The broken hearts – 3

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“The broken hearts” Part-3 Continues….

It took almost two hours to both mow and trim the sizable yard we had. I was already considering the possibility of looking into a riding mower to cut down the time it took doing it as I entered the back door into the kitchen area. Sophia was just then setting plates out on the table for the lunch she’d obviously just prepared.

“Go ahead and wash up Jacob. Lunch will be ready in a few minutes here.”

Even as I stood at the kitchen sink washing up, I took the moment to eyeball my sister. Though dressed now, she was hardly wearing more than what she now did in the evenings. Though anyone coming over wouldn’t have given that much thought, though I certainly was. The beige shorts she had on were baggy, though short, giving her legs a much longer look to them. I couldn’t help doing that, admiring and taking in her still firm muscular shape, the tone of her calves, not to mention the firmness of her cute ass.

She was wearing a plaid sleeveless blouse, the shirttail tied in a tight little knot just beneath her breasts. The way she was wearing it, molded her very obvious bare breasts, and though giving her support, highlighted the fact she wasn’t wearing one as they jostled about freely just a little. I watched without trying to be too obvious about it even as she finished placing everything on the table in preparation for our mid-afternoon lunch together.

“Ok Jacob…I think you’ve had ample time to stare at my tits, I’m sure your hands weren’t all that dirty!”

I swear, she had eyes in the back of her head, and on the sides too. I walked over, smacking her on the ass before taking my seat. “Well if you’re going to run around like that, you’ll have to just get used to my looking at them,” I informed her, enjoying the sensation of being able to talk like this with her.

Obviously, we’d gone into the ‘familiar zone’ with one another, so more open, uninhibited and even playful banter was to be expected. Seeing her smile, I knew it was welcomed too, along with the half friendly slap on her ass as she squealed in delight, though side-stepping away from me in anticipation of another perhaps.

Sophia had fixed egg-salad sandwiches, one of my favorites, and one I hadn’t had in a while. Not since the last time she had made them for me, which I couldn’t even put a date to as long as it had been. “Thanks sis…you spoil me,” I told her, devouring half of one almost before she had a chance to say “you’re welcome,”

which she said by simply placing her hand over one of mine, squeezing it briefly before biting into her own sandwich. We sat enjoying our food, silence taking over for a moment, though as I sat eating, I couldn’t help but overhearing this strange unfamiliar sound.

“What is that?” I asked looking up over towards the window as though the sound was something coming from outside. Just vague enough to give me that impression as nothing within the room itself suggested anything that could be making it. “Can you hear that?” I asked her again, now standing.

“Hear what?”

“That…that, that buzzing sound,” I said now leaning over the sink staring out the window, though in doing so, now clearly hearing it behind me, and not outside. I turned looking at Sophia, a big grin on her face as she sat there still chewing on her sandwich. I furrowed my brow, once more looking at her directly. “That’s coming from you!” I rightly accused, to which she of course laughed, almost spewing the last bit of food in her mouth as she struggled to keep from actually choking on it.

“I was wondering when you’d eventually figure that out, Jacob. You’re right of course, it is me…or rather the mini vibe I have inside me.”

“Mini what?”

“Mini vibrator. I told you earlier, sometimes I like to tease myself throughout the day.” She then stood removing what appeared to be a small remote control from her pants pocket, only then revealing the fact that a small thin cord ran up the side of her shorts, and then down over her waistband, disappearing into god knows where from there.

“Right now…it’s on really low,” she informed me, then turning it up a little, that humming, buzzing sound taking on a noticeable difference though she quickly turned it down again. “Suzie likes being teased,” she then said.

“Suzie? Who the hells Suzie? And what’s she got to do with what you’re doing now?” I was totally confused and bewildered here, not to mention mildly shocked at realizing what she was doing here.

Once more she laughed. “Suzie Q…my pussy,” she said. “You know, like the song?”

“You named your pussy, Suzie Q?”

“A long time ago, even before I started dating Cooper, yes. Don’t you have a name for your penis?”

“No,” I said looking at her.

“You’re kidding me? I thought all guys named their dicks, you mean you never did?”

“I don’t know what books you’ve been reading, but none of the guys I ever knew ever named their dicks no. Maybe their girlfriends did…but the guys? No…at least I certainly never did. Though maybe if you think about it, Dick sort of is a name I guess.”

“Doesn’t count,” Sophia told me. “We’ll have to come up with something for him.”


“Yeah…him. I’ll have to give that some thought,” she said grinning once more though sitting down once again after putting her remote control back inside her pocket.

“Anyway…Suzie likes it when I tease her like this for a bit, without letting her climax. Makes it a lot nicer, a lot harder when I let her come later.”


“Yeah…her. Him. We…us,” she giggled.

“You’re making me hard.”

“Good. Stay hard. Now…finish your lunch. We need to go to the store and pick up a few things.”

“We? As in you…me,”

“And Suzie…yes, Suzie Q.”

I just shook my head and laughed, though curious and asking. “What if someone hears that? You know, while we’re shopping?”

“No worries…I’ll turn it off just before we go in, she likes that, the tease…the anticipation of when we come back outside again.”


