The broken hearts – 4

This Story is part of Lonely Hearts Series

“The broken hearts” Part-4 Continues….

I heard the door open, now standing in front of the window looking out into the yard, turning towards my sister as she spoke.

“So…how’d you enjoy the…show,” she hesitated looking at me. I know by the expression on my face she could see something was troubling me. “What’s wrong?” She then added.

“Nothing’s wrong really. Just something I overheard Marsha say that made me think.”

“You’re having second thoughts about all this aren’t you?” Sophia started looking forlorn now, “I knew it…knew you would eventually. Should have never let things get this far,” she then added, nearly turning away. Already tears started to form in her eyes.

“Please Sophia, don’t leave. I just think we need to discuss this, that’s all. What Marsha said made me realize, what we’re doing…could hurt a lot of people, though mostly you.”

“So you’re not feeling guilty about any of this then, is that what you’re telling me?”

“Guilty? No. Worried…for you, yes. I’m not going to deny that I haven’t enjoyed this, enjoyed fooling around with you sis. But it’s obvious, if Marsha’s even the least bit suspicious, which I believe she is…what if word does get out? What then? What about the kids? What will they think? How will they react?”

Perhaps seeing me, now dressed in a pair of boxers again caused Sophia to reach up, belting and closing her robe. Now was not the time for thinking about her tits, though even her doing that made me think about them for a moment.

“For starters Jacob, even if Marsha is suspicious, or eventually does learn the truth. She might be at the most a little jealous because we are…and you and she aren’t. But even then, I know her well enough to know she wouldn’t run around saying anything to anyone. But…let’s suppose our kids eventually do find out we’re having sex.

For starters, Bree wouldn’t have a problem with it. Trust me, I know. She was the one that actually came to me shortly after Mila died and actually suggested the idea about you and I eventually moving in together.”

“That doesn’t mean she’s ok with us having sex.”

“Actually, it does. She told me that it was too bad we were in fact brother and sister, because she thought we actually made a good couple. But then she added to that, that even though we are…she wouldn’t have a problem with that either. Her comment is what even got me thinking about it from time to time, fantasizing about it Jacob, long before any of this. I don’t mind telling you the number of times I’ve actually masturbated fantasizing about all this, and a hell of a lot more too!”

“But what about…”

“Mathew? Oh I know in the beginning it might bother him just a little. But you know Mathew as well as I do Jacob. He’s always looked up to you, almost more so than his own father. You took the time to teach him about cars, went to his high school games every chance you could get, especially when Cooper wasn’t always available. And you damn well know how close Mathew and I have always been Jacob. Even more so than Bree and I were.

Hell, he came to me whenever he had a question with regards to sex, but you know that, because I told you. And then later, when he was older, talking to mom about such things was more embarrassing. Who’d he come to then Jacob? Cooper? No…you. He came to you. So will it bother him in the beginning? Maybe. But eventually in time, he’ll come to accept it and see it for what it is. The only problem I see is maybe with Hazel.”

I had to agree with that, Hazel would be the bigger problem. He was more like Mila than he was me. His thinking and reasoning had been greatly affected by his mother’s outlook on life, as well as the way she conducted herself in bringing him up. Something we hadn’t always seen eye to eye on. “Yeah. Hazel would be the bigger problem.”

“Well, the rare times we even see him, we could during those visits refrain, back off…let him get used to the idea of the two of us just living together for economic sakes more than anything else. Then, when and if it’s an appropriate time to discuss it, when he’s more apt to listen to reason, then we tell him. Together. Like Mathew was with you, Hazel was more so to me. His very favorite Aunt remember?”

“His only aunt,” I laughed as the tension was in fact easing up a little.

“Yes, maybe so. But he always called me his most favorite ‘pretty’ aunt, remember that? And remember how when he was younger, he was always crawling up into my lap, and inevitably his hands would be finding one way or another to brush against my breasts?” I did remember and laughed at that, Hazel was more like me in that way, than anyone. He too had always been a breast man.

“Yeah, you’re right about that too.”

“Like I said Jacob. I think even Hazel would eventually come around. So, the only real question is then…what are we going to do about it? Continue on together and deal with the situations as they come up? Or put a halt to all this now before anything else happens? You know my feelings on it Jacob, so now the final decision is yours to make. But I think I’m entitled to know what that is…don’t you?”

