A play for tat

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This is a new story called “A paly for tat” let’s begin….. It was the second year that the six of us had come up here to spend a long weekend together. samuel and his wife Stella, a tall very buxom brunette, Jacob, and “Repeat”, as we called her, Rose…because she looked more like his sister than his wife, each of them with dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and short in stature at not even five and a half feet, though again Rose too had fairly large breasts. Though not as large as my wife’s were, more noticeable because of her short size perhaps,

almost looking top heavy. And then there was my wife Riya and myself. Personally, I thought my fiery little redhead was the most attractive of the lot, though again…most likely, I was just prejudiced in that regard. But the thing I loved so much about Riya was her total lack of inhibitions, and carefree attitude about life and love. That…and her almost too daring nature, especially when it came to matters of sexual persuasion. But once again…it was just another aspect about her personality that kept life extremely interesting, especially for me.

The old cabin we were staying in had been in the family for years, an old hunting cabin. Its purpose and intent had never been one of luxury or spaciousness, even though for an old cabin like it was, even then it was still pretty big. Inside, it was basically just one gigantic room. A fairly large fireplace filled one wall, an open area in front of it plenty large enough to sleep the six of us comfortably together on air mattresses and sleeping bags.

There was seriously no real privacy, which had limited everyone’s libidos to some extent, as we’d all been forced to put up with the lack of sexual activities the last time we’d been up here together. Though Riya and I had snuck off once or twice to fool around out in the forest, as we were pretty sure the rest of them had done as well a time or two.

There was a small kitchen area and a table just large enough to seat the six of us together, where we very often played cards late into the evening. Lighting was all by lantern or candlelight. We did most of the cooking outside on the porch utilizing the barbeques or Dutch ovens we’d brought along with us. Needless to say, it was rustic in every aspect. But the scenery, serenity and quietness of the mountain area where the cabin was, made the trip up here well worth it.

We’d already finished up with dinner, gotten a nice warm fire going as even the nights during the summer time could get pretty cool in the mountains. Riya had already made up a batch of Margaritas for us to sit down and enjoy together which was usually the case. Later on cards perhaps…again, as usual.

We’d already managed to kill off one pitcher of margaritas as Riya began making another when Stella asked me a question.

“So Thomas…how many years now has it been that the three of you’ve been coming up here anyway?”

Samuel, Jacob and I had been friends for years, growing up as kids in the same old neighborhood in fact. Years later, old enough to hunt, we’d started out coming up here with dad, and then later just by ourselves. When the idea and concept of hunting didn’t appeal to any of us any more, we’d continued our yearly excursions up here even then for several years. Up until we’d all started getting married. And then hadn’t done so for several years. Now…here we were again, just like in the old days…but now with our respective wives in tow.

As we started on the second pitcher of margaritas, and with everyone starting to feel their oats at this point, it wasn’t too unexpected when Riya brought up a rather embarrassing question.

“So tell me honey…if you and your friends no longer came up here to go hunting, what did you do? Sit around and jerk off?”

Unknowingly, she had hit the nail on the head so to speak. Early on when we’d been young, much younger, we’d actually done just that. And by the look in each one of our respective faces when she mentioned that, she knew…as did the other wives, she had inadvertently stumbled onto something.

“You did, didn’t you! The three of you…sitting around, watching one another jerk yourselves off! Oh my god!” She laughed, as did the other wives, all teasing and jabbing at us now with their personal questions.

In an effort to deflect part of that perhaps, though it was already too late to sit here and deny any of it, Jacob did remember something and then curiously scrambled over to check out our old stash, wondering if it was still even there. Something I myself had completely forgotten about at this point.

“You think your dad ever discovered our stash of Playboys?” he asked. I laughed, curious now myself.

“I don’t know…check it out, see if they’re actually still there!”

Long ago, we had in fact stashed a collection of old dog-earned Playboys, and then later, one or two really pornographic magazines up in the rafters. A portion of the ceiling area had been given a false shelf of sorts where dad sometimes stored things. It was there we had put up yet another false front in front of that,

tacked down so we could still get at it easily enough, but where we had long ago placed our “Jerk off” material as we’d called it. Using the bench seat to stand on from the table, Jacob easily pulled himself up into that old section.

“Careful Jacob! I don’t want you hurting yourself up there,” Rose warned. “I can just see us having to rush you to the hospital from falling and breaking your neck…or worse.”

“Yeah, like his hard cock if he actually finds those porn mags,” Samuel quipped. Even I laughed at that…it had been Jacob who’d been the first one brave enough between the three of us to actually whip him out and start whacking it off the first time we discovered what had then been dad’s collection of magazines. We’d simply added to it after that with the far more dirty, filthy porn magazines we’d brought along.

“Very funny,” we heard Jacob calling down as he rummaged around in the old creaky loft area looking for the false boards we’d nailed over one section of the ceiling. “Ah…found it!” he called out seconds later, and then using his knife to pry that section away, laughed out loud. “Oh my god! They’re still up here!”

“Bring them down…I want to see what the three of you used to look at when you jerked off,” my wife said, calling up to him. “And probably still do,” she then said, turning to the other girls, likewise making them laugh.

Almost gingerly he handed four well-worn magazines down to my wife, lowering himself down seconds afterwards. By the time he had, Riya had already taken them over to the table spreading them all out for us to look at. “This one might actually be worth some money,” Stella said, thumbing through the really old Playboy.

