The mother of my closest buddy – 3

“The mother of my closest buddy” Part-3 Continues…..

“Make it cum…make it squirt,” she demanded once again. “Let me see it…let me watch it try to reach me!”

I came, I splurged, I squirted. Most of it not going anywhere, caught in the tiny holes of her screen door, even though she managed to come away with a bit of it clinging to her tits anyway.

“Damn what a mess!” I concluded, looking at the copious amount of sperm now clogging up a good portion of her door. She opened it, stepping in.

“Yeah…it is,” she giggled back, taking my hand leading me towards the hallway and upstairs to the bedroom.

“What about…that?” I said looking back.

“What about it?” She said, “I was planning on cleaning the entire kitchen tomorrow anyway, might as well do the doors too while I’m at it.” And with that, we headed upstairs for what she called a more normal lovemaking session.

Shit…that was pretty kinky too!


Three days and five rooms later, I had lost seven pounds. Mom had even commented on it, worried that I had perhaps been working too hard. Dad just reached up rustling my hair, told mom to quit worrying about me, told her he figured I had a girlfriend. Which was one of the reasons I hadn’t been coming home at night, nor home much at all, only long enough to change into a new set of clothes. If he only knew…he wouldn’t be smiling as much. Though I was starting to not smile nearly as much myself. We only had four more days together before Antony came home again.


We were going to try for three today. Mainly because I had the entire day off. And that meant we’d have a little time for recovery at least…between rooms.

“Ok, so which room first?” I asked curiously. I had to laugh. Bev had actually drawn out a reasonable looking floor-plan to scale, and had now checked off all the rooms we’d done anything in, along with a short brief note about what we’d done, how we’d done it…and how she’d made me cum in each one of them.

“The laundry and downstairs bathroom is next,” she informed me. Jeffry had never entirely finished off the basement, though he’d been going to before the divorce came. As such, the room itself was still partially joined, one large open area, with laundry and a semi-finished downstairs bathroom.

As such…we were only counting it as one single room. We headed downstairs…naked of course, no reason not to be at this point, now more comfortable being around her naked then dressed in many ways. And not looking forward to the time when I wouldn’t…or couldn’t be.

She sat down on the toilet the moment we entered the room. “I need to pee first,” she announced. So far this was something we hadn’t done. “You ah…need me, want me to ah…give you some privacy?” I asked.

“No…what I do want you to do…is come over here, stand between my legs…and pee with me.”

This one definitely was the definition of all three. Dirty, naughty…and certainly kinky. “I don’t think I need to,” I told her, trying to beg off. Not that I was squeamish about doing that really…not like we were going to pee on one another or anything either, wasn’t like that. But I didn’t think I could…not in front of her.

“At least try,” she said, coaxing me over. I figured hell, if nothing else I could at least stand there and pretend to try to, even as she went. If I didn’t…well then, shouldn’t come as any big surprise or major disappointment when I couldn’t. I stood between her legs looking down as she began to tinkle…just a tiny bit. “Well? I’m trying to hold it…waiting for you,” she spoke.

Maybe it was the running water thing, or in this case, hearing her start to. To my surprise I found that I could…and then did, though aiming as carefully as I could between her legs as she spread them a bit wider, now truly beginning to pee herself. “Splash it against mine,” she told me.

“You’ll get wet, we’ll get wet,” I amended.

“It’s only pee silly…you, me…us? You think that’s worse than the fluids we’ve exchanged? And besides, we’ll wash one another up afterwards. Now quit being a prude…piss on my piss!”

It was a silly game, but it was an erotic one too. We mingled piss together, and yes it splashed, and soaked us both. But as she said, we washed one another up afterwards, and then she had me sit in the sink, though it was slightly uncomfortable as I did that, wedged in nearly so tight I could hardly move. And then she took out a toilet paper roll, and then she removed the paper core from it.

“What are you doing?”

“Just this,” she said, as she took out what appeared to be a massive jar of Vaseline, taking from it an enormous amount of goop from it, and stuffing that inside the middle. She then grinned at me.

“You can’t be serious!”

