Appealing to the eyes – 4

“Appealing to the eyes” Part-4 Continues….

“That would be the neighbor,” Maxsaid, picking it up, though still answering. “Once in a while, though not often, she has asked if she might be allowed to come join us…and watch.”

“I don’t know,” Maria then spoke, voicing some concern.

“If you prefer not, I will tell her,” Maxsaid looking as though to finally answer. “But…I can promise this, not once has she ever actually participated, beyond pleasuring herself while she has watched. And that…in seeing her doing so, can add to and heighten everyone’s experience. But…again, if you’d rather not, we understand.”

Maria thought for a moment. “Well…ok, in that case,” she said, surprising me a little as I’d honestly not expected her to say that. Max grinned, and then answered.

“You may come if you’d like,” he said simply, almost immediately hanging up. He hadn’t even bothered asking who it was for sure, though he obviously knew it was her. A short time later we heard the side gate to their yard as it opened and closed. Both Maria as well as Stella sitting up now as I slid back down into the water. Maxhowever remained sitting where he was, still slowly stroking his cock, not even bothering to pretend he wasn’t as she came over.

“Thank you for allowing…and inviting me over,” she began just before Maxmade formal introductions. “But watching you through the scope no longer became good enough,” she said, smiling wickedly. “So I was hoping he and Stella would allow me to…come,” she grinned even more broadly emphasizing the word, giving it additional meaning.

Brenda Davenport was a petite little blonde, just barely over five feet perhaps, small breasted, though her breasts still appeared full and perky against her chest. Each capped with light pink nipples, likewise small, though exceptionally hard. To my surprise, she still had a tuft of closely cropped likewise blonde pubic hair, that proved the fact she was a true blonde, and not one out of the bottle.

Max Poured her a glass of Chardonnay, likewise pouring the rest of us one as we sat back getting to know one another a bit better first before continuing on with anything.

“I am sure Maxhas already told you, I do not physically participate with anyone, beyond myself,” she explained. “If I were to do that…I’d go against my own agreements with my husband. Doing this however…is totally acceptable, as long as I just watch, or enjoy myself with no other contact.”

I thought that a curious thing, but relaxed once again sitting up and out of the tub, just as Maxcontinued to sit, likewise now giving our new friend a better, closer, more revealing look at my hard cock.

“Hmm,” Maxsuddenly moaned, standing up, squeezing his prick tightly as he did so. “I have a gift for you Mon’ Cherie,” he said, speaking to Stella.

The way Stella suddenly moved, sliding over towards him, flipping over onto her back, her head now facing up between his legs, told us in a millisecond, this was something they were both used to doing…and apparently often too.

We all watched from our own vantage point as a big fat droplet of pearly precum oozed from the tip of his dick. He continued to milk it, even more now appearing as it slowly slid off the head, and then began to stretch out in a long thin string of almost clear, yet thick sticky fluid. The string held, slowly stretching, drooling off and away from his cock, reaching down directly towards Stella’s open mouth where she half floated there waiting for it.

“I love watching him when he does that,” Brenda moaned, her hand just then traveling down between her legs as she openly began frigging herself. Her comment confirmed the fact that they obviously did this quite often.

Almost transfixed, mesmerized, the slowly stretching cum-drool once again gathered weight at the end, swinging just a bit, obviously about to separate. It then did, falling the last few delicate inches directly into Stella’s open waiting mouth. With a collective sigh, the rest of us then laughed quietly, having enjoyed the moment. It was an amazing thing…something so simple, yet so erotically performed just as they had done.

“And now…if I may be so permitted,” Max Said. “I would love dearly to offer up the first course upon and against your wife’s magnificent breasts,” he asked.

Without turning, or asking, or seeking some sort of approval for me, Maria pulled herself out of the tub sitting on the edge, spreading her legs invitingly.

“If I also may?” Stella asked climbing out, coming around from behind her, and then seating herself with her legs to either side of my wife’s. As she did this, she reached around cupping Maria’s full breasts in her hands. Max Moved in closer, placing his prick perfectly and squarely between them. I sat off to one side, Brenda now taking Max’s place sitting on the other side as the two of us watched. Stella now began masturbating her husband’s prick with my wife’s breasts, working them up and down, even side to side a bit,

thrilling and adding to the pleasure of his prick as Stella jerked him off with my wife’s tits. I found myself standing there, hand on cock, working it as they did that. Across from me, Brenda too found her own pleasure, quite openly and obviously fingering her cunt, one hand tweaking an extended nipple as the two of us looked on.