“Yeah…Suzie,” Sophia winked and then began clearing up the dishes. “And if we hurry, I might even let you kiss Suzie on the lips as soon as we get back.”

As I went upstairs to put a shirt on, I found myself whistling a familiar tune…not to mention running through a list of names. “Damn it woman!” I said and then laughed. In her own strange unique way, Sophia was indeed making me feel alive again.


True to her word, Sophia had turned off the vibrator she still had up inside her by the time we got to the grocery store. The problem was, I’d vaguely been hearing it on the drive over, so that by the time we arrived, I was now fully erect. “Shit Sophia! Now see what you’ve gone and done?” I was renting through my slacks, wishing now I had thrown on a pair of jeans instead, something that would have at least compressed my current predicament.

And of course all she did was laugh as she climbed out of her side of the car. Making adjustments the best I could after getting out myself, I looked down once again. It wasn’t as noticeable, but there was no doubt that anyone looking would see there was an obvious bulge there.

“Don’t worry about it,” she giggled. “Anyone looking will just tell themselves you’ve got a nice package,” she smiled again, taking my hand and then leading me inside the store. I quickly grabbed a shopping cart, something to help conceal my situation as we began slowly making our way up and down the aisles, gathering things off my sister’s shopping list. At least as we did this, my stiff aching member finally started to go down. Until we reached the produce aisle.

I wasn’t thinking anything really by the time we arrived there, but moments later as Sophia began picking through some of the cucumbers I began getting nervous and worried again. Mainly because she was fondling a couple of them almost intimately, giving me a particular ‘look’ and a smile as she did.

She even stuck her tongue out briefly, flicking the tip of one of them without even bothering to look around to see if anyone was watching her, though I certainly did. And my worst fears came to fruition in doing that, as an attractive young looking blond came strolling over towards us, pushing her cart. By the look on her face she was very much aware of what was going on here. She held a diminutive smile, not trying to hide it necessarily, but obviously amused. Now standing next to Sophia likewise fishing through a few others laying there, as Sophia returned the one she’d been holding, searching out others, the young woman spoke to her.

“I know my husband prefers the really big thick ones,” she said almost conspiratorially. “Though I prefer the long skinny ones myself. I think he just enjoys the visual of it more than anything.”

I stood there with my mouth hanging open, listening to the two of them standing there talking about cucumbers in this way, especially as they both now held one, almost stroking it as though getting a seductive feel for it.

“I think I’ll stay with the slimmer one,” Sophia told her, only then looking over at me, or rather down at my crotch again, which of course drew the other woman’s eyes as well. “I think Jacob will be pleased either way, watching me…so I think I’ll stick with this one.” She then placed it in a plastic bag, as the blonde likewise did the same with hers, though she gave my crotch another go before winking at Sophia.

“Have fun,” she said and then pushed her way down the aisle stopping in front of the rather large carrots. She held one up. “These aren’t bad either,” she added, giggling, placing it back and then proceeding on along her way.

“Jesus H!” I finally exclaimed as we soon followed behind, though I pushed our cart considerably slower, hoping to place some distance between us. I soon wouldn’t have my shopping cart to use as any sort of protection from my once again obvious state.

We managed to make it out of the store without any further incidents, packing away several grocery bags in the back seat. Sophia was still fumbling with a few as I walked around to my side of the car getting in. Closing the back door on her side, she then came forward sitting down on her side, settling in…buckling up. She held the cucumber in her hand.

“Home James,” she grinned wickedly. “But slowly though…I think you’re going to enjoy this.”


Sophia reached down, pulling out the small bullet vibrator she had inside her. I was amazed at how small it was, and that it could even give her the kind of tingling pleasures she’d obviously been experiencing. “Suzie’s happy…want to feel?” She asked. I couldn’t help but laugh, letting my sister draw my hand over and down between her legs as she pulled one side of her baggy shorts over, showing me just how easily accessible she was.

It only dawned on me then, she hadn’t been wearing any panties either. She was indeed slick, slippery wet, forcing me to remove my fingers moments later, though not before licking and sucking them off herself. I was almost jealous of her.

Still holding her baggy shorts off to one side, she now took the cucumber, placing it gingerly at the opening of her sex and began teasing herself with it. Slowly, easing the long slim green phallus inside her, likewise withdrawing it. I noticed as she did, it appeared to be coated with an almost milky-white sheen that clung to its glistening surface.

“Try looking at the road once in a while Jacob,” she admonished me. “I don’t want to end up on a gurney in a hospital with a cucumber sticking out of my cunt.”

I actually did have to slightly correct our position on the road, as well as slowing down a little. My foot had absentmindedly pushed down on the accelerator just a little, though I think that was in response to my trying to relieve some of the pressure off the positioning of my very swollen cock.

I then changed my mind, sped up again with my eyes firmly focused on the road ahead of me. We were only a few blocks away from the house. I heard Sophia laugh though I didn’t look at her.

“In a hurry to get home are we?” She asked. I reached down, still watching the road, unzipping my pants, freeing my member as it all but sprang up through the opening I had now provided for its escape.

“You might could say that,” I said grinning inwardly as she moaned and simply said:

“Oh my!”

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