Appealing to the eyes – 5

“Appealing to the eyes” Part-5 Continues…

“Ok, now…how do we do this without working against one another?” I openly asked.

“It’s like rowing a boat,” Max Answered. “We all move together as one at the same time in the same direction.

“Rowing a boat?” Maria laughed. “You mean like…’fuck, fuck, fuck the cunt…working up some cream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily…this’s no fucking dream! Fuck, fuck, fuck the cunt…”

I couldn’t help it, nor could anyone else, we were all laughing, but even as we did, as Maria’s wicked dirty song left off, we began moving in perfect unison, pushing in…pulling out, slowly increasing the speed and tempo as we began this chain-fuck that proved to be unbelievable.


To my surprise, fucking as one, we basically came as one too. This time no power on earth could have kept me from doing so. Multi orgasmic, just as she’d always been, Maria was the first to reach yet another mind-blowing orgasm, unbeknownst to me at the time, we were all only seconds away from doing so ourselves. The intensity of her release acted like an electric conduit, triggering each one of us one after the other almost simultaneously.

Hearing her deep-throated groan, and then the succulent wet release of her spending, Max likewise groaned out his own liquid pleasure, splashing his pent up semen into her wet slick sucking cunt.

“Yes baby! Yes!” Stella cried out now as well, thrusting in and out of her husband’s ass, suddenly clenching down on my shaft with a vice-like grip, her orgasm seizing her entirely. And this of course…triggered mine. Feeling Stella’s tight hot pussy suddenly spasm, clench, spasm again…found me spurting deeply inside her, one hard felt ejaculation after another ripping into her heated pussy as I now slammed into her from behind with every ounce of strength that I had.

We collapsed in a contented heap, everyone rolling off and away from one another in different directions.

“Holy fucking shit!” I exclaimed trying to gather myself, and then the soft, almost whispered words from my wife once again were heard as she sang.

“Fuck…fuck…fuck the cunt shooting out the cream…”


After that one we all needed a breather. Two down…and still two to go, though I was already wondering if I’d even be capable of getting it up again. I could only shake my head looking at Maxas he rolled out of bed, still flailing away at his now very limp prick as we walked over towards the bar.

“Drinks everyone?” He asked grateful to see him washing his hands, and then setting out fresh clean glasses as he fixed mixed drinks to everyone’s specifications. While he did that, and as Stella went about cleaning up the toys we’d used, Maria and I walked out onto the balcony. There was a nice refreshing breeze coming up from the ocean, the moon almost full, hovering over the water like a watchful eye as we stood there gazing towards it.

“Having fun?” She asked.


“Very much so,” she replied with a contented sigh. “No regrets or anything so far?”


“No. Though I have to admit, we’ve probably done a bit more than I was originally thinking we might.”

“You can say that again,” I responded, already thinking back on everything that had happened since we’d got here this evening.

“We might not do anything like this again,” she thought aloud. “But since we’ve started this…at least for tonight, we’re committed here right?”

“Under the circumstances, I’d say yes. Only fair I suppose.”

“Glad to hear you say that sweetie…speaking of fantasies and all that. Stella and I go next you know,” she reminded me. “So at least keep that part in mind for me, might be something we only do this once, never again…maybe, maybe not. Guess we’ll see.”

“Perhaps,” I said, agreeing with her, though now…after what we’d done, experienced, I was actually sort of hoping we’d do all this again sometime. And especially now as we’d seemingly bonded fairly closely with our two new friends. Max Came out carrying our drinks to us, handing them off as Stella soon after joined. The four of us now standing together side-by-side overlooking the ocean beyond, sipping our drinks enjoying the quiet moment together each one of us lost in thought perhaps.

And Max Of course fondling his dick again as we did that.


“Well…guess it’s my turn now,” Stella announced. “So whenever you two think you can be ready again,” she smiled hopefully. We finished our drinks, walking back inside where we all climbed onto the bed again, waiting for directions and instructions as she laid out her desire. Before doing that, she reached over to the small stand next to the bed, retrieved something from the drawer, and then moved back beside me. I looked down as she began rolling what was obviously a condom over my cock. I looked up at the question on my face.

“And what’s this for?” I actually asked.

“For your protection and mine. You’re about to fuck me in the ass,” she stated simply.


Stella’s fantasy of course was a bit more elaborate than that, soon after explaining to us just what she wanted, and how she wanted it. Basically, a DP, something I had myself never experienced or done before. As for her part, Maria was to entertain herself, however she wished as the three of us did that, this was after all…Stella’s turn. Though Maria was just as enthusiastic, witnessing, watching, and then participating as she saw fit while we got ourselves into position.

Maxnow took his position on the bed, laying down on his back as Stella straddled him first, easing herself down over his once again rigid and waiting prick. And then it was my turn.

As well lubed as she was, it still seemed like an impossibility as I pressed the head of my dick against the opening of her ass…to no avail.

“Keep going babe,” she assured me. “You’re big, yes…but not THAT big, no worries…I can take it,” she said, urging me on. I pressed a bit harder, felt the tip just enter and then held still. “No!” She admonished me, “You’re almost there! Keep going…keep pressing, put it in!”

With what felt like a pop, even a sucking sound, I suddenly felt the head slide inwards, her cute little asshole suddenly gobbling me up like a hungry mouth. I slid further, and then further, finally bottoming out as I felt my balls slap against the flesh of her firm tight ass.

“Oh fuck that feels good!” She moaned deeply. And it did, surprising me to some extent. Especially as I could feel Max’s mammoth prick resting against my own, sitting side by side one another there inside her. Only the thinnest membranes of flesh separating the two of us, keeping us apart.

And then I felt Maxslowly ease out of her, just as smoothly then thrusting back in, the sensation of his cock rubbing against mine teasing it, teasing her as he did so.

