, looking down, his prick hard and swollen once more as he stood there fisting it. The sounds of his slick prick now added to the symphony of erotic sounds being made, and no doubt heard as well. I don’t think there’s any other way to describe her climax.

Mom simply exploded, inside and out. Thinking back on it later, I wondered if anyone had in fact been nearby, and upon hearing her blood-curdling scream, they’d have thought a murder was taking place. As it was however, her long shrill of joy finally peaked as she gradually came down, forcibly pushing me away now, as well as Riley. She curled up into a ball, there on the bed, still shivering and convulsing in delight as the tremors gradually subsided.

“Wow,” dad exclaimed. “That was a BIG one for her. Been a while since I’ve seen her have an orgasm like that. Good job you two!” He actually said, congratulating us.

My face was still covered in mom’s juices, which Riley now came over, actually beginning to lick, and kiss off my face. My prick, though recently spent, once more firm and erect. The thrill of giving mom such an enjoyable and intense orgasm, already arousing me far sooner than what one might have expected.

Riley now collapsed down onto the bed as well, laying next to mom, though her hand had come down between her legs, fingers now probing, burying themselves deep inside her pussy, seeking some form of relief.

I smiled, and then said. “Somebody better fuck that, or I will.”


Riley crawled up further into the bed as dad slithered between my wife’s legs. “Allow me!” Mom stated, likewise crawling up on the bed, now laying on one side, her hand reaching over, grabbing dad’s cock. I stood off to one side, content…and excited to watch. Mom began by teasing Riley’s pussy with dad’s prick. The head of his cock, slightly larger than my own, appeared almost like a small sized plum as she drew it back and forth for a moment, up and down Riley’s wet slick furrow.

“Oh that’s nice, so very…very nice,” Riley purred. Mom continued, almost teasing and torturing dad as he twice made an attempt to drive himself into her. But mom is still holding his prick, guiding him away.

“Not yet Mack,” she actually giggled. “This knife’s not going to slice her just yet.”

I had to laugh at that, a favorite song of theirs now coming to mind. One in which that dad hadn’t missed the meaning of either. “And Mack has indeed got a knife babe…but not in such an obvious place!” I had no clue what he’d meant by that, but mom seemed to, once again laughing, but this time actually thrusting dad’s cock into Riley’s pussy as though it were a knife.

“Oh my god!” She cried out as mom did that, and then as dad lunged forward, plowing into her even more deeply. We watched as he withdrew slowly, and then plunged into her forcefully, deeply once again. Once again causing my wife to cry out in pleasure, now reaching up, clasping and holding onto her own tits, in order to keep them from swaying too much as he did that.

Mom pulled me down onto the bed then beside her, half sitting up, her hand once more finding my prick as she teased the head with her finger tips, even pinching it until she’d produced a nice fat droplet of clear slick fluid. Only then did she spear it off the tip with her tongue, milking me with her hand again, seeking more.

Riley was already close, and had been for quite some time now. Her excitement hovering on the edge almost from the beginning. So aroused had she been, that I knew it wouldn’t take much more before her own pussy would explode in glorious delight.

Sure enough, seconds later she was doing just that. She too cried out, though perhaps not quite as loudly as mom had. Her ass coming up off the bed, meeting dad’s now pistoning thrusts in and out of her cunt. She tossed her head side to side, her hair literally flailing, her hands now clenching the sheets, tits wobbling and smacking against themselves making erotic, nasty tit-slapping sounds as she climaxed.

“Nice one,” mom mused shortly after, though dad was still thrusting, slowly now, almost gingerly, aware of her sensitivity as she slowly came down from the plateau of her pleasure.

“You’re telling me!” Riley blushed, her face still crimson from the intensity of her climax. “Ok Mack daddy,” she teased, only then extricating herself from him as she slid out from under. “So how can I make you feel the best?” She asked.

“That’s easy,” mom offered. “Mack daddy,” she giggled, “Loves having his cock sucked off.”

“Ditto that,” I said, joining in. To which mom now swung me on the bed, once more sitting on the edge, next to dad as the two of them knelt there before us. Riley now slurps away on dad’s prick, with mom doing similar things to mine. “Oh yeah, fuck yeah!” I exclaimed, looking over, watching my wife, and then mom as her mouth performed wonders on my cock.

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