Appealing to the eyes – 3

“Appealing to the eyes” Part-3 Continues….

So far, she had enjoyed one small minor little desire, an easy one. But I knew through our 

frequent, lusty pillow-talk there was an even bigger one.

“Go ahead baby…now’s your chance, do it.” I said seeing her eyes light up like a fireworks display. Once again, she placed our cocks even more closely together, a bit strange at first, as she pulled us both towards her. And then just like that, she opened her mouth and drew the two of us in as though we were one single cock. Once again Mike groaned deeply, though looking at me for some sort of sign perhaps. I gave him one…audibly.

“She does suck a mean cock!” I said simply. “And now I know…she can suck two of them that way!”


It was amazing how quickly things escalated, and then even more so from there. And the thing I learned about myself, watching Mike, him being there, and seeing Maria how she acted around him. All I felt was turned on, aroused. There was no hint of jealousy, uncertainty, or even nervousness any more as that corner had been turned a long time ago with my wife sucking our dicks as though one.

But the one thing I didn’t want was for all this to end far too quickly either. Already I knew poor Mike was fighting it, sure enough a telltale sign it had been a while since he’d even touched, let alone seen another woman. I knew then, as Maria did, that we’d need to get the first one out of the way pretty soon here. After that, we’d relax a bit, drink some more beer, while everyone recuperated, and see how it went after we did that.

So in tune with one another, the mere look of our eyes going back and forth between us was like having an entire conversation without many words.

“What I’d love to do is come all over those gorgeous tits of yours,” I suddenly announced as though trying to fight it, holding back though just barely. “And then after doing that…doing for you whatever you’d like us to do, after we’ve recuperated a bit,” I lustily suggested.

“Be careful what you’re offering,” Maria responded. “Because I have all sorts of things in mind the two of you could do for me,” she informed us both. Once again Mike looked at me for confirmation, this was after all, turning into a bit more than we’d actually discussed.

“Whatever you want babe…tonight’s your night!”


“Yeah, really,” I said, meaning it, which she now knew I did. She smiled, and then kissed me, and then turned to kiss Mike as well, though he didn’t allow the kiss to linger too long, still feeling a bit uncertain perhaps, though Maria laughed at that.

“What? I have too much of Thomas’s cock juice in my mouth or something?” She asked him. We both nervously laughed over that, though once again settled into her sitting there in front of us on the couch once more, working and Jacking our cocks off against her.

“Gonna give me a nice squirt you two? All over my breasts?”

“I’ll certainly try,” I told her. “Might not be quite as much as usual though…already came once today.”

“No surprise there,” Maria snickered. “What’d you do anyway? Where? At work again?”

Mike’s eyes were wide again listening to this, a bit surprised perhaps at our candor.

“Yeah…out in the parking garage,” I stated, just before coming home,” I said without going into more detail at the moment anyway. Maria laughed however. “What?”

“I was wondering if you’d ever get around to telling me about that. When I called to speak to Stella earlier about Friday, and when we briefly discussed possible activities outside in the hot tub later, I told her it might be fun to get an early start…surprise you. Obviously…she did.”

“That…was your idea?” I was totally surprised.

“Yep! I told her you’d always had this naughty little kink about coming in a woman’s panties, and thought it would be even better, if she just let you squirt into hers while wearing them…obviously, you did.”

Fuck!” Mike cried out, startling us both just a little, suddenly seeing him standing there squirting all over Maria’s breasts. He continued doing so, as Maria immediately returned her attention back towards him, milking his prick until she’d managed to squeeze out every last drop that she could. “Sorry,” he said sheepishly. “I couldn’t help it, not after hearing that,” he then added.

Maria and I both burst out laughing. “Well, perhaps after you’ve had a chance to recover just a bit…you can do that to me if you’d like,” she said suddenly standing. “Only one thing though…I’m not wearing any.” And with that, she let her robe drop to the floor, standing there now in front of us, entirely naked.

“Remind me to thank Stella tomorrow,” I told my wife, once again kissing her.

“Yeah, and me too,” she whispered back. “Who knew that doing that…would bring me this?” She then laughed slyly, letting me know in that moment that I had probably out guessed myself.

“Well I’ll be damned,” I said as she knelt down in front of me, right there in front of Mike, and sword-swallowed my dick.


We soon moved things up to the bedroom where we could all get a lot more comfortable. For the next while then, Mike and I played tag-team with Maria’s cunt, giving her at least three, if not four, mind-blowing orgasms, orally.

I now knew…that at least with Mike, someone I was comfortable and trusted, that seeing Maria pleasured so delightfully in this way, was something I could easily do again. And now I want to. Just as she did, which we discussed some time later after Mike had left.

Before he had done that however, we’d finished the night off with a bang…a really long and enjoyable one to say the least.

“You’re sure about this,” Mike asked me for like the sixth time already. Maria had gone into cleaning up a bit, her tits were still covered in cum which had now begun to cake on them.

“Very sure…don’t worry about it,” I assured him. “We’re having fun…aren’t you?”

“Hell yes…but like I said earlier, don’t want any of this coming between us, maybe after you’ve thought about it…realized what we did, what happened here…”

“We’ll want to do it again maybe?” Maria said walking out of the bathroom, sashaying towards us, wiggling those night fat heavy boobs of hers at us as she did. “If you’re curious as to what the answer is regarding that…it’s yes. I certainly do,” she grinned, and then glancing down at me, as I stood there with a nice hard stiff cock again, she answered for me. “And seeing Thomas…I’m pretty sure he’s good with it too,” she confirmed as I stood nodding my head yes, agreeing with her.

“Well, now that that’s settled,” Maria said, almost magically producing a coin and then flipping it. “Heads? Or tails?”

“Heads!” I called not even knowing what she was doing this for yet.

“Heads it is baby,” as we all peered down at the coin on the carpeting. “Which means…you fuck my mouth, while Mike fucks my pussy.”

Maria got her wish, enjoying her first ever threesome. At one point, I actually sat back, content to simply watch as erotic as it was, which I now found it. Sitting there in one of the two high-backed chairs we had in our room, I sat…actually jerking off, enjoying myself, Maria there on the bed, Mike behind her fucking her doggy style.

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