Best friends but more than that – part 2

Best friends but more than that – part 2 continues……


I didn’t sleep well that night, or the next few nights. We ended up missing each other most of the time because of work schedules, and Luis was really only home late at night, by the time I was already in my room. I could smell that he had mostly been getting taken out.

It was a good way to avoid me, which I figured he was doing. We hadn’t even texted the entire time since the party, and every once in a while I would open up our texts to see those eggplant emojis, trying to parse out exactly what I was feeling. Part of it was anger. Anger at him and anger at the game. Anger that he hadn’t told me before and anger that he told me now.

There was more there though. There were all of those feelings of love coming back up to the surface, the way I wanted him so badly, how I yearned to make his body mine. And there was a small glimmer of hope underneath it all. I had stopped daydreaming about having a relationship with him, keeping it strictly sexual now as Luis would never feel the same things back about me, but now he was, and that future had a chance.

And I was too scared to do anything about it.

After a week of avoiding each other, we finally ran into each other in the living room. Luis had just come home and was reading through something when I came out of the room to make coffee before going out with some friends. Luis looked at me in surprise for a moment and then sat down on the couch.

I got the coffee started and then came over to sit down on the chair next to the couch, looking him over for a moment. “You’ve been busy lately.”

Luis sighed. “I figured I should put the time in for this promotion at work I’ve been wanting. It might be paying off soon though, so that’s good.”

“Is that the only reason?” I asked him.

Luis brought his eyes up to mine and shook his head. “I just…don’t want to lose you.”

I could see the fear and worry in his eyes, and I softened my expression and took his hand. “You aren’t. No matter what happens right now, or soon.”

“Like…” he started and trailed off.

I considered that, knowing that I was scared to take this to a new level, but it had been something I wanted for so long. “Laila is having another party tonight. Small, intimate. We’ll probably drink and play games. Do you want to go?”

Luis looked unsure for a moment, his eyes going back towards the hallway that led to our rooms. He took a deep breath and then looked at me. “Sure, we can go. Do you want to drive?”

I nodded my head. “I’m going out with Mason and Trisha for a bit, but I’ll pick you up at eight?”

“That works,” Luis said and then went back to his reading.

I went out to lunch with our friends, keeping our talk away from Luis and on our dating and sex lives in general, or about work and play. They were both going to Laila’s party too, so we ended up splitting up around five and I went back home to take a shower and get dressed. I was ready by seven but I waited in my room, hearing Luis taking a shower and also getting dressed, and we met in the living room around eight PM.

Luis was wearing a dark blue sweater and jeans, and had his short, dark hair styled. He looked at me shyly and I smiled and led him out to the car. We drove in relative silence, with only the music of the radio playing.

All of our friends were already there when we got there, and we heard Laila call out once she saw us, “Alright, get drinks because it’s game time!”

Luis and I split up once we got our drinks, him sitting next to Mason and Summer while I took a seat near Garrett and Laila. Laila and Trish brought in a couple of bottles of tequila and vodka, and then Laila put cards on the table.

“I think tonight we should start with strip poker, and when you win a round, you get to dare someone to do something raunchy and fun,” Laila explained. “If you lose the round, you lose a piece of clothing. Let’s play!”

Luis and I were good at poker, but so were most of our friends. We played our rounds, drinking and stripping down one piece at a time, while the winners of each round gotta choose someone. Summer had to give Mason a lap dance, Luis had to drink a really gross cocktail that included lemon juice and a cream based liquor, and more.

I was watching Luis carefully through the night, as he stripped off first his shoes, then his socks. He took his sweater off next, and then his tank top, showing off the muscles of his six pack. Luis dared to let everyone do a shot off his abs, and I might have taken longer with it than the others, running my tongue along his neck for the salt, then taking the shot and bending over him to take the lime from his lips. I made sure our lips touched as I did so, and I saw his eyes flutter closed for a moment, letting out a soft sigh.

I had lost quite a few items of clothes too, now sitting there in my pants and tank top that I’d had under my button down shirt. Both Luis and I lost the next round, so I lost the tank top and watched as he slipped his jeans down his hips and off his legs.

“Alright, Dylan,” Garrett said, grinning at me. “Seven minutes of heaven with anyone here.”

I looked over to the closet he was pointing to. Laila had some pretty deep closets in her home, and the one he was pointing to was more a pantry than a closet, but I nodded my head and stood up before looking around the room for a moment. My eyes landed on Luis and I motioned for him to follow me.

He looked a little surprised but then he also got up, to the hoots and hollers of our friends, and came to stand near the door of the closet. I opened it and Luis went in first, and I followed him, closing the door and throwing us into darkness. We heard them yell that they were starting the timer, and I reached out to touch his arms, running my hands along his skin up his arms and onto his chest.

“Toby,” he said softly.

“Shhh,” I said to him and then pulled him toward me, pressing our bodies together as our lips met in a fiery kiss.

Luis moaned into me as I ran my hand through his shorter hair, while my other hand found the nub of his nipple and started flicking it. I had daydreamed about something like this for so long, but I had never expected I would ever get the chance to. His text had freaked me out at first, but now I was thinking that maybe it was the opening I needed to see what this could become.

Luis grabbed my shirt and pulled it off, and then I felt our skin against each other. I moaned and rubbed my pelvis against his, enjoying how hard he was right then. Hard for me. I let out a groan and then moved onto my knees, and I heard him whine at the sudden loss of me against him, but once I started unzipping his jeans, he seemed okay with what I was doing.

