The band of love – 2

“The band of love” Part-2 Continues…..

“I followed mom,” she began. Her rush into the house earlier, the obvious anger and frustration on her face had had nothing to do with her ex-boyfriend. I now knew she had discovered who my wife’s lover was, though I once again immediately headed her off.

“I told you Stacy, I don’t want to know.”

“Fine. I won’t tell you who then – but I will tell you this. Aunt Susan’s in on it. I followed mom to her place, obviously she’s offered her home as a place for the two of them to meet. And to be honest with you daddy, I wouldn’t doubt that she’s not involved with the two of them herself!”

The fact that Thomas had gone over to her sister’s place, instead of where she was supposed to be, at her weekly book club, said it all. Even then, I didn’t want to hear any more, didn’t want to actually be confronted with the truth. I’d just fucked my own daughter, and at the moment I was still trying to come to terms with that.

Though Stacy had continued to kneel on the floor between my legs, her hand still lightly wrapped around my prick, it had wilted like a flower after a first frost. Though suspecting my wife’s infidelity was one thing, actually having it confirmed still sliced into me like a knife. The fact I had just fucked my own daughter didn’t help matters much either. If anything, I saw it as only complicating the entire situation, making it even worse.

I half wished as I sat there that I’d taken Brenda up on her offer and met her at the motel. Had I done that, then perhaps none of this would have happened. Though I also realized, Stacy would have found a way to tell me about her discovery even then. Only she wouldn’t be naked, kneeling on the floor still fondling my dick perhaps.

“I’ll deal with your Aunt Susan at a later time,” I informed her. “If she is involved, and if she has indeed been allowing your mother and her lover to use her place for their rendezvous, then that’s something she’s going to be held accountable for. But like I said honey, until your mom and I can agree to sit down and discuss all this rationally, until then…I don’t want to drag everyone else into this and make it even worse. Bad enough that…”

“I know what you’re going to say…but don’t,” she told me suddenly standing up. “I fucked you because I wanted to. And not because I wanted to get even with mom for what she’s doing. Believe it or not daddy, I came to this decision some time ago. I knew you and mom were having problems long before I even began to suspect she was sleeping with anyone. I saw the hurt in your eyes every time she left the house without kissing you good-bye.

Or the way she suddenly started dressing sexy again…but obviously not for you. That’s when I made up my mind to sleep with you myself, and would have before now. Only I knew that had I approached you, you’d never have allowed this to happen. I had to find the right moment, the right time to do this.”

As much as I had admittedly enjoyed it, the Three R’s were wracking my emotions considerably. “Regardless of what just happened Stacy, it still doesn’t make it right, or even make it the right time. It wasn’t, we shouldn’t have…”

Once again Stacy headed me off. “Didn’t you enjoy it?” She asked, standing there in front of me looking down. It was hard talking to her, looking at her as she stood there. A grown woman now…more woman than I’d been with in a while anyway, with a near flawless body that she’d been only too happy to share with me.

And only too happy to allow me to continue to look at it as well. Though there was really no other place to avert my eyes at the moment either. My hormones and emotions are already processing this new stimulating information, though I myself hadn’t yet realized that. Her beautiful bare breasts hanging there against her ribcage, nipples still hard, pointed and inviting.

The taut swell of her tummy, the smoothness of her skin as I allowed myself to briefly glance once again down between her legs. Her lips, still a bit puffy, swollen from our recent fucking. And then I felt my prick throb. She glanced down seeing it, smiling once again.

“You did, didn’t you! So why don’t you just admit that you did?”

“Ok, I admit it. I enjoyed it. It was nice. Fuck Stacy…it was better than nice, it was fucking unbelievable. There! I said it. But just because it was…”

“You’re still going to fuck me again,” she said holding out her arm towards me.”

“Stacy no.”

I heard myself saying, speaking the words. But I felt my prick twitch once again. Stacy knew I was struggling, and she knew damn well what I was struggling against.

“I’ll give you three new R’s to fight back against the three you’re dealing with,” she told me. “Revenge…” she said grinning. And…and… ah, Randiness,” she added looking down at my rapidly stiffening cock. Though she now struggled for a third one to come up with. Her eyes suddenly opened wide as she lifted up her hands, cupping her own breasts, grinning down lustfully towards me. “And really…really, nice tits!”

Her effort made me laugh, I couldn’t help myself. Her boldness was typical Stacy, though seeing her standing there in front of me in the nude was a bit bolder than I would have preferred. Still, she had in one swift moment lightened the mood, though standing there cupping her own breasts, now fingering her taut hard nipples had caught me momentarily off balance.

And then the phone rang.

I reached over grabbing it off the end table. “Hello?”

“Brad? Just wanted to call you and tell you I’ll be home late. We’re enjoying the book we’re currently reading, and decided to extend our discussion for a couple of hours. So…don’t wait for me.”

She didn’t even bother waiting for a response. “Good-bye,” she then said. And the phone went dead in my hand. I looked up at my daughter. The frown had returned to her face.

“That was your mother. She said she’ll be home late,” I told her. “Their book review, it would seem…is really interesting.”

“I’ll bet,” Stacy said, now crossing her arms over the front of her breasts. “I bet mom and Aunt Susan are reviewing it in depth right now in fact,” she told me looking at me sternly.

I stood up, replacing the phone back in its cradle. I then turned towards her, my belt already undone, zipper down. It was easy to allow my pants to fall down around my ankles a second later. Stacy’s eyes lit up, the smile returning to her face.

“Lay down baby girl. Daddy’s going to fuck you silly.”


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