The band of love – 6

“The band of love” Part-6 Continues…..

I opened one eye feeling my wife roll out of bed. I smiled inwardly watching her as she did so. She was naked, the memory of the past night still fresh in my mind as we’d thrilled one another passionately for what seemed like half the night. But it was the image of seeing her naked again, sleeping that way that pleased me even more. It had been so long since she had.

I rolled over fully awake half sitting up in bed as she slipped into her robe. Already my prick was beginning to harden again as I sat there. In seconds it was tenting the sheet that barely covered me as she came strolling out of the bathroom moments later. She laughed.

“Don’t tell me you’re actually horny again, especially after last night,” she mused though she seemed more than pleased at my very obvious erection.

“That’s exactly why I am horny again,” I said, tightening the sheet around my hard swollen cock so that it was even more obvious, more noticeable as she stood there looking at it. I was again pleased with the simple hesitation in her eyes. “Go start the coffee…I’ll be down in a minute and we can continue on with our conversation,” I grinned.

By the time I had thrown on my own robe, and nothing else, I could already smell the fresh morning coffee brewing downstairs. Much to my delight when I entered the kitchen,Tomine was already pouring the two of us a cup. Her robe was open as she did so, her full breasts peeking out at me teasingly, not to mention her somewhat puffy looking pussy lips. Obviously she was horny too, though I had ravaged her cunt thoroughly the night before. She gazed down at my crotch as I sat, still hard, my hand already undoing the belt on my robe allowing my stiff member to stand up proud and hard as she took a seat next to me.

“You really are a naughty man,” she giggled flirtatiously. Again, a tone I hadn’t heard her use in quite some time, or at least until recently anyway.”

“And you are a very naughty woman yourself,” I responded back, reminding her of her own wicked ways that she’d so recently been allowing herself to entertain.

“And what would you have this naughty woman do for you this fine Saturday morning?” She asked. I noticed her free hand had already disappeared down between her legs as she sat there sipping her coffee.

I placed my own cup back on the table scooting backwards in my chair. “How about you come over here and fuck me?” I suggested. Without even blinking so much as an eyelash,Tomine stood up and made her way over to me. “Face around the other way,” I told her as she prepared to sit in my lap. “I might want to stand up and fuck you from behind that way too.”

Max spun, soon settling herself down over my prick, easing her already wet pussy down over it until I was fully inside her before she began working herself up and down. Even as she did, we heard the sound ofMia’s bedroom door opening and then closing.

“Damn!”Tom said, preparing to stand up again.

“Where are you going?” I said grabbing her hips forcing her to remain just where she was.



“You really are a very naughty man, you know that?” She giggled once again settling herself down over my prick as we heard the footfalls coming down the stairs.Tom was still slowly fucking me asMia eased into the kitchen, somewhat surprised at finding us this way, though she quickly recovered.

“Good morning,” she said as though what we were doing was the most normal natural thing in the world to be sitting there doing as she walked over towards the kitchen counter. Pouring herself a cup of coffee, only then did she turn leaning against the counter watching us. All she had on was what she usually wore to bed to sleep in. A white, wife-beater tee shirt that looked painted on over her own full breasts, and a very skimpy pair of light blue bikini panties. Already her nipples were hardening as she stood there pressing against the material of her almost too thin tee shirt. “Mind if I watch?” she now asked.

“Not at all, was sort of hoping you would,” I told her as I reached around in front, now clasping my wife’s breasts, pinching each of her very hard, very extended nipples between my fingers asTom continued to slowly move against me, her own hand down between her legs frigging her clit gently as we fucked.

Needless to say, it wasn’t entirely unexpected whenMia slipped her own hand down the waistband of her panties as she stood there. In seconds, the subtle movement of her fingers clearly showed us what she was doing, as was the lustful expression on her face.

“God that looks hot!” she moaned pleasurably as she stood there fingering herself.

“So does that,” her mother responded just as hotly, moaning pleasurably now as she continued frigging her clit, fucking my cock. “This…this is so fucking naughty!” she breathed a second later. “Who’d have thought?” she barely managed to even say.

“You’ve got that right,”Mia agreed, reaching upwards to remove her tee shirt, freeing and exposing her breasts a moment later. And though she had, she kept her panties on, though she now slid them off to one side, partially exposing her own swollen pussy lips as she went back to fingering herself. Though I was pleased to see her now begin to fondle and tease those damn hard nipples of hers with her other hand as she did.

“I need to fuck you standing up, and from behind,” I now stated.

“And I need to lick that,”Tomine purred, still looking at our daughter. “Why don’t you come over here and lay down on the table baby so we can do that?”

Stacy didn’t need to be asked twice, finally slipping out of her panties, tossing them off to one side as she did so.Tomine too removed her own robe, laying it down on the table as a bit of comfort forMia as she took up her position there. Pushing the bowl of fruit that was there off to one side, which we’d been doing a lot of lately, I now had another idea. My own decadent horniness kicked in.

“While you do that, use one of those on her,” I stated pointing towards the bowl.Tom didn’t need to ask me what I meant by that either, chuckling…as didMia.

“I have used a cucumber a time or two,”Mia told us. “But admittedly, this is the first time for a banana.”

“Hmmm, I’ll have to try that myself some time,”Tomine mused thoughtfully.

“Yeah, maybe a really big long one the two of you can share,” I offered as I now stepped behind my wife once again, watching as I did as she placed the tip of the bright yellow banana at the opening of our daughter’s cunt.