I pulled his jeans and boxer briefs down until they were at his knees and then I took his hard cock into my hand, slowly stroking up and down while he steadied himself against the wall, letting out a moan. I pulled his foreskin back and licked along his head, getting the salty, sweet taste of his precum. I went down to suck on his balls, one at a time, before licking back up his dick and then sinking my mouth down on it.

“Fuck, Toby,” he moaned. “God, you’re so good at this.”

I hummed against him as I went down as far as I could, opening my throat up to take him in, and then came back up. I did that a few times, using my hand to stroke him as I came back up, and I could hear his breathing change the longer I went.

I massaged his balls in my hand, and he swore under his breath, giving me only a brief warning to tell me he was about to come. I could feel his hand in my shaggy hair as I went all the way back down as his abs and balls clenched and then he shot his cum down my throat, over and over again while he cried out.

He leaned heavily on the wall of the closet now, trying to catch his breath as I licked up the rest of his cum from his dick. I stood back up, getting his pants back up and zipped up, and then he grabbed me, pulling me to him to kiss him. My mouth parted and his tongue was in mine, tasting himself on me, and he moaned again.

We heard our friends yell out that our time was up, and we came apart reluctantly.

“I don’t want to stop,” he whispered to me.

I grinned as I opened up the door. “Laila’s parties are always raunchy, so we might get another chance, or maybe when we get home…”

I saw Luis grin at me, and then we left the closet. As soon as I sat down, Laila leaned over close to my face and sniffed before grinning at me. I knew what she could smell, but I didn’t even care right then. I felt like I was walking through a dream right now, one that had been so much better in person than in my daydreams.

We continued playing for a while, and eventually both of us were out of the game, completely naked, and so we sat back and watched the rest of them play. We could still be chosen for dares, but we couldn’t play poker anymore. Eventually, Garrett ended up winning the whole game, and that was when the party started dying down.

As always, I had kept my drinks far less than the others, and had been eating throughout so I was able to drive us home. I was surprised Luis was far less drunk than he usually got at these parties though. He’d been nursing his drink ever since the seven minutes in the closet, as if he wanted to be more sober than he liked to get.

As soon as we shut the door, he was on me again, turning me toward him to claim my mouth with his own. His kisses were passionate and heated, and it made me weak at the knees to have my Louis kissing me like this. I’d seen him kiss dates and girlfriends, but I didn’t think I had ever seen him kiss someone else like this.

We didn’t even make it to one of our bedrooms, relieving ourselves of our clothes out in the living room, and then Luis pushed me down to sit on the couch. He got onto his knees between my legs and I watched as he started by playing with my balls in his hands, massaging gently. I moaned as he brought his tongue down, first one of my balls, and then up the underside of my cock, his warm, wetness sending electricity through me. I put my hand on the back of his head and he put the tip of me into his mouth, licking my slit before swirling his tongue around me.

He looked up at me as he went farther down on my cock, those big green eyes pulling me in. I waited until he had gotten a good rhythm against me, and then I grabbed the back of his head and started to thrust into him. He moaned around me as I did so, enjoying the face fucking I was giving him. I watched his green eyes flutter closed and I grunted in pleasure as I continued to fuck his mouth.

‘”Fuck, Luis, I’m gonna cum,” I groaned out.

He grabbed onto my hips, not letting me pull out of his mouth, and I felt everything in my pelvis tighten as I exploded in his mouth. He swallowed down every drop, like it was what would keep him alive and then he pulled away from me, looking up at me with his green eyes hooded in desire.

I put my hand on his cheek, feeling the stubble there, and then grabbed his arm and guided him up onto my lap. He was straddling my legs, and I grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him to me, kissing him passionately.

When we broke apart, he looked at me shyly. “So what does this mean?”

“I know I want you,” I whispered. ‘For so long now, and not just sexually. I never could have dared to hope you would want me back like that, though.”

“It kind of came on gradually,” Luis admitted. “And I may have pushed it back for a while. I was afraid if I tried to make a move, I’d end up ruining our friendship, and I need you in my life.”

“Alright, then let’s take the dating part slow,” I replied. “Let me take you out, on a real date, and we’ll go from there, okay?”

He nodded at me, a smile forming on his face. “Friday, 6pm?”

“That’s perfect,” I said and then we kissed again. This kiss was sweet and gentle, more intimate than the ones before. When we finally pulled away, he smiled again and got up, heading to his room. I watched his ass as he walked away, wanting so badly to push into him and make him mine; watch him scream my name as he came from the stimulation in his ass. I controlled myself though, and went to my own room, excited for the things still to come.


I was a nervous mess for our date, trying to pick out a good outfit after I had showered and readied myself. I had taken time to prepare beforehand, just in case, and now I was standing in front of the mirror in my room trying to decide how dressed up I wanted to be. I ended up putting on a nice pair of jeans, a button up shirt in white and a dark red vest. I didn’t put on a tie, just leaving the top buttons open to show the barest bit of my dark brown chest hair.

I steeled my nerves. I felt like this was a stepping stone into something vastly different from what we have always had between us, despite knowing that Dylan had feelings for me for so long. This was deliberately stepping over a very tightly drawn line we hadn’t stepped over before. Sucking each other off was one thing, especially at one of these parties, though to be fair, we had generally avoided doing that at Laila’s gatherings before, but now we were going on a date. A real date. And that date could lead us to a relationship far beyond friendship, and god did I want it badly.

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