The mother of my closest buddy – 2

“The mother of my closest buddy” Part – 2 Continues….

“Stand up,” she told me. I did, hard not to as she kept her hand on my shaft pulling me along with her.

Once again she knelt in front of me, her mouth quickly and swiftly gathering in my shaft, sucking it again, only this time all but swallowing the entire length of me. I knew from seeing others…especially in watching porn, I didn’t have a monster dick. Certainly nothing to be ashamed of, which I wasn’t…especially when it was as damn fucking hard as it was now. But it was still a bit of a surprise to see Bev literally swallow me whole,

her mouth eventually reaching the base of my shaft where she actually licked me, tickling me with her tongue, and yet still sucking, my entire cock having disappeared down her throat.

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed, reaching down, holding her head, tossing my own back in wild abandonment as she slowly pulled back and then down again gobbling me up. I then felt her tongue spearing, and fucking the tiny eye-slit in my cock-head, squeezing it as a fat droplet of pre-cum oozed out. She snatched it up, showing me her tongue, wet and slippery, her mouth once again reclaiming my prick where she then performed her sword-swallowing act all over again.

It took a bit longer this time, but once again I felt my legs suddenly weaken at the knees, my balls again growing tight, the amazement that I would soon be climaxing yet again as she continued to pleasure me with her mouth was truly beyond belief.

“Let me know when,” she informed me, slathering the head of my dick with her lips, making hot sexy popping sounds as she drew it in tight, releasing, and then gathering it again. She was driving me insane with the pure intensity of her doing that.

“Almost there now,” I warned her, knowing why. I had had various discussions with my friends, one of which seemed to always circle around this very subject. Girls really didn’t like guy’s cumming in their mouths. I guess in retrospect, I could understand why. As copious as my last climax had been, had poor Bev been the brunt of the force of that,

she’d have surely suffocated, and gagged horribly while trying to do so. In addition, from what the guys had told me a few of their own girlfriends had shared with one another…it was the “worst thing ever!” so I totally understood Bev’s wanting me to tell her before I came.

“Whenever you’re ready…just tell me,” she stated, obviously waiting and preparing.

“Now!” I half shouted letting her know as the boiling cauldron in my balls suddenly let go. Once again I felt the race of semen traveling up my shaft. As it did, Bev removed me from her mouth, simultaneously grabbing the coffee cup off the table, which had been sitting next to us. It was empty, though the thought and realization of that had caught me off guard, confusing me. She had stood, holding it, directing my now pulsating ejaculating prick into it.

Together we stood there, watching her milk my prick, one streamer after another of my cream spurting into the empty cup. There wasn’t nearly as much as there had been the first time, but even then it would have gagged her if she’d tried to swallow it all. It was an odd thing to do as well, odd…but horny, nasty as hell as she giggled playfully, still pulling, still yanking, and me…still coming until the very last precious drop had dribbled into the cup. She set it back down on the table.

“Ok, get dressed,” she said simply. “Go home…shower, get cleaned up, and then come back around nine, after it’s dark. I’ll leave the sliding glass doors open for you. Come upstairs to my bedroom then.”

We both hurriedly dressed, and then Bev gathered up the cups, including the one I’d just came in, along with the plate of unfinished cookies, once again leading me back into the kitchen. I stood near the doorway preparing to leave, looking back towards her. She picked up the cup, held it up towards her mouth, and then drank it.

“Fuck me!” I exclaimed watching her as she even turned that kinky weird moment into one of the most erotic I had ever imagined.

“I will later…after dark. Now go…go home and rest, get cleaned up, and think about what I’m going to do to you later…what you’re going to do to me.”


“But what?”

“You didn’t…”

She laughed. “Oh yes I did, several times. Lots and lots of really nice small ones,” she said, comforting me some. “But I like saving the best one for last…which you’ll see tonight,” she assured me. “Now…go home Robin, try and relax, stay excited, yes…but gather your strength, because you’re going to need it!”


