Cooper made it intense with beach girls – part 2

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Part 2 of Cooper made it intense with beach girls is here and let’s begin……

Paler than the rest of her body, Nyla’s tits were big, round and heavy. They were perfectly teardrop-shaped and topped with small, light-pink areolas and nipples. Nyla hurled her discarded bikini top over with her school bag, which sent her tits swinging and swaying back and forth.

“They’re really pretty, Beth,” Rachel said quietly. “You’ve got really nice ones. If I was a guy, I’d love to suck on those.”

“Thanks, Fats,” Nyla said sincerely. “Let’s have a look, huh? Get your tits out, girlfriend.”

Sitting close together on the large, flat rock, Rachel looked at Nyla, and then pulled the string on the back of her black bikini. As her top came undone, it instantly rode up over Rachel’s big tits a little, revealing their beautiful bottom curves. Rachel then pulled the top off over her head, and her tits literally came tumbling out, falling forward onto the smooth olive skin of her bare torso.

Nyla looked down at her best friend’s bare breasts in utter fascination, mesmerized by the olive-skinned fleshy orbs, and their large, dark-brown areolas and erect nipples, which were much bigger than Nyla had imagined. Rachel’s breasts were also beautifully teardrop-shaped, and like Nyla’s, they were also big and full, striking in their perfection.

“Fuck, yours are amazing, Fats,” Nyla said with a sigh. “I think they’re a little bit bigger than mine. Your skin is beautiful.”

“Yours have a nicer shape though,” Rachel responded quickly. “They’re super sexy. Your nipples are really cute. Did Jonah McKenzie suck them?”

“Oh, yeah,” Nyla replied quickly. “Yeah, he sucked on them for, like, half an hour…he loved it. He licked my nipples like a crazy man! It was great!”

“Oh, you naughty bitch,” Rachel responded.

“We should put some sunscreen on our tits,” Nyla said suggestively. “We don’t want them to get sunburnt, do we?”

“Sunburnt titties?” Rachel asked with a smile. “No, thank you!”

Nyla stood up — again sending her tits into a wobbling, jiggling, swinging, swaying frenzy — and then moved over to her bag, pulling out a tube of sunscreen. Standing with her long legs held together and perfectly bent a little at the knee, Nyla popped the top of the sunscreen and squirted a huge dollop onto her palm.

Smiling slightly over at the guy, Nyla paused, and then smeared the sunscreen all over her left breast, rubbing the thick white cream all over her big, heavy orb, lifting it up sexily with her hand, and getting the cream all over the skin just beneath and around it. Nyla rubbed provocatively into her soft, pink nipple, and then looked over at the guy.

Seemingly in a state of some urgency, the guy quickly shuffled around, holding the t-shirt in place over his erection, and revealing more of his bare butt. The guy then turned completely, and hurriedly laid down on his stomach, with the now balled-up t-shirt wedged between his crotch and the rock beneath him. Nyla could see that he’d pulled down his Speedos. The guy’s erection was now completely smothered, but his bare butt was in full view, which amused Nyla to no end. The guy’s eyes remained locked on her, which also amused Nyla to no end.

Nyla watched the guy closely, and then squirted another big wad of sunscreen into her hand, which she proceeded to rub all over her other tit, lifting it and kneading it, really working the white cream into her soft skin. This time, Nyla really worked on the nipple, plucking it and running her fingers around it until it was completely rigid and upright.

As she continued to play with her nipple, Nyla noticed the guy’s body moving very slightly back and forth, particularly his butt, its bare cheeks moving in rhythmic concert, almost like they were keeping time with some hidden beat. That’s when Nyla realized exactly what this guy was doing.

“Oh, my god, Fats,” Nyla said in a loud whisper. “Check him out…I think he’s sort of humping his t-shirt on the rock! He’s getting himself off!”

“Oh, shit…Beth, yeah, I can see his butt moving back and forth,” Rachel said as she looked over at the guy in his Speedos. “What a fucking pervert! He’s looking at our tits and wanking himself!”

“Here you go,” Nyla said and stooped down, making her tits dangle wildly as she handed the tube of sunscreen to Rachel. “I think you need some sunscreen on your boobs, Fats.”

Still rubbing and kneading the sunscreen into her own tits, Nyla watched on curiously as Rachel squirted the white cream all over her olive-skinned breasts, and then really worked her big, womanly orbs, hilariously lifting them up with her greased-up hands and then letting them flop down, all while keeping her long legs sexily spread.

Rachel’s hands were all over her breasts and stomach, working in the sunscreen. With a dramatic flourish, the beautiful Lebanese brunette looked up to the sun, and then arched her back, shaking her head and making her long, silky, black hair sway back and forth like she was in an ad for shampoo. This, of course, pushed her big tits out even more.

