The broken hearts – 2

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“The broken hearts” Part-2 Continues….

As Sophia stood there tenderly wiping all the come off my shaft and balls, I remembered what she’d told me much earlier when I had first agreed to move in. She indeed wasn’t mom…nor was she my wife. Hell, even Mila never did what she was now doing to me. She was in fact my sister. And what she was doing now, was indeed something my sister would do. Something she had always done, taken care of me in her own unique way.

Though this was something that was certainly unique, cleaning up her brother’s cock after he’d just finished wanking it off in front of her. Though admittedly, the fact that her tits were still hanging out wasn’t exactly sisterly.

“Thank you again Jacob,” she said, sounding more like a sister as she once more planted another kiss on my forehead. Thinking back on that, it was rare that I ever remember kissing her on the lips at all. Usually always on the cheek, or if on the lips…it was always one of those really quick “smooch” kisses. But if Sophia was to kiss me first, it was usually always on the forehead. The thing was, as she did that…leaned forward,

her breasts literally came into direct contact with my face. I remember kissing one, though to be honest, I don’t remember which one. The fact she didn’t react to my doing that either way was curiously interesting as well. And I was even a bit shocked at myself for having done so. It was almost automatic for me. It was just there, and I sweetly, softly and quickly kissed it. Not even on the nipple, just somewhere on the breast as she stood back once more, and then retreated back up the stairs carrying the cum-coated washcloth she’d brought down with her after telling me goodnight.

“Night sis,” I responded in kind, sitting there still feeling the tingle of my thoroughly washed dick. What had happened between us still seemed surreal. In all the years we had known one another, even after all the semi-frank intimate discussions we had had together through the years, including on occasion discussions we’d had and shared about various sexual problems in our respective marriages. Never once…had I sat back and entertained sexual thoughts regarding my sister. And I would have been willing to bet,

Sophia hadn’t entertained any of me either. And now…less than ten minutes ago, we’d both been sitting here watching one another masturbate. Would it be something we’d both come to regret? Have guilty thoughts about letting it happen? Would what happened eventually ruin what we’d only recently managed to bring together. The closeness of a relationship we’d once shared.

I soon after went upstairs to bed myself, walking past my sister’s closed bedroom door. The lights were off as evidenced by the darkness coming from beneath the door. I stopped briefly, considering whether to knock on her door or not, and then thought better of it, walking down the hallway towards my room.

I didn’t get a hell of a lot of sleep that night.


I had eventually dozed off, yes, but it was a very restless sleep. Waking the moment I heard her bedroom door open and then close, followed by footsteps heading down the hall towards the stairs. I sat up in bed, too wired…unable to sleep any more.

“Might as well face the music,” I told myself. Now that time had passed between us, I had a pretty good idea that if there was a problem now, I’d see it almost immediately in my sister’s reaction and attitude. She’d always been that way. You could tell a storm was brewing long before she ever told you why, or what was troubling her. I swore her blue eyes turned gray just before the shit ever hit the fan.

I was curious as to what color they’d be this morning.

It was rare that I ever had to go into work on a Saturday. Open only until 2:00 anyway, usually my shop foreman could handle whatever situations might arise. Only if they couldn’t did they ever call me. After taking my morning piss, I threw on a clean pair of boxers, but then slipped into an old bathrobe of mine. I didn’t want to give the mistaken impression that I was anxious to go anywhere by getting dressed.

But I also didn’t want to make any other assumptions either, especially showing up downstairs in the kitchen wearing only my boxers. Slipping on the new pair of slippers Sophia had purchased for me, I headed down stairs to check out the color of her eyes, and see if there was any hint of what might be going on inside her head. I could already smell the coffee brewing by the time I entered the kitchen area. Sophia had already taken down two mugs out of the cupboard and was just then placing them on the table when I entered.

“Thought I heard you. Coffee should be ready in just a couple of minutes,” she said smiling. She was wearing the same “comfortable” looking tee she had had on last night, though she had changed her panties. These were light blue. But…that was all she was wearing. Once again those same hard nipples of hers were clearly defined beneath the material of her tee. It was difficult not staring at them as she walked back over with the pot,

pouring us each a cup. “Sleep well?” She now asked, though continuing before I could respond to that. “I sure as hell did,” she grinned. “But then again I always do after having a really nice orgasm,” she freely said.

I noticed her eyes. I swear they were bluer than I had ever seen them.

She sat sipping her coffee looking at me. “You don’t have to go to work today do you?” She asked.

“Ah…no. Not unless somebody calls me,” I informed her. “Why? Do you need me to do something?” I wondered if there was some chore she had asked me about, and that I had perhaps forgotten to do or something.

“Yeah, there is something I would like you to do…or rather let me do,” she said stoically, looking serious.

I sipped my own coffee now, looking at her. “And… that is?”

“I want to watch you come again. Only this time, I’d like to see it a lot closer up, and maybe even…do it myself.”

My sister was full of all kinds of surprises. “Gees Sophia,” I stammered, not sure of what I should be saying. “I mean…shit, last night…”

“What about last night? Are you having misgivings about it?” She asked only now, looking worried.