It was fucking hot. Especially when Maria quite uninhibitedly reached down between her own legs now, and began toying with her clit as they did that.

“Oh…oh, oh so very soon!” Max Proclaimed his voice now taking on a deeper throaty edge to it, his eyes shutting for a moment, head tossed back. I watched his balls actually tighten, knowing full well as they did he was hovering on the edge of release here, expecting it any moment now. I wasn’t long in being disappointed either as he suddenly cried out speaking in French as his pleasure erupted.

“So sucre! Se Passionne! So…sensationnel!” He cried out loudly, his words filling the air.

As he did so, huge ropes of semen burst forth from the tip of his cock, most of which Stella captured and caught between my wife’s breasts, though the initial onslaught had literally splashed against her chin and neck, one slice of creamy pearl juice splitting the side of my wife’s cheek before Stella had gotten his wildly pulsating, squirting prick back under control once again.

“Oui! Oui!” He again spoke in French, though his next words were clearly plain with little accent behind them as he continued to exclaim his ecstasy. “Fuck, to come, to spurt…to feel such intensity, and such delight between such magnificent trophies such as these,” he said now reaching out, clasping his own hands around my wife’s come-covered tits, and began massaging into them his spent cream, just as Stella continued to do, helping him.

“Next? Stella asked, looking at me. “Would you likewise enjoy a nice titty-fuck?” She asked me.

How could I say no? So I didn’t. Stella then produced a hot towel out of a nearby container, using it to wipe off the remaining liquid from Maria’s breasts with, and thus cleaning her up. They quickly exchanged places now, with Maria sitting behind her. I would ALMOST have been content with seeing my wife doing that, just holding Stella’s breasts, playing with them, which she certainly did for a moment. I soon however stepped forward, placing my own shaft between Stella’s tits just as Maxhad done with Maria’s.

Maxnow reclaimed my vacated seat, and though his cock had certainly lost some of its rigidity, he continued to fondle it, working it again. Brenda had managed to find the perfect jet there in the tub, placing herself over it now, allowing it to tease and tickle her pussy as she looked on, moaning softly as she did.

I now felt the magic of my wife’s hands encircling Stella’s breasts, teasing them up and down my shaft, watching the tip of my cock appear, and then disappear once again as she slowly moved them up and down, periodically squeezing them even tighter together around me.

“I am so juicy wet,” she revealed unnecessarily as Maria took cue from that, reaching behind her just enough to feel, and thus finger her new friend as she sat there jacking me off.

“Feel good baby?” Maria asked hotly, knowing damn well that it did, but wanting me to say it, to speak the words for her, which I knew she loved hearing whenever she became this aroused herself.

“Fuck yes,” I exclaimed. “I love fucking her soft firm titties,” I proclaimed, moaning deeply as I continued doing so.

“Gonna cum for us too?” She asked? “Gonna squirt all over these nice firm tits of hers for me?” She pressed.

“Yes, yes…and Oui!” I said though making it sound more like a “we” word of wowed expression as though on a thrill ride. Which in a way…I was. And then simply…”Fuck!” As I felt the first intense explosion of climax escape the tip of my cock.

He might indeed have a much bigger prick, but I far surpassed even his own copious spending when it came to that part. Even Maria was a bit surprised, though I came like that often. This one however, had to be near the top of the list when it came to the number of ejaculations my cock kept spurting, over and over again one right after the other, drenching both of her breasts, and a goodly portion of her neck, face and shoulders, as Maria kept pumping me off against her.

“Fantastic’!” Maxbellowed in enthusiastic delight, his cock once again hard, stiff and straight already. “That was a magnifique, display my friend!” He bellowed out enthusiastically. “Such as one I have never seen before,” he then added, sounding a little in awe of my white sticky eruption, which even then was clinging to his wife’s body, streamers of jisim matching and far surpassing his own little cum-drool drip a while ago.

I smiled inwardly, proud of my own manly showing.

After we had gone through the ritual of cleaning off Stella’s wet sticky breasts with the warm clean towel, I too sat back into the tub, sipping my wine, recovering, still grinning.

“I think it’s now our turn!” Stella announced moments later. Helping to lay Maria down on her back on the surrounding deck boards, she then positioned herself above her in what was a traditional, yet still very erotic, sexy looking…’69’.

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