“Oh…but I am!” she announced, and then slid most of it, though not all of it over the length of my shaft, it was still a bit too tight, even with the extra goop…but she managed to jerk me off with it anyway. I came, ropes of sperm splashing against her breasts, her pussy as she finished me off using the toilet paper roll. And then she sat down on the toilet seat once again, and masturbated herself using what was left of the sticky, gooey roll.


Bev crossed the room off her homemade map as we sat at the small kitchen table collecting ourselves after our somewhat kinky little escapade downstairs.

“Where to next?” I was surprised that I could already be feeling aroused once again. Admittedly…I hadn’t expected to find this as exciting as it was when we’d begun doing this. But now, I found myself looking more and more forward to it. The downside of course being, the fewer and fewer rooms we had left to explore one another in, meant our time was running out too.

“The storage room,” she said looking at her map. We had actually argued about this one, not really an argument perhaps, but a discussion whereby I didn’t feel a storage room actually qualified as being a “room”, but Bev had insisted it was. At first I couldn’t imagine being able to do much of anything in there as cramped as it was. I was about to find out just how wrong I was about that soon after.

She had already straightened it up to some extent, giving us a bit more room on the floor. In addition, Bev had previously placed a nice thick quilt down, something for us to sit, and then lay down on as I figured her intent to be. She closed the door behind us, and then stood waiting for me to get situated down on the floor. Overhead a single light bulb gave us light, which she turned off by pulling on the dangling chain hanging beneath it. We were in total darkness.

I chuckled, unable to help myself. She laughed back. “Remind you of something?” She asked.

It did actually. I think all kids at one time or another sit in dark closets curious about sexual matters. It took me back to that in a strange sort of way. It was the first time I had ever kissed another girl, in fact, sitting on the floor of her bedroom closet, unable to see a single thing as we did that. Remembering that moment, I tentatively reached out looking for her, though of course she was sitting right there in front of me. Having to feel for her face, though quickly finding it…I leaned forward searching her out with my lips, kissing her passionately.

“That’s why I wanted to do this,” she finally said after breaking off one of many very sensual erotic kisses. “So we could see one another with our hands, fingers…our minds, and not just our eyes,” she informed me. “I want us to explore one another like that, from head to toe not leaving out a single solitary place as we do that.”

She went first, having me lay down on my tummy where she proceeded to touch me with her hands and fingers beginning with my head, slowly working her way down. Bev teased the muscles in my back, my arms and shoulders and then finally caressed and fondled my ass. I shivered excitedly, the darkness concealing her magic hands as she continued. I felt the press of her finger as it momentarily explored, teased and stimulated my ass hole, though she didn’t insert her fingers or go beyond that this time.

Moving down my legs, she tenderly stroked those and then my toes, finally making me roll over where she worked her way back up again. Once again, she only briefly lingered over my very hard cock and tight balls; back up my chest to my face. Here she ran her fingers lightly and tenderly over my chin, lips…my nose and then caressed my ears playfully rolling them between her fingertips. By the time she had finished running her hands through my hair again, I felt like Jell-O.

“Ok, my turn,” she announced quickly, exchanging places with me. She was right about one thing, I was seeing her in a whole new light…or rather no light, but the experience was unbelievable. I saw and felt her body in ways I hadn’t felt it, even while looking at it as I did before. Now, I felt and better understood the contours of her shape, the flair of her sensual hips, the indentation of her knees.

Simple things, but things I now knew about her so intimately that I hadn’t contemplated knowing before. I ran my fingers over her somewhat flattened breasts when she rolled over onto her back. I traced the edges of each slope, fingering the fullness of them as I lifted them up in my hands cupping them into cones, stroking upwards towards her nipples and then lingering there for a bit on each. I too had probed and teased her ass, finding delight in doing so, an erotic thrill of the unknown for me, surprised to find I had wanted to explore that even more.

As though reading my mind, after I had finished “looking” at her with my hands and fingers, she spoke almost in a whisper, still breathless…obviously aroused.

“Fuck me…fuck my ass,” she announced surprising me.

“Are you sure?” I asked, though now very much excited at the prospect, and then thinking…”we don’t have anything to properly lubricate you up with.” She laughed hearing that.

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