Exploring quick incest

This is a new story called “Exploring quick incest” let’s begin…. I’d been married to my wife Janet  for the past twelve years now, and we had what I believe to be, an amazing relationship for one thing. For another…we had two pretty amazing kids too. Though “kids” isn’t exactly the right word to be using I guess. Max, was Janet ‘s son by a previous marriage. His father walked out on the two of them when he was just learning how to walk.

Jacob, my daughter, the same age as Max having recently turned nineteen, and both of which would soon be heading off to a local university together. Jacob had never known her mother…except through a few photos I still had around. Maria, my first wife, had died during childbirth.

In the beginning, Janet  and I both had concerns with regards to how well our own kids would get along, and whether they would both be able to accept our mutual authority in raising them. Much to our surprise, and perhaps the similarities in how we believed kids should be raised, it went far easier than I could have ever imagined. Jacob took to Janet  just as though she were her own mother, and Max I think finally got the male bonding he’d been looking for and needing most of his young formative life.

But even more importantly, both kids got a sibling they enjoyed being around. It was rare to ever find the two of them arguing over anything or not getting along with one another. Maybe it had something to do with them not actually being real brothers and sisters to one another, though for the most part they seemed to consider one another just that, though not by blood.

But, like I said in the beginning. I think a lot of that had to do with Janet  more than myself really. She had a way of just listening when either one of the kids just needed to express themselves, get something off their chest without brow-beating them, or even disagreeing with them at the time. Most of the time, given a little time, each one of the kids ended up making the right decision in the long run.

Janet  was always the one telling me to “give them a bit more time…they’ll come to their senses,” she’d very often tell me. And ninety percent of the time, they did. The other ten percent? Well, let’s just say…we all learn by our mistakes. If we never made any, we’d never learn from them either.

The only thing I’d had a bit harder time dealing with than Janet  did, was whenever one or usually both of the kids ended up having what I termed a “sex question”. Not that I was necessarily shy about discussing things like that, but it was always easier for me to do so, especially with Jacob asking the questions, if I included Janet  at that moment. I preferred having Janet  there with me to add the more feminine point of view to whatever curiosities Jacob might have. Whereas Max on the other hand,

usually accepted the simple basic explanations without needing to follow up with another “why” question. Once his curiosity about whatever it was had been answered, he was good to go. And it didn’t seem to matter to him if it was me…or my wife who was the one answering his question. It was mostly who happened to be around at the moment more than anything else.

The only thing Janet  and I noticed early on, was the moment either one of them left with whatever question they’d had for us being answered, was the fact that Max and Jacob were soon after camped out in one another’s room shortly after that. No doubt comparing notes, or at the very least, sharing with one another the recent thing they’d just learned or found out about. With them both being the same age,

and within just a few weeks of one another, it actually saved Janet  and I a lot of time repeating ourselves for one thing. Though we did on more than one occasion, purposely bring them both in when we felt the matter was important enough to have done so.

With how old they both were now though, those days of adolescent curiosity seemed like a lifetime ago. In a way, I almost missed it. We still had family chats every once in a while, though more like adult discussions whenever we tended to have a difference of opinion on one topic or another.

But those more “interesting” days when either Max or Jacob got curiously excited about something…usually sexual in nature, seemed to be a thing of the past.

The one really good thing that I saw coming out of this, was that Janet  and I would soon have the entire house all to ourselves. With the kids heading off to a local university, they’d already been out looking for an apartment they could share close to the school. Something that both Janet  and I were in favor of.

It would certainly save on expenses for one thing, and they’d still be living close enough that we’d actually see them once in a while. Yet giving us that extra-special time alone and privacy the two of us had been craving lately.

You see…the other thing I so loved about Janet  was her total lack of inhibitions. In bed, she was more than any man could ever hope to be married too. Nothing was out of bounds, or off limits with her, provided it didn’t really cause any pain…or cause either one of us to be stoned by the local townsfolk. Though even then…there were times I wondered.

Now, oddly enough…even though Jacob was my daughter, she actually looked more like Janet  than she looked like me. And for those who didn’t know the whole story, many thought that Max and Jacob were in fact fraternal twins. Max’s somewhat darker colored hair and similar build looked more like my own, though he certainly had Janet ‘s green eyes, with about the only thing Jacob and I sharing were her dark brown eyes.

Jacob and Janet  both wore their shoulder length hair in very similar styles, making them look even more like mother and daughter, not to mention the similarities in their breasts, roughly the same size just by looking at them as they stood side by side. And they had on more than one occasion, in fact, worn one another’s clothes. In a way for Janet , it was like having a younger sister she could share things with, and as I later learned, very often did. Not just in clothing, but in sharing intimate personal discussions with one another, though very often that’s all I was ever given to know…that they had. Not what they’d actually discussed or talked about.

Life seemed to be moving forward in a natural direction. We were to any who knew us, the average normal everyday family.

And all that was about to change.


It was a typical Friday night, or rather the first Friday of the month. A night in which Janet  and I very often went to visit with our very best friends. Sometimes they came to visit us, but most often we went to see them as their kids had already left the nest so to speak. And because of the almost two hour long drive to see them, it wasn’t uncommon for us to end up spending the night, staying in their guest room.

Especially if we’d had a bit too much to drink the evening before, which was usually the case. And though I had grown to like Darren and Barbra well enough, they were more Janet ‘s friends than mine, knowing her when she’d been married to her Ex, only accepting me after she and I had been together for a while.

The thing about Darren was, he’d always had a thing for Janet , something that didn’t exactly go unnoticed, or much appreciated by Barbra whenever she caught him looking after her best friend that way. Which again, usually happened after Darren had had a bit too much to drink.

So far, the way the two of us saw it, it had been no more than a little harmless flirting. Janet  actually enjoys the attention and teasing somewhat, though always quick to reassure her best friend it would never go beyond that. So far, it hasn’t. And so far up until now anyway, there’d never really been too much of a pMaxlem because of it. But on this particular night, for whatever reason, we got a phone call on Janet ‘s cell when we were almost half way to their place.

“Hey, what’s up? We’re about…what?”

Barbra had called while we were on the way. It was evident that something was going on just by the change in my wife’s tone of voice as she sat there listening to her friend over the phone.

“Oh Barb, I’m so sorry…no, don’t worry about it, we haven’t come that far yet,” she told her friend over the phone looking towards me. Already I was slowing the car looking for a place to pull over until I got the rest of the news. “No, no, like I said…we haven’t driven that far, no big deal. Yes, maybe next month…see how it goes, I’m sure by then, all this will have blown over and sorted itself out.”

Janet  spoke to her friend for a moment more, though once again mostly listening before finally saying good-bye, and then hanging up.

“Home James,” she said, trying to sound good-naturedly about it. And then filled me in. “Obviously…they had a fight.”

“Obviously,” I said, turning the car around heading back home again. “What happened? Or need I even ask?”

“Well, apparently, Darren wasn’t any too happy with her choice of clothing this evening. Told her that her blouse was cut too low in the front for one thing, and that her skirt was too short. Told her to go in and put on something else.”

“You’re kidding me right?”

“No…that’s what she told me. Said he all but threw a fit when she refused to do that. Said it was ok for him to ogle me…but that you weren’t allowed to ogle her…not that you would.”

“Of course not,” I joked. Another thing I never worried about. Janet  was good about me ogling all I wanted to, though Barbra had always been careful in the past about letting too much of her own body show off too much. Now I know why. Apparently, she’d had enough of Darren’s double standards and had decided to even the playing field a little prior to our arrival. Darren however,

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