I think my answer was forthcoming, as my prick had actually begun to stiffen once more. The thought of having the kind of life I’d actually dreamed of with a woman, though not necessarily my own sister, was standing right here in front of me. The image of her naked, the two of us finally together in bed, causing my arousal. I made no attempt to disguise that I was either, as my penis slowly began to emerge through the opening in my boxers. Sophia saw it of course, half smiling when she did.

“As tempted as I am right now to do something about that, I’m not going to. What I am going to do is go take a shower and get cleaned up. After that, I’m going to fix us a nice dinner. We’re going to sit down, enjoy it…and talk. And I mean really talk Jacob, about everything. You’re going to hear things about me…about what I want, what I am no longer willing to just settle for any more. As much as I loved Cooper, and he me…and as good as things were between us, there were still things even then that I denied myself. And I refuse to do that anymore.

And you shouldn’t either, Jacob. So we’re going to talk about all that too. So take the time to think about that so we can discuss it. And then after that, we’ll see where things stand.” She turned in the doorway preparing to leave, turning back towards me briefly just before doing so. “Oh, and just so you know and are prepared to hear it Jacob?

I’m seriously not going to hold anything back. You’re going to hear all about your decadent, twisted, horny little sister and all the very naughty fantasies and desires I’ve ever had. Particularly about you…us. So keep that in mind, and be prepared to be just as forthcoming as I will be.” With that, Sophia left the room, leaving me standing there with another hard firm erection. It was going to be an interesting evening indeed.


I almost went back upstairs to change clothes again when I came down after Sophia called me to dinner. Though I had dressed, putting a pair of jeans and tee shirt on, Sophia had actually dressed. Wearing a very nice, almost too elegant little black dress. Though the hem was indeed short, showing off her more than ample thighs and legs, it wasn’t too short to be considered vulgar or obscene either. Likewise, the bodice was cut just low enough to show off some cleavage without her having to worry about them falling out, unlike Marsha in her dress.

“No, don’t. I like you just the way you are. I dressed for you. I thought you might enjoy seeing me dressed like this for a change.”

“I do. But now I feel underdressed,” I told her candidly, actually feeling a little uncomfortable now. Especially with the way she’d set the more formal dining room table. Her good dishes, silverware, candlelight, and what appeared to be a fairly expensive looking bottle of wine. Cooper had always been fond of collecting wines, had a small yet nice wine cellar downstairs in fact, though I hadn’t even once gone in to look at it.

Sophia had even prepared Beef Wellington and all the trimmings, making the dinner even more extravagant in my eyes, with me sitting there in a pair of jeans and an old faded out tee shirt from a Grateful Dead concert I had once gone to. “Really, it would only take me a minute,” I said, actually anxious to change before tearing into all this delightful food.

“No,” she said again. “I like the way you look. You look manly. The fact that I’ve only seen you in a suit even once, and that at Mila’s funeral, just shows who you are Jacob. And that’s what this evening is all about. Being ourselves, being honest and open with one another. I just wanted to show you a side of me you’ve probably never seen before. Sure, I like good food, fancy places and entertainment once in a while.

And I think that we’ll eventually enjoy doing some of that together. But I like the races too, Jacob. I enjoy getting dirty, going camping, taking hikes, fishing and just relaxing outdoors. You used to enjoy doing that too, though I know Mila wasn’t too keen on it, so you quit going as much as you used to. Well, I’m here to tell you, I’m looking forward to doing that, if you still are.”

My sister really was amazing. I had almost forgotten the fun times we’d had and shared as a family together, going up to the lake during the summer, spending a few days, sleeping out beneath the stars. And she was right too. It had been several years now since I’d even dusted off my old sleeping bag.

“So, let’s enjoy our dinner together while I tell you a few things. Things that maybe even Cooper didn’t know about me, or very likely…didn’t want to know. But you see the difference is this Jacob. I want you to know. I want you to know everything about me, everything about your very own sister. No surprises for one thing. But for another, now that I know who I am, and who I intend on being, it’s important for you to accept that, or not. But having the option to do so right up front, and not later on after having me spring it on you.”

“You make it sound like you have this evil-wicked side of you that nobody knows about.”

“That’s just it Jacob, I do. You saw the tip of the iceberg in the grocery store today. You saw the real me, the person that I am, and always have been, though I was usually too afraid to let that woman out. There’s a side of me that likes to be silly during sex. Another side that likes to be damn fucking naughty.

