The blue moon made me pleasure – 4

“The blue moon made me pleasure” Part-4 Continues…..

She smiled at that, but then looked at me quite seriously. “I appreciate the tease,” she began. “But I am old enough to be your mother, you know. And I doubt seriously that someone your age would be at all remotely interested in a woman my age.”

I surprised her then, as well as myself, not having initially intended to do what I now did. I stood up, my full-blown erection very noticeable as I stood, even in the baggy shorts I was wearing.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed, seeing my obvious excitement. “Guess I was wrong about that,” she smiled blushing a little. “Really? You’re aroused thinking of me?” she then asked.

“Very much so,” I admitted, and then admitted even more to her, once again amazed that I did. “And I even masturbated last night…thinking about you,” I added.

“So did I,” she confessed, suddenly unzipping her jeans once again, pulling them off along with everything else she was wearing. In seconds, she stood before me once again in the nude, but this time in broad daylight. “Well? Are you going to stand there and stare at me? Or you finally going to get naked yourself and come over here and fuck me?” She asked.

I did as she asked, though I suggested it might be better if we were to go inside the van.

“Actually, I prefer doing it outside,” she told me. “Much more exciting that way,” she grinned, and then walked over to a nearby tree where she placed her hands upon it, leaning forward, stepping back a little. Her magnificently full breasts now hanging down a bit, looking even sexier, more provocative than they had been. “How’s this?” she asked. “Ever fucked a woman standing up outside like this before?”

I never had. But I knew I was about to.


Bonnie was the perfect height too. As I walked over to stand behind her, I easily slipped into her, penetrating her fully in one simple thrust. I stood basking in the sensation of her sweet, still tight, and very wet pussy as it surrounded my shaft. Though she didn’t allow me to stand there too long without pressing back against me, urging me in so simple a move so as to begin truly fucking her. Nervously I glanced about, wondering if anyone might be able to see us from any of the other camps, though I couldn’t see any close enough that might.

She laughed. “Nervous? I find it quite exhilarating myself,” she stated, once again grinding herself against me, her full heavy breasts swaying to and fro beneath as I finally reached out with my hands capturing each.

They felt wonderful in my hands as I stood there kneading them, but then again so did her cunt as I felt it clasp, surround and basically grip my prick as I slid in and out of her from behind. So marvelous was the sensation that I knew I wouldn’t last very long, especially standing here like this. It was indeed exciting, almost too much so, as was the position. But she sensed it perhaps, and seemed to be hovering on the verge herself.

“For god sakes don’t stop! Fuck me harder! Faster!” she cried out, worrying me a bit that someone might have overheard, though I proceeded to do just that, now slamming into her with a strength I didn’t know I had. Listening to the juices as my cock speared her pussy, the slap of flesh against flesh, her twin ass cheeks reverberating with each lunge. Hearing her throaty moans and groans of delight, which I now added to as we both spiraled off into oblivion together was music to my ears.

“I’m going to cum!” I was unable to stop it.

“Oh fuck, me too! Me too!” Bonnie said looking back, now grinding against me even harder than before. “Fill me Antony, fill my cunt, shoot that hot rich cream inside my pussy!”

I began doing so, feeling the precious spurts of my semen as it exploded from my cock, shooting deep into her depths, as she suddenly liquefied herself, now bathing my prick as I continued to fuck her, quite sloppily I might add now, as we stood there against the tree. I almost collapsed, finally stepping back, seeing the mingled traces of our combined pleasures running down between her legs. And she too looked about ready to topple over, worrying me for a moment that she actually might.

“Whew, I need to sit down for a moment,” she informed me, and then staggered back to the table with my help, nearly collapsing down on the bench when we got there. “I guess I’m finally starting to feel my age,” she announced. And frankly, I was again concerned as oddly enough, she did look suddenly older, not by much…but a little.

Enough so I was genuinely concerned for her well-being. She saw the look in my eyes, smiling and reassuring me however. “I’ll be fine Antony, just a little winded is all. Been a while since I’ve had or enjoyed as intense an orgasm as that one was. Not even the one I gave myself last night was half as good.”

“I know what you mean,” I agreed, though still somewhat concerned. Moments later however, she seemed to have recovered fully looking a bit more like herself.

“Well, I probably should get going here,” she told me. “When is it you’re leaving again?” She asked.

“First thing in the morning,” I said. “As nice as it is up here, I thought I’d at least spend another day before I start the journey back home again.”

“Oh well…I may not see you again then,” she explained. “I’m driving back into town this evening, and have to pick up a few supplies. Planning on staying the night there, returning sometime late in the afternoon.”

I was sorry to hear that, and told her so, though she leaned over kissing me, not in a motherly way either, but deeply, passionately actually making me feel light-headed.

“It was really nice meeting you, getting to know you Antony,” she told me. “I’ll miss seeing you around here.”

“Ditto that,” I responded back, and then stood there watching her go, realizing as she did, that I would indeed miss seeing her very much.

Another name now added to my ever-growing list.


I was indeed sorry to have to go without seeing her again, or in saying goodbye. But it was indeed time for me to begin the return trip home. I’d already used up most of my vacation days, and wouldn’t have the luxury to continue to spend a lot of time anywhere else. Though I did plan on one more two-day stop in Oregon, and then a straight shot down through Nevada, and back into Utah the following day afterwards.

With as much time and effort as I’d put into fixing up and remodeling the van, I was a little disappointed in “sony” when I lost a water-pump just outside of Eugene Oregon heading back. I was standing there by the side of the road now kicking myself in the ass for not owning or having a cell phone with me when I saw someone approaching in a car. I could only hope they would stop, and either let me use their cell phone if they had one, or drive me on into town where I could schedule a tow.

I was delighted when I saw the car slow, and then veer over towards me pulling up just in front. I walked over leaning in through the passenger window. A little old lady sat behind the wheel. She had light golden eyes, smiling at me.

“Need a lift?” she asked.

“I do yes, unless you have a cell phone I could borrow in order to call a tow for my van. Lost a water pump.”

“Don’t have a phone, never saw the need for one of those contraptions, but more than happy to give you a lift. “Dave’s Place has the best mechanic and tow service around here, just a few miles away. Happy to take you that far anyway, I live just across the street from there, you can wait there while they’re towing your van in, and then fixing it.”

I thanked her for her hospitality and then did so. A short time later I ran into Dave’s Place, which is just what the sign read, and made arrangements for the tow and the repair. Needless to say, it would take the rest of the day and more than likely not be ready until the following day, as Dave had to send over to the next town for the necessary parts, as he didn’t stock them himself.

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