Appealing to the eyes

Author’s note: There is a very brief bit of bi-sexuality between two of the male characters in this story, towards the end. I’ve included this at the request of several individuals (mostly women in fact) who’ve asked that the next time I did a story similar to this, I would do so. It is for them that I have. I would ask that if this isn’t your cup of tea, brief as it is…that you then bypass this story entirely, or skip through the short few paragraphs where this action takes place. Please do not condemn or destroy this story entirely on that basis.

I would much rather, and prefer you not even bother reading it then if this type of sexual activity is such a turn off for you. For those of you who might otherwise enjoy it, or have a bit more of an open mind, I hope you’ll enjoy the entire story. And as always, your votes/comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Many Feathers –


This is a new story called “Appealing to the eyes” let’s begin….. I had looked up across the way in the small cafeteria where I usually went to grab a bite to eat during the lunch hour. It was one of the perks working for the financial investment firm where I was employed. Good food at a reasonable price. Everyone knew of course that by doing that, it ensured people were hardly ever late getting back to their desks, thus ensuring the company was even more successful and profitable.

My thoughts weren’t really on that however, but at the moment, on Stella, a sexy, sweet looking brunette with smoldering blue eyes who sat off to one side at a small table just across from where I was sitting. We rarely talked, usually just nodding heads or saying hello if we happened to pass one another in the hallway, or upon riding the elevator up or down together as we came, or went home during work.

As I did that, I caught a similar look from her my way, and then followed that up with a friendly smile, a most friendly provocative smile. I was married, so was she…”happily”, I reminded myself, but I didn’t see anything wrong with a little harmless flirting. Though a slight friendly smile could hardly be considered that now could it?

I had always considered myself reasonably attractive. A full head of dark hair with just a sprinkling of a few gray hairs now having recently hit the dark side last year turning forty. Though Maria, my wife continually assured me I didn/

‘t look a day over thirty-nine. In truth, though she was only a year younger than I was, she didn’t look a day over thirty, sexy, sweet and damn attractive in her own right.

So why was I sitting here entertaining these lustful thoughts about Stella? It’s not like Maria and I didn’t have an active, and very satisfying sex-life, because we did. I chalked it up to just simply being horny. Plain old horny…as I usually always was.

Like me, Stella was sitting alone at the moment. She returned her attention back to the salad she’d gotten, forking a few lettuce leaves, moving them about without eating them. As she did, she shifted in her chair slightly, and then crossed her legs over the opposite way.

Yeah…I was reminded of the scene with Sharon Stone. Maybe it wasn’t as flagrant or as obvious as the way she did it, but for the briefest of moments, I was indeed treated to what could only be the whiteness of the panties she was wearing beneath her short denim skirt.

“Had she actually flashed me? Knowingly? Accidentally? Did she even realize just how short her skirt was as she sat there seemingly playing with her salad rather than eating it?”

I felt my cock start to harden, reminding me I’d best avert my eyes and focus on my own lunch before I allowed things to become even more uncomfortable than they already were. I now found myself chasing a few kernels of corn around my plate, though my eyes inside my head were allowing certain thoughts to once again monopolize my reasoning. I glanced up once again, looking her way, intending to do so quickly, just in passing, looking nonchalant. She was staring at me, her eyes locking onto mine.

I locked mine onto hers, intending to smile once again, nod my head…something that would no doubt break the odd little moment we were having. And then she uncrossed her leg again, only this time placing it down fully onto the floor, turning in her seat as she did. As her legs opened.

There was no way in hell she didn’t realize or know what she was doing. Even her wider, broader smile said that. I could clearly and easily see the crotch of her white panties now, her legs opening even a bit more, displaying herself to me. She glanced up, looking about quickly. The cafeteria is already nearly empty now as workers had already begun leaving minutes ago in order to return to work. There were just a few people remaining, and none close enough to us where we sat to have noticed much of anything, certainly not this, not her…not Stella as she gave me a wickedly erotic glimpse into heaven.

