Best friends but more than that – part 1

This is a story about the best friends who play a truth or dare and finds out more.

**This story is slow and I wrote it like a novel but I guarantee you that you have the best pleasure from it.**



Luis had been my best friend for most of our lives. We had met at the end of elementary school and had been thick as thieves since then. He was the first person I came out to as gay, and he took it really well. He had kind of realized before I admitted it, and he was there with me when I told my parents. They were mostly cool, but I was terrified.

Luis was your typical kind of jock, except he had always been really kind. He played soccer, basketball, and had done aikido all of his life, so he was fit and easily the sexiest man I had ever met, even in high school. I was completely and totally in love with him, but I tried not to let people see that. Luis knew it, of course, because I was painfully obvious, but he pretended he didn’t, and it worked for us fine.

He dated a ton, though his relationships didn’t last long. He liked to keep things casual as it was more his thing. I wasn’t sure he was capable of committing to be honest, though at least it wasn’t just me he wouldn’t really be with. Still, I played with the idea of being his fuckbuddy every once in a while. I knew he liked sucking dick and being topped every once in a while, but it seemed like a very specific line we couldn’t cross.

He came into the living room as I finished getting ready to go out for a drink, wanting to get some of the bubbling energy and horniness out of me by finding someone to fuck and fuck hard. Luis sank down onto the couch, watching me as I put my watch on and checked to make sure I had my phone and keys.

“Going out to find a man for the night?” he asked me.

I gave him a smirk. “I’m tired of my hand for attention. Sometimes a nice, hot mouth and ass is exactly what I need.”

He was staring at me now, with an expression I couldn’t quite place. “Have you ever thought of having a steady boyfriend?”

I sighed at that. “I mean, I’d love it, but I tend to be far too picky when it comes to actual dating. Sex is easy. I can find someone at a bar or on Grindr, and then get my rocks off and come back home. Finding a boyfriend is worse because I have specific standards that most of them don’t measure up to.”

Luis nodded his head slowly. “Yeah, I guess that makes sense. By the way, Laila is having a small party tomorrow. Want to go?”

Laila’s parties always got a little wild. She liked to play games like spin the bottle and truth or dare, but some of that got more extensive than just kissing. Still, it was always a good time, so I nodded my head and agreed to it before I went out for the night.

I liked to frequent the gay bars and clubs, and tonight was no different. I got myself a drink, bourbon, and enjoyed flirting with men in the bar. I eventually met a man, named Mason, who was slightly smaller than me, thin and lithe. He was kind of the perfect example of a twink, and a bottom. I liked to be topped sometimes, but I loved being in control. I could never give that up if I got into a relationship.

It turned out that Mason’s roommates were having a small party, so I offered to host and we went back to my apartment. I didn’t see Luis when we got back in, so I took Mason into my room, asking him if he was prepared to have sex tonight. Apparently he was well ahead of the game though. He had already prepped himself. I smiled at that and then ordered him to strip for me as I pulled my shirt off and sat down on my bed.

Mason did so, slowly and gently peeling the clothes off of his body. He was mostly hairless, with just a light trail of hair going from his stomach down to his dick. He must shave his balls, and his pubes were cut short and neat. He stood there, a little unsure once he was completely naked.

I loved this part. The uncertainty, how unsure he looked, until I would give an order. I stood up again and told him to get the rest of my clothes off. He got down onto his knees and began to unbuckle my pants, slowly pulling them and my boxer briefs down together. I helped by stepping out of the legs of my pants, and he looked up at me, his eyes wide, as he took in my seven inch thick dick. He didn’t take it immediately, looking at me for more orders, his eyes begging for me.

I reached down and touched his face, running my fingers along his cheek, feeling the light stubble. “What do you want, boy?”

“I want your cock, sir,” he said to me, and a thrill went through my body as my dick twitched at that. “Please, let me lick it, sir. Please.”

“Go on then,” I said to him softly as I sat down on the bed. “Suck me. Show me what you can do.”

He moved forward until he was between my legs again, spreading them a little more by pushing on them, and then he went to work. He started with my balls, licking and sucking at them, his warm tongue working magic, until he eventually licked up my shaft and swirled his tongue around the swollen head. I moaned softly and then saw him take me fully in his mouth. I felt his throat relax as he took me deeply, gagging on me for a moment before he came back up and then started sucking in earnest.