I took the longest shower of my life, hard as a rock, just thinking about her while I did. And I still had well over three hours yet before darkness came, before I was to return to her bedroom, her arms, and that luscious cunt of hers.

I would soon give her my virginity, though more like her taking it, or a combination of both. I was excited beyond reason, and yet nervous. I was obviously inexperienced. Already I had shown her that, but she had taught me much in the process, shown me what even I didn’t know I was capable of.

I replayed over and over inside my mind, everything that had happened, all that we’d done over and over again until I felt my cock leaking, tempted to stroke it, pull on it and make myself come again. But I refrained, soon after stepping out, dressing and then pacing aimlessly back and forth inside my bedroom, watching the clock slowly tick away.

I sat near the window finally watching the sunset. It was eight forty-five, and I couldn’t stand waiting much longer. When the last rays finally disappeared over the horizon, I stood and made my way back down the stairs, stopping briefly to inform my parents I was going out, would be home late (if at all) and then stepped outside. I actually drove my car around the block,

pulled it into the service alley back behind the properties and parked it where I’d seen Antony so often park his own car before. I entered in through the gate, noticing as I did so, most if not all of the lights in the house were off. Only a small very dim lamp glowing inside the den leading me towards it and the sliding glass doors that I knew had been left unlocked, open for me. I stood there at the doorway, once again glancing at my watch. It was eight fifty-five. “Close enough!” I told myself, and then slid the doors open stepping inside.

All was quiet, not a single sound could be heard. I thought briefly about calling out as I made my way through the room towards the front of the house towards the stairs. I stopped, smiling as I reached them. Each step held a soft glowing candle, a runway of light leading up towards the bedroom. There were no other lights on in the house, nor any upstairs that I could see, save for these on the steps, and then several more actually on the landing, the floor…a small trail going down the hallway and then turning directly into the open doorway of what I knew to be Bev’s master bedroom.

I walked into her room expecting to find her laying there in her bed waiting for me. She wasn’t. Perhaps in the adjoining bath? I wondered looking towards it, the door closed, though no light came out from beneath it either. I stepped in further calling out to her softly.


I felt her presence behind me. She’d been hiding behind the door. Ahead of me, the room was filled with two dozen or more candles, a floral scent filling the air, giving it an erotic, exotic feel to both. The lights quickly winked out however as she slipped something over my eyes covering them. It was soft, silky…sensual.

“Hold still,” she purred. “And no peeking.” She tied whatever it was around my eyes, ensuring it was secure and that I was now blinded to everything about me. Interestingly enough however, I could feel the warmth of the candles burning in the room, and even the smell of them seemed intensified now as she took my hand and soon led me over the few steps to where I knew it would take before reaching the bed. She began undressing me, slowly…teasingly, taking her time.

I felt her hands rake my gradually exposed skin. Her lips often left a trail of light butterfly kisses across my flesh, wherever she removed something, she kissed, touched and continued to tease, all the while remaining silent as she did that, leaving me quivering where I stood.

Finally I was naked…my cock which I knew full well, stood stiff, straight and aching. Though this she hadn’t touched, not one morsel of relief whatsoever as it throbbed almost painfully.

I felt her push and guide me towards the bed. I fell back, at first sitting down, but then she lightly pushed me again. “Move up, in the middle,” she suggested. I did so by feel…felt her climb onto it with me, hovering near, not yet touching, obviously looking. I felt my cock throb again of its own accord. That made her laugh, giggling with her own excitement.

“Are we anxious?”

“You have no idea,” I told her.

“Do you get any rest?”

“A little,” I lied.

“Liar,” she laughed. I laughed with her, throbbing again. She moved up towards me, I felt her hand now taking mine in hers lifting it up and over my head towards the headboard. As she did that, I then felt another soft silk like scarf being wrapped about my wrist. In moments she’d secured it, and began doing the same thing to the other.

“Fuck,” I moaned softly, feeling the softness of her body as it periodically moved against mine, caressing it in ways that I hadn’t thought of.

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