Heavenly love – 2

“Heavenly love” Part-2 Continues….

“Turn around,” I said in kind. “If you’re going to play with me…I’m going to play with you.”

Bincy giggled excitedly, quickly switching positions so that we were laying head to toe on our sides. Almost immediately she was back to fondling and toying with my cock as I likewise began strumming her preciously wet slit.

“So tell me sis…how long have you and Emilia been fooling around?” I asked, running my finger up her tender groove, just brushing her glistening hard little clit. She shivered, moaned involuntarily, telling me in a heartbeat just how aroused she really was.

“About a year now I guess,” she barely managed. “It’s not like we do things a lot, just once in a while. Usually…when she’s between boyfriends, like she is now. I can almost plan on her coming to me whenever she’s gone through a breakup. Sort of like recharging her batteries.”

“And what about your batteries? You like it when she recharges yours?”

“Admittedly I do Brad. But then again, I think you’ve always known I have a particular fondness for women. Not that I don’t enjoy something like this once in a while too, just not many men out there I’m particularly attracted to. Though admittedly, being attracted to my own brother isn’t probably the smartest thing in the world to be doing, not to mention likewise being attracted to my own sisters too.”

“Sisters? As in both Emilia and Jin?”

Bincy blushed profusely. “Ooops! God Brad! Please don’t say anything to her about that. It’s supposed to be a secret. Not even Emilia knows that Jin and I used to fool around some when she was living at home too. She’s the one that actually taught me how to masturbate, and was the first pussy I ever actually went down on. It’s been a long time since we’ve actually done anything though…and admittedly I do miss it.

” She paused, holding but not stroking my cock as she leaned up looking at me. “So…what do you think about all this Brad? Am I horrible? Do you think I’m a bad person because I find more enjoyment and excitement playing with my own brothers and sisters than I do anyone else?”

“Bad in a good way,” I responded back. “You make me wanna be bad too sis. Really bad. Bad to the point that I’d like to do more than just finger your pussy if you know what I mean.”

“I’m ah….I’m still a virgin Brad,” she suddenly confessed. “Believe it or not, that’s something I still haven’t experienced. Though maybe I’m technically not a virgin any more, not like I still have my hymen, it’s just that…”

“You’ve never had a man’s cock inside you,” I finished for her.


“Are you…considering it then?”

“I don’t know…maybe. With the right person maybe.”

“Have anyone in mind?”

She grabbed my cock firmly once more, stroking it vigorously again. “Sort of…I’m still considering it,” she smiled at me, and then surprised the hell out of me as she stuck out her tongue licking the head of my prick for a moment. I figured that all was fair game, as I likewise leaned forward a bit more myself, quickly running my own tongue up and down that wet slippery split of hers. I began teasing that hard little nubbin as she suddenly groaned, one hand coming down to rest on the back of my head as I continued licking and lapping away at her.

“Oh fuck…yes Brad, yes. Eat my pussy baby…eat your naughty sister’s horny hot cunt!”

As horny as she was, it didn’t take long. Within moments, Bincy was bouncing, quivering and almost spasmodically thrashing about beside me as her legs suddenly locked around my head. Drawing her clit even deeper into my mouth, I rolled it around with my lips and tongue until she screamed out, exploding in a series of orgasmic tidal waves that all but put her into a catatonic state afterwards. Finally too tender to touch any more, she pushed me away,

curling up into a fetal position, still quivering and shaking as I curled up behind her, simply holding her until she simply fell asleep. I laughed silently. Her intention to see me cum, make me cum…which I hadn’t as yet, as I quietly slid out of bed, covering her with a simple plain sheet before making my way back to my own bungalow.

I had barely made it back, crawling into my own bed when the sound of the resort’s launch approaching our little island reached my ears. I soon drifted off into my own restful sleep, thoughts of my dear sweet little sister filling my head as I did.


I couldn’t have been asleep very long, even as tired as I was after a rather intense and exciting first day. But it was the hushed giggled coming from Rocky’s hunt a short distance away from my own that shook me from sleep. After all, it wasn’t Rocky who was giggling.

With mom and dad’s bungalow on the other side of mine, and much further away than Rocky’s was, I doubted that anyone else could have possibly heard those sounds. Even the girls hut was as far away from Rocky’s place as was mom and dads, but that begged the question. “What was going on anyway?” Finding my watch, I realized that barely an hour had passed before they had obviously returned. By now, everyone else was no doubt fast asleep,

all except for Rocky of course, and by the sounds of the female giggles I had heard, it sounded as though it was Emilia who was with him. Now curious, I rolled out of bed, still naked in fact, and silently walked down the small dirt path towards his hut. A full moon easily lit the way, though the only sound I could now hear was the gentle waves crashing on the tiny island beach surrounding us.

Though the door to Rocky’s hut was closed, the open air window wasn’t. Making my way stealthily off to the side, I approached, sliding up next to the window itself which was large and easily chest height. I took a quick peek inside, glad that the moonlight was bathing the inside of the room just enough in order to see by as I did. Aside from that, they had no other lights on. But it wasn’t necessary anyway, I could clearly see well enough as to what was going on.

