Exploring quick incest – 2

“Exploring quick incest” Part-2 Continues…..

I had never been one to sleep in on the weekends, and today was no exception even though I had gotten very little sleep. I had tossed and turned most of the night, images of my son and daughter still bouncing around inside my head. And added to that, dealing with the reemerged emotions I’d first felt early on. Guilt, confusion, even a bit of anger and jealousy of all things.

Neither one of which I felt like I could dare express or act upon. Bottom line was, I didn’t know what to do, and could only hope and rely upon my wife’s more levelheaded way of dealing with it. But that wouldn’t happen until later on after she’d woken up herself and had spent some time reasoning it out in her own mind, which I knew she’d eventually do. Until then, the only thing I could think of to do was go about my normal routine and not say or do anything that would give myself away.

Better laid plans.

I’d gotten up, headed downstairs and started the coffee, just as I always did. While I waited for it to finish brewing, I went outside to grab the paper and then head back out onto the deck in order to read it, and enjoy the first cup of the day. As it usually was this early in the morning, the house along with the neighborhood was fairly quiet. I’d only been outside a short time when I heard the sound of movement coming from inside. I steeled myself, knowing full well who it would most likely be.

Jacob usually joined me for her first cup of coffee shortly after I had made it. Usually just the smell of it in the morning was enough to wake her up, where she usually joined me. Normally I looked forward to those times together where we’d catch one another up on what was going on in our lives, and spend some personal semi-intimate time together. I could only sit there and wonder how I could possibly pull that one off, thinking and remembering what I now was.

Sure enough, Jacob stepped outside a few minutes later carrying a cup of coffee with her, along with a carafe, which she had also filled in order to refresh my own.

“Morning daddy!” She said just as she always did, kissing me on the cheek as she leaned over simultaneously pouring me more coffee. It was the same thing she always did. But up until now anyway, I’d never really paid too much attention to her attire, nor the close proximity of her braless breasts as they just grazed my shoulder as she kissed me and poured the coffee.

“Morning,” I said a bit too gruffly perhaps, not in my usual chipper way of greeting her. As usual, she was wearing a very large tee shirt as sleep wear, which was no different than what she usually wore, along with a pair of panties that I only occasionally got glimpses of in the past whenever she came outside to sit with me. Unfortunately however, that brief brush of her breasts, knowing they were bare beneath her shirt, and that she didn’t have anything else on except for a pair of too-brief panties perhaps, caused me to comment on her attire. Something I would never have done otherwise until now.

“You know honey…you really should think about getting more appropriately dressed before coming out here in the mornings,” I started seeing the look of surprise on her face upon hearing me say that.

She looked down at herself. She might have been braless, yes, but her nipples certainly weren’t poking against the front of her shirt, and there was really nothing to suggest that she wasn’t decently covered. Even the shirttail was still long enough to completely cover her behind as long as she didn’t just lean forward with her back towards me.

“What’s wrong with what I have on?” She asked defensively. “It’s the same thing I’ve always been wearing. You never said anything about the way I’ve been dressed before!” She said indignantly. And then looked directly into my eyes. “You’re not upset about the way I’m dressed…so what else is going on?”

“I didn’t say I was upset. What I said was…maybe you should think about wearing something else before you come outside.”

“More appropriate,” she corrected me. “Meaning…you don’t think what I’m wearing now is very appropriate. And I want to know why. Nothing’s showing for one thing, even my nipples aren’t poking out,” she added, obviously becoming a bit angry herself now, though obviously confused as to why I would be.

I could have kicked myself. Obviously this conversation was going to go nowhere fast, and I wasn’t about to tell her the real reason why either. Janet  would personally kill me if I did for one thing, and the last thing I wanted to do was make this an even bigger mess than it was already turning out to be. I decided to try and back-track a little, lay some of the guilt on myself, which wouldn’t be that hard to do, pass it all off as a, “It’s a my pMaxlem” sort of a thing, and hope she’d let it go at that.

I should have known better.

I tried putting on a more friendly, fatherly smile. All that did was piss her off even more.

She stood up once again looking down at herself. “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” she demanded.

“Nothing Jacob. Nothing, it’s me…not you. There’s nothing wrong with what you’re wearing, nothing at all, and I shouldn’t have said it. It’s me honey, not you,” I said, trying to defuse the situation.

Now she looked more confused than ever, though she at least sat down once again.

“Did you and mom have some sort of a fight?” She asked. “Is that why the two of you came home so unexpectedly? And then went straight up to bed? Are you having sex pMaxlems?” She came right out asking me directly.

I wanted to crawl into a hole someplace and bury myself.

“Ah…ah, sex, I mean, ah…ah no! Of course not! And no…we didn’t have a fight either,” I said backtracking as best as I could, though Jacob had taken me off guard by her question. Especially as it had hit too damn close to the root of the real pMaxlem here.

“Then what?” She pressed. “Why did you come home so early then? And why are you acting so grumpy this morning? It’s not like you to jump all over me for no good reason, unless there is one,” she added, her eyes opening wide, looking for some sign that she was onto something.

I’d just run into a wall here, looking for a way to turn this around, wishing I hadn’t gotten up this morning at this point. I sat there looking at her, looking at me, waiting for some sort of an explanation. And then it came to me, well…something came to me anyway, and I acted on it before thinking it through clearly. Something I was suddenly very good at doing.

“Because you’re so grown up…and a real woman now.”

She blinked as though that might help her to understand me more clearly. “You want to try running that one by me again?” she asked.

“I’m sorry…I know, I’m not really making any sense am I?” I said winging it now, desperately trying to take this in a direction that would make sense…to either one of us. Though I was still grasping at straws here even then.

“You…you remind me so much of your mother.”

“Mom?” She turned upon saying that looking back into the house, and I knew then she’d missed my meaning.

“Not mom…not Janet ,” I amended. “Your mom…mom.”


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