I moaned again, over and over, as I grabbed his head, clutching onto his hair, gently shoving my dick in and out of his mouth, fucking his face as he moaned and hummed against me. I increased my speed, enjoying the feel of his tongue on me, until I let out a soft cry, shooting my load deep into his throat. Mason lapped it up happily, licking every single drop of cum from my dick. I took a moment to catch my breath and then got up off the bed.

“On your knees,” I told him and was gratified by his quick movements to do as I said. I didn’t need long to get hard again. I preferred to cum once before sex because then I could really make the man come undone before I came for a second time.

I moved behind him, bringing my mouth down to suck on his balls, enjoying the way he suddenly hitched his breath. I licked down his shaft, tasting his precum before coming back up and gently licking along his exposed hole. I just barely touched it, and he bucked his hip up towards me, wanting it so badly. I chuckled and then bit him on the ass cheek. His breath hitched again and then he let out a low moan.

I went to licking him, over and over, pushing my tongue into his hole gently, enjoying the way he squirmed under me, begging for me. His little whines and mewls were so delicious and intoxicating. I finally came back up, putting my fingers in my mouth to moisten them before I worked a single finger into him as he gasped against the feeling of it. Soon I was working two, and then three fingers into him, stretching him out, getting him ready.

“Please, please,” he whined.

I smiled behind him as I grabbed a condom and some lube, wrapping my dick up before I brought it up to his hole, just brushing the tip across it a few times. “Beg for me, boy,” I growled.

“Please sir,” he said breathlessly.

I slapped his ass hard, the way he gasped making my cock twitch in my hand. “You can beg better than that.”

“Please, sir,” he said again. “Please, I need your dick in me so bad! Stretch me out and destroy me! Please!”

“Mmmm, much better,” I said in a husky voice and then covered my dick in lube before slowly pushing into him. I let him adjust to me, slowly, until I was completely buried in his ass, my balls brushing up against him.

I waited for him, as he got used to it, and then slowly, he started pushing his hips back and forth, fucking himself on my dick for a moment. I closed my eyes, loving how tight he was, before I grabbed his hips and started matching my thrusts to meet him now.

“Fuck you feel so good,” I told him.

“Please, fuck me faster,” he moaned.

I happily obliged him, digging my fingers into the skin of his hips as I pounded into him. Mason was almost the perfect bottom for me, begging me before he touched his dick as he started tensing up against the pleasure I sent into him. I gave him the go ahead and then he started rubbing his dick vigorously, and it didn’t take too long before he cried out, his cum spurting out of him hotly. His ass clenched hard around me and I growled and bent over to bite into his shoulder as I came hard, shooting over and over again into the condom inside him.

The two of us fell onto the bed, our bodies up against each other as we tried to catch our breath. He gave a little whine as my softening dick came out of him.

“Wow, that was amazing,” Mason finally said. “Mind if I take you for a ride again some day?”

I laughed at that. “Yeah, we can do that.”

We helped each other clean up and then I let him leave to go back to his place, while I came back into my bedroom, switching out my blanket for a clean one, and then falling asleep.



The walls in this apartment aren’t incredibly sound proof, so I could usually hear when Dylan had men over to have sex. Likewise, he probably heard when I had someone over too, usually a woman. I could hear their words tonight, having trouble blocking it out.

“Beg for me, boy,” Dylan practically growled, and I felt my dick start to harden under the sound of his voice like that.

I absolutely hated that he was with someone else right now, but his voice and his grunts and moan turned me on despite it. I had come to realize, over the last year, that my feelings for my best friend had been evolving. Maybe it was that having such thin walls, we ended up getting to understand how each of us is in bed in a way. His dominant nature, his growling tone, the grunts and moans he gave out, the way he sounded when he came. It was like I realized that my best friend was a sexual creature finally, and an amazingly sexy one at that.

I didn’t know how to tell him though. It was easy to come onto hookups, but I knew Dylan’ feelings towards me, and if I was going to make a move, I had to expect that I would lose my best friend if I wasn’t really to really go the mile with him. At this point, though, I thought I was ready to do so, but now I worried he would reject me for the far better sexual options out there.

I listened to the way he moaned as he fucked the man he brought home, and I reached down to release my rock hard member from my pants. I wrapped my fingers around my dick, slowly stroking as I listened to him, imagining that it was me under his body. I sped up as I could tell he was getting closer to his climax, picturing him balls deep in my ass, thrusting in and out as he growled my name. Hearing his moans and growls of climax finally rocketed me into my own, my back arching as I stifled my cries with my hand, my cock shooting jet after jet of hot cum onto my stomach and chest.

Best friends but more than that – part 1 will continue in the next page.

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