And yet another side that wants to explore her fantasies and desires with someone she trusts. Someone who won’t judge her, look at her any differently. Who knows she can be a loving, caring housewife, mother and friend. But who can also be a smoldering, slutty vixen inside too. So the question is…is that something you want? Is it something you can accept from me? Because if the answer to any of those questions is NO Jacob, then there’s really no point in pursuing any of this any further.”

I took the moment to think about that while enjoying my food, not wanting to talk with my mouthful, taking a sip of wine after that before answering.

“Maybe it might help if you shared with me some of those fantasies you say you have, perhaps that would give me a better idea as to what you really mean.”

“Ok…since you asked. And since we’re both being hopefully honest with one another here. One thing I think about on occasion, though I have only really dabbled in it a handful of times, and only because Cooper sort of accommodated me, though even then…not to the full extent I was hoping to experience.

But the thought of being at someone’s complete and total mercy. Blindfolded, tied up yes, but not just namby-pamby tied to the bedposts either Jacob. I mean full on bondage once in a while. Unable to move, almost uncomfortable. Ropes around my tits…tight, until they’re swollen purple like balloons. I want to feel the slap of a hand on my ass, perhaps even a crop once in a while. And I’ll say it…maybe a strange cock, someone I don’t know, might never know as you force me and ask me to suck them off while you stand there watching them.

Now, I’m not saying we will do that, because I also believe neither one of us should ever do anything we don’t want to do, or wouldn’t enjoy seeing. But even just talking about it, even if it remains nothing more than a fantasy. I’d like to believe that we can still talk about it, openly without fear or repercussions. And I want you to feel like you can do the same with me too.”

“What else?” I asked. And though I had never really been into the bondage scene, nothing she’d proposed or suggested was a real big turn off for me. Maybe down the road some of those things might be possible, even if I wasn’t so sure about them right now. But the thing was, I was open minded enough to consider it, and yes…discuss it with her, which I told her.

“Like you already know. I want to be silly naughty at times. I want to have the freedom to simply walk in, see you sitting there, ask you to take your cock out for me and play with it. Maybe that will be all I want…for the moment. Or…I want to have the freedom to be sitting on the couch, masturbating, and should you come home, to not sit there and worry about what you might be thinking if I am. People masturbate Jacob, I certainly do.

And I have no intention of ever stopping either. It doesn’t mean I’m not happy with our sex life, or that I find you inadequate for any reason. It just means sometimes I enjoy getting myself off. And once again…I would expect the very same from you in that regard. You want to jerk off, then jerk off. Whether I’m there or not, whether we’re sitting there watching some program on the TV one evening, and you get a wild hair up your ass to just take your dick out and jerk off…then do it.”

I had to laugh at that one. That was almost a little too far fetched. “Oh sure…I can just see me doing that, and you just sitting there looking the other way, reading a book or watching the news while I sit there and Cooper off.”

“Who says I’d do that? Chances are I’d join you for one thing. Although nine times out of ten, I’d bet we’d end up fucking in the middle of the floor. And that’s the other thing too Jacob. Sure I enjoy doing it in bed. But…I constantly fantasize about you fucking me all over the house. Wherever, and whenever.

I get off on that, perhaps even more so than fantasizing or thinking about the two of us doing it in the bedroom. I think about you pinning me against the wall, lifting me up, me…straddling your cock as you nail me right there. Or even walking around, the two of us fucking…”

“I’m not sure I’m still strong enough to do that for any real length of time.”

“Point is…” she giggled. “Even if you did me like that for a minute or two, it would be worth it, it would be exciting and arousing to me. That thing you did today for me Jacob, that’s what I want to see and do with you. Seeing you as you carried the groceries into the house with your cock sticking out the way it was, meant the world to me.

You have no idea how loving and important a simple, silly act like that was. But it was. And it reminded me why I feel towards you the way that I do. Sure…we’re brother and sister, but I also know that means we’re a lot more alike than most people are. We always have been Jacob, but then again…you should know that.”

“So… me carrying in groceries from the car with my dick sticking out turned you on huh?”

“Yes it did Jacob, and the mere thought of you doing that is turning me on again too. But…now that I’ve shared with you, time for you to share something with me too. What is it that turns you on Jacob? What do you fantasize about anyway?”

“Well that thing with Marsha earlier was kinda naughty…” Sophia laughed at that.

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