The blue moon made me pleasure – 2

“The blue moon made me pleasure” Part-2 Continues…

She turned facing me, patting the area next to her, though I was leery about stepping out over the small natural bridge leading to it. “Just don’t look down, you’ll be fine,” she said simply. “This place is called lovers leap, with good reason,” she giggled.

“Well I don’t know I’d call it “with good reason”, but I can certainly see why it would be called that. Especially if someone was dumb enough to actually jump off it from here,” I said reaching her. Though I then asked. “But would you mind telling me why you’re naked?”

“Superstition,” she said, “For one. Anyone who sits here with their clothes on is said to eventually get injured in a fall. Not always a bad one mind you…but why run the risk? So…whenever I come up here, I naturally take my clothes off.”

“Naturally,” I said, still eying her, though she turned to me.

“I take it you’re not superstitious?”

“Until recently I wasn’t,” I said and then began removing my clothes.


I sat down next to her there on the rock, glancing sideways from time to time admiring her well toned, muscled tight little body. Her breasts were far smaller than sony’s had been, taut little rounded mounds, a bit pointed at the tip with light pink nipples. Though it was a warm day, the air here was a bit cooler as we sat out on the outcropping of rock looking over the gorge below us. Nervously I kept my hands down in my crotch as I sat next to her. Already the telltale signs of arousal were making it difficult to continue sitting here this way without being noticed.

“There’s another thing about this place too,” she began.

“Why doesn’t that surprise me?” I ventured. “And what is that?”

“Well, they say that those who have made love here on this rock are granted a really good Mo Jo.”

“Mo Jo?”

“Yeah, Mo Jo, or luck. Especially when it comes to relationships, things like that.”

“I see. And have you ever made love here?” I asked her. She smiled, actually blushing a little.

“No, but I’ve always wanted to. Those that have, have left a marker, a tribute to that effect. Sort of a shrine if you will. It would be fun to be able to add to that as well while we’re up here.”

I’d never been a fan of leaving some sort of graffiti, or sign or indication that I’d been at a particular place, but as I asked her more about what she meant, she then walked over around the side of the ledge we were standing on.

“It’s over here,” she stood pointing at what I realized only then was a carefully almost hand sculpted tribute to those who had ventured up here…and who had obviously made love out on that shelf outcropping where we’d been sitting only moments ago. Small little bits of shale had been carefully stacked, each piece supporting the rest, slowly forming what appeared to be a miniature pyramid.

“Wow, if each one of those tiny little pieces represent…”

“Yeah, which means, a lot of people have fucked out there on that rock. And I’d like to be one of them,” she told me hopefully now looking down at my semi-hard cock. “What do you think, care to join me and add our own pieces of shale to the pile?”

It was obvious from where we stood that we could see clearly down the trail heading back. A moment’s observation told me there was no one else on the trail heading up here. We were for the time being, totally and completely all alone.

“I’m game,” I said grinning, feeling my cock rapidly stiffen the rest of the way. In seconds I stood there next to her with a full-blown erection. She laughed.

“I can see that,” she continued to chuckle, and then turned making her way back across the narrow natural little bridge out onto what appeared to me to be a precariously balanced though obviously stable slab of almost perfectly flat rock.

Spreading what little clothing we had, fashioning a bed of sorts out of it, I lay down with Brenda positioning herself above me, straddling my waist. She was in no hurry to simply impale herself on my member, which was fine with me. I was enjoying the view. Not the one all around us, but the one I was looking at as my hands came up to capture those cute pointy little breasts of hers.

“God that feels so good,” she purred, still sliding against me, not quite slipping me inside. For the moment, she was content to simply caress my prick with her pussy, which was fine with me. I too was enjoying the sensation, especially playing and fondling her tits as she sat upon me. “Not too hard is it?” She asked, and then giggled. “The ground I mean.”

“No, the rock’s fine, as long as I don’t move around too much anyway. Might suffer a bit of a burn if we do that, but as long as you’re content to sit on me the way you are, everything’s good down here.”

She began rubbing her pussy with my cock, teasing her clit with the head, occasionally just tucking the tip barely inside her. “Fuck I love doing that,” she murmured pleasurably.

“Yeah, me too,” I admitted freely, enjoying the sensation of her now very wet, very juicy split as she continued teasing herself and me. And then just as I was getting used to that, she suddenly slipped me deeply inside her. In the next instant the heat of her sex was bathing me in its warmth. The tightness of that yet slippery fuck tunnel gripping the entire length of my shaft as she fully impaled herself upon me, momentarily holding still.

“God, can you feel the Mo Jo?” She asked, tossing her head back slightly, pressing the palms of her hands down on my shoulders for support, and then grinding herself against me.

“Is that what you’re calling it?” I said half gritting my teeth, enjoying the exquisite pleasure of this young woman’s pussy as she all but milked the juice from my balls simply sitting there the way that she was.

Once again she giggled, rising up slightly, and then down again effortlessly. Slowly, ever so slowly, gradually increasing the tempo of our coupling. I began to arch my back, meeting her downward thrust, driving into her from below as she engulfed my hard steel shaft. Our lovemaking was wild, passionate and exciting.

Twice now with two different women, I’d experienced sex the way I’d always thought it should be. Uninhibited, abandoned, almost animalistic in a way. It was far beyond anything I felt I’d actually experience myself…and twice now, I had.

We soon after gathered up our things, added two small slivers of shale to the pile being careful not to topple it, and then began making our way back down the trail to where we’d parked the van. Now famished, we pulled into a nice truck stop near the campground where we were staying for a bite to eat. Although it wasn’t that late yet, I was getting sleepy, though Brenda appeared almost too energetic in a way. After we had finished our meals and were waiting for the waitress to give us our check, Brenda excused herself and headed off towards the restrooms.

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