“Well no, I mean…not really no. I just think that maybe last night was, you know…one of those spur of the moment.”

“More like a sperm of the moment,” she quipped once again trying to lighten up the suddenly tense situation. Though it worked, as it usually did. Her often crass manner never failed to get a chuckle out of me.

“It was that wasn’t it?” I answered her back, chuckling just a bit. “But you know what I’m trying to say here Sophia,” I said, getting a bit serious again. “It was admittedly hot watching you…but Jesus sis…I am after all…”

“Yeah, my brother. I know. But think of it in these terms,” she said standing up to grab the coffee pot in order to pour us both another coffee. Before doing that however, I sat there watching her as she reached the counter, then reaching down, and in one swift yank, she pulled the tee shirt she was wearing up and over her head.

Only then turning around, coffee pot in hand, with her tits hanging out. “You finally get to see these just about any time that you like, and for no other reason but they’re there. And I don’t mind at all you’re seeing them…or even touching them, or…”she winked. “Kiss them some more if you want to.”

“So…she had realized that,” I thought to myself.

“Think of it in this way Jacob,” she now continued. “We’re not really doing anything. Nothing more than what we both wanted to see or do when we were younger, though neither one of us would ever admit it back then. So…here we are, we’re older and wiser now. But more importantly Jacob, we’re living together.

And we’re bound to run into certain intimate situations from time to time. And…we’re both normal functional human beings with desires and urges just like everyone else. So, now we have the opportunity to more or less explore those old feelings, and do so with complete honesty and understanding towards one another.

Hell, I’ll be the first to admit it, Jacob. I’m curious about you. I enjoyed seeing you, watching you. And I want to see more of that. I’m not saying let’s run upstairs and fuck Jacob. All I’m saying is, I wouldn’t mind doing what we did last night from time to time. Sort of keep the edge off, and keep my sanity so to speak. You know what I mean?”

“I think it’s already too late for that.”

She glared at me, and then laughed. She knew I was teasing her. “You might be right. I think I’ve already lost my mind, or gone insane…or eventually would have, had I not gotten a refresher course in what it’s like to see a man’s nice hard cock again. Like yours was,” she said. “Like it’s hopefully getting now,” she paused once more looking at me. Me…looking at her luscious, freely exposed tits.

“It is.”

“Well then? You’re probably going to be jerking it off again soon here anyway, so you just might as well let me watch you when you do. Or…let me do it for you,” she added hopefully.

“That’s it? That’s as far as it goes then right?” I asked, having already given myself into this…to her, to what I now knew we’d probably be doing from time to time. The thought of which suddenly seemed perfectly normal, perfectly acceptable, and more than all right. “As long as we didn’t take it much beyond that,” I found myself telling myself, wondering if I believed it even as I considered the words.

“That goes for me too, you know,” she then added. “So if you want to touch me a little, you can. Or kiss my tits again,” she grinned. “Or even suck them some…I like, and miss feeling that.”

I missed it too, and told her so.

“Would you like to suck one of them now?” She asked.

I couldn’t believe she was actually asking me this as I sat there nodding my head yes. She grinned from ear to ear, slid her chair over next to mine, and cupped one of her large breasts offering it to me. “Be my guest,” she said pleasurably. Trembling, I reached over taking it in my own hands, and then gingerly bent over and began nursing it.


As I sat there sucking on my sister’s tits, there was a bit of a surprise for both of us. Suddenly I could taste this sweetness, and realized I was actually sucking mother’s milk from her breast. I sat up looking at her in surprise, squeezed her breast again, specifically her nipple, and saw several bubbles of milk appear around her extended gland. Sophia giggled almost embarrassedly.

“It never really went away,” she informed me. “Since I tend to play with them so much, whenever I’m masturbating, it keeps them stimulated, and keeps producing milk. Hope you don’t mind…Cooper…Cooper, loved it,” she said obviously choked up a little as she said that.

I’d never tasted it myself. But found it intriguing, interesting, manipulating her nipples once again, this time with enough force that she actually sprayed a little, making her laugh. “Wow!” I exclaimed, once more leaning over to recapture her tit in my mouth, sucking her milk as she placed her hand on the back of my head, pressing me against her.

“Hard to express in words how that feels,” she said softly. “You…sucking my breast. The sensation of that, drawing the milk out through my nipple. It’s like there’s a direct line from that, all the way down to my…my cunt!” She said using the more vulgar term, but I knew she was using that, saying that…she was alerting me to just how aroused she was becoming. “Or more specifically, my clit!” She then added to that.

“God that feels good Jacob, really good. Sometimes…I could even have or experience a mini orgasm just from having my tits played with and manipulated like this,” she moaned softly, still holding my head against her breast, almost feeding it to me as she held it within her own hand now as well.

I was hard as a fucking rock, which her hand soon discovered as she dropped it down into my lap, easily locating my stiff phallus, fondling and squeezing it as a nice fat dollop of lubrication flowed from the tip. I felt my sister’s fingers spreading it about the head, teasing me, pleasuring me in ways I had long forgotten.

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