Nyla and Rachel watched intently as the guy’s thrusting became even more pronounced and obvious, his bare butt sliding back and forth at an even greater pace, and his cock obviously more and more stimulated with the added speed and movement. This guy was fucking his t-shirt like it was, well, one of the girls he was perving on. Nyla laughed at the thought, and then very quickly and lightly grabbed her crotch, feeling more than a little aroused herself by this whole naughty situation.

“Can I have that sunscreen back, Fats?” Nyla asked.

“Sure, babe,” Rachel replied, and then handed over the tube, her tits swinging with the movement.

Still standing, Nyla squirted another wad of sunscreen into her hand, and this time rubbed it all around her lower stomach and upper thighs…the flesh closest to her skimpy g-string bikini. Overtaken by the moment, and desperate to push this guy right to the limit, Nyla held the sunscreen in one hand, and then slowly pulled down her g-string bikini with the other hand, awkwardly yanking and wrenching it until it was stretched across the middle of her thighs.

Nyla looked down at her thin, well-groomed strip of blonde pubic hair and the top of her labial cleft and smiled naughtily. The gorgeous blonde then squirted sunscreen onto her bare hips and rubbed it all around her groin, even threading the thick cream through her pubes. Nyla couldn’t believe she’d pretty much gone full nude for this guy, but she wanted him to go all the way…Nyla wanted him to come…while he was looking at her. It was pervy and weird, but it turned her on, and Nyla knew she’d be masturbating about it herself later that night.

“Oh, my god…you’ve got your vag out,” Rachel whispered when she saw it. “Oh, my god, Beth…it’s cute. But you’re so naughty!”

“I want him to wank until he comes,” Nyla responded. “This is fucking funny…but it’s hot too.”

“Yeah, I know,” the sexily topless Rachel said quietly. “It’s creepy but it’s a bit of a turn on knowing we can do that to a guy…that we can turn him into a fool.”

Obviously looking over at Nyla’s glorious nude body, the guy slid his body back and forth even further, working and bucking his hips with furious speed and power. Nyla and Rachel watched on with fascination as the man’s thrusting continued for a few moments, and then stopped as his whole body locked and convulsed, his big muscles straining. The guy arched his back, gave one final thrust with his hips, and then let out an unmistakable groan. His butt pinched, flexed, and hardened hilariously.

“I think he just came,” Nyla said firmly. “He just busted his nut.”

“He definitely emptied his ball-sack,” Rachel added with a giggle. “His t-shirt probably covered with jizz. What a creep, huh?”

“Yeah…but a hot creep,” Nyla responded, and then slowly pulled up her g-string bikini bottoms, the beautiful blonde’s mission seemingly accomplished and her below-the-waist nudity over.

The Speedo guy’s muscles rolled and bulged, and he appeared to be breathing heavily. After a few moments, he slumped down onto the rock, resting his head on his forearms and obviously trying to compose himself. His bare butt hilariously exposed, the post-orgasmic hunk kept his head down for a few moments, visibly and heavily sucking in deep breath after deep breath. Nyla and Rachel kept their eyes on him the whole time, their tits still well and truly out.

“Fuck, I think he’s tired himself out,” Rachel said.

“Yeah, apparently fucking your t-shirt on the rocks can do that,” Nyla responded with a laugh.

“Did you see all his muscles straining and bulging when he was going for it?” Rachel asked. “And is his bum moving? He’d be a good root, huh?”

“Yeah, he looks good,” Nyla said with a smile, “but ideally, you’d like a guy to last a bit longer than that. He came pretty quickly.”

“Really?” Rachel asked with a curious look on her face. “That was fast? He was thrusting away for a few minutes though?”

“Yeah, he was a bit fast,” Nyla said with a giggle, “but I think we had him really turned on. He probably couldn’t help himself!”

“One look at your cute little vadge, and he was gone,” Rachel responded with a laugh. “He had no chance!”

As Nyla and Rachel laughed, the guy slowly roused himself, and pushed his body up off his forearms, his biceps bulging. The guy pulled back and up onto his knees, and grabbed at his balled-up t-shirt as he moved to maintain what modesty he had left.

But as he got up in what looked like something of a post-orgasmic stupor, the guy clumsily let his t-shirt slip through his fingers and then fall briefly onto the rock beneath him. He quickly grabbed it and held it back over his crotch, but those few wondrous seconds gave Nyla and Rachel just enough time to see it all.

“Fucking hell,” Nyla muttered. “Did you see his dick just then? It’s fucking huge!”

“It’s like some kind of monster!” Rachel said quietly. “It could eat us!”

“Could you imagine giving him a head-job?” Nyla mused.

“No,” Rachel responded quickly. “No, I couldn’t.”

This guy’s dick was very, very big. Nyla had seen a few like it on the Internet when she was looking at images and videos of nude men, but this guy was truly amazing…and he was right there in front of them.

Now soft after coming, the guy’s dick hung impressively almost down to his knees. It was thick too, and had a long, dangling foreskin. His hairless balls were big too, almost like two passion fruits. To top it all off, he had a cute, neat little pubic bush.

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