Variations in the Seasons – 2

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“Variations in the Seasons” Part-2 Continues…..

“That’s pretty good!” I told her.

“What? That I can still get around on one leg as well as I do? Or where you comment on the way my tits bounce up and down whenever I do that.”

All I could do was sit there and shake my head. Rose was indeed still Rose. Maybe a lot of years had passed between us, and God knows what she herself had been through, but the fact of the matter was, she still had that same happy go lucky attitude she’d always had. Even with the loss of her own husband, not to mention her leg,

it was obvious she had found comfort and peace with herself. It would have been far too easy to look on at life with a chip on her shoulder, or a pessimistic outlook on life. She had every reason to do so, and I found myself wishing I felt more like she obviously did.

“What can I say Rose? It’s been a while since I’ve even seen a woman’s breasts, and then you come in here bouncing away, sort of hard not to notice,” I grinned at her trying to make light of the subject without wanting to sound like I was coming on to her either.

She did laugh at that however as she retook her seat there in front of me, her good leg quickly disappearing beneath her ass, which for a moment was a bit disconcerting as she sat there looking like she had no legs at all.

“Well, I’m sure they’d be a BIG disappointment to you now anyway, age…two kids, and gravity has finally caught up with them. They certainly wouldn’t look anything like the way they did the last time you saw them,” she reminded me. “God…and that was what? Eons ago now?”

“Maybe so, but from here, they still look pretty good to me,” I said, meaning it, not at all expecting what happened next after I had said that.

“I didn’t figure that standing around inside my bedroom would eventually make you curious enough to come looking for me,” she began. “Not this time anyway,” she added, and then reached down grabbing the hem of her sweatshirt pulling it up and over her head in one fell swoop.

Suddenly she was sitting there on the couch in front of me, her very mature, full rounded breasts bare before my eyes. Her nipples seemed larger that I remembered, even darker perhaps. But hell…that was years ago. No, they weren’t nearly as perky as I remembered them being, a bit larger now in fact, certainly heavier against her chest, but I felt an all too familiar stirring in my groin, and one that wasn’t exactly expected, or wanted. But…I couldn’t deny the fact she looked sexy as hell sitting there the way she was either.

“Like I said,” she started looking across at me, only then reaching down to cup her breasts in her hands, lifting them up briefly before letting go. They fell heavily against her ribcage as she did. “Not quite the way you remember them now are they?”

“No…but they’re certainly every bit as beautiful as they were then, if not even more so,” I informed her, meaning it.

The fact I was now sitting there with an erection was a real dilemma for myself. On the one hand, I felt like even having one was some sort of a betrayal towards Stella.

On the other hand, I couldn’t deny the sudden surge of emotions I was feeling again. Though I didn’t dare act on them, nor make any movement towards doing so. Rose might have bared her breasts, but I didn’t take that as an indication that she wanted anything more from me in having done so. Once again, my perspective was, we were two old friends, having a bit of good-natured fun with one another for old times’ sake, and it wasn’t anything more than that either.

I was actually a little relieved when she put her sweatshirt back on, once again covering her bare breasts. It tended to diffuse the sexual tension in the air that had become for each of us I think, a bit too awkward and uncomfortable. Though her next question to me made it even more so for a moment.

“Do you regret the fact we never did it? Made love I mean?” She now asked.

“Did I regret it back then? Yes…of course I did. But it’s not like I thought about it all the time after that either,” I told her, saying it in such a way as to let her know my guard was up for one thing, and that perhaps this conversation was going in a direction neither one of us really wanted to continue discussing.

“Funny how life can be isn’t it?” She stated. “Not taking anything away from the lives we’ve lived with Stella and Dave, but it sort of makes you wonder how things might have turned out for each of us had we found a way to stick together back then. Maybe I’d still have my leg, and wouldn’t be looked at weirdly by most men,” she said looking directly into my eyes.

“Maybe so. But then neither one of us would have the beautiful kids we have now either would we?” I reminded her. Nor would I have been standing in the supermarket trying to decide between which two kinds of peanut butter to buy either I’d imagine. And because of that, we could now be sitting here again after all these years, having enjoyed a nice delicious dinner, some conversation…and this not really very good red wine.”

I had seen the semi hurt look in her eyes at my earlier comment, trying to once again turn the atmosphere back into one of friendship and lightheartedness. She headed me off however, still being a bit too serious.

“Look Thomas, I know it’s way too soon to be thinking about much of anything. It’s enough for me if we can at least be friends again. If that’s all you want, all you can handle, I’m ok with that. Just as long as I know the truth, that it’s not this…or how I look now, or what either one of us has lost. If in time…”

“Rose, you’re just as beautiful in my eyes as you ever were, with or without the leg…”

“Or perky breasts?”

“Those too!” I laughed. “Though like I told you earlier, I think they’re even more beautiful now than they were back then. And in fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing them again sometime,” I told her honestly.

“Oh? How about now then?” She asked, and before I could reply to that, she had once again removed the top she was wearing. Admittedly, this “yo-yo” thing with her sweatshirt was starting to get to me. Or rather peek-a-boob, if you want to call it that. Whatever game she/we were playing was starting to have some kind of an effect on me.

I noticed then her nipples were even harder and longer than before. Now standing out like twin little soldiers at attention, and needing some to boot. Before I even realized it, I was standing. As was my dick, which became painfully obvious as I stood, only then looking down at myself and seeing it tented well out within my pants. Needless to say, Rose saw it too.

“Oh my!”

I didn’t talk, I didn’t respond except in the only way that I could, which surprised the two of us to be perfectly honest about it. I walked over lifting her up off the couch. She felt as light as a feather.

“Down the hall?”

She grinned, giggled, and even teared up a bit. “Yes.”

I then carried my half naked captive down the short hallway towards her bedroom. Seeing an open door across the hall from the bath, I correctly assumed this was her room, entering moments later. Rose had a nice king sized bed, and as light as she really was, I almost unceremoniously tossed her down on it. She bounced, once again laughing, but then grew serious almost in an instant.

“You won’t be…put off? Freaked out?”

“Does this look like I’m put off? Freaked out?” I said undoing my belt, my pants dropping down around my ankles in a second.

I never considered myself to have a large prick. Certainly a bit above average perhaps, but at the moment…it felt huge, and to me even looked huge. But then that perhaps comes with not having seen it look like this is quite some time either. Even Rose’s eyes seemed to stare at it in disbelief, for a moment stroking my ego, though I now wanted her to stroke it with something a bit more physical than that.

“Can I tell you something a little naughty?” She asked.

“Go right ahead,” I answered her, my dick throbbing, actually bobbing up and down a bit as I stood there next to the foot of her bed.

“Though missing a leg certainly has its disadvantages, not having one has a few surprising advantages as well. Would you like to see what those are?” she asked.

I can’t say I was actually apprehensive or anything, a bit nervous perhaps not really knowing what to expect, or how she might actually look totally naked. Up until now at least, I hadn’t seen much, the majority of her protruding stump had remained hidden beneath the cuff of her shorts. As agile as she’d shown me to be before, without waiting for much of an answer, she simply rolled onto her back, her hands slipping off the garment with ease.

With minimal effort, she used her one good leg to send her shorts flying, and suddenly she was totally revealed to me. Whatever expectations I might have had, or even remotely considered even in my subconscious, never came to fruition.

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