“I doubt it,” I told her. The covers really tire for one thing, and I happened to remember, we…ah…well, the three of us sort of destroyed the centerfold as I recall, and ended up burning it.”

“Why’d you do that?” Rose asked curiously. “Was she ugly or something?”

Riya burst out laughing. “Oh honey…I doubt that. Remember now, they sort of admitted to sitting around jerking off looking at these, trying to picture it unless I miss my guess…the three of them standing there are most likely squirting their white sticky stuff all over the centerfold.

Back then…boys did that when they didn’t have anyone else to squirt it on,” she continued chuckling. Though once again, my wife had nailed that one too. I could still clearly remember the day we had done that, and by the embarrassed looks on Samuel and Jacob’s faces, they could too.

“I believe you’re right Riya, look at this one, some of the pages are actually stuck together!” Stella exclaimed letting out a squeal of feigned disgust as she held it up trying to shake the pages apart. “God, how much cum did you guys squirt on this one anyway?” She continued to laugh poking fun at the three of us.

“A lot,” I openly admitted. That was the first real x-rated porn magazine any of us had ever seen before. Needless to say, it became the primary one we used to look at while jerking off too. First time any of us had actually seen anything where the men and women were really doing it. Where you could actually see that they were.”

“Wow, no shit! Look at this one!” Stella suddenly exclaimed, showing everyone the other x-rated magazine she held in her hand. One of the larger old black and white photos actually showed a guy standing there in the throes of climax. The camera had caught the precise moment he’d shot a ribbon of semen.

It showed a long lengthy rope of it shooting off into the air, the look of orgasmic joy etched in his face, caught forever in time. “That’s fucking hot!” She then surprised everyone. And almost as one, we all turned looking at Samuel, his face beet red, though grinning.

“Yeah, she likes it when I do that…like ah…well you know, seeing me squirt.”

“Ditto that!” My wife said join in. I LOVE seeing guys squirt, something very sexy…very provocative about seeing that.”

I had no idea where any of this was going of course, but I was starting to feel slightly uncomfortable. Not because of what was being said, but because I was actually getting horny standing here listening to it.

“You know…maybe we should change the subject and play a game or something?” I suggested. Once again, my wife knowing full well of my sudden discomfort pounced on it.

“Why is that honey? Getting a little too horny are we?”

I just smiled at her and nodded my head. No sense trying to hide the fact that I was, or that the air suddenly seemed a little sexually charged.

“Yeah, maybe we should play a game,” Riya said, turning towards the other two girls. She then walked over towards them, drawing them off to one side, whispering.

“Ah oh…” I said looking at my friends. “Something tells me, we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

That too had been a running joke amongst the three of us. Having grown up in Kansas City, whenever we embarked on some adventure, or did something we were very likely to regret later, we had a tendency to say that.

When I saw Rose suddenly look over towards where the three of us were standing, and actually blushing a bit…though nodding her head yes to whatever, I knew then…we were in trouble. If my wife could convince shy little Rose to go along with whatever she had in mind, then that didn’t bode well for the three of us. They soon parted, coming back towards us, evil wicked smiles on each of their faces.

“Ok…what?” I simply had to ask. “I know that look Riya…what are you up to now?”

“Like you suggested, a little game, something to pass the time, make things sort of interesting, for all of us.”

“What…kind…of…a…game?” I said slowly, worriedly. Like I said, I knew my own wife.

“Let’s call it…tit, for tat.”

“Tit for what?” Jacob asked.

“Boob’s for dicks then,” if you prefer. “Tits for tat…or rather that…them,” she said pointing at our lower extremities.

“You’re kidding right?” Samuel asked anxiously…though more hopefully perhaps as his voice had gone up an octave upon asking that.

“Girls?” Riya said, turning towards them. “Let’s show them that we’re serious here,” and with that, all three suddenly reached down, pulling off the tee shirts they were wearing. Now true…they all had bras on. No worse than the bikinis we’d all seen them wearing before…but there was something about bras in general, especially when they were actually threatening, or rather promising…to show you more.

“You’re…you’re serious!” I exclaimed realizing that my wife was anyway, though I still wasn’t sure about the other two.

“Very,” she challenged back. “And as a sign of good-faith here,” she now stood reaching behind her back, undoing the clasp on her bra, which I did think surprised Rose a little when she did that. She allowed it to fall away from her shoulders, though still managing to catch it against herself, not quite revealing her magnificent breasts. “Well? samuel? Jacob? You don’t count Thomas…you’ve already seen my tits. But if they want to, then one of them at least has to show us some dick here.”

“Oh for heaven’s sake’s Samuel, do it…pull your pants down,” his wife challenged him. “You know how much of an exhibitionist you truly are…so now’s your chance. Especially if you really want to see Riya’s tits, like you’re always telling me about how much you’d like to,” she said, startling everyone including Riya, who now smiled looking directly at him.

“Well? Tit for tat. Last chance…now or never!” She said, staring at him directly. And then Samuel began unbuckling his pants, though turning towards the two of us.

“Don’t look at me!” He exclaimed. “This might be a once in a life-time opportunity here, and if you guys think I’m going to pass this up…you’re crazy!”

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