Appealing to the eyes – 2

“Appealing to the eyes” Part – 2 Continues….

“See? Not half as bad as you thought it might be now was it?”

“Easier than I thought,” I openly admitted. “She told me…to go ahead, set it up, and schedule a dinner together.”

“How’s Friday?” Stella asked.

“Almost not soon enough,” I replied back. Once again she laughed, glancing at her watch.

“I’ve got five, maybe six minutes before I need to go in and get ready for a staff meeting,” she said as she began hiking up yet again another short skirt. “Think you can get yourself off in that amount of time?”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her, I’d been jacking myself off, sitting there in the car for the past fifteen minutes waiting for her.

“Oh yeah…I think I can manage that easily enough…especially watching you.”

“Then do it!” she said as she began rubbing her cunt through her panties, obviously not having any intention of taking them off…understandably so. But even that was hot…watching her tease her now slick lips through the thin material of her sexy looking briefs. “Oh, and Thomas?”


“When you’re ready to come…just do it down here,” she told me, and then stretched out the waistband of her panties, indicating where she wanted me to squirt. “It’ll be deliciously wicked, feeling your hot sticky cream covering my pussy during the meeting,” she then added.

“Fuck,” I moaned already imagining her as she moved about the boardroom, sitting there watching her, knowing as she did…it was my cum that was covering that delicious pussy.

Once again…I came a gallon. And then she did, using it to further stimulate herself after I’d stood there pouring my hot sticky spunk down into her panties.


It was more difficult than I expected. Sitting there at the table while Stella walked around the conference room handing out minutes from the last meeting was driving me nuts. And not once did she look my way, or even acknowledge me, just going about her work proficiently, and professionally, all the while I knew…she was wearing my cum, sticking and clinging to her pussy.

By lunchtime…I was ready to climb the walls as aroused as I was. Hoping once again for another repeat performance in the cafeteria perhaps. Once again looking at the clock…waiting, and then the ding of my internal office email.

Stella White: “Not eating in the cafeteria today. It’s too nice outside. Thought I’d stroll down to the park instead. Interested?”

Thomas Peterson: “Sounds like a plan…meet you in the lobby then…noon?”

Stella White: “Noon,” she had typed simply.

I was down there five minutes before. Watched her as she strolled out of the elevator heading towards me…wondering. We walked in silence out of the building, down the steps and then onto the sidewalk before she spoke.

“In case you’re wondering…no. I took them off, I’m not wearing any now,” she giggled. “And did you like that? Did it excite you knowing that I was moving about the room with your hot sticky cum still clinging to me?”

“You know it did,” I told her, trying very hard to suppress an erection while we walked the single short block away towards the park.

Reaching it moments later, we cut through on the path leading towards the middle where the fountains were. There were a few others walking about, as there were every day, some sitting just as we did, taking one of the open available benches. “Sit there,” she told me, as I did, while she then sat at the far opposite end,

a small distance between us, though the semi turned my way. “You tell me if anyone starts to come up behind me…and I’ll do the same thing with you,” she then stated. Upon saying that, she swiveled about some, going so far as to place one foot up on the bench, the other still on the ground. When she did, she gave me a very unobstructed view down her skirt again, her swollen puffy lips now winking at me.

Obviously it would be far more difficult for me to be able to do anything outside in the park like this, so I really wasn’t planning on it now either. I should have known better.


“Well what?”

“Let me see your cock!”

“Here? Now?”

“Of course here…now, why’d you think I invited you here in the first place? Just so you could see my pussy? I don’t think so!” She said eying me. “Come on…take it out chicken…show me!”

We were reasonably alone, no one really close by, but I was still nervous, hesitant even then.

“It’s warm out. Take your Jacket off, keep it handy if you like, just in case. But…unless you want me to close my legs…take it out. I’m not asking you to jerk it off for me, I just want to look at it. Touch it enough to keep it hard, yes…but I really do just want to see it.”

Now it was hard. Though I took my Jacket off just as she suggested, keeping it handy across my lap, I unzipped, fishing out my hard, stiff prick. Surprisingly, it felt damn good…very arousing, very horny just sitting there like that. The warm sun dancing around my cock, the small slight breeze in the air caressing it.

“See?” She laughed. “Nice isn’t it?”

“Very,” I admitted, looking over as she sort of opened and closed her legs giving me brief sultry glimpses at her bare cunt.

After about fifteen minutes of this she spun around in her seat, closing her legs standing up. “Ok, let’s go, I have a surprise for you,” she then added.

Making sure no one was nearby, I quickly stuffed my exposed hard cock back inside my pants, though not without some effort.

“Where are we going?”

“Not far…come on,” she said, leading me through the park again towards the opposite side. I followed trying not to look too conspicuous as I did, holding my sports coat at the side, ready if I needed to use part of it to mask my condition. She laughed at that. “I guess we do have it a little easier, sort of…” she started looking down at her chest, where I noticed her nipples were indeed hard pressing against the thin material of the blouse she was wearing, even with a bra on.

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