Best friends but more than that – part 4

Best friends but more than that – part 4 continues…….

I was getting the ingredients out for lasagna and put the pot on the stove to start making the meat sauce when I smiled at him. “I was kind of hoping you would. In fact, I was thinking, eventually we really should decide on having one bedroom for us. We could turn the second one into an office with a bed for guests.”

As soon as I said it, I worried that maybe I was bringing this up too soon. I didn’t want him to feel like I was pushing him into anything, even the whole coming out thing with his family. I would accept it if he decided to go to his parents’ house for the holidays without me, and would forgive him for any hurt it caused even before he looked at me with those pained green eyes. Truth be told, I already had as I expected this to be hard on him.

So I didn’t want him to freak out by going too fast. It was hard not to, though, considering how long I had loved him for.

I was relieved when his green eyes sparkled with happiness. “I think that’s an excellent idea, actually. I think eventually we should consider pooling our resources together to buy a house so we can be as loud as we want, but for now, this is a perfect step.”

I smiled in relief and got to work on dinner. Luis went off to help his sister get settled and to move things around between the rooms. Luis owned two dressers, though he kept mostly keepsakes and such in the second one, so they worked to get one of them moved over and the other cleaned out for Jamie while I layered everything up in the pan and got it in the oven.

We all ate dinner together and talked, enjoying each other’s company. Luis sat next to me at the dining room table, being affectionate with me the entire time. Jamie was looking at us almost critically, but every once in a while a smirk would show on her face and I realized she was trying to make sure that I was treating her brother well. We were both known for our casual sex relationships, so I could understand that.

Surprisingly, having Jamie there didn’t impede our sex life much. She had work in the day, which made morning sex easy because my schedule was more flexible. She was also trying to make friends with coworkers and some of our friends, so she was happy to go out at night, and it gave us a chance to do much more in depth sessions together where I could completely stop him. He was like a putty in my hands sometimes, always so eager to give in to my orders.

We were getting closer to Thanksgiving when we were lying in bed, tangled up in each other and kissing softly, already satiated from the sex. Luis pulled away from me, looking thoughtful.

“I was thinking,” he said slowly, obviously nervous. “This is amazing, and sex with you is easily the best I’ve ever had, but I would be curious about topping you if you were open to it.”

“Oh, you think you can handle that, huh?” I teased him, kissing his ear.

“I’d definitely like to try,” he laughed, his body shivering as I ran my tongue along the skin of his ear.

“I’d be amenable to it,” I replied after teasing him for a moment. “I haven’t done it in a while though. Would you be okay with me working to get myself ready beforehand?”

He nodded, trying to tamp down on his excitement. “Definitely. Just let me know when you’re ready.”

“Before that though, Thanksgiving is next week, love,” I reminded him.

Luis’s face fell a little and he nodded solemnly. “Yes, it is. I want you to come with me. I’m going to tell them, but I want you with me when I do it. I need you.”

Normally I would tell him what a horrible idea that was, but the look in his eyes, the pleading fear, made me realize that this might be the only way he could handle it, and what kind of boyfriend would I be if I wasn’t willing to go through that discomfort for him. I pulled his hand up to kiss and nodded my head, and the smile on his face was reward enough.

He let his parents know the next day that I would be coming along, and I worked on making sure my schedule was free and that my friends I normally spent the holidays with knew I would be gone this time. I packed enough to get us through the week, and then offered to drive so that Luis could just focus on getting ready. I asked Jamie to come with us for the car ride so he had someone else to talk it through with. I felt just as nervous as Louis did, but Jamie was a calming influence.

By the time we arrived, I felt a little like throwing up, but I put on a brave face for my boyfriend, wanting to be his support more than I wanted to run away, and we headed up the driveway to the front door.


I was going to vomit. We were standing on the porch, waiting for my parents to unlock the door, and I felt like I would pass out. I don’t know why this was so difficult. I knew if I eventually dated and married a man, I’d have to do this. Maybe it was more pressing because it was Dylan though. I didn’t want them thinking he had made me be gay. For one, it was a ridiculous concept, because you can’t turn someone gay. Secondly, Dylan meant everything to me, and I didn’t want them to disrespect him.

“It will be fine,” Jamie said to me as she squeezed my shoulder.

