Business woman and cam girl on special vacation – part 4

Par 4 of Business woman and cam girl on special vacation is here and continued…

“Yes,” I said. “They were. I told you about not really being experienced at… lesbianing.”

“Hehe, yeah, you mentioned.” Isabel clung a little tighter to me. “I’m not experienced at much at all, really.”

“In what way?”

She shrugged. “You know. Never had anything long term. Never… never had anything that felt right. Not really. I think maybe that’s what I worry about, sometimes. You have so much more experience with stuff. With life, and work, and society, and relationships.”

I frowned. “Where’s this coming from? Ever since I first met you, you’ve been one of the smartest, most confident people I’ve ever known.”

“That’s an act,” Isabel said. “I’m good at it. You have to be, to do well at camping. And I think I maybe could have kept it up for a while if… if I didn’t kinda fall pretty hard for someone all of a sudden. I kinda didn’t see it coming.”

“Me either,” I said softly.

“I’m just a silly camgirl,” Isabel said, nuzzling needfully at my shoulder.

“You’d had too much wine,” I said lightly.

“Nuh uh.”

“What any of us do for a living isn’t who we are. You know that. I know you do.”


“Is this all an excuse to get me to sit here with you all night and cuddle you into submission?”

Isabel giggled softly. “Not just that.”

“I would have done it anyway. You could have just asked.”

“I’ll remember for next time.”


I was fully, hopelessly in love. That became very clear to me in the following days. My days revolved around Isabel one way or another. I made a point of not spending all waking hours with her, but even going for a walk while she was doing a show left me daydreaming about her and hurrying my walk to get back.

It was, perhaps, a little pitiful. Isabel didn’t mind about that, though. She just laughed when I told her, and admitted that she was struggling with her camming as well. All she wanted to do was think up excuses for me to participate.

“I really feel like our relationship should be based on things other than me spanking you in front of a live audience,” I said.

“That’s fair,” Isabel agreed. “But maybe we can still do that sometimes.”

“Sure,” I said. “Sometimes.”

“And maybe we should practice even when it’s just us. Just to make sure we give a good show.”

“You’re awfully transparent at times,” I said with mild rebuke.

Isabel batted her eyelashes. “Who, me?”

“I could spank you–“

“You could.”

“–or I could lick your pussy. I feel like I’m getting pretty good at it.”

Her eyes glowed. “That might even be a better idea,” she allowed gracefully.

I kissed Isabel and dragged her to her feet. “Let me take you to bed, then,” I said.


We spent a lot of time in bed together. I cherished time spent just the two of us, just being together, even with our clothes on and all, but there was something primal and thrilling about sex with her. A lot of that was just because sex was fun, but it was particularly special with Isabel. I craved making her feel good, and having her between my legs was as close to heaven as a woman could dare to dream for. Probably more signs of love, if I cared to look at it that way.

I lavished attention on Isabel’s sensitive areas, licking and sucking on her pussy like the addict I was. Every now and then I’d spare a glance up at her just to see her eyes fixed on me, that small bite of her lip, and all the little things I so loved to see directed at me. Especially including the expression of tired satisfaction when I made her cum a few times in a row and wore her out.

“You spoil me, V,” Isabel murmured.

“One of my favorite things,” I said, kissing her thigh. “I’m gonna spoil you a lot more.”

“Not now.”

“No. Not now. But there’s lots of time for that.”

“Mmm. Give me a few minutes and I’ll do you next,” she purred, stretching out and sighing contentedly.

“You don’t need to. But… I could be convinced.”

“Oh I’ll convince you.”


The first major interruption to my newfound bliss came in the form of reality rearing its ugly head. Specifically the reality that I did, in fact, have a job. It seemed ridiculous in hindsight to act as though I’d never have to go back, but it still caught me off-guard when my boss called me in. They needed my unique talents. It was flattering, I supposed, but also highly aggravating.

I hated to tell Isabel I had to leave, that I had to go back to work. I didn’t like it, and before even sharing the news I had the correct sense that she’d like it even less.

“Oh,” was all she said at first. The light going out of her eyes as they turned downcast was just about enough to break my heart.

“Yeah, I mean, I could only be left alone on vacation so long, I suppose,” I said.

“Yeah, it makes sense.” Isabel rubbed her arm and looked away. “I guess… I guess you have to go.”

“I’ll be back. I have to figure stuff out. We have to. You and me. I haven’t worked it out yet. But I mean at the very least I can come back on weekends and stuff.”

“That’s kind of a long drive for you, isn’t it?”