Emilia was naked, kneeling on the bed with Rocky behind her. I stood there looking in, watching my sister’s tits swinging to and fro wildly as Rocky fucked her from behind. Even in the subdued light, I could still easily see his rather impressive looking member sliding in and out of my sister’s pussy. He slowed, teasing her…withdrawing it just as slowly, and then ramming it home fully and deeply into her, withdrawing slowly again, repeating the exquisite torture.

“You fuck!” She said looking back, reaching down between her legs as though to capture him and make him speed up again. “Quit teasing me! I’m almost there…again,” she laughed. “Hurry up you bitch!” She called him. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard…deep and fast you little shit!”

“This entire family’s going to hell in a handbasket!” I mused. “Now just how long has THIS been going on?” I asked myself wondering if Emilia wasn’t indeed the main instigator of all this, though also asking myself just as suddenly…”If she is…then why hasn’t she approached me as well?”

Though curious about that, I was still rather horny myself from my earlier enjoyment with Bincy. Now standing there outside their window, watching the two of them as Rocky finally began complying with my sister’s wishes. He was soon slamming into her wildly from behind, the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh as Rocky now pulled out all the stops and began fucking Emilia furiously. I continued to watch,

now feeling my own orgasm begin to make an appearance, once more smiling to myself as I looked down and around, spotting a nearby chair I could use to stand on. Retrieving it, I moved it next to the window, stood on it, though not before ensuring those two were too busy to see me.

Satisfied they were, though not for much longer by the sounds and looks of it, I stood on the chair, pointed my cock through the open window and proceeded to jerk myself off. Several hard-tossed ribbons of sperm flew into the darkness, landing god knows where as they did. Pleased with myself at a bit of brotherly retaliation I suppose, I climbed back down again just as I heard them both squealing rapturously in their own climatic bliss. Returning the chair back to where I had found it, I made my way back to my own hut again, this time falling into a deep restful sleep until the warmth of the early morning sunlight finally awakened me.


Rolling out of bed once again, I quickly took a much needed pee, and then stepped out into my own cozy little porch. Though the sun was fully up, it was still early. But even then I knew my dad would be up as well, already having made, and no doubt drinking coffee perhaps. I quickly began walking in that direction, suddenly stopping taking stock of the fact that I didn’t have a single stitch on! I almost turned to head back, and then bravely thought better of it. “Fuck…why should I care if they don’t?” I asked myself.

Boldly I continued on, not at all surprised to see that dad was indeed sitting out on their own comfy little porch facing the beach. He was indeed drinking coffee, and just as naked as I was as I came up and stood there next to him.

“Morning son, sleep well?” He asked, adding. “Coffee’s ready if you want some.”

“Like a log,” I responded back, already turning my head inside to the kitchenette they had. “Where’s mom?”

“You know her,” he told me. “Already gone for her morning run, with Bincy and Jin as it appears. They should be coming back around any time now in fact. There’s an easy little jogging path that’s half a mile around the huts here. Four laps will give her a two mile run,” he said, peering down the beach. “Ah…there they are now,” he said pointing. I looked, just making them out as they headed our way. Time enough to walk inside, pour myself a cup and rejoin him, which I did, just as Rocky arrived.

“Ah, thanks Bro,” Rocky said, reaching for my cup, though I easily ducked him, side-stepping him.

“Get your own,” I admonished him, only then realizing that he too was as naked as I was. Definitely, something about being here on this little island had seemed to evaporate whatever modesty or inhibitions any of us might have had. Taking a seat, I sat down sipping my coffee as Rocky soon joined us, taking a seat up on the other side of dad as the three of us now sat watching the girls grow ever closer towards us as they ran.

All three of them were naked too.

“Interesting life here isn’t it?” Dad mused watching the girls slowly jogging, though we were too. With them only a hundred or so yards away from us now, seeing the gentle bounce of mom and Bincy’s breasts was mildly amusing, though more so perhaps the fact that Jin’s boobs weren’t moving at all of course, small as they were. But even then, it was arousing to be sitting there watching the three of them as they approached.

Mom was smiling, and even waved as they drew closer to us, calling out. “Only two more to go!” She grinned acknowledging the three of us as the three of them soon passed us, continuing on their little early morning jog. As one, the three of us sat, heads turned following, now watching three very shapely asses as they continued down the beach, though Bincy took a moment to look back in our direction.

I think I caught a faint smile on her face as she did that before turning back around again. Looking away from them, I just caught dad’s hand down in his lap, he had in fact…for the moment at least, actually been fondling himself. And though not quite erect, he was proportionally a bit bigger than he had been a moment ago. As though realizing this, he’d taken his hand away from himself, once more reaching for his coffee, only then looking at me. Though I too had lifted my own cup back to my lips sipping from it looking oblivious about the obvious.

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