Business woman and cam girl on special vacation – part 3

Part 3 of Business woman and cam girl on special vacation continues..

Isabel glanced at me, giving me a small shrug and a lopsided grin.

I was feeling quite horny and stupid now. Not unlike her chat, it seemed.

“Tell them I might even play with myself while you get off,” I said.

Her eyes gleamed bright, and only flicked down to where I was already rubbing myself for a brief second. “You hear that guys?” Isabel asked as she turned back to her laptop. “V might even play with herself too while I cum. Hehe, no, I won’t show you all though. She’s shy.”

Isabel stretched and stood up. “Ok, we’re almost at our goal. I’m gonna get ready, I’ll be back in a second.”

She bounced off camera toward her cottage, but made a predictable detour toward me. “You drive them crazy, you know,” she said quietly.

“Me?” I asked innocently. “I’m just sitting here being good.”

“You’re absolutely not.” Isabel leaned down, slid her fingers in my hair to take a firm grip on me, tilted my head just the way she wanted, and kissed me.

I was hers for that moment. If she’d decided to drag me on camera and make me eat her pussy, I probably would have crawled over and done it. I might not even have to think about it.

“Damn you kiss good,” I murmured afterward.

Isabel smirked. “You’re just horny is all. “You’re supposed to domme me, aren’t you?”

“I think you unilaterally decided that.”

“Possibly, possibly.” She looked regretful. “I do have to run though. Can’t leave chatting alone for too long. They’ll get up to no end of trouble.”

“They might well.”

I basked in the afterglow of Isabel’s kiss while she scurried off. It was an amazing high, leaving me utterly blissful and content with my life. I didn’t even rub myself, just laid back, enjoyed the sun and the lingering taste of Isabel on my lips. I still watched her with interest when she returned with a water bottle and a magic wand, but not with the Isabele horny need as before. It was an entirely different feeling now, one I couldn’t be bothered to sort out in my head, but which occupied me entirely.

Isabel did her performance. I heard the words as she spoke to chat, but many of them drifted right on by. I was too focused on her. Just on watching her. I think I would have been just as enthralled if she’d been fully clothed. Well, maybe a little bit less enthralled, but it would have been close.

I was done for, I could feel it. Totally infatuated with her. Not love, it was too soon for anything like that. But a deep need to be around her, to spend time with her, and with any luck at all, kiss her a lot more.

Isabel gulped a bunch of water before starting to masturbate. She rubbed herself a little, but was quick to turn on her magic wand and buzz away on her clit.

Professional masturbation, that’s the way it struck me. She obviously was enjoying it, but there was an efficiency to the way she did it that I had to admire. Within a few minutes, Isabel squirted massively, even over her computer.

“Heh, got some on the camera,” she said, already sounding a bit more relaxed. “Bullseye.”

She wiped carefully at the camera until she was satisfied it was clean, then settled back down. She gulped the rest of her water, then took her time building herself up again. She’d had a cum to take the edge off, now was teasing herself and her audience a little more with her second orgasm.

Isabel again squirted impressively with her clit getting vibed into submission. I found my fingers had sneaked down to my pussy again without me having been aware of it.

Her subsequent cums were, perhaps, less visually stunning, but I appreciated each and every one of them. I just sat and watched as she gave herself pleasure. I very obviously wasn’t the only one enjoying her show, but with only the two of us physically present, there was still an air of intimacy to it. It was easy to imagine it was only us, and that she was performing just for me. Or even that it wasn’t a performance, and she was casually getting off just because she wanted to, not minding that I was there too.

Isabel came herself silly. From her interactions with her chat, I took it that even her fans were awed by how many times she got herself off in a row. She was a bit of a limp, tired mess by the end, and no one seemed to mind that she spent the rest of the show just kind of lazily, nakedly lying back and chatting. She did a few more tip requests, mostly anything that didn’t involve moving too much, but was firm about being exhausted and not being up for anything too involved.

