The Check-in

This is a new story called “The Check-in” let’s begin….. I stepped off the bus double checking the address on the slip of paper I held in my hand. The small theater I’d been told to arrive at appeared to be just around the corner. I was still early yet, and decided to take advantage of the time walking into a nearby Starbucks ordering a coffee. While I sat sipping that, I checked myself out in a small mirror I kept in my purse.

Taking a moment to run my fingers through my short dark hair, sassing it up just a bit. I likewise checked out my almost non-existent lipstick and makeup. The part I was auditioning for in the little known play, was for a lesbian, though in the beginning, she wasn’t supposed to see herself as one, only mildly curious. I laughed to myself as I sat there staring at my reflection. The truth was…I was. When I’d gone in for my initial interview I had felt like the part fit me perfectly. And so had the assistant casting director after she’d looked me over and given me a small part to read.

It wasn’t a big role by any means. I only had a few lines, and one semi-steamy scene where I’d been asked if I’d be comfortable exposing my breasts on stage briefly. I’d never done any kind of a nude scene before, even a brief one. Aside from a few provocative photos my ex-boyfriend had taken, that was pretty much the extent of my exhibitionist side. Needless to say, I was more than a bit nervous.

In addition to my short sassy dark hair, which I didn’t think looked too butch, and which the director didn’t want either, the fact I also didn’t have overly large breasts though I had certainly received several nice comments on them, and plenty of admiring looks from both men and women in the past. They were still pretty nice sized,

without being too big.

And interestingly enough, I hardly ever wore a bra as it was, most of the time enjoying the freedom of not having to do so.

And besides, in the play I wouldn’t be wearing one either, making it easier when the time came for me to simply reach down,

pull my tee shirt over my head, turn…and then walk into the bedroom where it was hoped my new found girlfriend would then follow me. Her ex lover, supposedly there in the sitting room trying to entice the woman I’d just met into going back to her. Like I said, it was a small role with only a couple of lines.

I sat at the table sipping my coffee. “Well? Are you coming or not?” I looked at myself in the mirror, saying it again, a bit differently this time. “Well…are you…coming or not?” I didn’t like that one, and said it again the way I had the first time. Not realizing another woman had taken a seat at the small table next to mine.

“Just say where and when!” I suddenly heard, turning. I blushed, realizing the slightly older, yet good-looking woman had heard me. I laughed, apologizing.

“I’m sorry…I didn’t realize I was speaking so loudly,” I informed her. “I’m ah…auditioning for a small part in a play,” I further explained.

“Oh, I see…sorry to hear that, I hoped for a moment there, that you might actually be propositioning me,” she laughed back, not at all being serious, though perhaps flirting a little. Which caught me off guard just a bit. I took those few moments to study her as she stood up taking her coffee with her, approaching me.

“May I?” She asked

“Please do,” I invited.

I noticed the woman was tall, had shoulder length strawberry colored hair that was lustrous and seemed to catch the morning sun just right, hinting at the various hues and streaks of differing colors in her hair. For a moment, it almost looked as though her hair was on fire, sitting next to the window the way she was with the sun shining through it. She had green, though perhaps more like hazel colored eyes,

full sensual lips that were quite noticeable, especially when she smiled. She looked professional, business-like, wearing a matching skirt and jacket, though I noticed her more than ample breasts seemed to be straining against the fairly sheer white blouse she had on beneath it. I could see the dainty lace pattern in the bra she was wearing, and for a split second in time as she took her seat, found myself actually wondering what her breasts might look like.

“My names Mia,” she said, introducing herself, extending her hand to me. “So…you’re auditioning for a play are you?”

“susan,” I responded back, shaking her hand. “And yes I am. Not a big part, only a small one. But hopefully if I land this part, maybe I’ll get a chance at an even bigger one next time.”

“So what’s the part?” She asked, taking an interest.

“Well, it’s for the role of a young curious woman named Cindy. She’s just met this lesbian in a bar, who has invited her to come home with her, which she does. Only she’s never actually been with another woman before, but has decided she now wants to. Though she hasn’t told Stella, the other character in the play, who’s invited her to come home with her that fact either.