She then spit on it, as well as spitting on our daughter’s pussy too, slicking her up considerably, though it was evident she was already pretty wet. AsTomine now began teasing the opening of our daughter’s cunt with the fruit, I likewise began doing the same to my wife’s succulent opening before slipping my prick deeply inside her again.

“Fuck mom! Eat me! Suck my clit! Fuck my pussy!”Mia wailed excitedly, both hands now upon her somewhat flattened breasts as she lay there on the table playing with them. Like our daughter,Tomine didn’t need to be asked twice either, immediately wrapping her lips aroundMia’s clit gently chewing and sucking it as she slid the banana in and out of her.

“Oh yeah…yeah, that’s nice,” I said taking advantage of the toaster on the counter, seeing our somewhat distorted image off to one side as I stood there fucking my wife. Though it was the sounds of two very wet cunts being played with that was even more stimulating to me. Just hearing that slick, sticky slipperiness as I slid in and out of my wife’s cunt, as she in turn did the same thing toMia’s with the banana. The periodic pop, sucking noises they both were making, the squish of the fruit going in and out ofMia’s wet cunt, their respective moans along with my own.

“Right there! Right there! Keep doing that!”Mia urged her mother, now bouncing a bit uncontrollably on the table, her hands letting go of her breasts as she reached for both sides of it in order to steady herself. “Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum!” she announced, gripping both sides of the table now for support as she arched her back.

“Me too!”Tomine cried out almost simultaneously, though her own cry of release was somewhat muffled as she spoke, still sucking, and licking her daughter’s quim.

“Jesus H!” June spoke from somewhere behind us all just asMia cried out, thrashing about wildly there on the table.Tomine too, now quivering, shuddering though she continued to suckleMia’s clit, sucking it even more fully into her mouth. The sudden surge of my wife’s cum cream bathing my prick was enough to trigger my own release however, though I had other designs for it, rather than simply shooting it off inside her tight cunt. And now realizing that June was there watching all this, it made the next moment even more pleasurable for myself. I reached down, removing my cock from my wife’s lovely pussy, jerked it once…twice…and then grimaced with the pleasurable release as I spurted.

As though standing outside my own body, watching it…a long streamer of white-hot sticky spunk flew from the tip of my prick. Almost in slow motion, I watched as it splattered against her shoulder,Tomine now lifting up, arching her back somewhat still in the throes of her own release. It was evident however she had felt the first squirt as it landed on her back, almost giggling now as it did, as she continued to climax.

The second even then went well on its way, though miraculously passing over her head, actually landing almost perfectly between Mia’s tits as she had let go of the table, once again cupping her breasts. She too watched in delight as the second, and then third streamer of my spunk flew over her mother’s head, catching her squarely between her magnificent breasts.

“Nice fucking shot daddy!” She squealed in delight, though she now glanced over to where her brother still stood. June, mouth open in obvious surprise and shock at what he was standing there witnessing, though I noticed his own hand was busily fondling the protruding bulge in his white briefs.

Still panting now and out of breath, I finished, wiping the head of my still oozing dick against Tomine’s ass, flipping it up and down, watching a droplet or two spin off from the head landing god knows where.

“Holy fucking shit!” June proclaimed once again. “Why didn’t you guys tell me you were planning on having an orgy this morning!” he said somewhat seriously, still playing with himself.

Only then did I step back once again sitting down, as didTomine. Though almost laughably,Mia remained laying on the table, the bright yellow banana still sticking halfway out of her cunt as she too fought to collect her breath.

“You know what they say June,” I said looking over to where he still stood, his own arousal clearly obvious through the press of his white briefs as he realized what he was doing and took his hands away.


“The early bird always gets the worm.”

“Only that wasn’t no worm,”Tom sighed pleasurably, as she reached over to tenderly fondle my still half-hard shaft. “And besides…if you snooze…you lose!” She likewise joked with our son, seeing his consternation at being left out of all of this.

Stacy finally managed to sit up a little, the banana only then oozing out of her pussy altogether, falling with a “plop” onto the table.

“Tell you what June is. You come over here and eat my peach for me once again, and maybe afterwards, I’ll peel your banana for you!”


After we had finally gotten around to making, and then eating breakfast, I followed my wife upstairs to our bedroom to dress for the day while the kids cleaned up the kitchen.

“Today’s the day,” I told my wife, which wasn’t entirely unexpected.

“Figured as much,” she responded as she dressed. “She hasn’t called yet, but I’m sure that she will soon.”

“When she does, just tell her you’ll be there around the same time you normally are. Except of course, it’ll be me ringing her doorbell instead. I can hardly wait to see the expression on her face when she opens the door.”

“Just don’t be too terribly harsh with her,”Tomine half begged me. “It wasn’t entirely her fault you know,” she then added.

“No…it wasn’t. But she did convince you to start fooling around with her again…behind my back,” I reminded her. “Had you two simply come out and expressed those desires to me before hand…well,”

“Oh? And you’d have been ok with that?”Tom asked.

“After I had thought about it for a while, I might have. I mean after all…seeing you with another woman has always been a fantasy of mine, and you’ve known that. The fact it would have been with your sister might have made me wonder about it…but yes, I think I’d have eventually warmed up to the idea. But the point is…she managed to convince not only you…but June into fooling around together behind my back. So she deserves a bit of punishment for that don’t you think?”

Thomas didn’t comment verbally, though she nodded her head slightly in agreement as she finished dressing.

“You still have a spare key to her house, yes?”

Once again she merely nodded her head.

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