The mother of my closest buddy – 4

“The mother of my closest buddy” Part -4 Continues….

“But seeing me with another woman…is perfectly fine though right?”

I laughed…”Yeah, just so long as it isn’t my mom…that would be a bit too much too,” I also stated.

She threw the seat cushion at me, which I ducked, though she hit me with a second one a moment later.

“Men!” She said,

“Women!” I responded back.

“Come eat me!”

“Whenever you’re ready,” I said hungrily.


We had turned out all the lights inside the house, but even then the lights from the lampposts out near the sidewalk still illuminated things quite a bit. The danger of stepping outside the door where there was no real concealment, until reaching the small rock wall surrounding the porch was brief…but risky. I had even suggested just wearing robes, stepping out, and then ducking down behind the wall. Bev vetoed that however,

reminding me that anyone seeing us even doing that would raise suspicions. Her suggestion simply being…we crawled out close to the bottom of the door, naked…and then over behind the wall. Being naked from the get-go was part of the excitement and danger for her. For me too I guess, though I was far more fearful that one of the neighbors would still see us, if even by accident. With the darkness though, it was highly unlikely that I’d be recognized if I was, though that didn’t help much in alleviating my nervousness.

“Come on chicken,” Bev said goading me. “Let’s go get nasty together!” Without giving me much of an option, she quickly ducked out the front door, and then almost on all fours, scrambled a few feet over to the semi-enclosed porch area. I kept watch through the door, looking about,

but didn’t see anyone who might have seen her do that. Ensuring no cars were coming at the moment, and that no one happened to be walking along the street close enough to see anything, I soon followed, reaching her seconds later.

“Can’t believe we just did that,” I said toppling down beside her on yet another thick quilt she’d brought out earlier for a bit of padded comfort.

“Fun huh?” she said sneakily, shushing me even then as we heard the sound of voices passing by on the sidewalk. “And try not to get too enthusiastic when you cum,” she giggled softly. “Or at the very least, wait to cum when no one is walking by here.”

“Well I’d say that depends a lot on what you’re doing to me at the time,” I joked back with her, though I had every intention of keeping whatever pleasure or enjoyment I felt as quiet as I possibly could, no matter how good it felt.

“Come here stud….come lick my pussy,” she said, motioning to me to slide between her already stretched out legs, bent at the knee, which I quickly checked to ensure that they weren’t poking up above the small rock wall we were hiding behind. Ensured no one could see us, I quickly did just that, snuggling comfortably between her legs, enjoying the scent and taste of her delicious cunt as I proceeded to devour her.

“Oh yeah, that’s it baby…lick my pussy, suck my cunt and finger it while you eat me!” She moaned a bit louder than I felt comfortable with, but I continued doing so as she moaned a bit more softly after that. Bev was so slick, almost as slippery and wet as she’d been with the oil as I continued to lap away at her precious hard clit, alternating between sucking it directly, and just flicking it with the tip of my tongue.

She had reached up with her hands, pulling my head even more forcefully into her, mashing her pussy against my face, gyrating and pressing herself against me. “Keep going baby, don’t stop…don’t you dare fucking stop!” She again spoke loudly again, just as I again heard the sound of voices talking, passing by.

A dog barked, barked again obviously picking up on our presence, though I cautioned her to be more quiet as we obviously had company. “I don’t fucking care! Suck it babe…suck it! Suck my clit, make me cum!” she actually cried out. I heard a snicker as the dog barked once more.

“Come on boy…come on,” the stranger’s voice said, obviously pulling the dog away. “No one’s being hurt fella…they’re just having fun.”

I didn’t dare look up in any effort or attempt to see who it might have been, had I recognized them. Bad enough that if they lived anywhere close by in the neighborhood, they’d have a pretty good idea of the woman who was living here, being Bev. And especially with her having more of a modest, straight-laced personality that most knew her of having, except now for me of course.

“They heard you,” I laughed snickering.

“Sorry, couldn’t help myself,” Bev apologized though not really meaning it. “It just felt too fucking good to try and keep quiet,” she emphasized reaching out for my hard stiff cock. “Think you can?”

“I’m certainly going to try,” I shot back as she rolled me over.

“Well…we’ll just see about that then, because I’m about to give you my all time, super-duper world class blow-jobs!”

I think when I came…every damn dog in the entire neighborhood was howling.


We had two rooms, and two days to go before Antony came home again. One of those rooms I still wasn’t sure about. Antony’s room, and had already told Bev that twice. There was just something inside my head that bothered me about fucking his own mother in his room. Bad enough I was fucking her to begin with, but that to me at least, would be like pouring salt into an open wound.

“Let’s just play that one by ear then,” she had told me. “Save it for last, and see how it goes.” So far, we had done that, leaving the next to last room being the guest bedroom downstairs. At least this time, we would be in bed again. Though knowing Bev, there was no telling what she’d still want or expect me to do even then.

Since I did have to work, I wouldn’t make it back to her place until around three. I was just finishing up, preparing to head out when she called.

“On time?” She asked.

“Leaving in a few minutes,” I assured her. “Why?”

“Because I have a surprise for you for one thing, and didn’t want it to be ruined if something had come up. Secondly…I also need you to promise me something.”

“What?” I asked curiously.

“Well…when you get here, just come in…you’ll know where I’ll be, waiting for you. But you have to promise me you won’t call out, won’t say anything…not one single word, so promise me.”


“Just promise me Robin, say you will. I promise you…it will be worth it if you do.”

I promised her I wouldn’t. Promised I’d come in and not say a single word, though she hadn’t said I had to be quiet coming in either, that part wasn’t important, only that I did not say anything…so I agreed, though I was highly curious, and now excited as hell knowing her.

I got there in plenty of time too, five minutes to three, just as I told her I would be. Letting myself in with the use of my key, I quickly headed downstairs, surprised to find her waiting for me in the hallway, naked…and with her finger at her lips, once again reminding me of my promise. All I could do was raise my eyebrows at her questioningly as she motioned for me to join her there in the doorway. When I did…I couldn’t believe my eyes.

There was another woman, also naked…lying in her bed, wearing the same blindfold I had. She wasn’t bound however, totally free to move about, but she obviously was content to lay there…with the blindfold on at least.

The problem for me was…I knew her! It was Rose, the girl I sometimes worked with from the office, the same girl I had asked out, though turned down. The same girl I had recently had a nice pleasant lunch with, and who for some odd-ball reason had even flirted with me, when she hadn’t done so before.

Here she was now…naked, laying in bed. I had in fact spoken to her earlier that morning. She had told me she had taken the afternoon off having an appointment. I’d assumed she had some sort of doctor’s appointment or something, not that she had an appointment to come here, let alone be laying here naked when she did.

I broke my promise, though whispering in Boy’s ear. “That’s Rose,” I said wondering how the hell.

“Yeah, the pizza delivery girl from last night…wait, how’d you know her name anyway?”

I motioned for Bev to follow me back outside the room again, which she agreed nodding her head, but not before speaking to Rose first.

“Be right back sweetie…he’s here, just like I promised he would be, but he’s obviously got questions…so just hang tight, and we’ll be right back…and then we can have some fun!”

Bev followed me a bit further down the hallway so we could at least speak quietly without being overheard.

“What?” She asked. “And how do you know her name anyway?”

So I told her that we actually worked together, though I had no clue that she also delivered pizza three times a week at night as a further way to earn a little extra money while putting herself through school.

Bev thought it was funny. I didn’t…not so much.

“How the hell did she end up here anyway?” I now asked.

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