Anyway, they arrive, there’s a bit of kissing, some light petting, and then there’s a knock on the door. The girl whose apartment it is naturally goes to it, and finds her ex-lover standing there. She comes in. There’s a moment of indecision of course, this internal struggle as the ex-girl friend pleads with her to take her back. That sort of thing. That’s when I made my own decision, finding this sudden threat to my very first opportunity to satisfy my curiosity about being with a woman. So I reach down, grab the hem of my tee shirt and pull it off, letting her see my breasts for a moment. I then turn, walk into her bedroom…”

“And that’s when you say, “Well? Are you coming… or not?”

“Exactly!” I laughed hearing this mature, very attractive woman speaking the lines I’d meant to say. And saying them in exactly the way I now wished I had myself first spoken to them. “Say that again,” I said, surprising her.

She smiled, sitting back in her chair looking at me. “Well? Are you coming…or not?”

I liked how she said it. She’d paused just briefly, just enough, giving emphasis to the word ‘coming’ which hinted at a double meaning perhaps. Just hearing her say it the way she had, had sounded like she was asking about that, and not actually asking about if the woman was going to join her or not. But if she was going to cum with her or not. I liked it, and told her so.

“Well after what you told me…about the curious character Cindy? I think she sees this ex-lover as a real threat to her chance at finding out what it’s like to make love to another woman. And given the situation, it appears this is her one shot at achieving that. She needs to express that ultimatum to the other woman, as though this is her one and only shot to enjoy that herself. So the question is then, does she?

Or does she go running back to the ex-girlfriend, someone she’s obviously already been with. Does she want to deal with whatever problems existed that separated the two of them in the first place? Or…does she look to the future for something new and different?”

“That’s…that’s it exactly!” I exclaimed grinning from ear to ear.

“So…how does it turn out?” Mia asked.

Once again I laughed. “I don’t really know. I wasn’t given a copy of the entire play to read yet, only this scene, as it’s the only scene I’m auditioning for. So really…I don’t have a clue.”

She smiled, finishing her coffee, and then looking at her wristwatch. “Well, I best be off. But good luck with your audition. And if I were you…I’d try reading it just that way. I think it has more of an impact for one thing, and certainly gets her point across quite clearly without coming right out and saying…I want to fuck you.”

I think my mouth was hanging open when she said that. Reason being…if I didn’t know any better, I could have sworn, she’d just told me…that she actually wanted to do just that. Fuck me! I sat looking at her for a moment more, just as she did. It was perhaps just a split second in total, but it was time enough for the hesitation on both of our parts to speak volumes. She then smiled again, turning. “Like I said…good luck.”

I sat watching her through the window as she walked down the street. Which is also when I felt the moisture pooling between my legs, something I hadn’t realized until that very moment.

“Damn! Double-damn!” I said to myself. Wishing now that I’d at least gotten her number, or given her mine. And then the more I sat there thinking about it, the more I realized it was probably wishful thinking on my part. I convinced myself that hadn’t actually been a come on. In the first place,

there was nothing about her that actually hinted at her being a lesbian herself. Not that she had any sort of look one way or the other, as many didn’t, including myself.

But then again…I wasn’t a lesbian either. I’d never even touched another woman before, though I had certainly thought about it. Still having a few more minutes, I collected myself, finished my coffee, silently spoke the line once more the way she’d said it. And then headed out onto the sidewalk myself. It was time to audition.


I was both surprised and disappointed upon entering the theater. The place was packed! Still standing outside in the foyer, I realized there must have been three dozen young women standing there, all auditioning for two very small parts. The only good thing was, each of them appeared and looked just as nervous as I did.

“Alright girls, listen up please?” Someone spoke, and then as we all turned facing to where the sound of the voice had come from, a woman perhaps in her mid thirties stood there holding onto some sort of a clipboard. “Today we’re auditioning for the roles of Cindy, the pickup girl from the bar, and for the role of Danny, the ex-girlfriend. If you’ll all follow me into the theater, I would like all the Cindy’s seated on the left side, and all the Danny’s seated on the right side. We’ll call you up in pairs and then walk through the scene a couple of times each.

The first will be a simple practice and instruction, the second will be the audition itself. We will expect live action and performance, which for the Cindy’s will include removal of your upper garments. So I do hope you have come prepared and are expecting to do that.”

There was a bit of nervous chattering along with a few giggles as everyone filed into the small auditorium, the small un-set stage just beyond. I now recognized the woman who had just spoken to us as the woman I had first interviewed with. She now took a seat just in front of the stage along with an older man, and a slightly older looking woman, both of whom she briefly conferred with.

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