The balanced stay was life changing – 04

The balanced stay was life changing – 04 CONTINUES…

“So you knew about Roger and Christine too?” I asked.

“No…that was a complete surprise to me as well,” she snickered. “Just made things a little easier for me,” she laughed openly now. “In many ways. For one thing, I knew your dad was jonesing to fuck me, and that wasn’t going to happen unless you and your mother did something. I knew that going in, without even having to ask about it. I know your father just as well as you do Caleb. He’d never have approached me, no matter what…unless things went in the direction that they did.”

“So…you’re ok with…”

“You and your mom having sex?” She asked pointedly.

“Well, yeah…that and,”

“Me and your daddy?” She said playfully, making it sound almost dirty the way she said it. Which to be honest, sounded wickedly hot.

“That too. So you really are ok with all this?” I asked looking back up towards the bungalow, though there was no movement outside yet.

“As long as you are,” she said seriously once again. “Listen, Caleb. The fact is, we know the truth of it all now. So we either deal with it in the same way we did last night, or…we can try and pretend it didn’t happen, in which case, we should simply pack up and leave now. So I think, at this point…it’s entirely up to you. So what is it that you want to do?”

“Well, the second thing I want to do is get some coffee.” Riley looked at me quizzically, slightly confused perhaps. “But the first thing I want to do is take up where you left off,” I told her, gently taking her head in my hands as I lay back again.

“Good choice,” she stated, and then leaned over taking me into her mouth once again.


A while later we walked hand in hand, still naked, back up to mom and dad’s place. Mom met us out on the patio with two fresh hot cups of coffee. And though she was wearing a robe, it wasn’t closed. As she moved, I caught glimpses of her mature breasts and body hidden beneath. To my surprise, especially after just having had a really nice morning orgasm, I felt my prick stirring again.

“Ah, where’s dad?” I asked matter of factly. Mom sat down across from Riley and I, pointing.

“Where he and Aiden usually are this time of the morning. Either golfing, or fishing. Today’s it’s fishing,” she sighed almost contentedly. “So, what are your plans for the day?” She asked, though continuing before either Riley and I could respond. “Hannah and I have plans to go shopping later, and you’re certainly welcome to come with us,” she stated speaking directly to Riley. However, I know that Roger and Christine don’t have any set plans for the day, and thought it might be a good idea for the four of you to go out and do something fun together, sort of away from us old folks,” mom tried joking.

“For one thing mother…you’re not old. And you certainly don’t act like you’re old either, which is fine with me.” She smiled at that. “As for Roger and Christine, I don’t know…” I said.

“Might not be a bad idea to get to know them a little better at least,” Riley agreed. “Couldn’t hurt, especially if we’ll be spending a couple of more days together here visiting,” she added. “Might not hurt to learn more about them.”

“I guess that depends on what you want to learn,” I joked back, though I got a look of annoyance for my remark instead.

“Be nice. And besides, I saw the way you were looking at her tits,” Riley chided me.

“Yeah, me too!” Mom said joining in, though she just managed to part a robe a little so that her tits showed through a bit more when she said that. “You always were a bit of a breast man, I knew that soon after the day you were born the way you went after my titties!”

Riley burst out laughing as mom openly displayed her breasts, even lifting them up for me as she did.

“Not quite as perky as they once were, that’s for damn sure. But they still love being sucked in, I will say that.”

“I think I need to take a shower before things get out of hand here,” I said standing up, forgetting the fact I was still naked, and once more, sporting an erection again too.

“Speaking of needing a hand…or anything else. Do you?” Riley asked suggestively.

“I think we’d both be more than happy to help, wouldn’t we mom?”

Mom licked her lips. I shook my head and headed on inside the house before I took the two of them up on their offer.

After all, I wasn’t superman.


I wasn’t much of a sailor and had never cared, or felt safe out on the water. Especially in a small boat. Though the Yacht as they are called, was enormous. Obviously Aiden and Hannah had a lot of money, especially having a “ship” like this one at their beck and call.

With a simple phone call, they soon had enough hired hands, along with an “On standby” Captain who took us out to sea for a short little pleasure cruise. And Pleasure being the operative word for it. It wasn’t long before the girls were laying out on deck bare assed naked. The hired crew went about their work as though none of us even existed, which meant they were being paid very well for minding their own business rather than staring or paying any attention to any of us, unless we wanted it.

Eventually I had joined Roger in sitting around buck-naked as well, enjoying the sunshine as well as the view. Yes admittedly, Christine had nice looking tits, but then so did my wife. And mother, as I thought about it. Oh hell, and so did Hannah for that matter. Hell, it was a city and I loved it.

At one point Christine wandered over to sit next to her brother. I had curiously asked Riley shortly after we’d boarded, if she thought anything might happen while on our little jaunt, and if it did, what should we do?

“I guess that depends on what happens exactly,” she told me. “Who says anything is even going to happen, or that it has too?” She asked me. “As far as I know, we’re just out for a pleasurable little cruise, and nothing more than that.”

I had my doubts. Especially when Christine wandered over, sitting down next to her brother, and almost nonchalantly reaching over to wrap her hand around his prick. She sat playfully stroking it, not really trying to get him off so much, as to just simply sit there and enjoy herself, as he was.

“I know you must be wondering, so go ahead and ask,” she spoke to the two of us. “Why and how did Roger and I end up together the way that we are?”

I actually wasn’t going to say anything, but Riley did. “So, tell us. How did this all begin then anyway?”

“Well, it’s a bit of a long story, but I’ll see if I can tell it before Roger comes here.” Roger laughed, sitting up a bit more in his seat, making himself comfortable.

“Don’t worry about me. At this rate, it’ll be a while. Which is fine with me. I love her hour-long hand-jobs and blow-jobs.” I just grinned. Riley had once given me a three hour blow-job, but now was not the time or the place to tell that story.

“It actually started before Roger was even born,” Christine began. “Around the time I was starting to hit puberty, I began having certain urges and desires. Something I fought with myself for years. It nearly drove me insane to be honestly truthful about it. I had always had thoughts and fantasies regarding my own parents, yes…both of them. But I had never acted on them, nor had I ever revealed my feelings towards them either. The last thing I wanted was to be ostracized because of the way I felt. As such, I wasn’t very comfortable around people my own age, so I was never sexually active or even promiscuous.

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