I feel Dylan’ hand on the small of my back for a moment, his face showing both anxiety and strength before he lets his hand drop again. The contact was minimal but I wanted more of it. I loved his hands on me.

“Jackson! Jamie!” My mother cries as she opens the door and hugs each of us. “Dylan, so good to see you again.”

I frown at how formal she spoke to Dylan, but Dylan didn’t seem overly bothered by it.

“It’s nice to see you again Mrs. Winters,” Dylan said with an easy smile.

Mom moved out of the way to let us all come in, and she had our housekeeper take our things up to our rooms. I watched as Mariana took Dylan’ bag off toward the other end of the house, where mom likes to put up guests, and especially a gay guest like Dylan. It’s not where I want his bags to go, but I don’t say anything out loud yet.

We spent most of the day helping my mom prep all of the things she would need for the next day. Thanksgiving was big for her, and sometimes she would have other family come over. I didn’t want to come out when the entire family was there though, so I decided I would do it at dinner that night. We had the pies all made and ready, chilling in the fridge in the garage for extra room, while we prepped the brining for the turkey and made sure the vegetables would be ready to go the next day.

We all got dressed for dinner, as my parents had a rule of looking nice. I was disappointed that Dylan couldn’t get dressed in my room with me. I missed watching him with lust filled eyes that always made his cheeks turn red.

I got to the table first, making sure that the extra place setting for Dylan was next to me rather than next to Jamie like my parents tended to do. I wanted my boyfriend next to me for this. He came in not long after, looking at what I had done and smiling at me. He knew it would annoy my parents.

I think they still had ideas that enough time with Jamie would make him see the obvious error in his ways. As beautiful as my sister was, with my green eyes and lighter hair, I didn’t think her soft curves and lack of a nice hard cock was going to do it for him. Jamie knew that too but she had just ignored what our parents were trying to do.

My parents were, of course, annoyed that I’d messed with their seating, but they weren’t going to be rude in front of a guest, so they sat down at their spots.

We had a cook, as my father was very well off. I, myself, did work for website and project development online, meaning all of my work was done at home, and I did it well and had the extra help getting my foot in the door. I didn’t flaunt wealth the way my family did though.

We lived in an apartment, we cooked together, we cleaned our own place, and I was learning how to take care of problems there without immediately calling a landlord for help. It was going to be good practice for buying a home. I wanted to be self-sufficient.

I thanked Doralynn as she brought out the platters and started to serve up the food, waiting until we were already eating before I put my fork down for a moment to look around at my family.

“So, I have something to say,” I said, and my parents both looked at me expectantly. “I’m dating someone, seriously. Like, dating with the hope that it will lead to owning a home together, marriage, kids, and everything that comes with that.”

“That’s so great to hear, Jackson!” my mother exclaimed. “When do we get to meet her? Will you be bringing her home for Christmas?”

Dylan and I looked at each other, and I felt him put his hand on my knee to lend his support.

“Actually,” I said, clearing my throat, “I’m seeing a man.”

The entire table fell silent as my parents stared at me. Jamie was biting her lower lip, looking between the two of them, hoping someone would say something.

“Who is the lucky man?” Jamie finally asked me after what felt like forever. It had been silent for a good five minutes. She was a smooth enough liar with our parents to make her question seem genuine.

My parents were watching me now with a strange stillness.

“Dylan and I are in a relationship,” I said finally. “We’ve already told each other we love each other, so we’re pretty serious about each other. That’s why I asked him to come with me. I want my boyfriend here for family holidays.”

This continued silence was killing me. My parents were just staring at me now, and my father looked at Dylan for a moment without saying anything.

“Can one of you say something, damn it?” I asked.

“Language!” My mother chided me.

“Jackson,” my father finally said quietly. “You can’t just drop something like this on us and expect an immediate answer. Are you sure that Dylan here hasn’t just worn you down over time from his own desire?”

I stared at him in shock, and felt as Dylan tensed up next to me. “Dad, that’s ridiculous. Dylan has never put any pressure on me to be with him, and in fact, has avoided that topic completely. My own attraction to him is due to me being attracted to men too. I’m bisexual.”

“Sweetheart, those types of relationships are not easy,” my mother added. “You can’t have children naturally, you get so much hate, and…well…it goes against the teachings of Jesus.”

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