“Well… yeah,” I admitted. “It’s not a permanent solution.”

Isabel fidgeted uncomfortably. “But you’re coming back?”

“Of course I’m coming back.”



I couldn’t reassure Isabel enough to really feel happy about it as I drove back to the city. In fact, I felt kind of sick about it. About the way she just kept looking sad before I left. Like a puppy that doesn’t know what’s happening.

I didn’t know exactly what that was all about, really. I mean, we were smitten with each other, sure. Obsessed even. My heart tugged me back to the cottage as I continued to drive away. I wasn’t happy about any of it. But it was like Isabel thought once I was gone, that was it. I hated that feeling.

Work got my mind off it for a bit. I was returning to a near-disaster at the office. I got to be royally pissed at a select few coworkers, and that helped my mood some. Some justified vengeance for dragging me away from paradise.

After I got things straightened out a bit and calmed down a particularly unhappy client, the next couple days were more of a problem. It was back to some regular working days, which left my mind some chances to wander when I didn’t keep it on a short leash.

I didn’t want to be away from Isabel. Not for a week at a time, seeing her on weekends like some custody deal. I didn’t want that for us. I wasn’t sure what else to do though. I could invite her to come live with me. She could do her shows at my place. I had the space. She could have a whole room devoted to it, no problem.

Except… Did I dare ask her to move in? It was way too early for that, wasn’t it? I was crazy about her, but it was important not to be crazy in other ways at the Isabele time.

Other options ran through my head. Quitting my job entirely was even one of them, as fanciful as that was. Or moving somewhere halfway between work and my cottage. I had some money to throw around, but not really enough to do stuff like that on a whim. Nevermind that any solution I thought up was really only a bandaid.

Isabel’s sad eyes kept intruding on my thoughts, distracting me from both my deep pondering and my work that I was actually supposed to be doing. It wasn’t just that I didn’t want her to hurt, but there was also that dichotomy to her. I’d seen the strong, confident version of her. That was one of the first things that I’d noticed, other than her obvious and attractive nudity. The way she could command attention, thrive in it, and get what she wanted out of it.

But there was, too, that vulnerability that came with such strength. I knew the feeling. I’d been there. It closed you off to some degree, and made you feel some things that much deeper inside. I wasn’t isolated at the office, for instance, but there were times when it felt like I was. Times when I had to be the ice queen, whether it lost me friends or not.

The more I thought about it, the more concerned I got. How many people in Isabel’s life were people she only knew online, and who gave her money for taking her clothes off and acting interested? And friends in real life… how many could she comfortably share what she did for a living? For that matter, she’d specifically mentioned about not being able to manage a relationship along with her work.

“Fuuuccck,” I said slowly out loud as the realization rolled over me.

She’d hope I was coming back, but that look in her eyes, she didn’t truly believe it. As far as she was concerned, our time together was fleeting. Even if I came back, went back and forth for work, how long before I gave that up?

To be fair, it’s a rare relationship that lasts for life, but in my mind this wasn’t one I was going to drop over a few little obstacles. But had I been clear enough about that? Maybe not.

“Shhiiittt,” I said, once again swearing to myself in my office.

Could I just call Isabel up right now and profess my feelings for her? Would that even work? I had the sense that it would either come off insincere, or too clingy. The latter of which might honestly not even be terrible though.

Oh who was I kidding, I needed to get back to her. Because really, while my life couldn’t revolve totally around her–that wouldn’t be at all healthy–me working full time away from her wasn’t going to work either.

Like it or not, I had seven years on her. I had that extra bit of experience with the world. I needed to put it to use here, and one of the benefits was a slight edge in self-assurance and trusting myself and my desires.

What I wanted was to be with Isabel. What I also wanted was to keep my job. But… but what if they didn’t have to be mutually exclusive?

Less than an hour later I went to see my boss. My plan was half-assed and ill thought out, but I’d done more with less. One of my best qualities was making good decisions under pressure and under a time limit. I was crisis-control at the office for a reason.

“I want to work remotely more,” I said, after a brief but sufficient preamble and exchange of pleasantries.

“Oh? You haven’t expressed that desire before.”

“No, I didn’t have that desire before. But now… there’s somewhere else I need to be. I can still come in when needed of course, and travel to meet clients and such. All the Isabele things I’ve always done. Just… not in the office if I don’t need to be.”

I narrowed my eyes at the way my boss grinned at me.

“What?” I asked.

“You met someone,” he said.

“You’re guessing.”

“I am, but I feel confident about it. I think I know you pretty well by now. Anyone I know? Probably not if you met him on vacation.”

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