A play for tat – 2

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“A play for tat” Part-2 Continues…..

After cleaning up a bit, which all three girls certainly needed to do, it was now their turn to express their desires on how they’d like to enjoy their own respective orgasms. In getting ready to do that, we did switch up partners a bit as I moved over to sit by Stella, Riya now with Jacob, and Rose sitting next to samuel.

“OK, what would YOU like me to do?” I asked her.

She all but purred when I asked her that. “Ok…don’t laugh, but this is what I want!” Lying back, she spread herself even more obscenely than she had been, though her legs remained fully extended, not yet bent at the knee. “What I sometimes enjoy, and want to feel and enjoy now…is a nice slow, soft clitty jerk-off.”

“Oh yeah, I enjoy doing that too on occasion,” Rose commented, though she had positioned herself on all fours as though expecting to be fucked. “What I want…is for you to kneel behind me, and just slowly finger-fuck me,” she told samuel. “Nice and slow…but continuous. I’ll let you know when I want more fingers, or want it faster…ok?” Good old Samuel seemed more than happy to accommodate her, and began doing so.

Parking myself next to Stella, I leaned on one side, facing her. Hotly…she reached down spreading her pussy apart with her fingers, exposing herself quite vulgarly, which was erotic as hell. The pink glistening furrow of her split was so openly revealed to me as she did this, not to mention the swollen stiff little knob of her fairly large clit.

“Like this?” I asked, taking it between my fingers, slowly working them up and down as though actually attempting to jerk her off like working a miniature cock.

“Oh yeah…just like that, perfect in fact,” she moaned softly, though releasing her pussy, hands now coming up to capture her breasts, fingers already rolling and tweaking her nipples. As asked…I continued to softly and tenderly manipulate her hard little clit, tickling it with my fingers, seeking out more and more of her internal moisture to further pleasure and sensitize herself with.

I didn’t even need to look over to see what my wife and Jacob were doing. I pretty much knew what she liked…and wanted. Once she was good and horny of course, which she obviously was.

“You’re sure? That’s what you really want?” Jacob asked, wanting to make sure he’d understood her perfectly.

“Yep…that’s what I want,” she informed him, saying it again. “I want you to slap my tits…and then alternate slapping my pussy, not too hard until I say otherwise…but not too softly either. Make it tingle-sting a little, really get my pussy juiced up, and then I want you to palm me…press it really hard against me, and grind on me like that until I come,” she had told him.

I enjoyed doing that for her myself. It never failed to produce a gallon of girl juice, which I then used to smear around her cunt, and then pressing, squishing it against her as I palmed her, always made the most interestingly erotic sounds and noises in doing that.

“How’s my doing?” I asked Stella. “Feel good?”

“Oh yeah…fuck yeah, that’s nice…really nice. Just keep working it up and down,” she breathed deeply, now pulling on her nipples, stretching them off her chest, releasing, and then grabbing them again, doing so over and over. “I’m getting pretty close,” she purred softly. “When I tell you…stick two fingers inside me, and fuck me with them…hard. But then just hold my clit…pinching it a little while you do that until I climax.”

“You got it!” I chuckled, already feeling my own cock hardening once more. Just laying here, looking at my friend’s hot, wet delicious looking cunt, so juicy and so appetizing, I was sorely tempted to lean over and capture that clit of hers between my lips. But…unfortunately, that wasn’t something I knew that would be allowed. Not yet anyway.

Already I could hear the slick juicy sounds coming from my wife. Jacob quite enjoying himself, actually being able to half-slap my wife’s breasts, which she honestly did enjoy feeling. That, and as he was now doing, patting, slapping, and then palming her cunt just as she’d asked him to do. Everyone there could hear the squishy sounds of her pussy, it was that loud, and that obvious.

“Oh fuck that’s nasty hot!” Rose cried out, unable to contain herself. “God Riya…you get so fucking juicy don’t you?”

“You might say that,” my wife answered back, moaning as she did so. “Maybe tomorrow…if you’d like, you can check it out for yourself.”

Samuel groaned, and then much to everyone’s surprise, came all over Rose’s ass. “Sorry…I couldn’t help it,” he said sheepishly. “But just hearing that…I mean, fuck.”

“Men!” Stella chortled. “Mention a little girl on girl action, and they become putty in your hands…that or sperm on your ass, either one.” Her tone quickly changed however after having said that. “Ok now baby…two fingers, hard and deep…make me fucking come!”

Riya was already crying out in the midst of her own orgasmic release, humping herself against Jacob’s hand, that squishy sounding pussy-pummeling he was giving my wife even louder now as she began squirting, adding to it. “Holy shit that’s hot seeing that!” He exclaimed above the cries of her pleasure.

I was a bit focused myself though at the moment as Stella too let out a mewled cry of release, her hands immediately coming down to take over her own clit, now frigging it furiously. “Fuck my cunt…fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it Thomas…fuck it!”

Rose too had collapsed, reaching back and playfully massaging in Samuel’s third spanking of the evening into her own ass. She sighed contentedly in doing so…as we all did.


Late…and with all of us satisfied and totally exhausted, we made up the beds, threw a bit more wood on the fire to see us through most of the night, and collapsed into our beds together. I spooned my wife from behind, surprised to find I was still partially erect.

“Slip inside me,” she said, sounding half asleep. “Fuck me to sleep baby…fuck me to dream land.”


It was cold when I woke up. Not unbearably so…but it was obvious that the fire had gone out towards morning. There would no doubt be a few still burning embers remaining, which would make starting a new one easier to do. Riya stirred beneath me, slowly coming awake herself, a reminder of the night before as

I felt my now very flaccid cock resting against her warm beautiful ass. Still snuggled up inside the sleeping bag together I was perfectly content to remain so…but I knew Riya. Once awake, she’d have to pee, and then that would be that.

I vaguely remembered having my prick inside her as we fell asleep…fucking her, but not towards orgasm. We’d done that often before, just connected, barely even moving when sleep claimed us both. That however, usually led to a nice early morning fuck, basically taking up where we’d left off the night before. Unfortunately like I said…it was cold, and now that Riya was indeed awake, she quite naturally had to pee.

“You need to get another fire going,” she informed me, only then sitting up. I took delight in the hard crinkle of her sweet nipples, each one hard as rocks…though I knew that wasn’t from any amorous inclinations…not yet anyway. Simply the cold. Even so, it was nice sitting there staring at my own wife’s hard firm titties.

“And try not to be too noisy while doing it…everyone else is still asleep,” she added , finally slipping out of the bag, grabbing her robe so she’d have something to wear when she went outside to pee.

“Too late…I’m awake now too,” Stella said likewise crawling out of her bag, thumping on Samuel waking him as she climbed out. “Wake up baby…see if you can help Thomas get another warm fire going. We’ll start working on coffee and breakfast after that.”

Samuel groaned, but soon slid out of his bed and began helping me stack some additional kindling in the fireplace, along with a couple of smaller dry logs in order to get a nice start on it before adding the heavier, longer lasting logs into the fire.

“Damn!” Samuel suddenly exclaimed loud enough that I almost cautioned him to be quiet as Jacob and Rose hadn’t yet gotten up. I needn’t have bothered, they had…just not in quite the way I was expecting. Rose had climbed on top of Jacob’s prick, and even then was slowly easing herself down over his once again hard stiff shaft.

“Damn is right!” I then added looking on as she slowly began swallowing that monster up.

“Morning guys,” she beamed brightly. “Don’t mind us…I just have to start out my day with this cock inside me,” she grinned, and then slowly began fucking him while samuel and I stood there with idiotic smiles on our faces, watching them.

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