“Oh fuck yes…yes, that’s it, now…you fuck me too Thomas, nice and easy…in and out, in…and out.”

I began doing just that, finding my rhythm, matching that of Maxs as he continued to plow in and out of his wife’s pussy. Maria meanwhile had stood watching all this, doing something I had often wished she’d do more of for me, standing there unabashedly fingering herself. Just watching her do that while I eased in and out of Stella’s tight little ass was more erotic and sensual than I could have ever imagined.

No longer content to just stand and do that, however, she finally climbed up onto the bed, situated herself over Max’s face, and lowered herself down. Now I was treated to the two girls as they kissed, and then fondled one another’s breasts playfully. Maxnow treated to my wife’s juicy cunt as he devoured with his mouth, Stella now forcefully fucking his prick while I in turn knelt fucking her ass in an ever increasing staccato of runaway pleasure.

“Come in my ass Thomas!” Stella called out to me. “I want to feel you squirt your nasty spunk inside my ass…please!” She begged again. “Fill me up, squirt inside me, let me feel it running out of my ass, my cunt…down my legs,” she almost deliriously moaned now, her head tossed back and forth,

side to side as Maria began pulling on her breasts, pinching her nipples almost painfully. “Yes…yes! Fuck yes! Pinch them pull them…fucking twist them off, fuck me…fuck me…fuck me!” She cried out in sheer climax now, her body giving way to the intensity of her pleasure.

And I almost laughed as Maria damn near drowned poor Maxin her own gushing eruption of climatic bliss.

As for myself, I had no idea how I even managed it, but I did. Joining Stella in the throes of her orgasm, I felt my balls clench, tighten, and then empty themselves deep inside her bowels, just as Maxbegan doing below her, he too thrusting in and out of her wildly now, which I felt, and which oddly enough helped to further stimulate, and thus trigger my third amazing orgasm of the night.

It was indeed time for another break. We’d now managed three very intense moments together, with one more yet to go. And though I was tired, and fearful for sure now of being finished for the night, I was still yet determined to do whatever I had to, whatever was necessary to ensure that my own wife’s fantasy and pleasure were met.


For the first time I actually thought Maxhad finally tapped out. Rolling out of bed once again fixing us fresh drinks, I noticed his prick had actually shrunk down to what appeared an almost normal looking flaccid size, as had my own. At least then, we looked fairly close in size, dicks waggling limply as we walked back out onto the deck. The girls headed off downstairs to the kitchen to fix up a few snacks, help us re-gather our strength once again before even making the attempt to satisfy whatever twisted fantasy my wife might have.

I chuckled wondering…knowing her, knowing that she had a few “pillow-talk” fantasies we’d discussed, one being very similar to what we’d just done with Stella. I quickly discounted that however, figuring she’d want to do something, try something we actually hadn’t done yet. And even as the girls headed off, already they were conversing, speaking in hushed tones which alerted me to the fact, whatever it was my wife had been considering, she was now sharing the details with her new found friend.

“You golf?” Max Asked me, handing me a perfectly prepared scotch on the rocks. I sipped before answering.

“I do…but not as well as I’d like, and not as often either,” I quipped.

“Don’t we all,” he agreed jokingly. “How’d you like to go with me tomorrow, at the club?” He then asked.

“Wow…really?” I said excitedly. I knew the club they belonged to was fairly exclusive, and well out of my own means at the moment at least. So given the chance and opportunity to go with him, I jumped at the chance.

“I’ve got a standing tee time at ten in the morning every Saturday,” he continued. “On the mountain course, it’s tough but far more secluded for one thing, especially as the tee-times are only every half hour, so that allows us time to play a special interesting game. We affectionately call it, ‘Tiger in the woods’, mostly because of all the trees,” he again laughed. “Just so happens one of the guys in our foursome can’t make it tomorrow, which is why I thought I’d ask you if you’d care to join us.”

Already I was thinking about money, and no doubt bet liberally while playing. Something I wasn’t sure I could afford to do, and not that good of a golfer either to be throwing money away like that. Thus I hesitated before answering, though he seemed to pick up on my concern.

“No worries, we don’t bet with cash,” he told me. “We play an interesting little game on the green once we get there however, with each one of the female drivers in our carts.”

“You mean…women other than our wives?” I was taken aback just a little. Max Laughed.

“Yes, we call them our cunt-caddies. Four women we’ve been meeting now for well over a year as we play golf. You see…what we do is this, once on the green, the only putter the men use is the one between their legs. Wherever your ball lands when it finally does reach the green, is where the girls take over. We slide inside them from behind, and fuck…while they putt. You fuck everyone else’s driver except for your own, alternating greens. The object being of course to distract them and cause them to take more putts getting it into the hole, while you’re in their hole.” He chuckled, obviously amused with himself.

“Does…does Stella know?” I had to ask.

“Of course she does!” Max Exclaimed. “She doesn’t have a problem with it, and even told me she’d mention this to your wife and at some point, feel her out a bit. That way at least, you can discuss it with her later, see where she is with it, and then let me know before tee-time tomorrow. If she’s not ok, I’ll still have plenty of time to contact another one of our friends who is willing.”

I thought about it for a moment. “OK, I’ll ask her…mention it, but don’t be too surprised if she says no.”

“Don’t be too surprised, if she says yes either,” Maxresponded. “I know Stella, and if anyone can convince her into letting you do that…she can.”

Just then we heard the girls coming upstairs with a small tray of finger-foods and snacks. Maria had a devilish look in her eyes as she approached me holding out the tray as I quickly removed a couple of small fancy looking sandwiches.

“Nervous?” She asked me with a twinkle in her eye.

“About what?”

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