The band of love – 3

“The band of love” Part-3 Continues…..

Had it not been for the look in Someone’s face, I might have passed off her possible inadvertent exposure to our son. It’s not the first time that has happened. Growing up over the years, we’d all seen one another in the nude on many occasions, not to mention in various states of undress outside of that. But her look…the way her mouth hung open in startled revelation told me in an instant everything I wanted to know. Mia hadn’t just dropped the other shoe. She’d thrown it…at the two of us.

“How long?” I asked about maintaining a level of civility though I could feel my face reddening. And the more it did, the whiter Tomine’s got. Another dead give-away that she was caught dead to rights with her pants down so to speak.

“It’s…it’s…not what you think,” she stammered, making a last ditch effort to head me off. But it was already too late for that.

“Oh? And what should I think?” I asked her. “You’ve been sleeping with our son, or should I call it what it is? You’ve been fucking him, and he you. How long is Tomine? How long?”

“You don’t understand,” she tried once again, weak in the knees now as she almost stumbled reaching out her hand to grab the back of one of the kitchen chairs, almost missing it, latching on, and then suddenly sitting down.

“Then how about you explain it to me?” I told her. “Or would you rather I speak to June about it first? By the way…where is he anyway?”

“He…he left already,” she said almost too softly for me to hear.

“No doubt waiting for you at your sister’s then am I right?” I asked, seeing the surprised look in her eyes that I obviously knew a lot more about what was going on than she thought I did. “Maybe we should call him,” I said glaring at her.

“Brad, listen please…” she almost begged. “Yes…yes, you’re right, we have been sleeping together, but that only happened recently, not like it’s been going on for months. It was an accident.”

“Oh you mean along the lines of he tripped and sort of fell inside your pussy? That kind of accident?”

I could see she was defeated, I had taken the breath out of her by my hammering at her the way that I was. Yet…I was curious too. “How long has it been going on? How did it come about?” The fact I had myself now fucked our daughter wasn’t something I was quite ready to share with her at this point either. But what she had inadvertently done, was open the door for me to spring my own little surprise on her once I had all the facts.

“Alright, why don’t you tell me how it happened then?” I said sitting down across from her in a much more normal tone of voice. She seemed surprised by this, expecting an explosion, which never came, though she did look somewhat relieved.

“It’s a long story…”

“Are you planning on going somewhere?” I asked, staring her straight in the eye.

“No,” she said once again almost breathlessly. Whatever her plans had been…that was done now.

“I’m sure when you don’t show up in a reasonable amount of time they’ll call you. When they do…you can tell June something’s come up. Don’t tell him what, just tell him to come home. I’ll deal with him when he gets here. And I’ll deal with your sister after that.”

Tomine just nodded her head and began.

“A couple of month’s back I got approached by a guy at the gym. I don’t even remember his name now, but he hit on me. I mean it when I say, I was flattered, and yes tempted too. But I didn’t act on it. I swear to God Brad, I didn’t!”

As funny as it may sound, I believed her. “Go on.”

“Well, so naturally, I did tell Susan about it later on that same day. You and I, well…you know as well as I do, our relationship, our sex-life has been strained.

I was tempted to interrupt, but I didn’t, just nodding my head urging her to continue which she did.

“I told you early on in our marriage about Susan and I, that we had fooled around together growing up as kids,” she paused letting this sink in, though for the life of me, where she was going with all this, and what it had to do with June still escaped me.

“Yeah? So?”

“Well, it…it happened.”

“What happened?”

“Susan and I…” she said sheepishly. “We were talking about it, admittedly I was aroused, and then she was…and then…and then…”

“Now you’re telling me you had sex with your sister.”

“Yes, it had been years since we’d done anything, but suddenly, all this pent up emotion, arousal, well…the next thing I knew, we were in her bedroom going down on one another the way we used to do when we were living at home, when we were experimenting, curious…fooling around.”

“Well as interesting as this is Tomine…it still doesn’t explain how you ended up fucking our son.”

“I’m getting to that…please be patient with me, I really am trying to explain!”

I had heard movement behind the door leading downstairs to the basement. I didn’t react, but I knew damn well Mia was now standing behind it listening. I figured then and there she had just as much right to hear everything as I did, though everything seemed to be getting more and more complicated by the minute.

“Somehow, fooling around with my sister again didn’t seem so bad, or as wrong as I thought at the time it would have been, had I actually slept with the guy at the gym. But after we had, as good as it felt to have done that again…been with another woman, even if she was my own sister, I still felt guilty. And that’s why I know I became even more distant towards you. By then we were hardly having sex at all. Either you were too tired, or I was.

And the distance between us grew even more so. But now…now I’d had this excitement with Susan again. And as much as I tried to deny it at first, I’d enjoyed it. And so we ended up getting together again, only this time…it was here. And that’s when June accidently came home early and walked in on us.”

“So you’re telling me, June saw you having sex with your sister.”

“Yes, except I didn’t know he had at the time. You see…he came home early, unexpectedly. We didn’t hear him when he came in the back door. But…he could hear us. He snuck over to the door leading from the kitchen and peeked in on us where we were playing together on the couch. That’s when he watched us for a while, and then…well, he sort of got aroused by seeing that, watching us. But that was when we heard Mia’s car pull up in the driveway.

So then Susan raced upstairs to the bedroom to dress. I had left my robe in the kitchen, so I headed that way. Imagine my surprise when I came into the room and found June standing there. He was still trying to stuff his cock back in his pants when Mia came walking in. Obviously she was as baffled and confused as I was.

I had no idea at the time that June had been watching us the entire time, though it was evident by his condition that he’d been doing something. Anyway, Mia went to her room after casting us both a look. Which I tried to pass off as just one of those moments where I didn’t know either one of them was home. Which I didn’t.

Susan then came back down the stairs, just as surprised to see June standing there as I was. I then asked him what he’d seen. He told us. He told us he’d seen the two of us together, and that he’d gotten aroused watching us. And then he said, unless we did it again…while he watched us, he’d tell you he’d seen the two of us together.”

“Oh this is getting better and better all the time. So you’re telling me that June basically black-mailed you into performing with your sister in front of him.”

“More or less…yes,” she told me. “And so we did…a few days later.”

“But it didn’t stop there, did it?”

“No…it didn’t,” Tomine said, shaking her head, lowering her eyes, refusing to look at me. “We shouldn’t have done it now, I know. But at the time…I was afraid, fearful of what you’d think, knowing I’d been fooling around with my own sister again, behind your back, and with you and I basically not even doing anything ourselves any more.

So it just got worse and worse after that. I felt more guilty than ever, and all that did was…make me distance myself from you even more. Especially after Susan and I ended up fucking June, and then after we had…we just couldn’t seem to stop. One thing led to another, and pretty soon the three of us were getting together even more frequently.”

“Saturday…and Wednesday nights you mean.”


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