I was smoking a cigarette when she finished up her show, and without any trace of embarrassment, she patterned over to me, plucked the smoke from my fingers, and took a drag on it herself.

“Those things are bad for you, you know,” I said.

She released her breath slowly and handed the cigarette back. “Fine one to talk to, you are.”

“I’m aware of my vices.”

“Oh? More than one, you mean?”

I looked straight into her eyes. “At least two.”

She cracked a small smile. “You know, I had the idea I might even get you into bed tonight.”

“Unf. You shouldn’t say things like that.”

“Don’t worry. I kinda wore myself out more than I meant to already.”

“Who’s worried?”

I reached out, my fingers brushing her bare hip, gently tracing up and down her warm, irresistible skin.

“You know your cooch is still out?” she said, standing very still for me.

“Fine one to talk, you are,” I said, giving her own words back to her as I looked up and down her nude form.

“Did you get off during the show?”

“Strangely no. I thought I would, then I just got caught up watching you.”

“Watching me’s supposed to be what gets you off. That’s the point.”

I stubbed out what was left off my cigarette. I was done with it for now. “I know. And it should have. I just… I don’t know. It felt different. I was enjoying it, and not in need of a way.”

“I think you might have been doing it wrong,” Isabel said.

“I don’t think so.”

Surprising myself at my own boldness, I took Isabel’s hand and gently pulled her into my lap. I kissed her tenderly, but only briefly.

“You taste like my cigarettes,” I said.

“I know. I usually taste better than that. You have gum on you?”

“I do.”

“Good, give me a piece, then try again in a minute.”

Isabel actually popped the first piece of gum into my mouth, then the second into hers. It was weird and erotic sitting with her in my lap, her naked and me barely dressed, knowing we were going to make out, but not actually doing it yet.

I grew slowly bolder with my hands as we both chewed gum, and freshened our breaths. I ran my fingers up and down Isabel’s back, eventually daring to grab her ass a little. We stared intently at each other the whole time. Eye fucking, I supposed. That’s certainly what it felt like.

Our lips met again at some silently determined signal. She tasted much better this time, and I hoped I did too. We giggled as our pieces of gum alternately got misplaced into each other’s mouths, and had quite a lot of fun putting them back where they belonged using our tongues.



“I’m gonna need a shower. I’m all sticky.”

I shrugged. “You think I mind?”

“I kind of get the feeling you don’t mind at all.”

“You’d be right.”

We kissed some more. I got lost in her mouth, in her tongue, in the way she squirmed in my lap.



“Do you want to come shower with me?”

I couldn’t say no to her this time.

We stood together in her shower, too small, really, for the two of us. We reverently washed each other, which was little more than an excuse for an awful lot of fondling.

It was insane. I shouldn’t have been all naked and wet and handsy with Isabel. Not so soon. I felt like at least a date or two should have been prerequisites. Unless we counted her cam shows as dates, which was even crazier. Though technically I could maybe count that one half-drunken evening together. That was somewhat date-like. Everything else is not standard for me. Not at all.

But it was all so wonderful, and was so easy and comfortable when I let myself enjoy it. Maybe this wasn’t traditional dating at all, but maybe that was ok. Just because everyone had agreed on certain customs didn’t mean they were good or right.

And really, my own fears and insecurities were the only things truly in the way. We were sharing a shower. Things were, by any outward metric, going well.

“Oh god,” Isabel moaned as I shampooed her hair. “That feels good.”

I smiled and really massaged her scalp. “Like that, do you?”

“It’s been way too long since anyone’s played with my hair at all. Or… or this.”

“… we could probably arrange for more.”

“Unf. Wanna just move in then? Full time scalp masseuse?”

“Don’t joke,” I warned. “I’ll take you up on it.”

Isabel did my hair for me too, and I had to admit it was by far the most luxurious feeling I’d experienced in far too long. Years, probably.

I’d forgotten how nice it was to have someone’s fingers all over my head like that. Let alone when that someone was naked and slippery against me, and very deliberately rubbing her boobs on my back.

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