And then she moved her hand away from the fork she was holding, laying it down on the napkin. I watched it as though seeing her do so in slow motion. Suddenly she reached down, once again quickly glancing about, and then slipped it down between her legs. If I hadn’t been hard before…I sure as hell was now. The subtle movement told me what she was doing, albeit only briefly. But then she took her hand away, once again glancing about, slipping her extended middle finger into her mouth, and then sat there sucking it slowly off.

“Fuck me!” I said to myself, eyes probably as big around as saucers now as I sat there watching her do that. She then giggled, which I could easily hear her do over the short distance between us. And then stood. She gathered her tray, put her dishes on it, and then slowly walked past me on her way over to drop off her dishes in the return area.

“Meet me in the copy room in forty-five minutes,” she said simply only loud enough that I could hear her. I couldn’t believe that she’d said that, hinted at that…”at what?” I asked myself again. “What was she suggesting anyway?”

I watched her leave, turning at the door heading down the hallway disappearing from sight.

I was going to be a little late getting back to my own desk. No way in hell could I stand up now, not until this damn fucking hard erection went down just a little at least!


Forty minutes later I opened the door to the copy room. Stella was standing in front of it making copies. I stood there holding a file folder of my own. Not that I had any to copy myself at the moment…but I certainly needed a reason for being there in the event anyone else came walking in. And of course…I was curious.

“I’ve only got a few,” she said business-like, smiling at me no more than she very often did whenever we passed one another in the hallway. Her aloofness threw me off for a moment as she stood there making copies. I began wondering if I’d misinterpreted anything, replaying it once again inside my head. No…not possible. I’d seen what I’d seen, she’d done what she did, there couldn’t be any other explanation for it. She turned slightly looking back over her shoulder towards me as she stacked a few more sheets into the copier for collating.

“There, that should keep going for a few minutes she said…drown out our voices some, just in case.” Once again she grinned, this time the naughty grin she’d given me before. “Stand in front of the door,” she now added. I knew why…it couldn’t be locked, nor should it for any reason. But doing so would definitely alert us to anyone else attempting to enter. I stood firmly in front of it…again curious.

“You are married, yes?”

“Yes,” I responded back easily. “Happily too,” I then added, though for the life of me I don’t know why I felt it necessary to include that, though I did. She grinned, nodding her head.

“Me too…happily. But the reason why I am…is this,” she said, reaching down, grabbing the bottom of her pullover lightweight sweater, lifting it up. As she did, she included grabbing the cups of her bra, lifting them as well, standing there showing me her magnificent tits. “Max…my husband and I, enjoy doing this…teasing one another, or on some few occasions, other people. Other people we can trust. There’s no touching…just showing, playing. Then later, we tell one another what we did…where, with whom,” she informed me. “Keeps things even more erotic and exciting between us.”

“I can see why,” I said, drooling over her boobs as she stood there flaunting them at me.

“So…are you interested in playing once in a while? Under those conditions?” She asked me pointedly.


“Yeah, you know…I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours,” she giggled as she now stood there fingering her rock-hard nipples for me. “That sort of thing.”

“When? Where?”

“Wherever we safely can,” she stated emphasizing the word. “And again…no touching one another, just watching, looking…you be ok with that?”

I would be yes. For some reason, this didn’t feel to me like infidelity. Even if it was in the shaded gray area, I felt like something like that…as long as it didn’t go beyond that, might be permissible. Well…to me anyway. Not that my wife might find it totally ok, but I seriously doubted she’d throw all my clothes out into the yard if she were to find out about it. Though in hindsight, maybe she would.

And besides…I was standing there with another hard-on again, so my reasoning wasn’t exactly where it might have been at the moment.

“Oh yeah, no problem,” I said instead.

“Glad to hear that,” she told me. “Let me see your cock.”


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